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Attached is the suggested Road Map as of right now and time frames. Some of the time frames will be shifted but we are planning to get these done soon as possible so that you know the time frame will be shifted either way on the time frame. This will at least give you an idea where we are headed with NORTHERN Crypto.

@everyone CryptoBridge deposits and withdraws are enabled again, happy trading!!

@everyone Mandatory update for all wallets and masternodes

•Northern v2.4.0 fixes a critical vulnerability ("stake amplification") that was inherited from PIVX.
•Local wallets just need to run the new .exe
•The other refresh scripts (4MN1,6MN1) will be upload soon.
•Masternodes must use the following script to update:
bash <( curl )

New Northern software, by zabtc. Contribute to zabtc/Northern development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Deposits and withdraws have been disabled on cryptobridge while we work on fixing the potential vulnerability inherited from pivx. A wallet update will be pushed out within the next day, thank you for understanding

We have added Donation Address: for the NEF Fund is below so you can donate to the NEF Fund.

NORT Address: NWkiAyA3GVdr6SnZuFqtLoyF5BS1tkfjfP
BTC Address: 1Nfmn7VNo6hh1BJ8taKg9cQdjTZ6DG9jmy
BCHABC Address: bitcoincash:qqt69zjwpgq690qrcqqvvzz5nf5wufutcg7c0zuy6z
DASH Address: XqYhatG9xncWZd9erb7CVPkai2izY8gDiJ
EOS Address: 3816328959021961
ETH Address: 0x260218cf610b736124cfbb8f8ed1a380c1b95885
Tether Address: 329iRKCatF7nHY8TDSkkpCWptLhZmk3iZf
XMR Addrress: 8C9eQvDYbs4F18cPzepDr5Y2KpoTqCxG3ReJ5bgGcjniM387rftudnqCfrXVSV5qdWMqnX4c4m4eAXQzuHmRBG4PEKtXPGP
XMO Address: 42jEUtpzEPX9XJyqP87hT65sAr2ZB93wKidSrWy2WAooBBV9xUxuVQWiq4MdEF7jDdCkx9Vkk7gkyGaJs3DiS8TjJPQtHVw

@everyone The latest wallets are now out! Get them here:

This release includes:

  • A QT wallet refresh (a new look as well as fixed bugs some users experienced with the v2.2.0)
  • Various updates for chain stability (more seeds for initial wallet syncing)
  • Checkpoints to prevent chain splits

This update is optional (you are not required to do it, but it is recommended to update if you had sync, chain split or other issues with the old wallet). Masternodes are not required to update. Enjoy! Please report any feedback or issues you may have

New Northern software, by zabtc. Contribute to zabtc/Northern development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone The multi masternode script has been updated and can be found in our GitHub (if you need to install a new set of 4 MNs, check our GitHub) - for users who have already used the multi script and need to update their VPS's, please use this:

bash <( curl )

Courtesy of @249215723979669504> , many thanks to him for his assistance and doing this

@everyone The new wallets (v 2.2.0) have been released, you can find them here:

For local wallets, just download and run the new .exe of the v2.2.0 wallet. For VPS's and masternodes, you can use this script to stop your MN, delete the old files and install the new daemon. No local files need to be touched in either case.

bash <( curl )

Please ask if you need assistance, happy updating!

New Northern software, by zabtc. Contribute to zabtc/Northern development by creating an account on GitHub.

Last thing - code updates will be pushed out before the end of the week

What lies ahead for the future? Hopefully I will only need to work outside of crypto up until the end of this month (I just needed to carry myself through this year, really) and then I can return to developing full time again, and make Northern my main work priority again. I will be online for the rest of the day, I have the afternoon off thankfully, so I will get to the 100s of DMs that everyone has sent over the past few days

@everyone Hey guys - firstly, apologies for my long absence and lack of communication. I think I may have mentioned to some of you that I was having power issues over the past couple of weeks, for more info on the issues please see this link:

To summarize, the South African government (due to a lack of planning and lots of corruption) has mismanaged the national electricity provider, to the extent that we experienced country-wide blackouts for a few hours (sometimes up to 8 hours a day) on almost every day over the time that I have been gone. In the area where I stay, we had further issues caused by the continuous turning on and off of the power station - the machinery was old, and the constant on and off switching caused something to break (it actually caught on fire).

So, I have been without electricity for a considerable amount of time, although it did come on intermittently, but never long enough to complete any long tasks on the PC before it would go off again and all work would be lost.

Then, on a more personal side of things: Due to the slowdown/bleed of crypto prices over the past few months, coupled with the lack of power I was recently faced with, I have had to return to a "normal" job and am currently working around 14 hours a day, almost every day.

The reason I have gone into such detail here, is that I feel I owe an explanation to everybody for my absence and feel that you guys deserve to know the truth. On a side note, my power is back on now (the power station that supplies me was recently fixed) and it does seem that the blackouts will subside for a little while as well, as the summer progresses and electricity demand is lower. For people living in first world countries, what I am saying here probably comes across as strange - but I assure you, when you live in Africa, these kinds of things that most people take for granted (like basic government services) are hard to come by.

@everyone We are going to ask CryptoBridge to enable deposits and withdraws again in a few hours. Please be sure to withdraw all your current NORT off of CryptoBridge and into your local wallet. The reason for this, is we need to do a mandatory wallet update over the coming days, and CryptoBridge requires 0.5 BTC for this (which we do not have at the moment). For this reason, we need to request that everyone withdraws off of their exchange so we can proceed with the update in the safest way possible - we do not want this to lead to a chain split, but need to minimize the amount of old wallets running when we do the update. As CryptoBridge will not update for free, we need to request to be delisted from their exchange for the meantime in order to minimize the chance of a split of loss of user's balances.

For the meantime, we will proceed with AioDex as our main exchange, as they have agreed to update their wallet for free. Thank you for your patience and please ask any questions if you have. We will get CB to open deposits and withdraws again, make sure that everyone has had time to do their last trading (which will still be active) and withdraws before the final delisting.

I have Posted this to give@everyone further awareness and insight into the situation I feel this is Very Important to Point These Things Out and Give More Clarity

One more thing - the 130,000 coins that were originally sectioned off to be burned, will finally be destroyed in the coming days, reducing the supply by around 4.3% 🔥

@everyone Late night update:

  • While working on this update, I have decided to spend a bit more time and make it a bit of a larger update so to include a few things that have needed to be updated over the past few months. Vulnerability fixes, code cleanups etc.

  • A few QT visuals have been improved upon, as well as the in-wallet block explorer has been made functional again.

  • A new version will be pushed to the GitHub in the next day or two along with a script that will automate the process of updating your masternodes. Announcements will also follow with instructions for each user to follow.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and patience, this will all be over soon!