Commands that update your vps masternode @everyone
systemctl stop Midas
cd .midas

clear midas directory for bootstrap

rm -r all files exсept wallet.dat, midas.conf and masternode.conf

get new ver

tar xvfz midas-1.2.11-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
chmod +x midas*
mv midas-1.2.11/bin/midas-cli /usr/local/bin
mv midas-1.2.11/bin/midasd /usr/local/bin

get bootstrap, if you can’t unzip it: sudo apt-get install unzip

unzip -d .midas

systemctl start Midas

midas-cli getinfo
to be sure you on a ver 1.2.11 and passed after 94001 block

New mandatory wallet update

Bootstrap to sync faster -
Just put those files in your Midas directory.

To make sure you are on the right chain, delete everything but wallet.dat and masternode.conf before syncing.

Masternode script coming up later.

CB opened up the deposits and withdrawals

Contribute to mikeifomin/midas_coin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Yesterday our blockchain faced issues on migrating on the new fork that fixes exploits.
We spent whole day fixing this. The network is working on our new builds, we will post them soon.
That was the reason behind CB closing deposits.

Meanwhile, we fixed every fire on the platform. Right now we are hiring additional backend developer to help us optimise the platform and develop some new features.

Currently, a particular outsource developer who has been working on $ 20kk crypto-exchange startup as a CTO is hired to create our inner centralised exchange, or "BTC in - BTC out". Also, we have some radical ideas on how to install 20-30 masternodes on one server. Another developer will help us to do that.

We have been put back with all the problems faced due to the exponential growth. That caused huge reputation loses. But still, even after two weeks of daily 15 hour work from every member of our team, I see the future for Midas as bright as ever.

The first step would be the platform optimisation. And I mean not the fixing problems, but scaling to the point that they will not be occurring.
We will create our inner explorer for all coins. Explorers have the possibility to create addresses and see the deposits, which will make our platform the fastest on the Wild West.

Then, the masternode optimisation. A set of rules and automatisation features, which will increase the stability and deploying speed of masternodes.

And meanwhile, small developments here and there on back-end, which overall improves the condition of the platform.

Our designer and front-end developer are still working on interfaces and visual improvements, so some features that are not back-end based will be released.

All I am saying is that we have the straight plan of action on how to fix everything and grow to the monopoly platform on the market. During the whole year other shared services were copying us and our revolutionary features, and we have a lot more in our pocket.

Midas mandatory update@everyone
PoS fake exploit fix was changed to the more stable one. The whole community is still not sure what code change fix the exploit on 100%, but this is the most secured by now.

Additionally, we fixed the other exploit that was found out not so long ago.

Please update ASAP. The script for the masternode update will be posted later on.

This is one more step to the new Midas.

Contribute to mikeifomin/midas_coin development by creating an account on GitHub.

The first stage of implementing our new masternode docker optimisation is over@everyone
We created the new masternode installation algorithms for the new system. All masternodes that had any issues will be working by today's night. Most of them are enabled already.

Masternodes need some time to get activated, which will may take up to 24 hours in some rare cases.

I remind you that we have a free week, while we are implementing this optimisation. Thank you for being with us!

Midas v2.0@everyone

I ask you to read this article, which I wrote about the current state of Midas.
You will find out how are we going to increase the platforms ROI, what are we developing next and how are we going to increase the value of Midas in the following weeks.

Meanwhile, 4600 coins bought back from exchange as our first move in Midas 2.0.

A short summary of the article:

  1. Developed the new system for masternode installation and monitoring, which will be implemented on the next week. Since it requires masternodes to be restarted, we will make the next week free of charge.
  2. We are close on implementing "BTC in", so you will be able to buy coins on our platform.
  3. Buybacks will become transparent, since I will share all the info about our income of the previous week (so we could do buybacks on the random day of the week). And we will make it weekly. Since the price is really undervalued we are aiming on buying as many coins as we can from weak hands. The article also states how we will achieve monthly buybacks of 1 BTC.

Midas 2.0 is the new platform optimisation and the new way of working with the community. More transparency and higher impact.

Midas v 2.0. The upcoming changes and updates...
...or how are we going to stop that panic sell and increase our platform effectivenessThe whole week Midas team has been working hard on different problems, that suddenly popped up together, which created a bit of chaos. I will break down each of them: platform issues, price ...

Interview with the our dear bot developer about the bot, the future of crypto and the real Bitcoin price @everyone

To everyone who was doubting that the bot is real, to everyone who that 6 thousand percents is fake, we present you the interview with the creator of the bot, @538940006920749082>.

I asked him about his team and experience, about the story of the bot creation and about current crypto-state. Also, the real price of Bitcoin, that was calculated by analysing a huge data from every big crypto exchange, is revealed.

Make sure to watch, subscribe and tell your friends about it.

Interview with the Fline trading bots creator. The real price of B...
We faced a lot of skepticism about our trading bots, that is why Trevor interviewed Whirlwind, the creator of Fline trading bots. Fline website: https://flin...

Midas takes over Fline project@everyone
A video update from me about the solution we came up regarding Fline coin and negating some concerns about the bot.


  • Midas takes over Fline coin. Midas is now in control of the blockchain (testnet is launched, we are now testing rewards change), discord, website and will control all the Fline funds.

  • The only Fline team member left is@Whirlwind (Fline CEO)#2408, the creator of the bots. We recorded an interview with him that will be posted later tonight. The interview will prove you that the bot is legit and show some story behind it, and some crypto insides like what is the real price of Bitcoin.

  • Therefore, Fline becomes fully our project. All other team members are kicked from this project.

Midas takes over Fline project
Update from Trevor about the recent event related to Fline fake ids on the website. Fline website: Fline discord:

Platform development@everyone
I am happy to say that Midas platform is doing as great as it can be. We hired a front-end developer and a designer. Together with our new marketing manager they are implementing small and big changes to the platform to increase the usability of the platform.

Here are some changes that were implemented to the platform:
1. Added Russian and Deutsch translations to Midas.Investments
Those countries have a lot of Midas investors and we decided to translate the platform especially for them. You can change the languages in the bottom of the page.
2. Redesigned share sheet.
Added Invest and Open button to decrease the amount of clicks you need to make to invest. Also, added search field.
3. Online-support chat is added to the platform.
We respect your time and your money. Our team is online 24/7 to answer your questions.

A week ago we faced a lot of problems with wallets, because of the exponential growth of the platform. We added few more servers to provide stability and smooth work for the platform.

In plans we have the development of our own inner explorer for every coin. That will allow to make the platform as fast as it can be.

But right now we are concentrated on the BTC in system. With BTC in our investors can buy coins directly from the Midas.Investments, which will be groundbreaking in masternode ecosystem.

Midas will be able to host presales and ICOs, and create OTC market for developers and investors.

With BTC out system coming out later on, investors can sell their rewards automatically each day and receive BTC, or put sell orders, while the coins are still being mined!

No need to use crappy exchanges and transfer your coins, losing the rewards meanwhile. Just decide at what price do you want to sell your coins and system will connect you with the buyer, once the time has come.

New platform landing and affiliate bounty start@everyone
The first part of our website renewal is live at
We will make some small changes to it later on, but our main goal was to create highly conversional landing page for the platform.

Also, you can choose the coin from the scroll and click invest to get the address for deposit. As smooth as it can be.

The next step will be the update on our Midas coin landing page to increase the conversion for the direct buy of the coin.

Also, due to the new highly effective landing page we are opening <#537683171484106752>. Receive your unique referral link in <#537698951449673733> and invite users to receive 20% of their fees forever.

The bounty also will be provided with Midas coins, which winners will receive at the end of the bounty on 1.03.2019. This is a great way to create another source of passive income for yourself.

For the platform it means more investors and more exposure to Midas ecosystem. And you will have the unique opportunity to join our skyrocket!

Midas masternodes

Fline coin to become the standard of the trading bot's investments@everyone

As we mentioned earlier, Midas partnered with a team of expert traders to create the brand new masternode coin.

The core product of the new coin will be the BTC/USD trading bot that caught every big move during this year and managed to increase the deposit 61 times without using leverages.

I personally monitored the work of this bot from the day of its existence in September, so I am sured in its work. During this months, the team made astonishing job on optimising the bot's trades.

We worked really hard on this project and, finally, I can present it to you. Please, welcome:
Fline coin - the investment platform and trading bots that we deserved

Midas will take care of everything related to the coin and marketing, and our experts team will be working on the product. We will use all our Midas experience to make this project awesome. For example, huge part of the bot profits will be spent on coin buybacks.

During this week, I will make a breakdown of their bots and will share more info on the coin, presale and future plans.

Make sure to join the discord for the new coin, where you will find some information to fill your curiosity.

Cryptobridge Midas deposits and withdrawals are open

Midas wallet mandatory update to implement the multiple fixes@everyone

Please download the new wallets.

Changes in the wallets:

  • Fixed the PoS exploit.
  • Fixed the masternode transaction history.
  • Since the exploit can be used through zMidas and our zMidas is not working correctly, we decided to disable it.

If you have any coins stuck on zMidas, send screenshots of privacy tab to @447551550605230081>
He will convert it into usual Midas.

Contribute to mikeifomin/midas_coin development by creating an account on GitHub.

The new coin will be launched on Midas ecosystem. Midas will lead the coin creation, marketing, community support and project management. The Pro team will take care of the product — the highly effective safe trading bots available for everyone.

The coin will be using our buy-back system. It means that its price will be correlated with the success of the bots. And the best part in it is that income provided by the new coin will be counted as Midas income. Which means 25% of that goes to Midas buyback.

So, we are almost finished with blockchain, website and announcement. The bots are ready too. While we are polishing the new project, take a look on back-test of all the bots mentioned above.

Do not worry, guys. We will answer all the questions in time. Meawhile, we are increasing the duration of airdrop to one more week, because CB will be opened only tomorrow and there are a lot of you, who want to participate in this airdrop.

Have a great week,@everyone , and stay tuned for more updates soon.

Fline Back-Test
BTCUSD Initial Capital,Base Currency,Longs: x1 lev 1 BTC,BTC,Shorts: x2 lev Net Profit,Total Closed Trades,Percent Profitable 60,5991,26,65% Trade #,Type,Signal,Date/Time,Price,Contracts,Profit,Balance 1,Entry Short,Sell,2018-01-08 18:00:00,14372.5,28744,1 Exit Short,Buy,201...

Midas prepares the new coin based on the trading bots with up to 6 thousand percent of yearly profits@everyone
The Midas has a harsh history with investment instruments. Still, I believed that there are a lot of ways to create a passive income outside from the masternode world that is full of scam and instability.

We have been working for four months to find the best investment instruments and to test them. And we have found the best dark horse of crypto-market.

The team of experts, who has summary of 33 years of experience in trading, analytics and programming. They created their core BTC/USD trading bot in August. That bot predicted the fall from 6k to 3k and shorted it. During those months those guys were improving the BTC/USD bot and currently he has 6 thousand percent of yearly compound income without using leverages.

A month ago the team developed altcoin bots: ETH, EOS, TRON. All of those have awesome stats in back-test too and showed some nice profits already.

Midas goal was to provide the safe ways of passive and profitable income, but, since we failed to do it on summer, we decided to concentrate on the masternode market. Now, when we are really close to become one of the major forces on this market, we can diversify Midas to much more than just masternodes.

Neutron is the next project that congratulates Midas with anniversary@everyone
The algorithm of masternode participation did not change, deposit 10 or 500 coins to Midas airdrop share. You still have a chance.

Also, we are thinking on extending the airdrop due to the CB withdrawal issue. But you can always buy some Midas coins on Midex.

Midas bought 1600 Midas coins to destroy the huge sell wall@everyone
We continue our celebration with one more buyback. There was a huge wall on CB that is scaring our potential investors, therefore we decided to buy those coin now.

We cannot transfer them to burn wallet yet, because the withdrawal is closed, but we will do that once we implement the fix for the exploit.

Another reason for the buy-back is that tomorrow we are going to have a huge announcement that will provide our community the best investment opportunity on the whole crypto-market. I am eager to tell you more, but please wait for tomorrow.

Cryptoflow and OneWorld projects congratulate Midas community with anniversary@everyone

@435406666209558528>, the developer of CFL and OWO, gifted us some coins to share with our investors.

Thank you, Bar.

The algorithm of masternode participation did not change, deposit 10 or 500 coins to Midas airdrop share.

The Midas trades are closed on CB due to the founded pivx pos issue.

ATM we are working on fixing it and I asked CB to open trades for Midas, the closing trades does not solve this issue in blockchain in any case.

PAWS is the second team that congratulates us with our anniversary@everyone

@396294854218481664>, the founder of PAWS sent us some coins to share them with our community.

The algorithm is the same. Deposit 10 or 500 Midas coins to airdrop share at Midas.Investments.

Ian also bought the Midas masternode from the market to support our price.

Thank you, Ian and PAWS team!

P.S. Since airdrop share is on another Midas wallet, we installed enough masternodes to cover up the payments on it. Still, the masternodes need some time to get activated. That is why Airdrop share does not have rewards yet. We will make an additional airdrop of Midas to cover us the time without rewards, so do not worry.

Midas bought back from exchange and burned 1576 coins@everyone

The planned buyback on our anniversary was delayed due to the slow Bitcoin transaction. Still, as one of our gifts we made this buyback of Midas coins.

Totally we burned over 41 masternodes, which not only reduces the overall supply and increases the price of the single coin, but also increases your rewards.

The coins from other sources of income will be burned in the end of the week with the huge announcement coming up, which actually means the new era for us.

And, of course, I remind you about the free week on Midas platform, and in the evening we will announce a coin that prepared a gift for our community!