The PAC Global Masternode Setup guide can be found here:

This guide uses the PACMasternode setup script with this script you only need to enter your BLS Key in the console, the rest is done for you.
This information will be added to our website in the future as we are aiming to improve continuously.

If you have any questions please go to <#397040668146532353>

Kind Regards,
PAC Global team

PAC Global Masternode Setup Guide
PAC Global Masternode Setup Guide Setup Setting up a masternode requires a basic understanding of Linux and blockchain technology, as well as an ability to follow instructions closely. It also requires regular maintenance and careful security. There are some decisions to be...


Congratulations to head of Department @494382194383388673> for being awarded the Flame of Peace for outstanding contributions to charitable causes at this years Washington Elite blockchain summit in Vienna. Our team couldn't be more proud.

@everyone here is the bootstrap to update the previous one released. This is not required to use, but for your convenience.

@everyone Here is a quick visual on the impact the transition from POW to POS has made towards our block times after block 330,000. Very clear to see that it was a tremendous success. Block times are more consistent then ever, which allows us to market PAC Global as it should be. A fast, reliable, low-fee blockchain network that allows instant transactions for both p2p transactions and future utility usage.

@everyone If you have continued to experience syncing issues, try the latest release on our Github for speed and set up. Not a mandatory update, only here to help reported issues by some users.

PAC - First deterministic masternode implementation using PoS - PACGlobalOfficial/PAC

@here Some pretty large exposure at Instagram for PAC Global, our major network update, our charity work and new website.

Natalija Ugrina on Instagram: “🏦 I met PAC Global in vegas at...
2,764 Likes, 113 Comments - Natalija Ugrina (@natalijaugrina) on Instagram: “🏦 I met PAC Global in vegas at the world cryptocon in 2018, they have a fantastic charity project…”

@everyone here is the latest wallet update:

Here is also a bootstrap provided by our lead developer Barry:!V6wwCAQb!2PTyMeUIOs5n0P9Xo6sJ5OLijEmhIUvQLeIGeOxGOp0

Advice for this download @here Please try this:
"there are a lot of hosts out there with a dud chain. Get them to try deleting their peers.dat to get it relying on the inbuilt seeds" - Barry

PAC - First deterministic masternode implementation using PoS - PACGlobalOfficial/PAC
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@everyone Core Team is aware of another bug crashing wallets and already working on a root cause analysis and fix.

@everyone We have a MN setup script and guide in review right now. Once deemed acceptable it will be released on Official github. Please thank @399336590385741824> for his contribution.

@everyone The fix has been released on our official github. It can also be found on our website. Please update to the latest wallet and report any issues you may encounter.

Quick note, Zip file will be added later. Please wait for this if to inconvenient to download in current state.

PAC - First deterministic masternode implementation using PoS - PACGlobalOfficial/PAC

@everyone After 24+ hours of strenuous work and no sleep, Barry, our Lead Developer, needed some much deserved rest. He has since then, sorted out the issues with the wallets and will be releasing the fix shortly. It is a simple wallet update download. When available I will post again to let you know our github is updated.

Quick reminder@everyone ,

No PAC Global Board Member, Moderator, or Helper will be sending wallet update links through DM. I have been notified of a few discord accounts doing this and sending malicious links that WILL harm your devices. These accounts have and will continue to be banned when reported. Do not click on any links sent to you. This is why links are NOT allowed in general public channels. Please be safe and use precaution. Only pay attention to our important news channel here, our official Twitter account, and PAC Global website for any Github activity that requires a update.

Syncing issues have been widely reported. No need to be alarmed. Moving from POW to POS is a large update, many moving parts. Blocks may delay/halt as a result of POS requiring wallet connection. No need to be alarmed. PAC Global is a young network making big decisions to put us on the path we want to be on for mass transaction and utility usage. A resolution will be found along with instruction to guide@everyone .

@everyone Block 330k was a very important step for PAC Global. A major network update that puts us in "stabilization mode" until we are stable. Some hiccups are to be expected in this huge update, and our lead developer is making sure PAC Global is a top of the line network.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we thank you for your patience, we are in the wake of a major update from PoW algorithms to PoS including brand new Chain Lock Masternodes. We understand the fork has already experienced some turbulence, our blockchain engineers and staff are working on this currently including masternode setup instructions for those who are confused to what to do, the new setup is different and designed so only true node holders are being paid properly. We are as well as making sure everyones wallet is working properly. Please return to this channel and other social media outlets for updates. Thanks for your patience and thanks for choosing PAC. More updates to come today and tomorrow.

@everyone, the MAC wallet is up and running and can be downloaded using this link:


Today was a big step for us. We moved from POW to POS. We had the first masternodes getting enabled on our 'new' network earlier.

Thank you all for your support! It was a stressful day where a lot of work over the last couple of months came together.

We noticed some of the features are not working in the current version of your wallet.

Please immediately update to the latest version:

What this update does is prevents the clash between spam mitigation and staking transactions.

Thank you for helping today and let’s work on PAC Together!

  • PAC Global team
PAC - First deterministic masternode implementation using PoS - PACGlobalOfficial/PAC


Hello all.

With the fork rapidly approaching, i'd like to make the new DIP0003 migration tool available to all (

This allows for the automatic creation of the ProTX transaction; from your standard windows wallet.
For multiple masternodes; or if you are not sure how to make use of the utility - please enlist the support of our masternode hosting services in this channel.

P.S. Added 1 picture wallet Transfer guide if you need to update from the old yellow coin wallet to the new Blue PAC Global wallet, or if you need to load your wallet on a separate windows computer. <#626198253246873600>

@everyone We are just a few thousand blocks away from block height 330k (330,000) Please ensure you are fully updated to the latest github wallet release. Masternodes will need to be set up with the new Dip0003 method, those that do not know how to do so will be happy to know a full MN script is being developed and tested currently. We are doing all we can during these busy development hours to help make this fork/update as easy as possible.