@everyone remember to update your wallet to newest version v1.1.1.1

Users that dont update will start losing connection to other wallets that have updated


New update is here


Windows wallet: https://ganjacoinpro.com/downloads/ganjacoinv1.1.1.1.zip
Mac wallet: https://mega.nz/#!Pdh0HASb!5dHUUf8cDlKWUB2RfOSC-C81n9gTNm3wNtnRN529F5E

You must update all clients to new protocol 70903

Auto update VPS


  1. Log into VPS
  2. cd ganja
  3. wget https://ganjacoinpro.com/downloads/deployupdate.sh && chmod +x deployupdate.sh && ./deploy
  4. ./ganjacoind -reindex &
    5../ganjacoin-cli getinfo

confirm update
"protocolversion" : 70903,

All Set

MRJA / BTC trading - Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange Engine
MasternodeXchange - The Masternode Exclusive Cryptocurrency Exchange
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@everyone Explorer back up and information has been updated at https://masternode.live/currencies/MRJA/GanjaCoin

GanjaCoin Masternode - ROI / Setup / Invest
Masternode.live is a tool dedicated to help assist you with investing, monitoring and setting up your GanjaCoin masternodes.

@everyone if i missed anyones swap please contact me

GanjaCoin is now on the Essentia Platform.@everyone

@everyone masternode.online is now asking us to purchase there plan to have our information updated.

Please leave feedback if you feel we should get back on MNO or just stick with masternodes.pro


Our current landlord has withdrawn our agreement to let us use our current location as a Retail Marijuana Shop. i have a meeting setup with them to discuss the issues.

At this time we are already looking to purchase our own building/land incase the meeting doesnt go as planned.

This is a minor setback but will not stop us from reaching our main goal


Investor Interest:
Please contact investin@ganjacoinpro.com for more information on investing into the Marijuana Shop

@everyone Online Store price updated to coinhills API which calulates all our exchange prices for an avg price

Exchanges include:


GanjaCoin ( MRJA ) markets ( 0.00142491 ) - Coinhills
GanjaCoin ( MRJA ) markets ( 0.00142491 ) - Coinhills Digital Currency Market Finder helps you to search trending coins including Bitcoin with a few clicks. It supports the overall statistics of digital coins and exchanges lively.

@everyone i will keep this updated as we get closer to the final day :-)

Whats coming / to do after application is processed & accepted

Store To-Do:
1.Gather products for store (Buds, Edibles, THC pens... ETC)
2.seed-to-Sale POS System
3.Increase Security System in-store
4.Key card system for access to marijuana products for workers
5.Gather more Grower contacts

1.GC ATM (customers will be able to purchase GC in store to use for Backing)
2.GC Android/Apple wallets (Android needs fixing / Apple wallet not started )

GC Official Products:
1.GC Buds/Strain ( We will be growing our own strain of buds)
2.GC Brand CBD products ( Tinctures CBD Buds and more )

1.Police Detail (for the first few weeks) EST COST 1500 - 2000/week
2.Security Guard for inside store

Backing Price:
We will start backing 1 gram to 1 GC 3 Months after the Retail Marijuana shop opens.

Investor Interest:
Please contact Ganjaman/legends for more information.

3.5 Grams & 7 Gram CBD bud jars added to online store : https://store.ganjacoinpro.com/products/65

@everyone Strains : Lifter, Cascade , Speical sause, AC/DC

CBD bud added to store : https://store.ganjacoinpro.com/products/63
Legal to ship all 50 states

On Thursday, Commissioner Kay Doyle shared her own legal analysis of the statute, which also concluded that the agency does not have the power to regulate the terms of HCAs.

"To be able to take substantive action on these payments we are going to have to, in my opinion, go back to the Legislature," Doyle, who prepared a report on HCAs and drafted the CCC's initial legislative recommendations, said. "We are in a place where our regulatory authority is not very clear. If we are challenged doing this, we would face increased scrutiny by the court and an uphill battle. Rather than engage in litigation that ties up commonwealth resources, I think it makes more sense to go back to the Legislature and talk about what needs to be done to address the problem."

The CCC voted Thursday to "seek statutory authority to review and regulate" HCAs. Commissioners debated how the agency should seek that new authority, with some thought given to trying to submit legislation ahead of the Jan. 18 bill filing deadline. Ultimately, the CCC agreed to make the request of the Legislature, but not to propose specific bill language.

"I think we're going to probably submit a request. I don't think it's our place to submit language, but we will submit a request"

Some info posted about the Host Agreement

By Colin A. Young

BOSTON, JAN. 10, 2019.....State law around the required contracts between marijuana companies and their host communities is not clear enough, the Cannabis Control Commission concluded Thursday as it agreed to formally request that the Legislature amend the law to give it the power to review and regulate the contracts.

The CCC has wrestled with the issue of host community agreements (HCAs) for months as activists and business owners point to the required agreements as one reason for the slower-than-anticipated rollout of the retail marijuana market.

Because the CCC will not consider a license application until an HCA has been executed, businesses and advocates say municipalities are using the required agreements to extract more than 3 percent of the marijuana business's gross sales, the cap in place under the law.

In August, the CCC voted down a proposal to include a review of host community agreements as part of its licensing process, with chairman Steven Hoffman declaring at the time that the CCC lacks the legal authority to intervene or reject an application based on the HCA.

@everyone Samsung 25R INR 18650 2500mAh 3.7V 20A Lithium Ion Battery added to GanjaCoin Store