Reminder to withdraw ALL funds from Cryptobridge@everyone

As you all know, Cryptobridge is closing on 15th December 2019. It is therefore vital for the progression of Midas and ALL OTHER PROJECTS/COINS, that any assets held on Cryptobridge are withdrawn in advance of this date.

Recently, Cryptobridge changed their Terms of Service to display the following information:

2.3.5. After the Services of the Company have been suspended, all funds will be converted into Bitcoin (BTC) over a reasonable period. The Company may also choose to fulfill claims in DKK or EUR if conversion into BTC provides significant difficulties to the Company.

What does this means?
Any coins that have not been withdrawn from Cryptobridge by 15th December 2019 23:59 GMT will change ownership to Cryptobridge and they will sell on the open market to convert all coins to BTC.

MIDAS has one of the best price supports on the market, however right now, there is over 10,500 MIDAS held by users on Cryptobridge and would do significant damage to our market if Cryptobridge were able to dump these coins. For coins that do not have such strong support, this will push market value down to zero and suppress the value for masternode coins.

If you did not pass CB KYC, there are reputable users in our community who are willing to help. If you are in this situation, make yourself known in <#488921841507893248>

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📖 The second part of the article "Why PoS is the future":

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Why Proof of Stake Is The Future — Part 2
Proof of Work & 51% Attacks

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Today we want to share with you interesting material that appeared recently on the website

Exclusive interview with Trevor about The Basics of Masternode Investments.

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Learn The Basics of Masternode Investments: An Exclusive Interview...
In this exclusive interview, Coinfomania gets the thoughts of Iakov Levin (CEO of Midas.Investments) on the masternodes investment ecosystem, and Bitcoin.

MIDAS support moved to Crex24@everyone

The movement of BTC supporting the price of MIDAS has now been moved from Cryptobridge to Crex24.

With Cryptobridge set to close, we will no longer be providing support on Cryptobridge and recommend all users stop using Cryptobridge to avoid massive coin volatility and instead trade through Crex24 or Birake Network/Midex.

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📖 Yesterday's article on our blog!
Why Proof of Stake Is The Future — Part 1:

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Why Proof of Stake Is The Future — Part 1:
Bitcoin Energy Consumption

The closure of Cryptobridge and opportunity for Midas@everyone

In a move that sums up the 'Cryptobridge way', CB announced the closure of their exchange in the last 12 hours along with the immediate closure of their Discord. It is the latest in a series of erratic moves from the Cryptobridge team and is the final chapter in their journey. Once the dust has settled, we believe this will help the overall masternode space and the growth of a new wave of exchanges spearheaded by Midas and the Midas exchange!

Changes to InstantBuy
After the launch of Midas exchange, all support generated by InstantBuy will be on Midas exchange. Until the launch, we will begin applying support to each coins most active exchange by volume.

For MIDAS, we will be moving BTC support from Cryptobridge to Crex24 later today, so do not be alarmed if you find the masternode spaces strongest buy wall disappear from Cryptobridge. It will be live through Crex24 shortly after.

Midas exchange
The stars are aligning for the launch of Midas exchange!

Our CTO and development team are pushing like crazy to successfully launch Midas exchange to make the most of the opportunity presented to us. Integration of the exchange to platform has been a more complex than expected, which has caused delay. However, we are aware of the opportunity that has appeared to allow Midas exchange to become the #1 exchange for MN/PoS coins and we intend to take it!

The launch of Midas exchange will be announced right here once integrations are complete.

The second payout of BTC interest rate and Midas bonus has been made!@everyone

As most of you know we have two unique campaigns going:

  1. 15% annual interest rate on BTC share;
  2. +10% rewards for Midas top holders (more than 5 000 coins located on the platform)

We make the payments on Friday, so today is the payment day.
In two weeks we got over 5 BTC in our BTC share (which is 50% from the overall cap). There were many withdrawals after the share was suspended for USA citizens (sorry, guys).
This week Midas credited 0.01218208254 BTC to investors in the share, which is two times more than previous week.

Our top Midas investors total received extra 296 Midas coins, which is 0.0177 BTC at the current price. It is a nice bonus, considering the Midas price growing stronger each day.

You can receive the next bonus too by investing either in BTC share or holding more than 5 000 Midas coins on your balance.

Have a great week-end!

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In today's article, we will introduce you to the story of one of our investors who voluntarily shared it with us.


Enjoy reading!

Midas' PROFIT PROMISE@everyone

We understand you are here to make profit!

Through the new Midas Profit Promise, we are making the biggest overhaul to our tariff structure since the launch of the platform to ensure that our users can optimise their profit from every coin listed.

Depending on the value of the coin, and expected ROI each coin will now be placed on one of the following tariffs to optimise the profit our users earn:

$10 | $5
$5 | $2.50
$2 | $1

FREE - With the Midas Lock-in

Fee structure explained
For new users to Midas, or those wanting to refresh their understanding, each tier comes with two prices. The first is the fee per full node per month if you choose to pay in the coin. If paying your fees in MIDAS you will receive a 50% discount on fees. The second figure in each tier is the fee paid per full node per month if you choose to pay in MIDAS.

FOR ANY COIN STAKING INSTEAD OF LOCKED IN NODES, that coin will be on a 5% tariff. We stake a coin when the value of expected masternode rewards is too low to cover fees. If a coin has a 5% tariff, this indicates to our users that coin is STAKING.

We will update tariffs at the beginning of each week to optimise our users profit potential.

MIDAS Lock-in
Of course, we are still the only platform to officially offer masternode investing without fees through MIDAS Lock-in. Hold 350 MIDAS in the Lock-in to activate zero fees on all your investments immediately. Over the past few months, for users who have activated Lock-in, as well as having zero fees on their investments, they have also experienced a 500% increase in value of their 350 MIDAS held in their Lock-in. A WIN-WIN! Soon, the Lock-in will be evolving to bring users new benefits and utility.

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We are pleased to present you a new article posted today in our Medium - 🖇️
The article is suitable for beginners, although for advanced users from our platform can also be useful.

The marketing campaign for Burn-out has started@everyone
We have great news, especially for those who have already activated Burn-out. We are starting to actively attract new investors to Burn-out.

We have developed a new website for Burn-out. You can follow the link

If you haven't activated Burn-out yet, now is the time to do so, as a lot of new activations are expected soon!

We have also updated your referral links, now they lead directly to the Burn-out site.

We have prepared promotional materials for those who want to get maximum profit from our referral system. Advertising banners of all popular advertising formats in Russian and English can be downloaded at

Hang a Burn-out banner on your website and earn 75 MIDAS for each referral!

Midas masternodes
burnout banner
Shared with Dropbox

The first payout of BTC interest rate and Midas bonus has been made!@everyone

We just made the first payouts on our btc share! In one week we gathered more than 4 BTC out of 10. The total payout for this week is 0.006626 BTC. It is a lot, considering that some deposits were made just a couple of days before.

We still accept 6 more BTC to the BTC share before closing it for a month or two. So make sure to claim your spot. Especially before the new bull-run starts.

Also, today we paid extra 10% Midas coins to every investor that has more than 5 000 coins on the platform. You can still participate in this loyalty programme that will last until the end of December. Midas price remains strong even with the BTC falling due to InstantBuy feature. And wait until the exchange release, just finished a huge chunk today.😄

Meanwhile, we are working on the marketing activity, on which we will report during the week-end.

Midas.Investments official roadmap 2020@everyone

I present you our new roadmap that states the development of Midas.Investments, Midas and Fline coins for the 2020 year.

The article that answers all the questions regarding our new investment instrument@everyone
Check out to learn more on how you can accumulate your bitcoin using Midas.Investments!

Receive 15% annual BTC interest rate on Midas.Investments
Midas.Investments launches the brand new feature, allowing you to earn 15% annual interest rate on your Bitcoin!

Midas.Investments launches the BTC investment share with 15% annual ROI@everyone

Today we expand our services to the new level! Our long-term vision is to create a stable and profitable instruments, while getting away from volatile masternode market.

As one of the first step, we launched the possibility to earn 15% annual rate on your BTC! It is the best offering on the whole crypto market!

It is added as a regular share on the main page, so you can easily found it.

We will pay the interest rate each week on Fridays!

This payable BTC share will become one of the core instruments to attract new investors. Later on we will build a lot of things on top of it, like indexes and derivatives.

The maximum amount available for investment is 1 BTC per person. We are ready to gather 10 BTC during the test period, so hurry up to claim your spot.

You can deposit and withdraw your BTC at anytime, so InstantShare rules are working here too.

We will post an article soon explaining this instrument in details, so if you have any questions, you can ask them dming me or in general chat.

For us it is a way to attract conservative investors and offer the new stuff that will help us build the features we want to!

Get increased ROI for Midas coin, if holding more than 5 000 coins@everyone

We are starting a new marketing campaign to reward our long-term and big investors in Midas coin.

Each week you will receive additional 10% of your Midas coin rewards on the platform if you are holding 5 000 coins or more. This is our way to thank our big investors.

It is a limited offer and we plan to have this campaign last for one month. Then we will decide if we want to continue it.

This ROI increase on Midas will also help us attract new investors. And since almost every investor buys Midas using InstantBuy, this BTC will go straightly to our buy support on exchanges.

So, make sure to have more than 5 000 Midas coins on your platform balance + Lock-in activated (to pay no fees) and enjoy additional coins during the next month!

P.S. The new Midas roadmap is coming this week!

@everyone The new BURN-OUT bonuses.

  1. Starting today, each member of the Burn-out will participate in the random distribution of Midas and partnership project airdrops. Every day we will give 10 MIDAS to one random participant. The report will be published in this channel: <#641032545567244318> The first midas-man has already received his coins.

  2. We have completed the development of the burn-out landing page and presentation materials for mass distribution. We also negotiate with several promoters who are ready to take us into their portfolios. The only thing we lack so far is your feedback. For this purpose we have launched a new bounty and are ready to pay you for the result. You will be able to help both our team and our entire community. Check it out: <#641032663934959630>

We can't announce the exact start date of the exchange yet, but it'll be soon. We can also assume that it will multiply the number of users of the platform, as we are trying to make the most convenient exchange for POS and MN coins. That's why we want you to be able to earn on the growth of our service.

🔥 The more coins we can burn, the less they will remain in circulation, which will greatly affect the value of Midas. If your friends don't know about our features and plans yet, it's time to tell them about it.

We are at the outset of the BURN-OUT success.

@everyone We are glad to announce that have added MIDAS to their portfolio of the best MN coins. We will follow their experiment and try to achieve maximum profit.

Masternode Portfolio Challenge
Masternode Portfolio Challenge.


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One of the last articles - Instant Share: A Midas Innovation

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Instant Share: A Midas Innovation
When Masternodes first entered the crypto scene a few years ago when DASH implemented the protocol, the only way to run a masternode was…