@everyone a new version (v0.4.0) of the mobile app is available in the play store that syncs with our PoS network!

@everyone Last night we pushed Galactrum v1.4.0 update which officially switched Galactrum from a PoW to a PoS algorithm.
We have been planning and you have been anticipating this change for months now in an effort to deal with the damaging effects of ASICs once and for all. We believe that Proof-of-Stake is the way of the future, as it is more decentralized, secured, and less energy wasteful.

You can update your local wallet by downloading the new wallet for your OS from here:

You can update your existing masternode to v1.4 using the guide below:

You can setup a new v1.4 masternode using the guide below:

Note: Unlike previous updates, Galactrum v1.4 is mandatory and will ban all masternodes running previous versions from the network. Please update your masternodes as soon as possible to start getting rewards.

We will have more guides published in the near future on how to setup a Stakenode. You can start staking immediately by simply leaving your wallet open and unlocked for staking.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our pool operators for always being very helpful and supportive with every update in the last year and a half. Your efforts and dedication is very highly appreciated and will not be forgotten.

If you have any issues/questions/concerns about the new release, the team will be in Discord to provide the support and answer any questions.

Thank you for your continued support,
Galactrum Team

masternodes MUST be updated and started again from the new wallet. You may also need to delete peers.dat and netfulfilled.dat on your masternode for it to connect the new network

Galactrum C++ Reference Implementation Node. Contribute to galactrum/galactrum development by creating an account on GitHub.

if you have issues connecting to peers, delete your peers.dat and netfulfilled.dat from you Galactrum directory

@everyone we have an update, it is critical that you install this immediately if you wish to start staking available

Galactrum | Autonomous Digital Currency
Galactrum is a self-goverened autonomous digital currency.

@everyone there was an issue transition to the new PoS difficulty, we are working on an update to fix the transition. Please stay tuned for further updates

@everyone When you create Galactrum address for Masternode or Stakenode, you must pass 'legacy' when you use getnewaddress command. Otherwise you would not be able to start the node using start-alias.
As an example: getnewaddress 'mn20' legacy

@everyone 3000 blocks remain until our PoS fork ⚡ ! Make sure all your nodes and wallets are updated

Galactrum | Autonomous Digital Currency
Galactrum is a self-goverened autonomous digital currency.

@everyone we've been getting reports that (and other monitoring services) has been falsely reporting masternode statuses. We are trying to get in contact with MNO to make sure they are up to date. If you are using a service that seems inaccurate, please let us know. Please always consider to check with our official explorer for your status

@everyone ⚠ You might have already heard this elsewhere, but there is evidence that the latest Altbet Windows wallet might have a vulnerability that allows someone to steal other coins stored on the same computer when installed. Please do not install the Altbet wallet for your own security.

@everyone if you have any issues with blocks on your masternode and need to reindex, please use this guide:

Galactrum C++ Reference Implementation Node. Contribute to galactrum/galactrum development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone v1.3 is released! This update is mandatory. Grab the latest wallets at

Remember to back up your wallet before updating! The new v1.3 wallet should ask you to rebuild the block index when you open it, this is normal and you should click Ok.

Please update your masternodes as soon as you can, follow this guide:

After your masternodes are updated, you will need to start them from the new v1.3 wallet.

Galactrum | Autonomous Digital Currency
Galactrum is a self-goverened autonomous digital currency.
Galactrum C++ Reference Implementation Node. Contribute to galactrum/galactrum development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone we are pleased to announce the details of the upcoming 1.3 release! There are 3 exciting major changes taking place: 1) forking to Proof of Stake at block 337000, 2) a new class of nodes called Stakenodes which accept stake contracts for staking cold-storage ORE, 3) a block reward change at block 350000

@everyone our target release date of v1.3 is set for March 28th. Stay tuned for updates to the website and whitepaper detailing the changes.

@everyone a quick update on the progress of v1.3: we are working hard testing out important network changes on testnet right now, ensuring that everything works smoothly for when we transition from v1.2.X into the new version. There will be more details posted once we're ready!

@everyone CMC has updated our listing with the STEX market

Galactrum (ORE) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | Coi...
Get Galactrum price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info

@everyone As stated in the previous announcement, ORE is now listed on STEX. We tried to do it as soon as possible but were a little delayed due to their verification process. We appreciate your patience and support throughout this unexpected situation, and we appreciate STEX for their swift response.

In the mean time, we continued working on several aspects of the project to ensure that 2019 would be a good year for Galactrum. Our team has been having weekly meetings to discuss marketing strategy, development, and make key decisions to keep the project moving forward. Last week we had a major team reorganization and we came up with new strategies that we will be applying, as well as created a Galactrum Trello board to better track our progress.

We are in talks with Blockfolio for partnership in their Signal program. They want to schedule an introduction call in the near future to discuss the details and we will keep you posted on that when things get moving.

The official Galactrum wiki site is now live. We've been working on this for a many months now and we are excited to finally publish it. This will be the main hub for all Galactrum related information. We already populated it with some useful posts, including a thorough masternode setup guide and a mobile wallet guide, including step-by-step instructions and screenshots. We hope that this will be the go to site in the future for any Galactrum questions or problems. We will continue to populate it with helpful troubleshooting guides. If you have any suggestions for posts that should go to the Wiki, please let us know.

Galactrum Wiki:

We will have more updates in the following weeks, so please stay tuned. 📢

Knowledge base website for Galactrum.

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@everyone our application to list on STEX has been accepted. They have recently increased their security measures for listing new coins, so the listing process is taking a bit longer than anticipated. We hope to be tradable on STEX soon, by the end of the week at the latest. Thank you to everyone in the community for their patience and understanding as we move forward in the wake of the Cryptopia breach.

Hello@everyone . In the wake of the Cryptopia breach, our team member @447428548379017216> took the initiative in the last couple days to put together a spreadsheet with possible exchanges that the community suggested, as well as ones we think would be good for the future of Galactrum. He went through and researched all of them to get a list of requirements each had, listing fees, listing pairs, and any other information he could find that would be useful to our decision making process.

The team will be having a virtual meeting tonight to go through the spreadsheet, discuss all the options and make a decision on how we will be moving forward. We hope to have a final decision made by tonight and will inform the community and get your feedback.

We are doing everything we can to get ORE back on the market as soon as possible. We truly appreciate everyone's patience and support as we tackle this unforeseen circumstance together.