As you know we have had quite a tumultuous road the past few months and I sincerely apologize for any troubles that this has caused all of you. But with all of that in mind, I need to relay some facts to all of you in the most objective and truthful manner:

  1. The project is bankrupt and all attempts to gain additional investors has failed
  2. Our Dev still holds the coins ransom and will not be releasing them to us, so we have been refunding investors from personal and team NDB funds
  3. All attempts at recruiting the necessary individuals or teams interested in merging projects have not been successful
  4. No funds were EVER sold by myself or the team on the market for personal gain or was attempted to be "stolen or scammed" from the community or project. We lost as much if not more money and value in the unfortunate circumstances
  5. No funds were ever used to pay for anything other than project expenditures
  6. I stepped away from discord personally as there was nothing but negativity in this environment as we worked on trying to find a reasonable solution and once again, all blame can be pointed at myself and NO other remaining team member involved.

Therefore, we are relinquishing rights to the project and leaving it to the community. Any individuals that believe that they would like to attempt to take this on and that have a team of individuals to carry this out can inquire as to what is needed and we will hand over the code and collateral that we have.

@!401000221146087424> are I are officially stepping down from the project


Once again I must apologize for the recent absence of myself and the team. Recent occurrences has forced all remaining essential team members to focus their efforts on what is at hand.

Yes it is indeed true I have been discussing with @!397649154324824075> and @!401000221146087424> each and every day as our head community manager. Additionally we have been silent to the fact that we do not want to over communicate something that we cannot continue to over promise.

Many recent events have caused extreme detriment to our progress and team.

1) We have been searching for a new VPS provider after our previous one violated SLAs and caused original issues with platform.

2) The bear market + project funding + team issues have all added financial pressure unto the NodeBase project reserves. As a team and as a project we have been running extremely lean to be able to run to launch and have the reserves for an additional bit of burn. The development delay and a few extenuating circumstances have dried up these reserves to dangerous levels.

3) Our head developer and development manager have both stepped away from the project due to personal reasons as well as due to personal financial issues. As a result, our former head developer has also been holding platform funds until a severance payment is made to him. We are working on a settlement currently. Until then we will be developing a plan to disperse all locked funds + expected payouts to Diamond members directly form our project funds and from team funds in which have been accumulated in the market.

4) While the current state of the project is in danger, we are working to recruit a new team, gather additional funding and find a way to continue the project as envisioned.

5) Until then we have not been making any ANN until we make notable progress


We are switching hosting provider. This proces takes a little more time than expected, since it involves code changes. The good news: we allocated 40K NDB to compensate masternode holders that hosted their nodes on the NodeBase platform.

Additionally, we would like to give@everyone a sneak preview into the platform.

Here you can see the:

  1. Login page (with 2FA built in)
  2. Masternode Deployment Hub
  3. Masternode deployment sequence
  4. Account funds page:
    -showing automated withdraw and deposit functions
    • Also showing the NDB hosting fee calculator so you can stay on
      track with the cost to host masternodes on the platform
      dependent on the amount of masternodes you have and the
      price of NDB
  5. Account Masternode Central:
    -Where users can see the breakdown and fine detail of each
    masternode they are running, the ROI, the transactions data,
    and more


April 6, 2019 - NodeBase Announcement (Part 2)

Business Development:

Initially, we have many extremely exciting releases related to partnerships with other projects and businesses that will be released in the next few months.

These not only push us further as an all in one Masternode Investment vehicle but will open the doors to all investors (current crypto and not).

Our vision from day one was to be the most intuitive, comprehensive and secure hosting platform in the market. I can say that each one of these pillars has been addressed. Without legally disclosing certain partnership discussions, several have been taken on heavily to make each one of these macro visions a reality.

We will open the masternode investment door to the masses and what we will be unveiling and releasing in the coming months will bring an influx of investors into the space with full confidence that their investments can be made easily and their digital assets will be completely safe.


April 6, 2019 - NodeBase Announcement

We apologize about the delay since the last announcement. While we have been less active in the community, we have indeed been very hard at work in the background.

This in part due to the fact that our project is indeed operating as a business and currently while funds and efforts are solely focused on building the platform, partnerships and networks behind the NodeBase business. We are operating lean in such sense and our core team has been all hands on deck in .

I for one have been extremely busy in the background focusing on business development and relationships that will be used to drive this business. So again, I apologize if it seems as if we have attempted to stop communicating with you all, but it has been a hard working few months for us all.

Platform Development Updates:

  1. Currently our developers have every aspect of the backend built and have been integrating/testing it for some time.
  2. Final integrations, real time data-pull algorithms, and the payment gateway are a few of the final touches that are being wrapped up before we release the platform
  3. The NodeBase Diamond investors have tested the alpha thoroughly and experienced the current workflows. While there are some substantial upgrades coming, they have seen and tested the functionality of the platform for a few months with FREE hosting as a token of appreciation
  4. They have also been notified that we will be concluding the free trial of their hosting as we gear up for the public release

Estimated Release Date:
We are quite aware that we are behind schedule and past some timelines that we set for ourselves, but it is a factor of running a lean business and also running into some obstacles along the way. It is indeed a delay, but we intend to release the platform by the middle-late April

April has been made a hard deadline that our entire team has been made aware of and that internally we have set as a team.

Happy Saturday@everyone

So much is happening on right now behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to show you all what is being built. @&496375302881017859> members have had the chance to have a first glance at the NodeBase Platform but it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and real foundation that is being built right now. As the fundamental use case of our project is coming together we want to get ready for the hype, and to get ready for the influx of users who will be willing to try and enjoy the services that we’ll offer to the Crypto community.

We’re thinking that it’s also our role to provide some documentation and share our knowledge with people who are interested in taking the dive with masternodes and inform everyone about NodeBase more particularly. 🤓

In this perspective we’ll publish a series of articles about masternodes and about the NodeBase project, which will also include a series of in depth interviews of our CEO @!384029217035255821>

If you have some tech or writting skills and willing to help us about these article send me a DM so we can work together and bring more and more value and content to our great community! 💌

Also feel free to drop your question for our CEO in the #lounge if you have some. The first article of the series have been co-written with @!456053416104558593> and is about the basics of Masternodes!

Have a good read :)

Masternodes for Everyone – NodeBase – Medium
NodeBase (NDB) is a masternode coin and platform that addresses the current challenges in the market by providing a unique combinaison of…

Hope that@everyone is having a great week end!!!
About the recent drop in the number of masternode that happen lately.
Some strategic investors indeed are dealing with a VPS issue. Happened before and we are helping them switch over providers.
The node will be back shortly, in the meantime enjoy the extra reward for the lucky ones who are running MN 😉

Good afternoon@everyone,

We are now officially opening up a community NodeBase Listing Suggestion channel for suggestions from all of you regarding potential listings for the NodeBase platform when it is released. You can find it in <#542719431378337822> .

We at NodeBase have an internal list of quality coins and project in which we plan to add as our inaugural listings but we would like to open up the floor to suggestions by the community. Projects listed in the early stages of public access will be listed for free and there will be several other incentives for projects to be listed early.

All suggestions are welcome and will be considered by our team. Although going in line with our intention to list quality projects, we will also ask that you also provide short description of the project and the reason you are invested.

This will help educate other community members of the researched and quality projects out there, as well as help get a feel for which NDB members would be advocates for NodeBase in those respected communities.

@everyone PART 2

  1. We have concluded one of our MN giveaways this past week and had great exposure as well as interaction with social media during this time. Congratulations to all winners.

  2. We have be continuously discussing and have finalized and submitted all necessary documentation and information to CoinMarketCap (CMC) through this past week. Both their business development team and Telegram admins have shown great interest in the NodeBase project and use case. We want to thank them for their continued interest in working with us on our upcoming listing. We expect to be listed on their platform in the next several days.

  3. Upon listing on CMC, we will be running a very interactive and generous giveaway/deal to investors of NodeBase. It will incentivize buying as well as generate even more interest in buying a NodeBase masternode. It will run parallel and n conjunction with the exposure CMC will bring to our project

  4. Blockchain Governance is being worked on extensively. This will be utilized funding certain aspects of the platform down the road, coin burn, as well as voting governance for things such as coin listings/ voting.


NodeBase Weekly Announcement - February 4 2018

  1. The NodeBase Alpha platform now has 100,000 coins and has surpassed 100 running Masternodes hosted by Diamond members and NodeBase Core Members. To this point, all members have hosted their masternodes for free to this point as a token of appreciation. This has been a well-tested and successful trial to this point for our team and Diamond members. The back-end is strong and has proved to be stable and secure in every way.

I would like to extend a full thanks to all Diamond members for their suggestions and patience as we have taken all suggestions into heavy consideration. Currently our team is taking all requested changes and suggestions to a second iteration of the platform and it has been pushed to our UI/UX team members that will integrate those changes into a big second push of the platform. As long as this is tested and accepted among the closed group. We will be looking at a public Beta platform release in the coming weeks.

  1. We have on-boarded two new UI/UX experts to ensure the proper speed and integration of all development requests that need to happen for this to be released in a timely manner

2a. We have on boarded three new Junior Community Managers to the NodeBase team. Please welcome @408056691146620928>, @!456053416104558593> [], and @445329450360504350> to the NodeBase team. They have shown great support and dedication to the project and community and will do great things for everyone.

  1. Auto-profit conversion development has been initiated heavily and being worked on internally by our blockchain developer and back-end development team. This will be one of the first supplemental features added to our platform.

Dear community,@everyone our NDB giveaway is now over and we have a winner! 🎉🎉🎉

🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁

Congratulation to 🏆@419355148553420822>🏆 - You won 1 NDB MASTERNODE ( 1000 coins )

We also sincerely congratulate 10 lucky people who will receive 20 $NDB each:


To get your prize please DM me or @445329450360504350>

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported us!

Stay tuned for updates because we are preparing for you even more interesting events in the very near future! 😉

I would like also to add a special thank to @445329450360504350> for the initiative of this MN giveaway and for the generosity of @360121598654808064> @445329450360504350> @414061576757182475> @160474947628695552> @270188200637628416> @412286007145398292> our beloved @&496375302881017859>


Answer to Win 1 NODEBASE #Masternode (Over $200+)!!!!
and 10 lucky people will get 20 $NDB each!

On what day was Nodebase listed on@Crex24?

NodeBase #NodebaseOfficial #Cryptocurrency #BTC #giveaway

How to Enter:

Join Crex24 and claim more FREE NDB coins from the the exchange Faucet!

Conditions :
Winner will be drawn by lot
The Masternode will be hosted on the NDB platform and will have a lock up period of 3 month,, the winner will be able to withdraw his reward

NodeBase Group
You can view and join @NodeBaseCoin right away.
Answer to Win 1 NODEBASE #Masternode (Over $200+)!!!! and 10 lucky people will get 20 $NDB each! On what day was $NDB listed on @Crex24? #NodeBase #NodebaseOfficial #Cryptocurrency #BTC #giveaway


@everyone PART TWO

  1. We have initiated and agreed to terms with over 15 low marketcap crypto projects that we believe have high quality use cases, project scopes, and good teams

This is in addition to larger marketcap coins that will be listed upon launch of the public version. This is perfectly aligned with NodeBase's mission, to bring a premium and intuitive set of services to investors and that lists valuable and quality projects.

  1. We have initiated channel partnership discussions with two businesses that will expand NodeBase's platform further than anyone has been before.

We have had a long vision of implementing certain aspects to the NodeBase platform from the inception of the project. Aggregating and partnering with best in class businesses has always been a strategy we use and will continue to use to push NDB to further levels. We will release more information on this as we get further into discussions.

@everyone NodeBase Weekly Update January 16

  1. The NodeBase Closed Alpha has seen continued success and is being fine tuned at the moment

The NodeBase Closed Alpha has been truly successful. It is now hosting over 60,000 coins as well as running 60 Masternodes and counting. NodeBase Diamond Members are making suggestions on intuitiveness and workflow as they continue to host their MNs for free for the time being.

  1. We have paid and expect to be trading live on CREX24 very shortly

CREX24 will be NodeBase's second exchange and bring an extra layer of awareness to the project due to the ease of use in comparison with current trading platforms. CREX24 is only the first supplemental exchange NodeBase will be listed on but is trending up significantly as an exchange in the cryptosphere and we at NDB are glad to partner with them.

  1. NodeBase Developers have already laid out the infrastructure and initiated discussions with CREX24 engineers about the implementation of NDB's auto-profit conversion tool which will work in tandem with the CREX24 markets.

  2. NodeBase will be listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) subsequently following going live on CREX24

This is one of the most significant milestones for any Blockchain project as CMC is one of the most well-known and respected cryptocurrency sites in the world. Investors and users who have not heard of seen NDB before will now be exposed and find the benefits of NodeBase on CMC.


We are Proud to announce that NodeBase (NDB) will be listed on CREX24.

After extensive research and much discussion internally and with respected members of the community we have chosen to list with CREX24. Our application has been accepted and listing payment has been made.

CREX24 will be NodeBase's second exchange and bring an extra layer of awareness to the project due to the ease of use in comparison with current trading platforms. CREX24 is only the first supplemental exchange NodeBase will be listed on but is trending up significantly as an exchange in the cryptosphere.

We at NDB are extremely glad to partner with them.

@everyone this is what the login screen looks like


Project News:

  1. We have been accepted, chosen, and will be listing on our second exchange in the coming days.

Details of the exchange chosen, our perspective on the benefits and its future all will be disclosed at that time. We have already begun developmental discussions with their team on how to integrate our unique auto-profit conversion tool into their exchange, a feature many of you are looking forward to.

  1. In relation to our second exchange listing, NodeBase will be listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) immediately upon being listed live on this exchange. This will bring massive awareness to the project and allow us to kick-off in house marketing plan in alignment with our marketing partners.

  2. We will have several updates in the coming weeks and significant news on channel partnerships with current blockchain projects. This will expand our services, awareness, and functionality of the NodeBase platform while driving more revenue and consumption of the NDB coin.

  3. We have engaged in discussions with some of the leading staking and masternode projects about the utilization of our platform services as well as cross promotions that will come with the territory.

  4. Have aligned multiple marketing strategies and partners that will penetrate both crypto target markets but also begin to establish the proper outreach to channels outside of Crypto. This will be the first big push to bridge the gap on masternode investors and begin to bring new money into the space using the NodeBase platform.

  5. In 2019, we will further progress with our business registration in Malta and will become a fully registered business with all of the necessary licensing and certificates to fully operate our business with full compliance to regulations set in place.