@everyone a quick update on the progress of v1.3: we are working hard testing out important network changes on testnet right now, ensuring that everything works smoothly for when we transition from v1.2.X into the new version. There will be more details posted once we're ready!

@everyone CMC has updated our listing with the STEX market https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/galactrum/#markets

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@everyone As stated in the previous announcement, ORE is now listed on STEX. We tried to do it as soon as possible but were a little delayed due to their verification process. We appreciate your patience and support throughout this unexpected situation, and we appreciate STEX for their swift response.

In the mean time, we continued working on several aspects of the project to ensure that 2019 would be a good year for Galactrum. Our team has been having weekly meetings to discuss marketing strategy, development, and make key decisions to keep the project moving forward. Last week we had a major team reorganization and we came up with new strategies that we will be applying, as well as created a Galactrum Trello board to better track our progress.

We are in talks with Blockfolio for partnership in their Signal program. They want to schedule an introduction call in the near future to discuss the details and we will keep you posted on that when things get moving.

The official Galactrum wiki site is now live. We've been working on this for a many months now and we are excited to finally publish it. This will be the main hub for all Galactrum related information. We already populated it with some useful posts, including a thorough masternode setup guide and a mobile wallet guide, including step-by-step instructions and screenshots. We hope that this will be the go to site in the future for any Galactrum questions or problems. We will continue to populate it with helpful troubleshooting guides. If you have any suggestions for posts that should go to the Wiki, please let us know.

Galactrum Wiki: http://wiki.galactrum.org/

We will have more updates in the following weeks, so please stay tuned. 📢

Knowledge base website for Galactrum.

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@everyone our application to list on STEX has been accepted. They have recently increased their security measures for listing new coins, so the listing process is taking a bit longer than anticipated. We hope to be tradable on STEX soon, by the end of the week at the latest. Thank you to everyone in the community for their patience and understanding as we move forward in the wake of the Cryptopia breach.

Hello@everyone . In the wake of the Cryptopia breach, our team member @447428548379017216> took the initiative in the last couple days to put together a spreadsheet with possible exchanges that the community suggested, as well as ones we think would be good for the future of Galactrum. He went through and researched all of them to get a list of requirements each had, listing fees, listing pairs, and any other information he could find that would be useful to our decision making process.

The team will be having a virtual meeting tonight to go through the spreadsheet, discuss all the options and make a decision on how we will be moving forward. We hope to have a final decision made by tonight and will inform the community and get your feedback.

We are doing everything we can to get ORE back on the market as soon as possible. We truly appreciate everyone's patience and support as we tackle this unforeseen circumstance together.

Investigation involving crypto-currency company
Police were advised late yesterday of an issue involving potential un-authorised transaction activity at the Christchurch based crypto-currency trading company Cryptopia.

@everyone we are actively looking into getting listed on another exchange

@everyone We wanted to and kick off the new year with some exciting development updates. We've been working on bringing over a suite of powerful libraries that will play an important role in the future of Galactrum, and will allow developers to build tools, services and applications on the Galactrum peer-to-peer network.

orecore - Infrastructure to build Galactrum and blockcahin-based applications.
orecore-lib - A pure and powerful JavaScript Galactrum library.
orecore-node - A Galactrum full node for building applications and services with Node.js.
orecore-build - A helper to add tasks to gulp.
orecore-mnemonic - A module for orecore-lib that implements mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys.
orecore-message - A library to add support for verifying and signing Galactrum messages in Node.js and web browsers.
orecore-p2p - An interface to the Galactrum P2P network that adds Galactrum prtocol support for orecore.
orecore-payment-protocol - A module for orecore that implements Payment Protocol and other related BIPs.
orecore-ecies - A module for orecore that implements the Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES).
orecore-channel - A module for orecore that implements Payment Channels (micropayment channels).
orehash - A Node.js native module for Galactrum proof-of-work functions (Lyra2REv2).
galactrumd-rpc - A client library to connect to Galactrum RPC in JavaScript.

@everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Galactrum Team! We hope everyone has a great seasonal break with friends and family!

- What's next for Galactrum?

Version 1.3.0 will be released when testing has been completed, which will bring some major changes to Galactrum’s core protocol. This new version will provide much better levels of network security, power consumption and most importantly decentralization. Without leaking anything to important, I can say it's not just a swap to Proof-of-Stake if that's what you were thinking.

@166067181577175040> has been building the Galactrum Library, providing all the tools we will need to build even further upon 1.3.0.

Additionally, we will be releasing our proposal platforms, making it clean and simple to submit, track and vote on proposals.

Upon release of these 3 key elements, we will have everything we need to start building towards the future of Galactrum. With a standalone platform (sorry it's still a secret) also in the works that will provide utility to Galactrum's network, we have a lot of big news coming one after the other!

Thank You!

Like always, feel free to ask questions or provide input on any ongoing conversations, we are after all a community currency!```

- 2018 has shown our dedication.
Galactrum's team has never deviated from the plan. While I have personally missed about a month due to family issues, our team has been constant. Between finally making our cryptopia listing and an extremely unfavorable market year for the crypto space overall, we have remained resilient. 2018 was an extremely productive year, with a few extra tasks completed and our only delayed goal was the IOS wallet release. Like any major project, there will always be obstacles and unexpected circumstances. While the iOS wallet is a neccessity for market integration, it was neccessary to push our latest version (1.2.1) up in priority to make testnet available for our upcoming major release and protocol upgrade, coming in 2019. We will always do our best to meet our roadmap goals but we have to remain flexible to monitor and address key areas such as security and innovation. The IOS wallet will be the next focus once 1.3.0 is released.

- 2018 brought us growth.
Galactrum's team is constantly growing! Throughout the year we have hand selected our most dedicated and active community members to join our admins, and even become developers! Because of this I am extremely proud of our team, from our new developers @166067181577175040> and @445232838384812047> as well as all of our admins! These individuals have shown dedication to the project, and have been a tremendous help to the team and community! Knowing there are people out there that believe in what we are doing and are committed just as much as us is an amazing feeling. Whether it's tackling their own projects for Galactrum, taking on all the tech support responsibilities or just being an active and helpful community member I can't thank you all enough! The support and input everyone has provided this year has been invaluable!


Dec 13 2018 is Galactrum's first birthday and marks our 1 year milestone!

2018 was a crazy year in crypto, but through all the ups and downs of the market, along with some obstacles we've had to overcome ourselves, 2018 was a landmark year and set the standards of what our community, and future investors can expect. Even after everything that has happened in the crypto space in 2018, Galactrum's developers and community hold strong.

Let's take a minute to recap our year, and take a look into what we have planned.

- 2018 brought us closer together.
We can't thank you all enough for how much trust and faith everyone has put into this project. We are humbled to have such an amazing community that not only believes in the project, but the people behind it. With a constantly declining crypto market, Galactrum's community has formed a bond that I have not seen elsewhere. Not only have we been steadily increasing in size on discord, the level of activity and contributions from our community has been phenomenal!

@everyone be sure to check out our new explorer built by our very own @445232838384812047>!

It has a beautiful layout, easy to use wallet pages and let's not forget how amazingly fast it is!

Snowcrash will continue to improve this explorer but be sure to let us know of anything you'd like to see added!

@everyone A few minutes ago, the Galactrum network hit a major milestone that is worth celebrating. We now have a total of 2,000 masternodes on the network. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating 1,000 masternodes. Since then, the Galactrum team has expanded and added many talented people to the team, all of whom (including myself) started contributing to the project on their own time because they like the project and the community.

We have a lot (and I mean a lot) of exciting news about development coming up in the upcoming weeks that we are excited to share with the community.
Until then, cheers to 2,000 masternodes and thank you for your continued support.

Note: for those who haven't yet, please update your wallet/masternodes to v1.2.1 found here https://github.com/galactrum/galactrum/releases/tag/v1.2.1

Anyone who is having SENTINEL_PING_EXPIRED who used the MN install/update script, please do the following command in your VPS:

sudo su masternode -c 'cd /home/masternode; rm -rf sentinel; git clone https://github.com/galactrum/sentinel.git; cd /home/masternode/sentinel; virtualenv venv; . venv/bin/activate; pip install -r requirements.txt; ./venv/bin/py.test ./test;'

This should fix sentinel and run a sentinel test, which should return a green pass status to the screen.

NOTE If you already updated to v1.2.0, and your masternode and wallet are working, you DO NOT need to run start-alias on your masternode after you update to v1.2.1

@everyone ⚠ Mandatory Update for those still on v1.1.6 ⚠ we have a new update out for Galactrum, v1.2.1, which fixes an issue with the RPC port in the previous version. Download the GUI at https://galactrum.org/#download and update your masternodes via the https://github.com/galactrum/galactrum/wiki/Masternode-Update-Guide ⚠ you must run start-alias after the update is complete ⚠

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