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@everyone NZL Zealium Coin has been added to the Pecunia platform, links below
the platform

Pecunia platform (@PecuniaP)
Pecunia Platform is a web application that allows you to create cold wallet masternodes, without having to deal with servers, terminals or Linux.

We are now hosted at yet another exchange, and I actually like this exchange. It looks promising! Check them out.

@everyone NZL Zealium Coin has now officially been accepted as a payment option on arcade type games at Arcadia Amusements in Blenheim , South Island , New Zealand.
Arcadia made headlines a couple of years ago for being one of the few businesses in New Zealand to offer and accept Bitcoin payments.
Zealium is now the only other coin they are accepting. This is a great real world physical integration for zealium coin and we are very happy to be accepted at Arcadia as the 1st of hopefully many public options to purchase with Zealium Coin So start saving that NZL coin up for your next down under trip to the beautiful South Island NZ. ✈

Pac-Man meets bitcoin at Blenheim arcade
Old-school arcade in the retirement capital of NZ is using cryptocurrency.

@everyone NZL Zealium coin has been added to new MN monitoring site Masternode Cap

Zealium (NZL) - Masternode Cap
Zealium (NZL) - Monitoring Zealium masternodes. Over time data, charts, ROI, rank

@everyone As a proactive step for 2019 especially with all of the "hacking" of various sites/services that's been going around we're doing an audit of all Zealium assets.

One thing to reiterate is that the Zealium wallet is not exposed to the same Pivx forked wallet exploits that hit various coins not too long ago. So our focus is not the wallet, rather the various sites/services that are Powered by Zealium.

Sorry for any inconvenience/interruption of service that this may cause. We plan for Zealium to be around for a very long time and these are necessary steps to ensure the longevity.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

I will also be writing up a 2018 year and review (sorry it's a little later then I would have liked but Christmas was busy at the Flong household).

Lastly an updated 2019 Roadmap is still in the works and we hope to be able to present it to you very soon. 💪

@everyone enjoy a safe and happy new year
Zealium has been added on

Monitoring and Statistic Services
Accurate data from Markets
Estimated Revenue
Notifications on Email & Android App.

Zealium on

Download Our Android app and Check Masternode Status from Pocket.

Masternode Coin ROI, Stat and Analytics ||
Most accurate and Fully Detailed Masternode coin website which give you accurate result of your masternode coin. Compare more than two coin for better understanding. Also Monitor your Masternode coin in free of cost.
Zealium (NZL) ROI, Stat and Analytics ||
Zealium (NZL) coin full details. Most accurate and Fully Detailed of Zealium (NZL) coin which give you accurate result with all Listed Exchange. Create your Zealium (NZL) coin monitoring in free of cost. Add your Zealium (NZL) in free of cost in website for monitor your maste...
MN ROI - Masternode Market and Node Monitor - Apps on Google Play

@everyone NZL Zealium Coin is now listed on trttnode service
Also TRTT reps inform me that there is a web and Andriod wallet available for NZL
for further information do not hesitate to speak with @&522426910467162113> @467742369161412608> , welcome to our discord :)

Here is the trttnodes investments guide

Trittium Wallet - Apps on Google Play
How to invest with trttNodes – – Medium
The definitive 3-step guide

thank you guys for your patience with the issue. Wallet is working again now

Stake.Zealium Online Web Wallet
Zealium Online Staking Wallet. Stake, store and send your NZL coins online. No need to download any wallet at all. 2FA secured. Android compatable. Stake NZL Zealium coin on your phone!!