@everyone kindly find attached the procedure to install multiple nyerium masternodes on single VPS. The procedure is manual and we are working on a one liner version.
This will help reduce cost in setting up nyerium masternodes and hopefully increase the number of nodes out there, which in turn will help further stabilize the network.

@everyone the news is now on medium

Nyerium (NYEX) the second POS crypto currency besides PIVX and the...
We are very proud to announce the listing of our IOS and Watch App on Apple store.

@everyone we are very proud to announce the listing of our IOS and Watch App on Apple store.

This was made possible with the tremendous support of our community and everyone who cares about bringing crypto to the unbanked. We are now part of a handful cryptos that have made it to the iTunes store. The app is now available worldwide with the exception of China (Apple's policy for China obliged).
The link to the app can be found here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nyerium/id1449864326?mt=8
With this great achievement, we will now focus on improving our website, re-branding the project, revising and updating our road-map and make sure our coin is easily accessible to the mass.

We have started development work to add Nyerium to the multi-coin Breadwallet App which will allow Nyerium to be easily exchanged with Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and more than 1000 Ethereum-based crypto currencies.

Thanks again for your support and be assured that the best is yet to come. Together we will make crypto for the unbanked a reality. Stay tuned!

‎Nyerium is a lost cost masternode coin that aims to bring crypto to the unbanked. The IOS wallet is one of the first coin with zerocoin integration to hit the App Store. It aims to connect users, investors, traders to the Nyerium Network. Features: * Send and received Nye...

Nyerium, the only PIVX forked coin with such features so far. Together, we are making history.

@everyone the Apple Watch version was submitted for review as well. you will now be able to carry your Nyerium on your wrist. Crypto for the unbanked!

👏 👏 👏


@everyone We are very proud to announce that the IOS version of the Nyerium Wallet has been submitted for approval and will be available on the AppStore in the coming days.

The IOS App is a terrific breakthrough in terms of development as we managed to come up with a fully autonomous and standalone version of the wallet in such a short period of time.

The App features NFC payment as well. It will allow you to carry your funds with you and transact more easily. As the time of writing, we seems to be the only project that fork PIVX and was able to develop an IOS wallet with zerocoin integration. And even more so, PIVX has not issue an IOS wallet yet.

It is a still a long way to go, but the achievement is testament to the amount of work and challenges we aim to overcome to ensure Nyerium gets the recognition and adoption it so much need for the success of the project.

Stay tuned for more good news.

@everyone Happy Holidays!

The Nyerium team wishes you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
We hope the new year will bring you and your loved ones, prosperity, joy, health and success.

We thank you for your continuous support and really appreciate your trust. A lot has been done in a very short period without much hype.

We would like to update you on the latest development and plan for 2019.
• Our much-anticipated platform for credit/debit card loading is now fully functional and is live https://nyexcc.site
• The platform offers Nyerium loading on any credit/debit card issued in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
• Nyerium and crypto exchange for cash is possible for RUSSIA, UKRAINE, UAE, MOLDOVA and KAZAKHSTAN
• Nyerium and crypto currencies swapping is possible for more than 150 pairs
• For Western Africa: Nyerium can be exchanged for fiat and sent using Orange and MTN mobile transfer.
• The commerce integration and API are ready on the platform
• Our IOS wallet is now ready and will hit the App Store by the first quarter on 2019.

We are working to add worldwide debit credit card loading for the first quarter of 2019:
• Nyerium loading on USD and EUR Visa cards will be available for Europe
• Nyerium loading on USD and EUR Mastercards will be available all over the world

For next year, focus will be on promoting the coins and find new products to make the project more attractive and useful as well as securing the accreditation of the project (license).

In Quarter 2 2019, we plan to launch an updated version of the entire website.
We truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Happy holidays and a happy New Year!

Upcoming development:
• Accreditation of the project and licensing for Nyerium to trade Fiat and Crypto
• Revision of the whitepaper
• Revamping the website
• Redesigning the wallets
• Promoting the project

Nyerium | Nyex Debit Card
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@everyone proud to announce we are now live on Delta Direct. https://twitter.com/NyeriumDev/status/1071361637603532803

We are now live on #DeltaDirect Get @NyeriumDev news, updates and broadcast directly on @get_delta!

@everyone you can now trade nyerium on altilly exchange thanks to our community member @418983355720400908> . Appreciate your support.

altilly - Asset information for Nyerium (NYEX)
altilly - Asset information for Nyerium (NYEX)

Nyerium (NYEX) current price is $0.003333.
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Mobile wallet Nyerium - android install
How to install cryptocurrency mobile wallet. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nyerium.tech.nyerium Nyerium is a new crypto-currency aimed at the...


many thanks to @412613799057555467> a community member and early nyerium adopter for setting up a nyerium faucet.
a crypto faucet is website site with a reward system that dispenses crypto to its visitors, thus contributing in promoting the coin.

You can find the website here: https://easycoins.tips/faucets/nyex
For those new here, nyerium is a community driven crypto that was developed with the support of the community which very much value.
We hope many follow these example for the success of the project.

Thanks for your continuous trust.

Nyerium's Faucet
Get free NYEX coins by using this faucet