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Play on the world’s first Crypto US Powerball lottery. The world is going US Powerball bonkers and so are we! Welcome to the Winlottopro, where you can play for the US Powerball jackpot – exclusive to PAXEX! Be part of this exciting phenomenon that is taking over the world!

Match 6 numbers and win the huge jackpot, (Currently $180,000,000), direct to your bitcoin account.

Be part of the US Powerball buzz for just $5

More details coming soon.

GOLD MEMBER receives $471,365

Example if a member wins the jackpot of $122 million (minus taxes) = Lump Sum Option
One-Time Payout (after Taxes): $47,136,530.00

Meaning 1 GOLD MEMBER earns 1% of all winnings on the platform for life.

ONLY 10 Gold MEMBER position available.

Requirements: Gold members will have to lock down 100,000 PAXEX during the upgrade process and be required to maintain the locked amount in order to remain a gold members.

Withdrawal Method: Bitcoin, Fiat

Deposit Method: PAXEX

Current Jackpot: $122,000,000

There are nine ways to win Powerball. Here’s a breakdown of the winning combinations and the approximate prize amounts:

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