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@everyone In the coming week, you will be able to setup your masternode on PAXEXpay. You load your wallet, click on the setup masternode. You will then be charged in Fiat for the service every month.

PAXEXlive Stake 15 has launched

Match Prediction on PAXEXlive now active

@everyone UPDATE: PAXEXlive Soccer Prediction is 80% complete...
Gather as much PAXEX as you can, because once it launches it will be BIG
How it works:
Every monday, a set of 15 matches will be displayed on PAXEXlive
Football Prediction link will be activated on launch.
Prediction will close Friday 16:00 GMT
Matches will start Saturday and run through monday
How much will I win?
Accurately predicting -
15 matches out of the 15 matches: you win $20,000
14 matches out of the 15 matches: you win $5,000
13 matches out of the 15 matches: you win $500
In partnership with Winlottopro. 10% of winning go to Gold Members.
5% of winnings are pushed to the exchanges (Graviex and Crex24) to improve liquidity.
The more you win, the more liquidity improves on the exchanges
PAXEXlive Soccer Prediction is a partnership between PAXEX, Winlotopro and a Global Sport Betting, gaming and Entertainment Provider.
Winning is Pool Fund - meaning if 2 users win the 15/15 matches, they get 20,000/2 = $10,000 - $1500 (Gold member fee, exchange PAXEX buying fee) = $8500

More update coming soon

@everyone please see below for the updates,

After result announced, Winning USD amount is credited to user USD wallet.

And USD wallet amount of user is displayed.

User USD withdraw page is implemented for bitcoin withdraw.

We are working in listing withdraw transaction.

More details soon

The project is 50% complete...

Launch Date: 30th September, 2019

@everyone This feature is only available to FULL MEMBERS of PAXEXlive.

Do you think you have what it takes to predict the outcome of several football games? Predict all the matches and you could walk away with a massive win.

In September, PAXEXlive will be introducing Football Match Prediction

Be Excited.......