@everyone Due the topia problems we are considering few exchanges listing now. Will announce additional information soon.

@everyone We are observing , cryptopia hack incident. For now, it seems that NMS coins were not stolen, but unfortunately we cant confirm it for sure - lets wait for topia official information. Meanwhile, we are thinking about additional exchange listing, because for the moment topia was the only one exchange for us.

You still can use old wildrig/t-rex/dredgeminers if there is no problems.

@everyone There is update for all linux clients (including pools/explorers/etc). Technically if your windows/macos wallet is working fine you dont need to update , but you still need to update all your linux machines. Also it seems that some miners may have this hashing error , so in case of problems, please use the updated official miner until others will update their code. Information for pools owners: Please recompile your stratum dedal algo with updated dedal.c file from source code. Wallets: Official miner:

Contribute to numuscrypto/numuscore_physcomitrella development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Wallet Released This is OPTIONAL update - if your wallets/nodes working properly you can skip this update.

Contribute to numuscrypto/numuscore_physcomitrella development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone We fixed out weird "bug" in code, now everything working as should. You need to update your wallets and nodes. Also we extended maintenance window for another 2000 blocks , so reward plan adjusted. You can continue mining on - they updated properly, thanks again them to support during investigation of this issue.

-Incorrectly calculated reward value check fixed
-Reward plan changes (maintenance expanded for another 2000 of blocks):
657000 - 657100 @ 0.55 NMS per block
657100 - 657500 @ 0.60 NMS per block
657500 - 659000 @ 1.00 NMS per block
659000 - 662000 @ 70 NMS per block
662000 - 670000 @ 60 NMS per block
-Copyright fixes · numuscrypto/numuscore_physcomitrella@90a3b37
- Incorrectly calculated reward values checks fixed - Reward plan changes (maintenance expanded for another 2000 of blocks) - Copyright fixes


New wallet just released:

Also there is nvidia miner for new algo: use -a dedal switcher to mine. You can start mine on the: (thanks them for supporting us during update)

Most recommended upgrade procedure:

  1. Save (make a backup) and move your data folder and especially wallet.dat file.
  2. Delete all data from Numus data folder.
  3. Copy back wallet.dat to Numus data folder.
  4. Download updated wallet software.
  5. Resync your wallet (don’t worry it much faster now).
  6. After sync will be finished run Tools -> Wallet Repair -> Recover Transaction 1
  7. Wait for rescan of blockchain
  8. Done

Please report any problems that you have with updated wallet/network.

Contribute to numuscrypto/numuscore_physcomitrella development by creating an account on GitHub.
UMine - - Site
Low fee mining pool, anonymous mining pool, multi algo mining pool

@everyone Just short reminder - we almost reached 655 000 block where network will be forked , so dont move your coins - all transactions will be lost after that block until wallet update will be released. Expected wallet update release time ~24h after network will reach that block. Stay tuned.

@everyone Due to the upcoming changes of masternode’s collateral, we want to remind you that you can participate in shared masternodes with your NMS coins. More information about the shared nodes can be found on our Discord (channel <#514104335949365249>):

More detailed current block reward scheme: Hard Fork block - 655 000 (near 21-22nd of November) Service window - 655000 - 657000 : 0.5 NMS per block 657000 - 660000 : 70 NMS per block (MN reward will be 30% of the block - 59 miners / 21 masternodes) 660000 - 665000 : 50 NMS per block (MN reward will be 40% of the block - 30 miners / 20 masternodes) 665000 - 670000 : 50 NMS per block (MN reward will be 50% of the block - 25 miners / 25 masternodes) 670000 - 685000 : 40 NMS per block (MN reward will be 60% of the block - 16 miners / 24 masternodes) 685000 - 700000 : 30 NMS per block (MN reward will be 70% of the block - 9 miners / 21 masternodes) 700000 - 750000 : 20 NMS per block (MN reward will be 70% of the block - 6 miners / 14 masternodes) 750000 - 800000 : 15 NMS per block (MN reward will be 70% of the block - 4.5 miners / 10.5 masternodes) 800000 - 1000000 : 10 NMS per block (MN reward will be 70% of the block - 3 miners / 7 masternodes) 1000000 - 1300000 : 8 NMS per block (MN reward will be 70% of the block - 2.4 miners / 5.6 masternodes) 1300000 - 2000000 : 5 NMS per block (MN reward will be 70% of the block - 1.5 miners / 3.5 masternodes) 2000000 - 3000000 : 3 NMS per block (MN reward will be 70% of the block - 0.9 miners / 2.1 masternodes) 3000000+ : 1 NMS per block (MN reward will be 70% of the block - 0.3 miners / 0.7 masternodes)

  1. Economic and emission changes:
  • The masternodes collateral will be increased to 50,000 coins. It may be unpleasant news for current node holders, but we urge all those who hold a small number of nodes to use shared masternode services when it is impossible to purchase additional coins for the full node.
  • The block reward will be increased to 50 coins per block during the main phase of “mining relaunch 2.0”. I urge you not to forget that all the coins in the new release will be generated with mining and paid with electricity, unlike the POS coins.
  • Masternodes will receive 70% of the block after grace period. We hope that these changes will refresh the attractiveness of the coin for both miners and masternode holders.
  1. Upgrade procedure - after block 655000 network will be forked to service network and necessary procedures will be applied to upgrade for new codebase. We expect that it will take not more than 24h. After that all updates will be uploaded for public access. Please keep in mind that all transaction and operations in "old" network after block 655 000 will not be saved, so don’t make any operation after that.

  1. New algorithm - we are pleased to present you a new exclusive algorithm DEDAL. This hashing algorithm was developed taking into account the realities of today's cryptocurrency market. The main goal was to create an ASIC- and FPGA-resistant solution that would protect the network against 51%-attacks or just a significant dominance of certain miners with a small amount of mining equipment. The algorithm is based on the idea of multiplying hashing by different algorithms in a random order. This idea was originally implemented in the rather popular x16r algorithm, but as you may know, the feature of this algorithm is the "non-fixed" mining hashrate. We have tried to change this feature in conjunction with complicating the possibility of mining the DEDAL algo on asics or FPGA. The number of passes for obtaining the total hash is not fixed and depends only on the difficulty modifier of one or another algorithm that was used for hashing before the next pass. As a result, having reached a certain "difficulty", the calculation of the block hash is deemed to have been completed. After a while, we plan to make an additional algorithm modification in the case of the slightest hint of the network attack possibility.
  2. Nvidia miners will be available from the moment of the release. We will also try to help several mining pools to prepare for the release.
  3. The block time changes from 45 seconds to 1 minute, taking into account the new way of recalculating the difficulty, we expect a smoother blocks generation time.


  1. We have some really good news, we’ve finished testing the update - new version works generally without any significant problems. It was a long way during which we achieved the main goal - saving the current blockchain without resetting or swapping coins into a new network.
  2. We have upgraded to a much more recent version of the base code, in which all known vulnerabilities are fixed to date.
  3. After lengthy discussions, it was decided to suspend the POS generation of coins in favor of the POW consensus. The decision was made since we believe that you need to have the significant computing power at your disposal to ensure the security of the network and not just the ability to buy a large number of coins, thereby gaining considerable control over the generation of new blocks (51% attack analogue). In this, use of available for rent or nicehash-compatible algorithms also doesn’t seem to be a reliable idea, so we decided to change the mining algorithm.

@everyone We continue rebranding with new offical site. Now its live and you can check: @391395657325477899> will make announcement about code update and future development in a couple of days. Stay tuned.

@everyone Just short reminder that i am still there and we still working on update. It took longer then expected, but its close enough to be released at any moment.


We've enabled monitoring on MNRank. Check it at More features 🇸 🇴 🇴 🇳 😃 Enjoy.

@everyone We started the upcoming rebranding with a new logo. It is based on the the first letter of "Numus", scales well and looks light and good in different colors. Hope you’ll like it.