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Our Blockchain Toolbox lets you quickly determine if you are on the correct chain and your masternode status. Coins on the wrong chain can be lost so wouldn't it be nice quickly check your chain status? If your answer is yes then you're welcome -

@everyone Dear Community, find below our latests news, which have been published on our Hub site:

Merge listed on CoinGecko Beam

Merge review on YouTube by Secure Cloud Net

We wish you a pleasant Sunday.

Merge Core team

Hey Merge community. We have couple things to say to keep you guys updated.
There is the most important thing that our team have been up to and it is the legalisation of our business. Merge has become something more than just a crypto project for us and we decided to make a step forward in direction of building a company that you guys will be the part of. Merge leaders decided to register a new company - Merge BCDG (Blockchain Development Group) USA LLC.
Merge BCDG USA LLC is the use case for Merge through SaaS and services. Project Merge is the definition of the Merge Coin and the place for the community that supports and invests in the coin, concept and goals.
Process of legalisation is still going on, as soon as it will be finished Merge will start working in it’s full mode with proper marketing campaign, new website and services. Thank you for attention!


We invite the community to visit our <#568192267995709440> channel. This channel is dedicated to the Membrane topic. Please feel free to reach out to the Lead Developers of this project, @!426369172541276160> and @403439143960576000> , and ask questions and lend suggestions. There may be some limitations to what information can be revealed and when. But ask them and they will let you know. It is a project in the works. More details at


Today we would like to extend our offer on Apparel Junction:

Apparel Junction is not only a place where to buy Merge merchandise. It's also the online store where any other crypto currencies can sell their merchandise. Add your products in Apparel Junction and, in turn, your profits will be used to buy your coin on an exchange, driving the price up from the "buy orders" book. Your coins will then be sent to your project's budget. Details:

  • No listing fees. Add your products without any entry costs.
  • 50% of the profits goes to Apparel Junction to cover their costs.
  • 40% of the profits are used to buy your coins on an exchange within Birake's network (for example, MergeDEX). These coins will be sent to your project's budget.
  • 10% of the profits are used to buy MERGE on the exchange. These coins will be sent to Merge's budget.

Note: if your coin is not listed on an exchange within Birake's network, then a minimum of $200 will have to be generated before trading on exchange. We reserve the right to trade on any exchange where your coin is available.

Feel free to reach out to the coin communities you belong to and help them use as their merchandise supplier. It helps them and us all in a process of "working together to bring crypto communities together"!

If your project is interested in a partnership, then please fill out the following form:


We are pleased to share our next goals with the below Roadmap.

What has been accomplished?

Our team has been working rigorously night and day, 24/7 for almost a year, to help realize the most creative and ambitious ideas that makes Merge a success.

First we began with the swaps. The founders and core team had an overwhelming desire to Merge as many communities as possible together, all while helping those who found themselves in a similar position as ourselves. It was a success and we are very pleased that you chose to join our community! The swap site will now be used as a future usecase:

Next we ventured into finding an exchange. After deliberation and planning, we decided to list on the Birake network. Shared exchange networks are the next evolution in the cryptocurrency markets. We see this as an opportunity to land on the playing field, guide and develop it into the way that fits our community and investors. For every trade transaction, the fees are converted and sent to the Merge budget. This is also currently being used as a usecase!

After that we started a Merge Merchandise shop. This might not seem useful, but there is a 50/50 profit sharing and the proceeds are used to buy MERGE from you off of the MergeDex Exchange and sent the proceeds to the Merge budget. This is also currently being used as a usecase!

What comes next?

Now we venture into the continuance and full contribution from the team for creating usecases, products and services. Our plan is to begin to disclose these as time progresses. The below Roadmap is a rough estimate and our goal is to have many finished much sooner than projected. So we reach out to you and ask for your non-solitude and contribution.
Lets build value for everyone!


Today at noon EST (2hrs 20min from now) the development team will engage two sporks.
These are:

  • Masternode Payment Enforcement
  • Banning of peers on the old protocol
    If you have not updated to v1.0.3 your MNs and wallets will be kicked off the network and stop recieving rewards.
    Please update A.S.A.P.
    Thank you.


This is a vote if theres a need for an tipbot for discord.
👍 yes
👎 no

The tipbot comes with basic commands ; tip, depost, withdraw ,rain, soak. In the future more commands will be added.

Also to the ones that havent updated there wallet please do this ASAP.

If your wallet doesnt sync:
use the bootstrap
delete peers.dat or add forcednsseed=1 in your conf file
you dont need addnodes

Thank you

For more details about Birake and their system, please refer to the following materials:

Start using now to trade your MERGE and benefit from trading within a community of traders!

All questions and/or comments regarding MergeDex please use the #mergedex channel.
All issues regarding MergeDex please use the #mergedex-issues channel.
Please do not clutter all the other channels with issues regarding the MergeDex.

Thank you for your patience!
Happy Trading and Enjoy!!

Merge Core team

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for!!
Today we are happy to announce Merge's Decentralized Exchange. Please welcome to MergeDEX!!

Merge has joined Birake's network of exchange platforms, a new and innovative concept that uses the security of blockchain technology to share orderbooks among all the exchanges that belong to such network. This means that MergeDEX, since day one, has already a list of paired coins and trading volume coming from their shared orderbooks. That includes the pair for the Merge Coin with Bitcoin: MERGE/BTC

Even more, orders from traders will automatically be sent to all those exchanges within the Birake's network, exposing the buying and selling requests to a wider audience and, thus, increasing the chances to fulfill them.

Another great feature about the Birake's network of exchange platforms is that when traders trade Merge, Merge will receive 30% of the fees involved in the transaction/trade in the form of BIR. This BIR will be reinvested into buying Merge on the open market. Meaning the Core team is using the Merge transaction fees to purchase the traders Merge to fund the budget to pay for usecases in the future. In a sense a usecase that will fund further usecases.

More details and all relevant information including addresses to track the funds will be released on this topic in the upcoming days. There are more benefits that will be addressed also once all is in place.

Now here's our offer….. We will contribute our 1 BTC of our own personal funds to a exchange listing. Once we have finished the vote, if the chosen exchange is above 1 BTC and below 3 BTC we will put our 1 BTC in escrow and the community will have 1 week to figure out:

  1. How to pay
  2. Pay the exchange if they allow a collection or collect the money needed in some type of escrow.
    It's up to the community to figure out how to do this.

It has to be done to be in a secure manner and approved by the core team. We will not take any money from the community and noone in the community is allowed to either. Also it needs to be done in a way that the funds can be returned if the goal is not reached

After that week and the BTC goal is not reached. Those who donated will be either be given their donated funds back and we will list on the most voted exchange under 1 BTC.
Or if collected in say escrow, we will list on the most voted exchange above 1 BTC in combination with the escrow. And the rest will be spent on a community decision.

The exchange vote will begin on 03/25/19 at 11.59PM UTC.@everyone

At this point it's obvious most do not want to list on TradeSatoshi. So we will end the vote now and proceed with a solution.

We've made 2 channels
<#558106215616348190> - Where you put exchange suggestions
<#558233936220782592> - Were we add only the exchanges with the information and criteria below. All others will not be considered if missing information.

Please post:

  1. Name of exchange
  2. Website
  3. Listing way (example - contact support or application, etc)
  4. LIsting fee
  5. Amount of time it takes to get listed

All info will be taken into account.
Please Do Not post Binance or Bittrex or any other huge exchange!
They are way too expensive at this stage.
All need to be under 3 BTC to be considered.

Once we have the information above we will post another vote on which exchange to list.


Today we were supposed to list on the Trade Satoshi exchange in order to be fully listed and trading. However, it has come to our attention from some community members, others we know and some investigation that they have come into a bit of a KYC problem. What we've uncovered is that, as of March 16th 2018, they’re registered as a Hong Kong exchange. With that their terms may have changed recently due to some tightening of Hong Kong regulations and now have stricter requirements regarding KYC:

From reading Anns and Social Media, there are many complaints from people being locked out of their accounts. Before we continue with this listing we are putting the decision up to the community. We do not want to put you all in a bad position only because we promised a listing by Fri 3/22 and did not want to disappoint you.
This is a vote whether to proceed or not. If you decide not to list we will explore other options and find another exchange. Feel free to vote how you feel.

This vote will last until 11:59PM UTC 03/22/2019.
Only thumb emojis count as a vote all other emojis will not be counted as a vote.


1000 Merge Contest!!!

Hello Merge Community,
We have an opportunity to join with a newly announced CC/Crypto card community. A great community! Newly partnered with ZCoin!
A Lot of what we want to do will involve fiat to crypto transactions. This is very much needed in our direction! We have other possible ideas in mind but if you want this to work then please join us in making this work. This requires the community to get involved. All morning the team has talked the Polis community leaders from a $17k listing to a vote. They are showing kindness. Please show your support for this huge effort and great understanding.
Please vote on the below.

“We are hosting a PolisPay free listing competition, if you want to see your coin listed, please follow the instructions in the following tweet:”

Once you vote please add a link to your Polis tweet in <#555133037759823875> and the most tweets wins 1000 Merge! <#555133037759823875>

Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency

@everyone We have begun testnet. Please feel free to contribute if you'd like. Totally voluntary but very much needed <#549908236757630986>


1 more week until block 3 ends! And thee swaps are officially over!

10 billion swapcoins burned, 8255 swaps, 2398291.41 Merge distributed

Schedule ahead -
March 15th - Swaps end
March 16th - We announce the exchange
March 16th - 18th close out remaining tickets
March 16th - 21st clean up the swap equipment, review the data
March 22nd - List on exchange
March 23rd and on - Phase 2 begin development. Weve begun alot already but then the team will be freed up to go all in

There will be a page added to the website that shows all the swap data once we are finished.

Also we have created a channel for the testnet <#549908236757630986> Please feel free to check in and contribute if you like.

@everyone Curvecoin has been added to the swap block 3. Remember block 3 ends Fri March 15th. Kudos to the devs and ppl interested in making it work.

-Merge Swap:
Theres alot of people having issues with the swap. Please follow the steps below.

-Quick guide to swap:

  1. Watch the video:
  2. Download the wallet:
    <#462667044786012176> or go to
  3. Make sure your chain is moving:
    Please make sure your wallet, the coin you are swapping's explorer, and our wallet <#538527446031400981> are on the same blockcount. If not you will not receive your Merge.
    Also make sure Merge wallet is fully synced and on the correct block count as ours and the explorer. <#538527446031400981>
    If the blocks are off on our wallet or explorer please reach out to a Merge team member in the discord and we will work to fix the issue. But DO NOT SEND YOUR COINS until the blocks match.
  4. Go to the swap site:
  5. Enter your Merge receiving wallet address.
  6. Pick a coin you wish to swap.
  7. Send to BOTH BURN ADDRESSES that have been provided at the SAME TIME from the coin you are swapping.
  8. Wait a minimum of 50 confirmations.
    Every coin is different. Some take more.
  9. If you have not received your Merge please wait 24 hrs. Some chains stop and we need time to resync and make sure we are on the correct block and chain.
  10. Check your blocks to ours again <#538527446031400981>.
  11. If they match and you still didn't receive your coins, open ticket here after waiting 24hrs. Please wait and be patient. There are 2200 people in the Merge community and only 5 Merge team members working on the swap.@everyone
Merge Swap App
How to swap your coins for Merge Swap Site: Website: Knowledge Base:
Merge Coin (MERGE) - Project moved to - ProjectMerge/merge
Ticketing - Merge Hub

Just a quick update.

Id like to . He has added Merge to his very awesome site

Also if you have a ticket open on the hub and you have received your Merge and everything is ok, please close your ticket. Theres alot still open. Its making it difficult to know who still needs help.

And finally for those still swapping please follow these directions. If your wallet and ours dont match up our site will not know you sent coins. Thanks

As much as it hurts to say, Block 2 coin swap has officially ended.
If you have sent coins to swap with any of the coins that were listed in block 2 before 11:45 pm est March 1st and not recieved them and you are beyond the 50 minimum 50 confirmations please open a ticket on the hub
Please also post your transaction number and whatever other available information on your ticket.
Block 3 swap will be open until March 15th.
We will announce close time when we aproach that date.
Thanks everyone