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Would users be interested in buying THC cartridges

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@everyone if you have PM'd me i will be getting to your messages soon. i am over loaded with messages right now so please give me some time to respond to each user

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause

If you have purchased a Sharednode please contact me to either claim your coins or reclaim your spot. Shared node service is back up and running on auto and i need to make sure PAYOUT ADDRESS for each holder is updated. @everyone

@everyone Masternode section back up in explorer

I will be working on the sharednode service next to get the auto payments back up and running

@everyone Explorer Updated to show rewards


GanjaCoin Auto FRESH VPS installer v1.1.1.2. Contribute to legends420/GC-VPSINSTALLER development by creating an account on GitHub.


Updated VPS installer .
It will now pull newest version


New daemon auto updater :

Will delete old daemons and upload newest ones v1.1.1.2

Auto VPS Daemon updater v1.1.1.2. Contribute to legends420/GC-DAEMON-UPDATER development by creating an account on GitHub.

Visit today and spend some GanjaCoin!

Buckin Buds Organix
Helping Maine Grow

@everyone Finally got forever start to work on the block explorer so we will not experience any more downtime with the block explorer!


GanjaCoin v1.1.1.2 Update

50% + CPU USAGE has been reduced to less than 1% CPU USAGE

How to update:
Download v1.1.1.2 ( Link Below )
Close v1.1.1.1 Wallet
Open v1.1.1.2 Wallet
Once you confirm everything is working DELETE v1.1.1.1 wallet

Any issues or concerns please report them to GanjaCoin Team


I will be doing a clean up on the code sunday and should have wallet release by monday.

We have been added to a new exchange Satoshishift.


Note from dev :
i see this is a new exchange so lets trade with caution.
They accept all members also.

other than that Happy trading@everyone

GanjaCoin - MotaCoin Partnership

We are looking forward to overcoming shared obstacles and doing everything we can to strengthen our communities!
Through our common goal of cryptocurrency adoption and developing the newly-legal cannabis industry, we are leveraging our resources and talent to further strengthen our resolve.
You can look forward to some exciting collaborations between our two communities!

Our first collaboration will allow GanjaCoin users to purchase marijuana using GanjaCoin.

GanjaCoin will soon be accepted by a marijuana delivery service called Buckin Buds. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact


remember to update your wallet to newest version v1.1.1.1

Users that dont update will start losing connection to other wallets that have updated

@everyone GanjaCoin Site is backup and running on a better network. we should not see anymore request timed out.

If so please report any issues.

GanjaCoin Team

@everyone remember to update your wallet to newest version v1.1.1.1

Users that dont update will start losing connection to other wallets that have updated