Oryx Community Update

EestPay banking app release
After months of meetings and compliance documentation on EST, we have finally managed to get all the legal agreements in place with MasterCard and Credential for the launching of EstPay app for prepaid cards issuance.
Together with our partner Tadinur in Argentina we will be rolling out our card services to users and companies looking for prepaid MasterCards.
The MasterCard prepaid card program will provide:

  1. Re-chargeability of prepaid debit cards
  2. Web/mobile solutions
  3. Remittance payments
  4. Microinsurance and other services
  5. Phone charge /Bill pay
  6. ATM access
  7. Call Center 24x7
  8. Automatic Debits
    The app is currently available in Google Play and in the Spanish version. English version will follow soon and App Store registration is under process. You can download the app here:

Moventz movie platform
Our managing director Dr. Sindhu was traveling to the US and met one of the biggest movie and entertainment groups Raleigh Studios. Formal yet informal atmosphere prevailed with the movie directors, event vendors, and the lawyer, all trying to understand the novelty of our scheme vis-a-vis powers of DLT and blockchain. The two-hour interactive session bore definite results for all. The adaptability of Fintech in this movie industry was considered critical. Moventz confirmed of itself as a fund-creator, payment manager and redemption platform.
Our MOVENTZ platform gets a strong opening in the very first encounter.

EST Pay - Apps on Google Play

Our EstPay app is getting ready and soon we will have it ready in App Store.

Currently available in Android. You can search the app by : est pay
It is a spanish version only live, English version to follow.

EST Pay - Apps on Google Play

Dear community,

You can now monitor your masternodes here at :

OryxCoin Masternode script update V 2.0.1

In our continued effort to ensure the safety and security of our masternodes community, OryxCoin is excited to announce the update of our OryxCoin Masternode script with wallet V 2.0.1.
The new wallet is using Ubuntu 18.04 so please make sure when you install your new nodes that you use this image.

Oryxcoin resources. Contribute to oryxian/oryxcoin-resources development by creating an account on GitHub.

Dear Oryxians,

Your OryxCoins has a great future Installed with its greatest utility build today and hitting on target our major milestone. is now operational with OryxCoin as the base currency. Welcome to the world of digital excellence with OryxCoin!

Dear Oryxians,

OryxCoin Core V.2.0.1 Mandatory Update

In our continued effort to ensure the safety and security of our community, OryxCoin is excited to announce a security update of our OryxCoin Core wallets.

This process is one of many planned upgrades to our OryxCoin Core wallets that will be happening over the next couple of months. While we foresee a smooth update to the new wallet, some users might find it difficult. Here are the steps you need to take to update to new wallet:

  1. Close down your old wallet V2.0.0

  2. Download new wallet V 2.0.1

  3. Open new wallet V 2.0.1

Our mission at OryxCoin is to help people everywhere understand and utilize the power of digital currencies and the way to stake and earn more coins in OryxCoin blockchain, and we hope that these proactive measures will continue to instill trust in thousands of OryxCoin members for years to come.
We want to remind you that the OryxCoin Core Team and the OryxCoin Support Team will never DM to help you update your wallets, please stay safe.

Dear Oryxians,

We are please to announce that OryxCoin is listed on Bitselly Exchange.
You can find the BTC and ETH pairs at

ProjectThreely Team is very proud to announce that ProjectThreely & Threely Wallet will be a part of the World Blockchain Summit, Taipei. #WBSTaipei🚀

Hope to see you there! ✨ Learn more about ProjectThreely at & Learn about how Threely Wallet is x16 more advanced than traditional wallets at

Threely Wallet vs Traditional Wallets
ProjectThreely helps you do more with blockchain ✨

Website: Hello, today I would like to present you another ICO review. If you like it, be sure to subscribe to the channel and leave a li...

@everyone Good morning Oryxians,

We have finaly managed to build back the old chain block by block and identify the exploited block and fake coins movement.
The above file is sent to CE for them to investigate further more the movement in their wallets of the exploit coins.

We hope that the process will be fast and we can get the swap finalized asap.

Thank you all for your patience and looking forward to see the trading activities back online.

@everyone We are extremely happy that the final contract is signed with Credencial MC & Visa. please note these are full Fintech, different applications.
Also we agree with Credencial to use Est Growmore as a IEDI so that we use the applications done in Uruguay, we will have the Licence in partnership with them. The Licence will allow to be a money and credit card Licence operator.
This makes a big add value.
We are signing contract for the fútbol people and the co branding contract with or for the fútbol clubs. It will be done on Monday. The total number of cards we will start with will be around 250,000 then it goes to a million cards within the year.