You Can Now Give Anonymously Using PENG Coin - Crypto Shib
Leveraging blockchain technology, the PENG Coin project makes the transfer of funds from donors to victims safe, transparent and convenient.

wallet fix
Open %appdata%
keep the 4 files selected and delete the rest.
Start the wallet again.

hello@everyone, We are happy to announce the new look for our new website:
please look,

We are happy to announce the new look for our new website: Also, we are updating all of our social media channels. Soon a whole new world of privacy-related crypto news updates. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for more improvements.

Brandon Washington Monday April 29 at 6:30pm ok our channel is the first decentralized streaming platform and also just by signing up and chatting and watching videos you get free crypto. It’s the future. Come for the ri...

⚜Champions League of the ALT coins⚜ 4 group stages 2 semi finals 1 final 1 winner only By participating in this event u also have a chance to win 50$ of the winning alt coin. Rules: -like and retweet -follow @Marckselll -vote for your Alt coin Group C (voting ends...

@everyone for those of you having problems with the new wallet update the problem should be solved now. try to resync you wallets and if needed here is the latest bootstrap.

if you still are having problems please contact an admin and we will be glad to help fix the problem

Deposits and Withdrawals enabled for BTC, LTC and DOGE. Hot Wallet is being topped up manually between 9AM-5PM (NZST) Monday-Friday. Withdrawals will not be available outside of these times or on NZ public holidays (Good Friday 19 April, Easter Monday 22 April, ANZAC Day 2...

make sure you have the current wallet downloads

windows wallet v1.2.0

Contribute to coinpeng/pengcore development by creating an account on GitHub.

mac wallet v1.2.0 update

Through our partnership with they have included us in their medium articles as featured partner of the week take a look and make sure to go have a look at

EVERYONE!!!! ANNOUNCEMENT!!! @Cryptopia_NZ is now open live with trading markets. especially Peng Coin Markets are live now. Great news... Its been a long time we have been waiting for this and look forward to getting back on top. Today just got a whole lot better :) $PE...


@everyone, New Listing,


Hello everyone, Lots of good news coming up with our progress. In the next few weeks, We will renew all PENG social media and announce a new partnership Stay tuned for more info @cointelegram @novusone @Cryptopia_NZ #newlook #crypto #btc #masternodes #announcements #news

new windows wallet updates ready for v1.2.0 you can find the new wallet downloads here: make sure your wallets are updated ot the latest versions to prevent bugs and errors mac wallet v1.1.0 can be found here:

recap some of the things @coin_peng is making happen Feeding people at Magdas Students at school eating lunch Passing out clothes during valentines Donations to Sarrtjie Barrtmen center @novusone @KuboCoin @cz_binance @_GlobalGreen @PrimeStyleLtd @LWDayTrading @FoundationG...

mac wallet upgrade soon to come v1.1.0 is currently available