@everyone Masternodes.online (MNO) for monitoring PHON back online
1⃣ MNO Tier1 : https://masternodes.online/currencies/PHON-T1
2⃣ MNO Tier2 : https://masternodes.online/currencies/PHON-T2
3⃣ MNO Tier3 : https://masternodes.online/currencies/PHON-T3

@everyone we will enable new protocol ENFORCEMENT now please update wallet ⬆ ⬆ ⬆ ⬆
everyone should

- close wallet
- delete peers.dat
- run the wallet```

hi@everyone this is reminder about update wallet above ⬆ ⬆ ⬆ ⬆

This is new update of Phonecoin for Fix random crash and excessive cpu usage
This is mandatory update and new protocol will be enforce as soon as possible
Please Look at <#485199615533121537> for update wallet+chain at ubuntu

chmod +x PHONupdate.sh
boostrap: https://phonecoin.space/phone_chain.zip
Contribute to phonecoin-PHON/PhoneCoinCore development by creating an account on GitHub.

We are happy to bring you the latest Updates on Our Project, online website sales are almost complete, we will launch web soon if it's finished,..Thank You@everyone

@everyone PHON marketcap stats available at https://cryptobridgecap.org/market/PHON_BTC

@everyone We pleased to announce PhoneCoin (PHON) currency listing on Bitsahani exchange in the BTC / PHON pair.

🎉 Phon has successfully change collateral on block 200.002 🎉
1⃣ Tier1: 50.000 PHON
2⃣ Tier2: 60.000 PHON
3⃣ Tier3: 70.000 PHON
Total Reward 500 PHON at Block with a ratio of 75% MN & 25% PoS, for detailed rewards please look at <#486925149908631632>. If you still use old collateral automatically masternode will be disabled
Thank you@everyone

@everyone we glad to announce, PHON listing at https://mnhost.online/dashboard/, this is CDM masternode hosting platform.

Deploy your Masternode on MNHost Platform
Our best-in-class Masternode Hosting solution, with additional optimization to makerunning 24/7 online with dedicated support and uptime

@everyone now only new wallet version 1220 can connect to Masternode network 70015 Protocol
Please update your wallet soon

@everyone we will disconnect old wallet in few hours, please update your wallet soon

Hello@everyone all community ,we will announce something important on block 200k we update collateral and , please replace your wallet with the latest one v1220, because this is mandatory, thanks https://github.com/phonecoin-PHON/PhoneCoinCore/releases,

@everyone this is mandatory update before block 200000

hi@everyone please try this update
Spam block patch
new checkpoint
new protocol
cleaning openssl
collateral change
reward change

Contribute to phonecoin-PHON/PhoneCoinCore development by creating an account on GitHub.

Hello@everyone we are pleased to announce, PHON has replaced the main logo, according to the community's request, we use pink logo as the main logo and gold for second logo, we will send a request to exchange, shared masternode and monitoring service to change logo ...

@everyone we announce good news for you, now everyone can sell flexiroam in each country, at a price of 0.007btc for 20 cards flat to all country's and add adtitional flexiroam will charge with 200 phon, Let's introduce flexiroam to your country

@everyone We are happy to announce! now listed at pecuniaplatform.io masternode hosting platform, one-solution for all your needs.

@everyone Midas DEX voting for listing on midas exchange has started, we hope all can start phon vote to be able to listing there, for the vote requirement is to make an account midas exchange, the link is below
Link to create an Midex account - https://dex.midas.investments
Link to vote - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbpyee2Mz1bsq-hyPLFG-Jf_f-eDj6SumupHXuv4PRo6iINA/viewform
Link to MN.Investments article introducing Midex - https://mn.investments/midas-investments-launches-decentralized-exchange/

Results will be updated and displayed on the channel, which will appear on the Midas Discord shortly before 3pm GMT.

@everyone Phonecoin (PHON) has been added on https://www.mnroi.info

Monitoring and Statistic Services
Accurate data from Markets
Estimated Revenue
Notifications on Email & Android App.

Phonecoin on MNROI.info:

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join discord https://discord.gg/h4M29Qx

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Now block 149.055, on block 150.000 collateral masternode has change```

Tier1: 5000 PHON
Tier2: 6000 PHON
Tier3: 7000 PHON
Block rewards increase from 30 to 50 PHON at blocks

  • If you are in tier 2, it will automatically downgrade to tier1
  • If you are in tier3 it will automatically downgrade to tier2```