📱How to recover your funds from the $PAC iOS app📱

We want your funds to be safe, if you are struggling to access your funds on the $PAC iOS app please follow these steps to regain access to your $PAC.

How to recover your funds from the $PAC iOS app - PACcoin | Offici...
We would like to start this post by briefly apologizing for the lack of updates regarding the $PAC iOS app. We are well aware that users currently storing their $PAC on the iOS app have been patiently waiting on an update from our team. Unfortunately we do not have an immedia...



Send, receive & store $PAC safely using any text-enabled mobile device. Perfect for regions of data sensitivity. Perfect for those without smart phones and perfect for hundreds of thousands of un-banked individuals around the world.

$PAC SMS Beginners Tutorial (PACcoin)
This video provides a short introductory tutorial on the $PAC SMS wallet service. Allowing you to send, receive and store $PAC safely on any text-enabled mob...


📺 $PAC Chat - Episode 4 📺

Cryptocurrency merchant adoption, litecoin user growth & more! Huge thank you to litecoin adoption team member Jonny Moore for accepting our invitation for an interview! You don't want to miss this!

⌚Wed 5th June 4pm EST (9pm BST)⌚

📝 An open letter to the $PAC community from the NEW Board of Directors 📝

"To remain competitive and cutting edge, we are planning a reorganization which has been thoroughly verified and designed without haste..."

Open letter from the new $PAC board of directors - PACcoin | Offic...
To our loyal and dedicated community, Our mission at heart is to take $PAC to new heights of accomplishment and recognition. You our community are fundamental to this mission, every single individual. We do not say this because it simply sounds nice, we say this because our g...

🌍 We're making great strides in adoption across #Africa 🌍 Join @AfricaPac & $PAC COO Drew this Saturday as we explore the potential of the $PAC currency across Lagos Nigeria. #bitcoin #crypto #btc #cryptocurrency #hodl #blockchain #fintech #hodl
Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around th...


💵 We're improving the $PAC budget transparency with our community 💵

Read this quick intro to the June $PAC budget and how we plan to communicate our expenditure with you moving forward.

$PAC treasury changes & future budget transparency - PACcoin | Off...
Dear PAC Community, It is my responsibility to announce, that the previous Treasury Division has been dissolved. Over the last year the funds we have had available has been used for operational expenses, partnerships, development expenses, exchanges, 51% attack balance recove...



Switch to POS, Improved mining re-targeting algorithm, DASH 14.0 back porting & tackling the current $PAC inflation rate.

$PAC state of development 27th May 2019 - Switch to POS, Mining re...
Dear $PAC Community, As we continue forward with our goal to bring $PAC to the forefront of our industry and to build a usable, global digital asset we must make decisions throughout our journey that might seem controversial to some. Over the past year, we have been able to ...


Key times for upcoming $PAC events

27th May 2019 - 9pm BST (4pm EST)
Brad Interview with Your Crypto Daily on the new $PAC leadership and new directors roadmap

28th May 2019 - 9pm BST (4pm EST)
PACchat episode 3 - with guest Zachary Dash from BOMB token, the topic of inflation with the world first self destructing digital asset.

Crypto Currency News for the people! Cryptocurrency news and information from top cryptocurrency developers. The top resource for all your crypto and bitcoin...
PAC Coin
Introducing PAC, a third generation cryptocurrency that is focused on four key factors: Community, Charity, Content, Choice PAC is a community driven success...



Dear all $PAC Cryptopia holders!

GrantThornton liquidators for Cryptopia
Recently released a statement that it's unlikely your coins will be lost forever. They are actively trying to act in the best interests of those who held coins on that platform.

Update for Cryptopia account holders 27 May 2019
On Friday 24 May 2019, we filed a petition in the Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) seeking recognition of the New Zealand liquidation in the USA, and we also applied for urgent interim relief. We took these steps to preserve the Cryptopia informat...


I am going to be interviewed LIVE by the YourCryptoDaily team next Monday. 9pm BST. They're going to be grilling me on the recent leadership changes to the $PAC project and our 3 month directors roadmap.

Crypto Currency News for the people! Cryptocurrency news and information from top cryptocurrency developers. The top resource for all your crypto and bitcoin...


🍕 9 years ago, the first real-world transaction of Bitcoin was made with Laszlo Hanyecz paying 10,000 BTC ($800mil) for two Pizza's. At the same Papa Johns $PAC community member @408454967930650634> ordered a $PAC pizza to celebrate this annual crypto holiday.

9 years ago, the first real-world transaction of #Bitcoin was made with Laszlo Hanyecz paying 10,000 BTC ($800mil) for two Pizza's. At the same @PapaJohns $PAC community member @JLowy23 ordered a $PAC #pizza to celebrate this annual #crypto holiday. #bitcoinpizzaday #Crypt...


PAC SMS, community feedback & initial actions

Dear $PAC community, thank you for the amazing response over the launch of PAC SMS, this is an amazing feature that VERY FEW coins in the space have been able to integrate into their blockchain.

We may have jumped the gun on the release without conducting sufficient quality assurance and bug testing, as a response to this we have removed the announcement and will conduct an additional layer of testing prior to re-release of the service.

Drew Saunders (COO): "I am compiling a FAQs list to get answers from the developer on safety and everyday usage"

Whilst the service is still currently LIVE, we would advise to NOT use PAC SMS until we issue a formal re-release of the service.

Thanks to our community for being so responsive and wanting the best for our payment platforms.


Introducing PAC SMS - A dedicated SMS transaction service for all text-enabled mobile devices worldwide

To get started text pacdeposit to +16288770001, enjoy! This is a US-based service line, we will be rolling out PAC SMS to more countries in the coming weeks/months.

Introducing PAC SMS - Fast, secure, text-based monetary transactio...
Bringing monetary transactions to all tiers of mobile devices worldwide, simple SMS/text commands bring financial independence to those without the need for apps and smartphones. $PAC are pleased to announce the launch of PAC SMS, our dedicated SMS/text-based transaction serv...


🇻🇪$PAC Venezuela🇻🇪

$PAC has been on a mission to bring daily use adoption to the people of Venezuela!

Once again huge shout out to @465908107122573333> and his team for their incredible efforts

PacVzla on Twitter
“El pasado sábado 27 de abril se realizó la 3era conferencia de $PAC Venezuela sobre el Blockchain y el uso de las Criptomonedas. El @CCulturalBOD en Caracas fue la sede de este maravilloso evento. @PACcoinOfficial”


The problem with DAO Governance models, Re-Work? & Treasury Interview

The problem with DAO Governance models, Re-Work? & Treasury Interview
PACcoin is one of the fastest growing digital assets int he cryptocurrency space. This video is an interview between Brad Marsh CMO for $PAC and Geo, Head of...


🌍 Businesses across Africa begin adopting $PAC! 🌍

50+ merchants aimed within 3 months. The $PAC charity campaigns also see healthy growth and change the lives of a medical center in Maraban-Kajuru

$PAC Translation team is up and running!

We are now translating all new blog posts into these languages:

  • Japanese
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian

We have one person for these languages:

  • French
  • Vietnamese
  • Hebrew
  • Romanian
    To get these languages functional for blog post translations we will need 1 more for each language to serve as Translator/proofreader

How to see the blog post in your language is shown in this GIF:

Twitter translations

For each language currently in the translation department there is a twitter where every post from@Paccoinofficial gets translated into each language.

Paccoin_HEB :

NOTE: A lot of these twitter accounts are set up in the last couple of weeks so there will not be a lot of tweets there.

If you want to help out and join the Translation team please check this blog post:



REFERENCING DREW'S POST ABOVE Deposits/withdrawals and trading across all trading pairs in now LIVE

We apologize for the delay in bringing CE back online, but security measures needed to be agreed upon between both parties prior to allowing trading to resume.

@everyone On the basis of Coinexchange reopening their wallets for $PAC, please DO NOT make deposits or withdraws until an official announcement has been made declaring the wallets are enabled correctly. Thank you!


$PAC has been listed on the largest digital asset exchange in Africa - KureCoinHub

Many thanks to @366711919140143104> for his persistence and efforts in getting $PAC in the hands of the African community. His proposal, which passed on the network helped fund this initiative.

Buy, Sell, Exchange Cryptocurrencies, Get Loans, Fund Your Wallet From Your Local Bank Account, Withdraw From Your Wallet To Your Local Bank Account, Make Wallet To Wallet Transactions
$PAC has been listed on KureCoinHUB - The largest digital asset ex...
Until today, $PAC was not easily accessible to our community members in Africa, however with our latest listing with Kurecoin exchange investors in Africa can now easily buy, sell and trade with ease. Kurecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with proof of stake algori...