@589137933597016064> sick work!

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Thanks @434385082443235332>

@334009393349656577> in fail phc.conf daemon=1

@405121050440105987> look at your direct messages

@334009393349656577> let me know if it’s all good after.

Thanks man greatly appreciated, I’m not running Windows @379649005526974465> 🀣

I will certainly try toπŸ˜€

Could you help @334009393349656577> @379649005526974465>

Or @202474147886923776> bro

@379649005526974465> bro are you running Windows?

and I have to restart my masternode 3 times and still nothing ...
Nobody has a masternode on Windows?

i set up my new masternode today and got fist reward after less than 4 hours...

@334009393349656577> shows your masternode has been active for 1 day, you might not be getting rewards because you're ranked at the bottom of the list until your node is active longer I assume.

And since it is not ranked, it is not getting rewards, I think.

However, this collateral is not in masternode rank list (masternode list rank)

Yeah, it is active more than 24h

    "1895c961b29dbb4759e24c0c4f75800349f5e12a9999928bc9192badeaaae0cc-0" : "   ENABLED 10006 PT35QocFL8SyWknp2YDPvh3WqErcKdEGah 1544813239    89422 1544814317"