@everyone we are still working on fixing out rain(tip) bot, your funds are safe, we are just trying to get some bugs out.

@everyone were are still working on the new wallet and will be adding some of the pivx updates while we are at it. We are still fixing the bot all your funds are safe. In any case please if you have time please comment "ohmcoin" in the comments for this tweet. We have always wanted add .zil domains to our wallet for some of our future decentralized web services updates. Getting some funding would help that along nicely.

We are excited to announce The Blockchain Domain Grant Program! The program will allocate $250,000 and developer support to wallets and exchanges interested in integrating .zil domains: Tag your favorite crypto wallet and exchange in the comments...

@everyone For those of you that have been paying attention to the wallet versions on the network you have seen v.3.0.0 showing up on the network recently and you know what that means it's almost time for an update. So get excited, this wallet comes with a new look, segwit and a bunch of under the hood fixes. We will keep you posted...

@everyone Please remember to combine your rewards so you can avoid the dreaded "Transaction too large error"

@everyone You may deposit coins again

@everyone Please do not make a deposit to our bot at this time we are having issues with deposits. All coins are safe and withdraws continue to work. We are leaving the bot on so people can still rain and have access to their funds. Those of you that have made deposits and did not receive them please contact me or @!294414250376429569> so we can get you your funds.

@everyone We are pleased to announce that trading has been enabled on wadax

@everyone please welcome a new moderator @508714712419008512>

@everyone One of of our partners has a short survey for their project if you have time please file it out

@everyone We are proud to release out new update that fixes some various vulnerabilities that address staking spam and essculation.

Please update as soon as you can as this is a mandatory update.

@everyone We need to revamp the website if you got the skills please send me a photoshop doc for the landing page. If you are really good I will take a nested php/html files which is how our website is made. If you take the php path each "topic" section on the landing page should be a separate file loaded via php, ajax is welcome!!! We are using uikit v.2

This is my personal bounty and whomever makes the best one gets a karmanode (of course) and .1 btc

This applies to our team as well!!!

Congratulations@everyone we won by 55%

@WireToken @wire @GanjaCoinV2 @Ganja_Coin @GetDeepOnion @OhmCoin @scotlarock727 @T0xxiii @Redplanet321 @Online_Elliot Which 1 of a kind marble card collectable would you vote for? Wire deep onion ganja coin ohmc

@everyone we will be doing some penetration testing on our website so if the site does some funky things that is us messing with it. At the same time if any holes are found we will be fixing them on the fly so you may see some odd changes on the site and some 404/500 errors.

@everyone If you have coins at bitebtc please make sure to fill out the coin redistribution form
It seems they had a fire in there server room which damaged the servers and the backups.

@everyone these are the winners for the pulse motor build off that ohmcoin is sponsoring enjoy

PMBO 2018 Winners Announcement!!
Please see all videos that were entered in the PMBO 2018 here: and here:

@everyone as you can see in our <#494711825238327326> channel we have begun committing the code for an android wallet. After that we will begin work on our iOS wallet...

@everyone it's taken a while but we have finally managed to have CoinStats update the Ohmcoin listing to show our current coin information. You can check it out here:

Find Ohmcoin live price and charts
Get everything you need to know about Ohmcoin OHMC price, charts and market cap. All the latest cryptocurrency news and trends. Find the latest and most accurate ethereum live price on Coin Stats.

@everyone withdraws and deposits are now working on the bot. If you(2 people I know of) have missing coins please contact @!294414250376429569> to get it resolved.

@everyone Please do not withdraw from the bot we are fixing some issues where the bot has lost the tip. If you have already sent funds they are still on the bot and have not been lost. We will be keeping the bot on so people can still rain and play games.