🌍 Businesses across Africa begin adopting $PAC! 🌍

50+ merchants aimed within 3 months. The $PAC charity campaigns also see healthy growth and change the lives of a medical center in Maraban-Kajuru

$PAC Translation team is up and running!

We are now translating all new blog posts into these languages:

  • Japanese
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian

We have one person for these languages:

  • French
  • Vietnamese
  • Hebrew
  • Romanian
    To get these languages functional for blog post translations we will need 1 more for each language to serve as Translator/proofreader

How to see the blog post in your language is shown in this GIF:

Twitter translations

For each language currently in the translation department there is a twitter where every post from@Paccoinofficial gets translated into each language.

Paccoin_HEB :

NOTE: A lot of these twitter accounts are set up in the last couple of weeks so there will not be a lot of tweets there.

If you want to help out and join the Translation team please check this blog post:



REFERENCING DREW'S POST ABOVE Deposits/withdrawals and trading across all trading pairs in now LIVE

We apologize for the delay in bringing CE back online, but security measures needed to be agreed upon between both parties prior to allowing trading to resume.

@everyone On the basis of Coinexchange reopening their wallets for $PAC, please DO NOT make deposits or withdraws until an official announcement has been made declaring the wallets are enabled correctly. Thank you!


$PAC has been listed on the largest digital asset exchange in Africa - KureCoinHub

Many thanks to @366711919140143104> for his persistence and efforts in getting $PAC in the hands of the African community. His proposal, which passed on the network helped fund this initiative.

Buy, Sell, Exchange Cryptocurrencies, Get Loans, Fund Your Wallet From Your Local Bank Account, Withdraw From Your Wallet To Your Local Bank Account, Make Wallet To Wallet Transactions
$PAC has been listed on KureCoinHUB - The largest digital asset ex...
Until today, $PAC was not easily accessible to our community members in Africa, however with our latest listing with Kurecoin exchange investors in Africa can now easily buy, sell and trade with ease. Kurecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with proof of stake algori...

@everyone I have dedicated a closed amount of BTC to get us listed on exchanges in the future. My personal decision to dedicate it towards PAC to better our exchange partners and get us on respectable exchanges that other top coins have decent reported trade volume. All that I ask is to be reimbursed in PAC once we are live on whatever exchange we get us on. This PAC will be held as a addition to my personal stake in PAC, not sold on exchanges. The prop listed has the PAC requested going STRAIGHT to treasury for them to release as exchanges come live. Full transparency of cost for each exchange will be delivered internally to the treasury but CANNOT be told to the public due to NDA agreement and SPECIFIC exchange request. Also going forward, making sure our chain and product is good to go is a focus point which will follow with our great CMO@Brad marketing campaign. All things that need to be worked on in everyones eyes, will and are being worked on. We are all trying to do what we can do to get us where we want to be as is the rest of the entire PAC team. This is as fully transparent as I can be when it comes to the exchanges. Thank you.


Brand New Wallet UI v12.6.1 is NOW LIVE

This is NOT a mandatory update, your 12.6.0 wallets will still function if you DO NOT wish to use the updated wallet layout.


Wallets | PAC | PAC coin | $PAC
PAC Wallets for Windows / MAC & Mobile Wallet features: Current version 12.6.0 Mandatory Update Feb 21st Send and receive $PAC InstantPAC – fast transactions PrivatePAC – Anonymous Fast confirmations Wallet works after only 5-10 minutes Wallet is 100% safe and secure Wind...


$PAC Development Mini-Update 9th Apr '19

$PAC Development Mini-Update 9th April 2019 - PACcoin | Official B...
Good day to our entire $PAC community, The last few months have seen $PAC undergo some pivotal changes, both in terms of raw coin design and the inclusion of various new advisers, ambassadors, regional translators and more. The most recent update of course was version 12.6.0 ...


$PAC Q&A with myself and @336319680845447170> coming to youtube soon

Follow me on Twitter and leave your question on my latest tweet and the most upvoted questions will be answered.

Myself and the COO of $PAC, Eric Hays will be doing a Q&A on #YouTube very soon. It's been a while since we last spoke out and gave everyone some news. Ask your questions in reply to this tweet and I'll choose the top 10 most upvoted. #crypto #paccoin #blockchain #hodl


APPLY, EARN and GROW with us

We are happy to announce the official $PAC translation department, increasing our media reach outside of the English speaking regions.

$PAC announces official translation department. Apply, earn and gr...
What is the $PAC Translation Department? $PAC’s Translation Department is formed of committed members who want to see $PAC succeed. This young and growing department has an ambitious agenda to translate $PAC’s important announcements into numerous languages. The intent is...


$PAC acquires copyright to Namco’s ‘PAC-MAN’ in landmark Multi-Billion dollar deal

$PAC acquires copyright to Namco's 'PAC-MAN' in Multi-Billion doll...
The $PAC team is happy to announce that we have secured a deal with both Namco and Atari Incorporated to secure the rights to the long standing PAC-MAN brand and all associated copyrights. The acquisition was part of a month-long multi-billion dollar buyout enabling the $PAC ...


$PAC community dev @359185608951857153> launches PACmonitor API tools

Encouraging others to create tools, DAPPS and content to benefit the $PAC project.

Shout out to ALL current $PAC community devs, @397847421431840770> @395797105526177802> @408454967930650634> and others who are striving to BUILD on the brand foundations.

PAC Monitor API – March 2019
You know what time it is! If you don’t, don’t worry we got you covered! Introducing the PAC Monitor API. An easy to use tool providing an alternative method for querying the $PAC Ledger…


Trading is NOW LIVE for $PAC on the amazing P2PB2B Exchange across BTC, ETH & USD pairs! Happy trading all! Go smash it.

PAC is now traded on p2pb2b Trade @PACcoinOfficial is a community-driven successor to Bitcoin that aims to become an efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency that is available globally. Read more

@everyone please join our new Instagram page to support a new line of communication we can use to promote PAC and grow our brand awareness. Instagram is a big platform we haven't used to our advantage yet, and with solid effort can be very good for us.

PACcoin on Instagram: “This is the official IG of PACcoin ($PAC)...
2 Likes, 0 Comments - PACcoin (@paccoin.official) on Instagram: “This is the official IG of PACcoin ($PAC) Tag us with your #PACswag to get reposted and show your…”

We need everyone to sign up for the TernioToken Blockcard!
If we hit 1000 applications we will be listed!

Right now the prize pool is at 600,000 $PAC!

Prize pool contributors:

  • @336319680845447170> 500,000 $PAC!
  • 100,000 $PAC! (waiting to be sent will be done in 1-2 days)
  • You!

To contribute to the prize pool send your contribution to: PNNyDz326MqhdXHz8W7Lb5F1mZ7T34knmC
DM @!212298797722632194> right before you send your $PAC and let me know the amount and the TXid!

What is BlockCard
BlockCard is a debit card that can be used on the Visa network.
With this you can spend your $PAC at places where you can also pay with Visa!

In short just awesome!

Go to your family, go to your friends, get as many people to apply!

Kind Regards,
$PAC Team


$PAC Will be listed on P2PB2B exchange, boasting #17 volume on CMC

P2PB2B have one of the best Apple & iOS exchange apps, allowing you soon to buy/sell/hold $PAC (although we recommend never storing your coins on an exchange for long periods of time)

P2PB2B is the primary source of volume for Dash $23,253,406 24hr volume (our father project)

Trading is aiming to start sometime next week. Big shout out to @401893246411735049> and Bruce Porter Jnr for making the connections.

P2PB2B Trade Volume and Market Listings | CoinMarketCap
P2PB2B trade volume and market listings

Polis Listing Twitter vote!

The community came together and decided to all pitch in and make a BIG giveaway for when we win the Polis listing vote!

Right now the amount that people donated for the giveaway is 185.000 !
IF we win and IF gets enough votes the prize money will be DOUBLED!

Before this prize will be given away we will need to win the vote.

How to vote: (Fake votes by bots will be removed so always vote!)
Comment #BringToPolisPay $PAC under this tweet:

The community members who donated $PAC to fund the giveaway if we win:
CaptainPAC @283728785264607232> 25000
Paccoin4president @!399778871072784384> 25000
MomToAnAngelSon @401518911440289795> 25000
@469948189173088267> 25000
@436162317261209600> 25000
@111651011378102272> 25000 @534515408875683861> 15000
Cryptocrusader @427912031564333077> 15000
crypto curious @393954336688046100> 5000

The giveaway winners will be published on the CaptainPac twitter

Thank you community for setting this up!

Good day@everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of the official PAC charity website: Https://

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any feedback, idea's or suggestions or would like to be a part of the charity team! Please remember to vote on the Shark Tank for Charity Proposal as a Masternode-holder or as a PACnode member.

Kind regards,

Web developer Lostintime & Director of Charity Robin Matthes


The $PAC Android mobile wallet update is now available on the PlayStore!!

Improved UI, Compatible with the most recent fork + all new security updates.

$PAC Mobile Wallet - Apps on Google Play

Blockchain market observation march 9th 2019

By @373103204348723222>

March 9, 2019 Block Chain Market Observations - PACcoin | Official...
I decided to do something different for this blog.  I want to point out different sub-categories within the ranking systems based on market cap and give my opinions on why some comparisons have far more to them than meets the eye.  This will be the first b...