Midas becomes the Masternode.Buzz premium backer@everyone

As a part of our marketing campaign, we became the premium backer for the popular masternode news potal: https://Masternode.Buzz!

They will highlight our upcoming features and updates in the articles. Also, we will join their new Masternode Portfolio project. More details soon.

We are very excited to announce MIDAS as our latest Masternode Buzz Premium Backer! $MIDAS aims to offer a complete solution for crypto-passive income instruments, such as an investment platform with free hosting, integrated exchange, and analytic tools!

InstantBuy + Burn-out = the Midas price growth@everyone

The second day of Burn-out is ongoing. As I said yesterday, today we transferred funds from Midas InstantBuy on the exchange.

The easiest way to buy coins through Midas (especially with CB and CE issues) meets innovative feature of Midas utility. The outcome we see on the Crypto-bridge now.

Midas plan is to increase Midas coin price without pathetic fake pumps that are bound to fall in a week. We want to create a stable growth of our coin using funds from InstantBuy. We want to accumulate more buy orders, bringing Midas coin the strength it deserves.

Part of BTC from InstantBuy will be spent for marketing services and the team increase. Therefore, not only the Midas coin becomes stronger, but the whole ecosystem.

Midas is ready to shoot from all guns for the upcoming exchange launch! Imagine the market reaction after this.

Burn-out reaches tremendous 80 activations in 24 hours, burning 15 500 Midas coins and paying 4 600 Midas to Burn-out investors@everyone

The results are astonishing! In one day we hit the absolute record volume of buys on InstantBuy for Midas: 0.8 BTC! Tomorrow we will start transferring those funds to exchange + will burn the coins that should be burned.

You can learn more about Burn-out, how to activate it and what benefits it will bring to you and Midas ecosystem in this video:

We already started to prototype Burn-out v2.0 and referral link to engage more investors, not only in Midas, but all over the crypto community, to use this feature. So, do not miss your opportunity!

BURN-OUT: the new feature to earn lifetime payouts on Midas.Invest...
Midas.Investments release new feature! Instead of investing in masternodes you can upgrade your Lock-in to the next level and receive rewards for a lifetime ...

Midas.Investments Burn-out release!@everyone

Today, right before the exchange release, we release the new way of investment on the platform.

Instead of investing in masternodes you can upgrade your Lock-in to the next level and receive rewards for a lifetime from the growth of the platform! Also it enables the referral link, burns Midas, increasing its value and has additional features, the list of which will be broaden over time!

Learn more about it:

Or activate it right away:

CryptoBridge makes the KYC a must for every user starting from today and does a favour for Midas exchange@everyone

You know that something is wrong with crypto, when decentralized exchange can change user's balances and makes everyone to pass KYC. After this move I see no future for Crypto-bridge, but a great future for Midas.

Since Crypto-bridge will lose all the first exchange listings for masternode coins, Midas will honourably take its place. Since our exchange by its own provides various features that is needed, when your main audience is masternode and proof of stake coins, we have much more potential for growth than crypto-bridge will ever have.

Midas exchange will go live this week after the Burn-out release.

Midas launch InstantBuy presale insurance@everyone

Investors should feel safe investing in presale coins. Instead, you often find yourselves on the wrong end of a scammed project who have exited even before exchange launch. At Midas, we believe these experiences heavily impact investor confidence in other legitimate projects and the entire masternode space.

That is why we are launching InstantBuy presale insurance. This will have two layers to benefit our investors:

1) From today, all listed coins in presale will have completed our full review process and will show sufficient promise and structure to gain a listing to InstantBuy in presale phase.

2) We will only begin providing BTC to projects after we have completed a final audit and they have fully launched to Midas exchange. If a project/coin scams before this launch or does not pass the final audit, investors will receive their BTC back to their Midas account, and the coins and any rewards received will be deducted from the investors balance.

If a coin does not pass this final audit or scams before the full launch, the coin will be delisted from Midas platform and InstantBuy.

IMPORTANT: For an investor to qualify for InstantBuy presale insurance, coins must have been purchased from InstantBuy (not purchased from the project and deposited) and the investor must not have withdrawn any coins before the full launch.

We have launched the InstantBuy presale insurance so our investors can gain confidence investing in the brightest young projects and to bring greater results for the project and investor whilst providing peace-of-mind for the security of your funds.

InstantBuy hits HUGE milestone@everyone

Over the past 24 hours Midas InstantBuy has achieved a major milestone - 10 BTC of volume since launch.

This is 10 BTC of real volume - no market making, no market manipulation, no wash trading. Just real volume and real investor funds, your hard earned cash.

As a result of this, we have been able to provide 2.9 BTC worth of revenue to projects to aid their growth and development and 6.6 BTC to the managed growth of coin prices on exchange. From this, the majority of listed coins have experienced growth despite a continual downtrend in the market, and we are happy to have assisted in this.

Without our community this would not have been possible, so we'll take this moment to show our thanks to you guys - your ongoing loyalty and trust is appreciated. But this is only the start!

Will Midas coin continue to grow even higher?@everyone

For the last month our coin made a great journey. Coin price increases 2.3 times. Midas masternode now worth 1200 dollars. Our buy orders are increasing every day. Market capitalization skyrockets beyond 500 000 USD.

This is the result of Midas team daily hard work, such as:

  • We have been promoting our InstantBuy feature, which led to 8 coins listed in IB only this month. This is 40% growth in listings in 30 days. Right now we have 6 coins pending to be listed too.
  • InstantBuy for Midas’ price created a stable income of new funds to the orderbook, providing one of the strongest buy supports between masternodes.
  • Midas exchange is going to break the rules of this market and create new standarts that no other project will be able to fulfil.
  • Our work on improving the quality of the coins we list. We have refused many projects, because we need stable and decent projects for our upcoming features.

As you can see, we are only starting. In the next month you will see:

  • New exchange and marketing promotion for it.
  • New Midas utility and the next level of Lock-in, called Burn-out with referral link.
  • Interface and design update of Midas platform that is satisfying our needs for more space in share cards.
  • Top coins, both masternode and proof-of-stake, incorporated in our ecosystem.
  • New whitepaper that will have our long-term vision of the platform to become the gamechanger of the crypto-passive income market
  • New partnerships that will expand your possibilities to make money on Midas.Investments

I am happy that you are with us on this journey! Our next step is one million dollars capitalization!

Be careful with scammers dming you about any wallet update@everyone

There is a new scam in town, which is asking to update your wallet for the fake one. If you will install this for any coin, you will lose coins from all wallets you have.

If you do not want to mess with such things, you can always trust us your coins. We have a complex security system, which separates each wallet and ensures the safety of your coins.

Why Midas.Investments is the best choice for the first exchange to the new projects?@everyone

What makes Midas.Investments unique is the combination of features. InstantBuy, InstantShare and Revinvestment are the perfect example of how different features can create a powerful symbiose to provide user experience unseen before.

The current instruments presented on the platform will be empowered with the exchange release and vice versa.

InstantBuy allows investors to buy coins instantly on market price and create buy support on trading pair to increase the strength of the coin’s price. With the launch of our exchange the buy support for every project will be higher than on any other exchange of this market only because of InstantBuy.

We offer our investors the possibility to invest in many coins with only few clicks and the exchange will transfer this power to the market liquidity.

Liquidity is the problem of this market. Most of exchanges have fake volumes and no traders. Midas.Investments fundamentally solves this with InstantBuy and InstantSell. Other exchanges grow from traders, but we are in one union with investors. And investors are the core of the exchange we are going to release.

If a decent masternode or proof of stake project is searching for the first exchange, there is no better choice than Midas.Investments. We are the only exchange with investors instead of traders. And we are proud of it.

The evolution of Midas is coming.

The airdrop registration is closed. The exchange tests starts next week@everyone

Today we close the registration of airdrop. We planned to open exchange tests today, but our CTO made a decision to update the matching algorithm and rewrite a few modules of exchange. The reason behind that is our exchange tech is lacking time to 24/7 maintain the back-end. Therefore, Mike needs to know exactly how every algorithm is working, so he can provide full-time support of our systems.

Meanwhile, we are working on the new level of Lock-in. I can say for sure you did not see that in masternodes before. I really hope to launch it this week. You will be able to invest in the core of the platform’s utility.

More news to come soon!

The registration for airdrop is closing this Wednesday@everyone

The alpha-test will start this week. Most likely Wednesday. All participants in the alpha-test get rewards from our airdrop. On the start of the test we will open access to the exchange, create test pair of Midas/BTC. Everyone will have fake balances to trade on this pair. The alpha-test will last for a week at least, so we could catch all the bugs and test how our exchange is working.

The current USD value of airdrop is near 2 thousand dollars. We will split our airdrop in two parts. Coins in the first part will be distributed amongst everyone who made a few transactions during alpha-test. The second part will be split between the most active traders and community members.

This are the metrics, we will evaluate to choose the top participants:

  1. The final balance in Midas;
  2. The final balance in BTC;
  3. The trading volume created;
  4. The amount of bugs caught, reviews written and ideas provided.

So, everyone will have opportunity to receive a part of airdrop. By the end of the alpha-test the exchange will be launched in the open beta and all the coins will be available for trade.

Everyone who could not sign in with banner, dm me the email to join our alpha-test.

The future of Midas coin@everyone

While we concentrated our strengths on launching the exchange and InstantBuy, Midas coin had only one utility: allowing free hosting of your masternodes.

We believe that when the masternode is providing you with passive income, the service should not take 60% of your profits to finance masternodes. Therefore, Midas finds ways to increase your income by earning on other sources of income, like the Exchange and InstantBuy.

Due to our hard work on optimizing the platform and launching new features, we did not add more utilities to Midas coin. Despite on that, from the middle of July the price of Midas coin grew two times. The reason behind it is the success of InstantBuy feature that allows projects to sell coins directly to investors. The BTC from sales splits between projects and exchange to support the coin's price.

After the exchange release we plan to add more features to Midas coin and improve our Lock-in feature, transforming it from "making the platform free" to all-in instrument for passive income.

The role of Midas coin is crucial in our long-term vision. And once the platform forms its way to new market, Midas coin will lead the way to reforms.

We have many ideas that we validate within our team and investors. By the end of the exchange's launch we will focus on spreading the word about the coin between hundreds of new users.

The alpha-test will start the next week and everyone who joined will be able to participate. We will announce more details soon, so make sure to put all notification up!

Good day,@everyone

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The more activity, the more involvement.

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The exchange is coming and so does the airdrop!@everyone

Today we started the final tests and first trades has come to our exchange produced by Midas team. While we are polishing our product for release, you can sign in for alpha-testers to be amongst the first traders and participate in our airdrop.

Just find the banner "Exchange soon" on main page of Midas.Investments and follow instructions. If the banner is not visible, just dm me your email and I will include you in the list.

You can learn more about airdrop and coins that are participating in @409048727664328731>'s brand new video!

Midas Investments Airdrop announced! Watch the Full video to learn how to participate and get a cut of an estimated $1500 Airdrop! MIDAS Investments: http://...

ESBC joins the list of our partners for the release of Midas exchange@everyone

One of the most stable coins on this market, ESBC, will be distributed amongst the first traders of our upcoming exchange. This coin is known for one of the most experienced and responsible developers and active community.
Make sure to check them out before the airdrop starts!

To join the airdrop:

  1. Log in to Midas.Investments
  2. Click on the banner "Exchange soon!" on the top of the platform
  3. Sign your email and confirm it
  4. After the exchange launch check it out and make one transaction

You can also purchase ESBC with one-click using our InstantBuy feature!
After the exchange release ESBC will be one of the first coins traded there.

MIDAS.INVESTMENTS launches the biggest AIRDROP with seven projects to celebrate the opening of the EXCHANGE@everyone

In September Midas launches the innovative exchange that is natively integrated to our shared platform.
Exchange allows you to:

  • mine coins while trading;
  • instantly buy and sell any amount of coins;
  • automatically sell rewards to earn BTC;
    ...And much more!

In this airdrop we gathered 7 different coins that will support the launch of the exchanges. These coins are:
1. Paws
2. Birake
3. Sinovate
4. 1x2
5. Spider
6. Midas
7. Fline

We will distribute this pool of coins between our investors that will fill the conditions for airdrop:

  1. Log in to Midas.Investments
  2. Click on the banner “Exchange soon!” on the top of the platform
  3. Sign your email and confirm it
  4. After the exchange launch check it out and make one transaction.

We will spread coins between all the participants and the most active traders and investors.

Check out this video to learn more about airdrop, our partners and the exchange!

Do not forget to like and subscribe.

MIDAS.INVESTMENTS launches the AIRDROP with seven projects to cele...
n September Midas launches the innovative exchange that is natively integrated to our shared platform. Exchange allows you to: - mine coins while trading; - ...

Learn how Midas will change during this Autumn and become one of the first traders of our new exchange to participate in one of the biggest airdrops!

Midas.Investments is the most innovative masternode platform that provides hosting and staking services, analytic tools, and allows investors to buy masterno...

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NEW VIDEO: The future of Midas and the start of alpha testing of exchange@everyone
Learn about how Midas will change in the following months and join the first alpha-testers of our new exchange!

Midas.Investments is the most innovative masternode platform that provides hosting and staking services, analytic tools, and allows investors to buy masterno...