I have submitted the next set of budgets for the 4th Quarter

Dev fund - Quarterly 4
This proposal is for the next 7 budget cycles. 120,000 MUE each cycle (14 days) for the next 10 cycles, making a total of 1,200,000 MUE. The MUE project has many costs to keep it not only running on a day to day basis, but more importantly building and gr...

@everyone MUE now available to buy with 8 different fiat currencies at Reduced fees as an introductory offer.

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@everyone Buy $MUE #anonymously and without registration

You can also SELL your $MUE to $BTC anonymously :)
Just visit

(a team MUE project operated by our partners @411657324365742095> )

@everyone We're happy to announce the world's first loyalty points program powered by the MUE blockchain back online

We are having major infrastructure upgrades incorporating scheduled maintenance for services, starting Friday PM UK time. We expect completion within 5 days.

MUE merged into TrustWallet - should be live & integrated into the app within 7-10 days -

Support MonetaryUnit (MUE) by sotblad · Pull Request #428 · Trus...
Description MonetaryUnit coin integration. Testing instructions Types of changes Checklist Prefix PR title with [WIP] if necessar...

@everyone after ongoing discussions and analysis of the issues highlighted by Bittrex, they are satisfied with our review of their concerns and have brought our wallet back online. Special thanks to @375638544213082122> for spear heading the review

I've contacted Bittrex to get an ETA on when MUE can be deposited/withdrawn. I assume it's because of the zerocoin vulnerability, which doesn't affect us as that part of the code was removed prior to the migration to POS

@everyone Beta testers requested for our latest pre-release. Use with caution, do not treat as production ready - thanks -

MUE2.0. Contribute to muecoin/MUE development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone The latest build for the mueberry-pi is available from (
It is based off the official raspbian April 2019 build, with the latest MUE wallet 2.1.3 :)

This build is for new installs, users with running staking boxes can simply update the base software as per any Ubuntu install: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Happy staking!

MUE builds of Raspbian with the Monetaryunit wallet installed - muecoin/Raspberry-Pi-Images

@everyone A community warning as there are lot's of scams going on as the rise of BTC continues.
The MUE team will never write you a direct message or a private message asking for files, telling you to upgrade or install new software.
For your own security, we are recommending you to turn off private messages for the Monetaryunit discord channel.

  1. Right click on the MUE channel
  2. Select "Privacy Settings"
  3. Deselect the toggle and set "Allow direct messages from server members" to grey / off.
    Use the appropriate support channels instead, help is almost always available. Don't be scammed!

@everyone please do not use we have identified a critical security issue. We will advise you when the issue is fixed

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@everyone 👆

New MUE Android wallet now available

Thank you to @431159793609080844> for his continued hard work whilst also balancing a full time education.

Please note, this is a NEW wallet, not compatible with the previous Android wallet, and will NOT allow you to recover your old android wallet passphrase.
If you want to replace the old Android wallet, just send your coins from your old Android wallet, then uninstall the old one.

Thanks 😃

MUEpay - MonetaryUnit Wallet - Apps on Google Play

@everyone If you are interested in obtaining equity in the worlds largest crypto enabled marketplace then we'd like to talk to you! was acquired by MonetaryUnit in summer 2018, with the aim to help with mass adoption of cryptocurrency.
Since then we have done huge amounts of work to make the journey for non-crypto shoppers into MUE as simple as possible (with even more work ongoing).

If you'd like to help support us with this ground-breaking work, then please read on. We are looking to have any preliminary talks with interested parties before March 31st 2019, and further potential discussions from April onwards
Should you know someone who is interested, a referral incentive is available

More details at the following link, thank you.

MUE | MonetaryUnit - Home
MonetaryUnit is a decentralized, self-sustaining and self-governed digital currency. With MonetaryUnit, you pay less for goods and services worldwide.

Please update your iOS mue wallets - thanks 😃

@everyone Registered users can now buy $MUE with credit/debit card without ID verification here:
Get MUE, Get 25% off all prices at