Dear Moondex Community,

As promised here is our (long waited for) update of current progress of Moondex. There have been a lot passing our minds when it comes to the direction we want to move forward. It has been difficult for me personally (due to the mining job) to re-do everything discussed.
Therefore we want to hire a few of you for some tasks i can not do right now.

NLpool has done a lot of work on the whitepaper already, but we can't release it in current form. Same is for the website texts. For this we need an English expert.

The website is being edited and will be launched 1st week of march! Template we used:

The new IPV6 wallet will not be supported/updated due to the option to install 40+ masternodes on a server, making it even more unprofitable for those who just want to support the project with a single node.

Also, increasing the masternode collatoral will not be our choise for now, because it will bring higher centralisation. We rather see the price of Moondex increase due to our updated website, whitepaper and adding coins/tokens to the exchange. We are aiming to add 50+ coins/tokens to the Moondex exchange by the end of Q2 2019.

So, we need a little support from you guys. Please PM me or NLpool for one of the following positions:

  • “English Language Expert” for re-writing, editing and reformulating the website/whitepaper texts.
  • “Project Manager” for adding good value coins/tokens to the Moondex Exchange, keeping contact with developers of the projects for liquidity and support.

Both these tasks will be funded by the Moondex Development Fund. Currently holding +/- 20.000$.

As always, enjoy your weekend and thank you for the support!

Kind Regards,
Hidde Hoogland
Community Manager MoonDex ❤

Dear MoonDex community,

Two days ago me and NLpool had a meeting about the future of this project. We discussed the issues from the last developer, we talked about the benefits of MoonDex holders/stakers and we examined possible expansion ideas of the exchange

For now the discussed befenits of the exchange:

  • No decentralization (yet)
  • Reduced costs
  • Extremely improved speed comared to decentralized exchanges
  • Maker/Taker fee of 0,01%
  • Automatic wallet renewal (for every transaction / not mandatory)
  • Funds fully in cold storage
  • Monthly BUY-BACK of MoonDex tokens exclusively on from exchange profits (maker/taker fee)
  • Listing of coins/tokens required volume request from developers/community (instant liquidity)

I will be working on a shortend version of the Whitepaper, a lot of old ideas from the previous developer are not feasable in the current crypto market. We need to be a little creative here and there to stay functional as an exchange/token project.

Also there will be a completely renewed website following the vision of the new Whitepaper. On this website we will add writing guides for setting up masternodes and a basic FAQ for the questions of newcomers.

Also we launced a Telegram Chat for more direct contact with the developer and community manager.
(Beware! Some of the posted links are not YET active!)

Questions for the community:

  • What coins or tokens do you want to see added to the MoonDex exchange the following weeks? (top 10 will be listed)
  • What kind of features would you like to see on the MoonDex exchange in the future?

Have a good weekend all of you, thanks for the support.

Kind Regards,

Hidde Hoogland

Communitymanager MoonDex ❤

MoonDex Official

Dear MoonDex community,

A few weeks ago @!413044627592052736> announced the coming of a new community manager. Well, here I am. My name is Hidde Hoogland (Dutch) and i have been part of the blockchain/crypto world since early 2013 when BTC was still worth under 100$. My main focus is mining, started out with litecoin and eventually grew in size since the launch of Ethereum.

As my main job I am the owner/manager a 5500+ GPU warehouse, working actively with HiveOS and lots of software developers for the best achievable profit.

Also I have managed multiple channels on discord and telegram for supporting miners and trying to stay up-to-date in this fast growing digital world.

Right now i will focus on developing the non-technical parts of MoonDex including:

· Re-design of the website (incl. block explorer)
· Set-up of a telegram channel (incl. Bots)
· Writing a basic FAQ
· Writing a knowledge base
· Ticket/support system implementation
· New whitepaper (working on that as we speak)
· Bitcointalk updates
· Twitter updates
· Advertising on multiple channels

I want to thank all of you for supporting the project. @!413044627592052736> l and I will have a meeting beginning of next week, discussing the order of the things that needs to be done. Will keep you up to date.

Have a good day.

Kind regards,

Hidde Hoogland

Communitymanager MoonDex ❤

@everyone As the Dex is now working correctly and 2018 is about to end, i want to update you on the short term. This and next week we plan to have the website operational again, a new blockexplorer and the Bitcointalk topic. Next week we will start working on the new whitepaper, giving the project a new purpose ( if needed ) which we plan to release by mid januari 2019. Also next week a new communitymanager will join the project who will be working on the non-technical part of the project so i can focus on the technical things.

@everyone .... i updated the DEX code , please delete your cache and cookies for so everything is alright. The fees are fixed and the scientific notations are fixed. I would greatly appreciate it if you all can set some buy and sell orders to give the DEX a good test as Christmas gift for us 😁

@everyone / Dear community

Following our announcement i have setup an exchange to use for a while at
Please let us know if there are any issues or questions. For now this is a workable solution so MDEX coins (and other) can be traded again.
Please note that the original DEX was not transferred to us, so we cannot give you any information about previous trades/deposits or transfers.

Also, there was a question left behind what happened to the premine. The premine has been transferred from the original DEV towards me on address Xg4T4XvYCsnp7ZnWKVJFPMqhsE25sUnEJc and i will not spend these
coins without A:) a proper announcent and B:) public visibility on the website.

@everyone / Dear community,

As you are all aware Moondex was shut down last week. NLpool team (currently 3 members) we have been actively communicating with Moondex's DEV to see if we could help and work out a solution for Moondexcoin and the Moondex exchange. The exchange has been shutdown for multiple reasons, but one of them was the high costs and low profits.

On the 19th of December 2018 Moondex decided to transfer the project to us so we could continue his work. The transfer contained:

  • Moondexcoin
  • Moondex domain
  • Github repositories

The sourcecode of the exchange and the exchange itself have not been transferred.

Our first priority is to keep the moondexcoin network stable so masternodes keep operational and Moondexcoins can be mined. This task has been completed.
Our 2nd and 3rd priority will be to have a temporary website and getting a temporary exchange online so people can keep trading and stay informed on the project.
I will try to complete them before the end of this year.

As for the project itself there has been a lot of interest last week. CHT masternodes have been in contact with us and indicated they are interested to be part of the new team.
As the new team forms, we will also discuss the (new) purpose of the project. It is my opinion that just running a sole DEX, with heavy costs and low profits won´t be
feasible during this crypto winter. But, if the community has a different opinion or idea's please step forward.

My ideas for the Moondex project are that multiple parts of crypto need to be integrated. A service where miningpools + shared masternode services + exchange + cryptocurrencies are efficiently integrated will bring great benefits to the crypto community, even during cryptowinter and especially when the markets recover. A significant portion of those benefits can be shared as incentive to those who use the service.

@everyone @NLPOOL.NL#2792 will take over the MoonDEX coin project and carry on with the coin's development. I will work with him to transfer the projects, pre-mined coins and the domain names over.

Just to be clear, the MoonDEX exchange was shut down and will not be transferred. The support for it was stopped. Please do not ask NLPOOL.NL for any exchange support.

Good luck to @!413044627592052736> . May the force be with you.

The MoonDEX services will be closed in a few hours. There will be no support after today.

If you still have coins on MoonDEX exchange, this is the last chance to withdraw. Please act now. Do not leave it to the last minute.

Thank you for your continuous support and all of the kind words sent to the team. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

There are still some coins and trades on MoonDEX.

All of the MoonDEX services and support will stop after 23:59:59 15th December 2018 UTC.

Please act NOW to withdraw your coins and cancel your trades.

For RITO users, follow the guide to claim your compensation NOW. We are trying our best but certainly can not satisfy everyone.

Do not leave things to the last minute. Thanks.

We can still see coins deposits coming in. Unfortunately the new coins will not be credited.

There are still a lot of RITO coins on the exchange. Please follow the steps and claim your coins NOW. All MoonDEX services will stop on 16th December 2018. There will be no support after.

Do not leave things to the last minute. Thanks.

Update 12th December 2018:

For RITO users: Please notice we are running a liquidation service a and a compensation scheme as best as we can. We are not providing a normal withdraw service. Your account will be dealt with once ONLY. Please send ALL of your coins to moondex to claim your RITO back.
Please stop using the loophole to sell the duplicated withdraws and claim them back… We are trying to compensate everyone but cannot guarantee that we can still do so if our funds are out. So please withdraw as soon as possible and stop putting new orders or depositing new coins.

Update 11th December 2018:

=IMPORTANT= For all users: Please stop depositing new coins to MoonDEX immediately. There is a chance that your new deposits will get lost.

The end of MoonDEX — Goodbye – MoonDEX – Medium
We hate to say this but we have a very very bad news for you.

We hate to say this but we have a very very bad news for you.

Last week, we had a bug with RITO coin, which you can find the details here. It resulted in more than 4 million RITO coins lost from our hot wallet. We have to use the BTC funds to compensate our RITO users for the lost coins.

We are very sorry to say this, but the bug leads us to decide to close down MoonDEX exchange, unfortunately. It is certainly not the only cause though. The falling BTC price is the major factor. Our current BTC income and funds are no longer viable for us to pay the bills in about a month time. We tried to make a taking-over deal to keep MoonDEX alive, but it was not successful. Crypto winter is hard for everyone. The RITO bug is the last straw which breaks the camel’s back…

So we will close MoonDEX exchange down on 16th December 2018.

During this closing down period, there will be email support only. Please send your support questions and quote your userId in English to . We aim to reply to your email in 24 hours. All the other communication channels will be closed.

For coins holders other than RITO:

All of your funds are safe. Please cancel your orders and withdraw your funds before 23:59:59 15th December 2018 UTC.

Please check for more details here:

The end of MoonDEX — Goodbye – MoonDEX – Medium
We hate to say this but we have a very very bad news for you.


To the RITO traders who experienced this duplicated withdraws, it would help MoonDEX and the RITO community a lot if you can return the extra coins sent to this address: BCtcFKN7dk7F41z1jBRm7d9PQ2HbfMCz4W

To RITO traders who have coins deposited on MoonDEX, please be assured that we will return all of your funds in RITO or equivalent BTC. The details of compensation will be announced very soon.

Please cancel all of your RITO orders now and stop depositing on MoonDEX.

We understand this is not part of your trading plans and are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The RITO incident on MoonDEX – MoonDEX – Medium
We discovered a bug in MoonDEX’s withdraw service that sent out the RITO coins twice. Below is one of the many duplicated transactions.

@everyone The HTA/BTC trading pair is listed on MoonDEX!🔥 🔥 🔥 Get some HTA coins now at

@everyone We are happy to announce that we will list HTA coin from HISTORIA team. This listing will be on our 24 hours fast listing service. 🚀 🚀 🚀

Historia - A globally accessible and consensus-based historical bl...
Historia - A globally accessible and consensus-based historical blockchain.

@everyone Where will MoonDEX go? Updates from the MoonDEX team 02/12/2018

MoonDEX 02/12/2018 Update — Where will MoonDEX go? – MoonD...
Why is your roadmap so outdated?

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