Hey guys! Big thanks to CryptoBull for making a great graphic for our roadmap. We also included some history of development here, have a look!!

@everone UPDATE the Northern Exchange has now been updated. Thanks to @358754008862687233> He was able to trouble shoot the EMAIL Activation and the Withdraw EMAIL issue and now the EMAILS can automatically be sent out without any hesitation. Which is good since in the 15th PayDay trading is coming up where all fees will be .10% comaired to normally 0.15% Happy Trading and because of that until the 15th we are having 0.0% fees for all trading, withdraws, and transfers. Happy trading.

@everyone on the Deposit address age here I have added Current as of Date: Today

@everyone I have good news. The server has been migrated to GOOGLE Hosting all DATA has been transferred. The Old address has a redirect on it to the new address. you can use that address right now to get to the exchange. The exchange new address will be Trading is open as you know at Midnight tonight Trading will be open. Because of all the issues we had I will be giving all day on the 5th Sep 0% FEES on all trades. Happy Trading to all. Don't forget 1st & 15th of the month is Payday trading days where all fees are .10% .

@everyone All Northern Masternode rewards for the Month of August has been posted to all 437 Nodes.

@everyone For the whole month of September any time someone purchase even just 1 SCN on the Northern Exchange, @391690504959426582> will be giving 10 SCN coin to Help The Homeless Coin Project. HTH is a non-profit coin project. Contact Jeffrey for further info on this campaign.

@everyone There was 437 Northern MN holders who will be receiving their reward share. after dividing it out for the month of August each MN received 0.01360201 NORT

@everyone First payment of rewards will be sent today. I have the 437 MN Holders will receive their cut for August not much since it was just setup.We are also Planning for a Grand Opening on 5th September

@everyone Northern Exchange is back up. I also installed a fail over drive so that if one goes down the other server picks up. Don't forget Payday Trading tomorrow. Happy Trading day to all.

@everyone We now have not 1 pair but a total of 7 Pairs to choose from.

@everyone Update on Pairings. We have 5 Pairings. BTC, USD, LTC, NORT, ETH all coins will be paired to each group. So far 3 pairs have been done. Will finished the others tomorrow. Also All coins on the exchange are also shown on the home page. Don't forget 1st & 15th of the Month all fees all day are 0.10% on those days. HAPPY Trading.

@everyone today I will be adding more coins today to be paired with NORT I will be adding more pairs to other major coins too

@everyone I have good news with the Help of @!414040229679464449> We were able to get Northern Exchange up and running on SSL. There is no longer HTTP access. The only way to get to the Northern Exchange is

@everyone Please visit the Fees and Listing maintenance fees channels regarding the fees to the exchange.

We are glad to announce Trittium as our new Trusted partner for COLD NODES HOSTING

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Great news. We are now listed on Trittium. They will be offering a special at 0.49€/Month service until September 8th for all new nodes.

Welcome to the @NORTHERNcoin community to the #trttNodes platform!!! Now you can host your $NORT nodes with us for just 0.49€/Month. Host your #Northern #Masternode at

@everyone All COINS that contact me by 23 August we will list for FREE . Pass the word

@everyone There will be a Soft Opening on 26 August 2019 and depending on if any bugs with in 1-2 weeks we will push out Grand Opening of the

@everyone The new website is live at If you still see the old website, please flush your cache and try again.


@everyone The Update that was happening this week has been push back. .We are still checking into the PIVX Vulnerability. Soon as we feel it is same to UPDATE we will. I would say within the coming weeks we will know more.