@everyone PAXEX is live at Altmarkets Exchange

$PAXEX @PaxexC is now live and trading at @AltmarketsEX Market:

We will be activating spork on the chain. Once the spork is activated, all old wallets / masternodes will NOT work. Please note this is a Protocol change! You must update to the latest wallet!

@everyone All masternode holders, upgrade your local wallet and reinstall your masternode. Very IMPORTANT

In the coming weeks after adoption, a wikipedia page will be created

Within the next few days, script will be available on all major script hosting platform.

Graviex updating their wallet. After Graviex is done, we will enforce wallet version 2.0.1 protocol. Pls ensure your wallet is updated.
Masternodes need to be stopped and old daemon replaced with new
Pls ensure you are using the new wallet version before sending out funds


PAXEX wallet has been updated to the latest version 2.0.1, please update your local wallet.

Contribute to paxex/Paxex development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone wallet has been updated to the 2.1.0 version.
please do wallet update to the latest version (2.1.0).
users of local wallets just need to run new .exe files, for masternodes they need to login to vps and run this script:

bash <( curl )

Contribute to paxexcrypto/Paxex development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Paxex has been listed on masternode hosting platform.

You can now deploy your masternodes in less than 90 seconds with a single click for only $0.33 per day.

Platform -
Discord - Masternode Hosting
Masternode hosting, simplified. Your masternode is ready in 90 seconds, on the cloud! Only $0.33 per day.

@everyone We will officially close the swap today
No more further swap request.
All those who submitted swap form and didn't receive their coins should pm Dev.
Crypto-Bridge will be contacted today and delisting process will start
Swap form will be disabled.

@everyone All those yet to swap their old coin should do so. We wish to round up the swap. Once swap is over, no one will be able to swap again.

  1. PAXEXBBX - A Blockchain Forum Platform for PAXEX
    PAXEX TEAM are excited to announce the beta release of PAXEXBBX, a functional form/blog
    interface currently on the PAXEX blockchain. Release date is 14 February, 2019.
    Last year, we created a prototype on that received a lot of positive reviews.
    Due to it success, we began working on a full prototype that will be available for everyone.
    Our goal in building PAXEXBBX was to bring a product for bloggers. Now everyone can become a blogger. PAXEXBBX gives bloggers the ability to automatically reward content submission.
    Every new article will automatically be rewarded with the PAXEX coin which can than be traded
    on exchanges for real cash.
    With every release of PAXEXBBX, more features will be added in response to community request.
    PAXEXBBX is built with an API with connectivity to the PAXEX blockchain. Its service layer keeps the database updated.
    MASTERNODES enable investors to invest in the technology and have a sustainable interest growth as PAXEX becomes widely used by all those using PAXEXBBX

@everyone. MNO will update PAXEX soon with new collateral information, masternodes online and explorer details

Hello Friends,

All PAXEX Shared node holders create a ticket with support with a subject "PAXEX New Withdraw address" from your registered account to register new PAXEX withdraw address.
Ticket System:
Hostmasternode-Shared Node & Full Masternode Hosting
Support – Hostmasternode-Shared Node & Full Masternode Hosting
We Host for YOU!

Support – Hostmasternode-Shared Node & Full Masternode Hosting
We Host for YOU!

@everyone Swap completed for all those who filled the Swap form. If you haven't received your swapped coins, it means we encountered some issues relating to your swap. Issues ranging from incorrect wallet password, no encrypted wallet password provided , no coins found in wallet, exploit coins found in wallet. PM dev with screenshot of your exchange trading account to resolve your issues. N.B Exploit coins bought on exchange after 18th Dec will NOT be swapped.