PAC exchanges will be going into maintenance shortly to prepare for the update and fork on the 20th Feb

In order to safeguard the network and our exchange partners whilst we move to the improved chain all currently LIVE exchanges will be going into temporary maintenance throughout a 24-48 hour period. Most exchange partners are already in maintenance (as you are probably all aware) and have been for some time. We would like to thank our community for their continued understanding regarding this matter and appreciate this has been a less than ideal situation for the majority of you who have had coins stuck on various platforms during this time.

Rest assured, the maintenance and locking of wallets on exchanges has been a necessary evil to guarantee the safety of balances and in the best of interests for our global users.

The wait is almost over, our network patch is on schedule for release on the 20th Feb. We have the cooperation of the majority of our exchange partners and this will be a positive move for the project moving forward and in many cases a step which puts $PAC as one of the most secure coins in the space.

$PAC, as a merchant-focused project that is aiming for continued adoption, the security of the network and trust of our merchants is paramount in becoming an industry leading digital currency.

We expect to see functionality return across the network shortly after the patch releases, dependent on exchanges individual response times.

The Official $PAC Discord Masternode Monitor is now here!

With the Official $PAC Discord Masternode Monitor you are able to add Masternodes to a personal monitoring list and receive DMs in real time when a reward is received or a status changes (rewards are checked every 15 seconds, status is checked every 2 minutes).

To use the masternode monitor simply send a DM to @419477841906761743> using the following commands:

Add a Masternode```
?mn+ | Example: ?mn+

__Remove a Masternode__```
?mn- <ip address> | Example: ?mn-

View your Masternode List```

Any questions or suggestions please feel free to DM me.

Also, if you like this feature/service please check out my proposal, info can be found in <span id="every"><#545329701258788893></span>.

 - <span id="every">@!399336590385741824></span>



$PAC Release v0.12.6.0 (Protocol 70215) – 51% attack mitigation, block reward changes & multi-platform wallet upgrades


$PAC Release v0.12.6.0 (Protocol 70215) - 51% attack mitigation, b...
Over the past quarter, the $PAC network, along with multiple other projects within the blockchain space have been strained, both technologically and operationally. In recent months we have seen projects like Steemit lay off 70% of their workforce and the Ethereum Classic (ETC...

guys, we are testing the wallets internally right now and hopefully we can release them one by one sometime Monday for another internal testing (Mods mainly)


51% attack patch, hard fork & mandatory masternode update coming Feb 20th

Full details to follow in a dedicated article shortly. We believe this will bring the majority of our exchange partners back online and return full functionality to the $PAC network.


The $PAC panel at The Washington Elite Blockchain Summit


Full $PAC (PACcoin) team panel at the Washington Elite Blockchain ...
Enjoy a talk hosted by Eric Hays, $PAC COO while he introduces come core members of the $PAC project, talks about the history of the coin and what the future...


I have been offered a keynote speaking slot at this years London Cryptocurrency Show - April 6th 2019

Proof: https://blockference.com/blockchain-conferences/the-london-cryptocurrency-show-london-56

Scroll to speakers 😃

The London CryptoCurrency Show
The London CryptoCurrency Show will take place in London, UK on 6th of April 2019.The London CryptoCurrency Show gathers investors and start-ups to meet new opportunities for future businesses in the...


FIRST Quarterly $PAC Treasury report

Covering in-going, out-going, expenses, treasury pool fund allocation & future DAO improvements

This covers Q4 2018 as most reports will be in-lieu of the previous quarter. Huge thank you to @280479676886024203> @394373503102746627> and the rest of the Treasury team. For putting this together.


$PAC Treasury Quarterly Report Q4/2018 - PACcoin | Official BLOG site
Dear $PAC Community, We are very happy to be of service to you, the community, as well as the several departments that make up the $PAC family. It has been a challenging start for us, having to deal with several hurdles, such as the malicious attacks on the network earlier th...


We've arrived! $PAC COO Eric Hays, talking all about the $PAC project at this years WashingtonElite Blockchain summit. In partnership with GlobalBoost. Video of the talk will be available soon.


$PAC is now listed on Delta Direct, allowing all Delta platform users to receive instant notifications on all $PAC news, info and updates



Firstly, to the best of the $PAC teams knowledge, only ETH and ERC20 tokens have been the target of the hacks, and to our knowledge all $PAC balances have remained safe... However this is a statement issued from NZ Police as an update to all Cryptopia users

Anyone that has funds on Cryptopia, here is the response I received from the Police department.

Dear Cryptopia Customer,

You recently contacted the New Zealand (NZ) Police to advise you were a customer of the Cryptopia crypto-currency Exchange, following notification on the 14th January 2019 it had been placed into ‘maintenance’ after suffering a serious cybersecurity breach.

You advised you have funds held by Cryptopia and wanted to know how to access these. This is, and will remain, a protracted and complex investigation.

Police are currently working in conjunction with Cryptopia management, staff and a number of other agencies to establish how the breach occurred and who is responsible.

We appreciate your patience as the enquiry develops.

NZ police are also working with Cryptopia to enable them to shortly begin communicating directly with their customers. At this time there is no confirmed date when they will resume business operations, however, we expect this may occur inearly February 2019. Please continue to monitor the Cryptopia webpage for further updates from the company in due course.


Shout out to @494382194383388673> @339877820022915072> for getting the $PAC brand front and centre in Time Square NYC! Awesome!


Our Treasury Department has issued their first summary. It details into various prop submissions, use of treasury funds and outward expenditure from our project.


$PAC Treasury Update - PACcoin | Official BLOG site
We, at the $PAC Treasury, in collaboration with the Founders, recently posted two proposals in order to help reimburse and fund the $PAC Treasury, as well as expand and enhance the offerings we can provide. We will begin by addressing the first proposal, which is for reimburs...


2 NEW African Exchanges for $PAC, our new African Charity Outreach that brings financial support & banking the un-banked.
Credit to @366711919140143104>

Read more: https://blog.paccoin.net/the-pac-african-charity-outreach-bringing-financial-support-and-banking-the-unbanked/

The $PAC African Charity Outreach, bringing financial support and ...
Nigeria is facing a series of interconnected economic and humanitarian crisis which, if not resolved, will disrupt basic life-support systems, contribute to the worsening of already fragmented security structures and perpetuate underdevelopment and indebtedness. Abuja, Nigeri...


The $PAC Discord Trivia is back

The hugely popular community quiz returns! Hosted by @!212298797722632194>


Thanks to dev @372150863403417602> for the hard work - $PAC Electrum Wallet v3.0 has been released, featuring security patches, bug fixes, a refreshed GUI and an Android version on its way!


$PAC Electrum Wallet launches v3.0 - Security updates, bug fixes, ...
Dear $PAC community, Just a quick update to inform you our devs have been hard at work on a number of essential updates to the $PAC network including wallet updates +more. Our first release of many to follow is the launch of the $PAC Electrum Wallet v3.0. Some of the new feat...


The $PAC developer update Jan 2019

Enjoy our detailed dev update for Jan, see what key network security measures are being implemented and what updates will be rolled out over the next week days/weeks.


$PAC Development Update - Jan 8th 2018 - PACcoin | Official BLOG site
The following is a structured excerpt from an internal meeting between the core $PAC team/devs. We are sharing this information with our community in an attempt to improve transparency, investor sentiment and to ensure you all that we are proactively combating all known issue...


The $PAC Top Golf Community Meetup


The $PAC (PACcoin) TopGolf Arizona Meet Up
The $PAC team, in partnership with PACnode https://pacnode.net/ hosted a community meet up at Top Golf Arizona before Christmas. Thank you to everyone who at...

The entire space is going through a drastic reformation, both from investor sentiment towards what gives true value to projects and from the tech side, these combined issues are forcing hundreds of crypto projects to close up shop, re-think their market positions and alter their business models. I personally believe this is healthy for the space allowing only the most legitimate projects and sought after products to inhabit the space, 2018 saw more exit scams and bad personalities than ever before. $PAC is focusing on protecting it's payment network and being a premium project, we can only do that if we invest the time necessary to test & put in place the needed solutions.

As soon as testing and our update process gives us a clear target date we will let you know ASAP. Thanks for your continued patience while we revamp $PAC.


Friendly update to the PAC community

Though all of you are anxious for the return of $PAC functionality on all exchanges, we are needing ample time to finish our next large update properly and include all new security features and several 'quality of life' improvements. This update needs to include security measures against mining attacks, which is a challenging problem the whole crypto-space is trying to solve, not just $PAC. The developers are working tirelessly, but testing and doing the necessary updates takes time, if it's to be done right.

Here is just one example of an unstable, attackable coin being removed from an exchange in just the last week. More exchanges are doing this without warning to coins that aren't looking out for their investors. $PAC is NOT going to allow itself to be a target for these chain attacks.


We have a short term plan in the works to hopefully give us some more time, which we are going to see if exchanges will accept for an interim solution. This fix also aims to improve mining hash power on the network too. This may mean a continued, but temporarily high, confirmation mode for exchange fund verification, this is purely for the sake of security, but will hopefully allow improved, yet limited functionality during this period. This is based on if they accept our short term fix, this is doesn't mean they all will open all transfers, and we realize this is not ideal, but we could use the additional time to make our next update even more robust. Again high confirmations would be temporary.

Global Crypto [GCC24] 51% attack. Blockchain broken. Coin removed from exchange.