NEW VIDEO: How to analyze the price charts of masternode coins?@everyone

Today I will talk about what can you learn about the coin simply by looking on its price chart. Also, I will reveal my strategy of trading masternode coins.

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In today's video, Trevor (CEO of Midas.Investments) reveals the secrets of successful analysis and trading of masternode coins, touching on the simplest but ...

InstantBuy changes the way you trade coins@everyone

In a few weeks after the launch we have more than 5 BTC of real buys from investors. Considering that we do not invest resources in marketing, it shows that people tend to choose this way of purchasing coins instead of buying on exchanges.

InstantBuy not only benefits investors by providing them with coins on market price, but also developers. From 75% to 95% of BTC earned goes straight to the buy orders on exchange. The rest of BTC (excluding our 5% fee) is sent to developers to maintain their product.

It means that every coin listed on InstantBuy not only getting new pool of investors, but additional buy support created by Midas and one more source of income.

Right now we can compete with exchanges like Crypto-bridge and Crex24 in terms of real buys volume. And this is only the start.
The next step is the release of our inner exchange. The biggest problem for every exchange is where to find coins, traders and liquidity to maintain the healthy trading. We have this problems solved already. Midas.Investments have:

  • the coins that will be listed to the exchange from the first day;
  • traders from our immense community;
  • liquidity provided by investors, InstantBuy and InstantSell feature.

After the next release, you will not need any other masternode platform or exchange. And we will not stop on this, providing investments possibilities beyond masternode and proof of stake.

The first coins to be listed on exchange will be the ones with InstantBuy live. So, if your favourite coin is not listed, make sure to let their community know about this possibility: additional buy support, exposure, investment resources and the best exchange for masternode coins. And all that is free for them!

Soon you will be able to experience unbelievable opportunities by yourself. Stay tuned!

The presentation of the brand new Midas.Investments@everyone

Today we are giving you a sneak peak of the upcoming developments of our platform that will be made in the next months.

In one and half years we walked a long path of changing this market with our innovative features. Midas started from managing investors' balances in google sheets and started to grow immediately.

Some of the key events from our history:

  • We invented InstantShare and Reinvestment features, which now is the standard for all the shared masternode platforms;
  • Midas became the most convenient platform to use with our well-thought user experience;
  • Midas.Investments became the first free shared masternode platform with Midas Lock-in;
  • Release of InstantBuy allows you to buy coins on market price with one click without using exchange! Coins are credited to your share and starts to mine right away. We partnered with 18 coins by now and providing the buy support for them from each buy you make on our platform.

And now we are preparing for the next leap forward that will change this market and will bring Midas.Investments to the heights unreachable before!

Check out the presentation I made on our vision for the market. It does not have all the features, because it is impossible to include them all. But this pitch will give you the understanding of which way we are going.

Soon we will open the whitelist for upcoming exchange. Follow our twitter, enable discord notifications and join our telegram to do not miss the chance to be one of the first traders of the next-generation exchange!

Midas evolution presentation.pdf

Good news,@everyone
The last video on the Midas.Investments channel on YouTube has added Russian subtitles. We make content understanding simpler and work to make it easier for you to understand the material that @403128632492687371> talks about in his videos.
If you are interested in watching a video with subtitles in your language, put emojis with the flag of your country and if there are many interested, we may add your language to the subtitles.

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New YouTube video, where I explain my strategy on safe Bitcoin accumulation that can make you rich@everyone
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The slide from the presentation I am making now. Not final version, but it shows you the main problem that we will be solving in the following month!

Do you sell rewards from your masternodes?@everyone
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  1. I am selling the whole rewards as frequent as I can.
  2. I am selling part of my rewards few times a week.
  3. I am not selling my rewards, because I am increasing the number of coins I have.
  4. I am not selling my rewards as frequent as I would like to, because it takes a lot of time.

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: Four reasons why Bitcoin can cost $250 thousand by the end of this three-year bullish cycle@everyone

I made a new YouTube video about fundamentals of Bitcoin that many of you do not take into consideration while analysing the investment opportunities that Bitcoin provides.

This is the first video of our new rebranded YouTube channel, where I will share a lot of educational information about investing, crypto-market, hidden opportunities and much more. You can see the spike of quality we had.

It is important to develop our YouTube channel, because in some time it can become a nice traffic generator for our platform. To help us with it make sure to subscribe, leave a like and comment. It will help us a lot on our journey.

The next video will go live on Monday.

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Announcement regarding Gin platform closing@everyone

Most of you know that Gin platform is closing due to the competitive pressure of the market. The reason behind it is low efficient economy model. Some of you worrying if Midas are doing okay on this market.

Obviously, as other services, we do not feel totally comfortable at the moment on the market. This is the reason behind holding buybacks. But we have enough money made and multiplied over two years to pay salaries for a few more months, and a clear strategy of development.

The reason why Gin closed is that they do not adapt and do not evolve. We do. We made our path from 2-men google sheet shared service with first implementation of instant shares and reinvest. And now we are creating the best exchange for all proof of stake and masternode coins.

During next month we will open the testing phase for it. The exchange allows to buy and sell coins with one-click in share card, create portfolios of coins, automatic sell of rewards, stop-losses, take-profits and many more.

Meanwhile, we have a plan on Midas and Fline coins and our marketing. The new referral program going to blow your face off.

So, you can be sured in Midas platform and exchange. We have always adapted and will enter the new market as a leading platform.

Hi guys.

Midas is rapidly gaining momentum and analyzing various materials, we realized that the market is completely lacking content. Therefore, we are developing a new unique content strategy, which will consist of a number of exciting and useful articles for our users.

If among you there are authors interested in working with us, send your portfolio and examples of works to me in dm.

We fixed the bug with frozen instant buy transactions. Now everything should be as instant as it should.
We canceled all the waiting transactions. So, if you had one pending, create the new one. If you will face problems, message me.

Upcoming platform updates and a tiny bit of Midas vision@everyone

Today we released Google sign in to the platform. From today new users can easily use our services even if they do not have discord (next-gen stuff, I know).

We have gathered small changes that significantly increase the user experience on our platform and will implement them during the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, we are working on:
1. Inner exchange.
It opens up a lot of possibility for us. It is the next step after InstantBuy. The tests for orders are already in production. This and next week we are working on prototypes for interfaces.

2. Executing our content plan.
Articles, YouTube videos and contests are taking much more systematic format. Our goal is to deliver educational materials for all kind of investors. During our journey, we have gathered a lot of sacred knowledge about investments, which we are eager to share. Tomorrow I will announce the contest that will take place during the next two weeks.

3. Developing new investment instruments
InstantBuy and Fline expertise allows us to validate many hypothesises, which will become the new opportunities for our investors. Our tools will be aimed on long-term profit from volatile crypto market, while keeping the risks at minimum.

4. Listing good old big coins
While other shared platforms are aiming on listing new unreliable projects to achieve our goals we need to have as many big coins as possible. We will start with known names during the next couple weeks and will expand our ecosystem to PoS coins later on. Let us know in <#516679636147503104>, which coins would you like to see.

This is all our short-term goals (well, exchange is kinda long-term). You can find the exact report on what we are doing in <#520330258432393246>

MIDAS now listed on VAULT Investments platform@everyone

We are pleased to announce that MIDAS has now been listed on VAULT Investments.

VAULT Investments specialise in mature/veteran and proven projects like MIDAS and FLN and take their security serious with 2FA also available for their users. MIDAS Instant shares are now available for users.


Midas partnerships with INDX.Capital. Explanation video@everyone

As I said before, I joined due diligence team of INDX.Capital - the tokenized masternode and proof of stake fund. I am working on improving their algorithm and help them to choose the masternodes that are great long-term.

In the video below you will have a brief understand on what INDX.Capital are doing and what things do we have in terms of partnership.

INDX.Capital has ongoing security token offering. You can check it out and participate by the link below

Together with INDX we will shape the masternode future and create new passive income instruments. You will learn more on new Midas features in the upcoming videos, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube. The video frequency will be two in a week.

INDX.Capital β€” The tokenized masternode fund for ultimate passiv...
Midas.Invesments partners with INDX.Capital. The project aims to reach 13 million dollars hardcap to create one of the best tools for dividends to investors....
INDX Capital - Diversified Masternode Investment Fund
INDX is the world's leading Tokenized Masternode Investment Fund. Own the INDX token to receive a regular passive income. INDX leverage their proprietary technology to deliver Masternode profits

InstantBuy feature is out! Check out my video to learn more about...@everyone

... About how it will change the masternode market, why is it better to buy coins from us then from exchange and how purchasing coins from Midas helps the coin developers!

From this moment I will release a few videos per week (2-3 from time to time) highlighting the decent coins that we are listing, explaining some stuff in investing, analysing market and teaching how to be a profitable investor.

The market seems half-dead, but I see how there are more and more decent projects popping out that are great for long-term.
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InstantBuy feature released! The best way to purchase masternode coins
The long-awaited feature is here to test for you. Cashback, market price and support of the coin developers! Subscribe to our channel to learn more about pas...

Good day to all!@everyone
Soon you will see listing activity and many new announcements!

Today we are pleased to inform you that now Midas can be found on Stack of Stake shared masternode service!


Happy Birthday Trevor!@everyone

He has kept it quiet, but on behalf of the rest of the Midas team and our great community, I'd like to wish Midas CEO @403128632492687371> a great birthday!

🎁 πŸŽ‰ 🍾

Web site unavailable, scheduled work is carried out. We apologize for the inconvenience, in the near future the site will be online.

Midas.Investments partners with INDX.Capital, the masternode investment fund backed up by security token @everyone is the masternode and proof of stake investment fund. They are launching their STO with 15 million dollars hard cap on 1st of July.

I will be joining their due diligence team to help picking up projects for their huge masternode portfolio. Their knowledge and my expertise will make sure that their fund will be safe, sustainable and profitable. Most likely I will say a word or two about Midas and Fline πŸ˜‰

Also, Midas.Investments will become their partner and will highlight the whole process, while increasing the awareness of their great project.

I am happy to join their team and help them build true passive income through staking and masternodes. More updates will follow next week, more great things coming ahead.

INDX Capital - Diversified Masternode Investment Fund
INDX is the world's leading Tokenized Masternode Investment Fund. Own the INDX token to receive a regular passive income. INDX leverage their proprietary technology to deliver Masternode profits

MIDAS included in the launch of Crypto Hunter - crypto's augmented reality game@everyone

Hunt for MIDAS and your other favourite cryptocurrencies at home, work or on a hike with the Crypto Hunter augmented reality game developed and launched by the Swyft project.

Currently launched to the Apple Store, gamers can locate and collect a variety of digital coins and assets with a smartphone. Crypto Hunter aims to educate gamers on the masternode space whilst having fun. Tools are advertised in the game alongside links to provide project information, increasing knowledge of coins founds and a general better understanding of masternodes and crypto.

By having MIDAS involved, we aim to increase awareness of the Midas project, platform and coin directly to investors currently involved with masternodes as well as new investors entering the space.

Download the app now:

MN.Investments article:

Crypto Hunter trailer:

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