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🤔 Imagine if the internet had no DNS services, and everyone needed to remember IP addresses to get anything done; No '', ''. Instead you'd have to remember ''. Would the internet have ever succeeded as it has, if it weren’t for DNS. Herein lies one current problem with blockchain & cryptocurrency! 👎

🚀 ProjectThreely powered by OryxPay An EST Capital Company, Manages to solve it just right, Threely shortens long wallet addresses and produces three-word addresses containing meaningful words. Threely as a technology has the potential of being applicable in a large number of use-cases.

ProjectThreely | Blockchain Wallet Solution
ProjectThreely shortens long wallet addresses & produces short three-word addresses containing meaningful and memorable words ( for example – tree.planet.water ). Shorter & Meaningful addresses are easier to share than long 25-35 letter, complex blockchain addresses.

@everyone Just a quick update-
OryxPay App development is taking some more time and developer has requested 20 days extension.
Coinexchange - swap process is ongoing and we expect this to complete in the next coming few days.

Meanwhile I would like to give a quick good news that EST management is in the final process to take over an existing exchange who has passed our due-diligence in terms of security protocol employed by the exchange and their dedicated team. We are formalising our final terms with the group where by the terms being considered are as follows:

  • Est will own 50% of the platform and 50% by the technical team and its existing owner. Expected final sign off March 31st 2019
  • EST will use its security license out of URUGUAY to do security compliance check for STOS and list tokens in the exchange 50% now owned by EST capital Zug. Expected to be operational in May 2019
  • EST capital through their partnership with Netki will ensure onboarding compliance for users in relation to STOS are conducted through NETKI api connect. Expected to be operational in April 2019
  • EST through partnership with blockfills will bring liquidity and OTC services to the exchange. Full partnership and account opening with Signature bank is expected to complete in May 2018
  • EST through its several partnership under process with partners in phillipines shall bring Fiat interface to exchange with MasterCard services. Expected in June 2019. While Est existing banking licenses which are being finalised by central banks will further enhance the services for Fiat to crypto banking.
  • users using oryxcoin/Machu Coin will have several features like discount on transaction fees and listing fees etc.

All our Apps will have inapp exchange features connected to the exchange.

Dear Community,

Please fill the google form below with the requested details to help us in identifying the affected members and the trade values from 12 December 2018 during the exploit.

Details will be handled in a shared effort between us and Coinexchange in identifying the right solution for the swap of existing coins.

Thank you !

OryxCoin Exploit Trading Investigation
Dear community, This form is necessary to understand and get an inside of the affected trade orders during the 12 December 2018 exploit day. Please fill the form with relevant details that will help us in identifying the number of trade orders affected and users.

CoinExchange Swap Update
Dear community, as you all know we are waiting for CE to do the work internally in order to have a swap process for the coins that are held in the exchange.
They have a slow service in answering our tickets and the response is usually between 3-4 days.
Our last communication with them was that they had an issue in syncing the new wallet, which we think it should be easy as all of the members in our community have no issues in syncing the wallets.
Maybe they are understaffed or have a bigger loading in the technical department but we know for sure that it takes quite some time now to have this swap done.
As soon as we have more news from them we will keep you posted!

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@everyone OryxCoin is listed on the website: .

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@everyone Trading on Southexchange is open. Happy trading 😃

@everyone listed Oryx coin (ORYX)

Dear community,

Thank you for your patience and great support during our new chain update process. After the last attempt to launch we are now ready with the wallet version 2.0.0 to launch and start the swap.
We tested and run the chain in a closed environment and we are now successfully running the chain with the latest updates.
For a smooth swap process please follow the next steps:

  1. Backup your walletdat from wallet 2.0.0 were you have the address that you send it by mail for receiving new coins
  2. Delete your old blocks folder from wallet 2.0.0
  3. Use the following add nodes in your config:

Download links for OryxCoin wallet V 2.0.0:
Windows 32:
Windows 64:

Dear community,

We have some issues with old 1.5 wallets on the network interfering with the new chain and causing us trouble. We are going to compile new wallets and start a new chain.

Please shut down ALL your wallets asap and delete everything in your %APPDATA%/roaming/Oryxcoin folder EXECPT your wallet.dat.
Nothing more nothing less.

We will announce when we have the new wallets and are ready to start again.

Thank you for your support.

Dear community,

We still have some old 1.5 wallets on the network interfering with the new chain and causing us trouble. Please shut down any old wallets and install the new version 2.0.

Thank you for your support.

Oryxcoin resources. Contribute to oryxian/oryxcoin-resources development by creating an account on GitHub.

Dear community, please make sure you have your old wallets closed and deleted. You need to use the latest version 2.0 . Some of you are using the old wallet and that is affecting the network.
To sync your wallet please add following config in your wallet version 2.0:

Dear Oryxians,
I would like to start by wishing you a Happy New Year and to thank you for your patience while we have been dealing with the manual swap.

We have been busy for the last 30 days in verifying every wallet.dat received and identifying all the orphan blocks and rewards.

The new version of OryxCoin 2.0 wallets has been compiled and thoroughly tested against the known exploits in the market. Having 1090 new updates in our 2.0 wallet this took us some time in making sure that all packages are sync and network is protected.

Please download the latest OryxCoin 2.0 wallet from the links below and send me back your new OryxCoin address were you want to receive your swap coins.

Please deleted the wallet v. because it has not the right chain with the latest updates.

Linux wallet:

Mac wallet:

Windows wallet:

Thank you for your support and patience.
Best regards,
Ciprian Popa
OryxCoin Team

Dear community,
Team is currently testing the updates that were applied and 90% of the addresses has been processed. Please note that this is done manually and takes it´s time. You will all recieve your coins in one batch when updates has been confirmed to work af the remaning addresses has been checked. We will announce as soon as we are ready to start our new chain. Thank you for your patience.