@everyone I do have an announcement. The burn coins haven’t not happened yet. The coins will be sent to me in the coming days. If the community still wants the burn then I will do an open burn so everyone can see it. I want to be transparent to everyone.

@everyone Please welcome @358754008862687233> to the team!! He will be coming aboard and open up some new doors for NORT. More information will be forthcoming 😃

@everyone Now the Market Place is accepting other Coins for payment of goods. The prices can vary depending on market conditions especially on large orders. The rate does change daily!!!

Conversion Rate

@everyone Just updated the roadmap in light of recent developments. Have a look, I think you will find some new goodies in there 😃

@everyone With this day in age everyone uses Facebook. So, I have created a NORT Facebook Page. Go and like us and share us.

@everyone I have now add the Option to buy NORT Coins on the Market Place. When Checking out and having to pay in NORT pick Pay in Store Option and send Payment to NORT Address: NUZk4GUZehHJwYJw6EK8fmxjBc7fRkyv4e

When Buying Nort digital coins GIFT Certificates. Check out with Paypal/credit card system.

@everyone Just a reminder, follow us on twitter, and also tell you friends and family about us. Latest tweet:

Great things in store! The Northern marketplace opened yesterday. Northern coin exhange is upcoming - testing happening currently. We are buliding an ecosystem with NORT as the native currency. #Masternodes #altcoinseason #blockchain

I have gone and added the support channels for the Market Place and the Exchange.

@everyone I am proud to announce the new Northern E-Commerce. You will be able to shop and buy products with NORT. If you know of a item let me know what it is and I will try to get it added. If you don't see something today. Check back later. I am adding things by the day. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and it will tell you of the new items. 💰

@everyone Please go to the poll channel and vote on the poll for regarding if having KYC for the Northern Exchange and if so it would be managed by the Northern Community Team and not a 3rd Party. So Yes for us to have KYC on our exchange or NO to not have KYC on the exchange or you can abstain also. If you choose YES then we will manage our own KYC if you choose then we will not have a KYC. you have until 12 July midnight EST to VOTE. You can ONLY VOTE once.

@everyone I have fixed the block explorer to show the masternodes tab which will show if ENABLED and when it was paid last. and I have it set to update that list AUTO every 5minutes.


@249215723979669504> is currently finishing the Northern Marketplace platform.

As an incentive for using the Northern marketplace we will establish “Business-nodes”. These will be a small pool of masternodes which will be run by the team, and rewards from these nodes will be distributed to our merchant partners each month. This is an original idea which draws on the masternode technology to benefit those merchants coming into the cryptocurrency space.

The Roadmap has been updated in accordance with the latest developments and ideas.

@everyone Stay tune... Northern E-Commerce Coming SOON..

@everyone UPDATE: One of the small business owners has contacted me back and plans to call me so we can work out the details. As more comes in I will update.

@everyone If anyone knows any Small business Owners and you think NORT would be great partnership with them. Please have them contact me @ I am right now in talks with 2 small business owners soon as I get some hardcore information I will share those but please scout your areas of the world and if you know someone or even if its you have them contact me.

@everyone Our first user of the NORT funding service is active. This is the youtube channel of Derrick Zoberg. Check it out on our website and send him a donation if you feel like it!

Just to remind you, this service can be used by anyone at no cost. Send me a DM if you need funding for some form of activity.

@everyone the 2.6.1 wallet for linux is not mandatory to update. The windows wallet is out and so is the Linux if you want to be up to date with the current version. The Mac Wallet will be out soon. I turned off the pre-release since I also updated the scripts if you want to update the VPS to current.