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= Maintenance =

We are doing some maintenance in the next hours - there can be  small connection problems/interrupts, you just have to try again in a few minutes then.

This text will delete itself after maintenance finished.


= Revenue Share Overview = 

Dear community,
today we implemented the revenue share overview. You will find it in the left menu on platform ('Revenue Share').
Columns are sortable by hitting the arrows next to column name.

More detailed informations on user payouts will follow in the next days.

So now its time to trade and gain more revenue share community!

The MCT+ Team

P.S.: To participate in the community revenue share payout, you have to hold a minimum of 15K MCTP on platform.
In stage 2 of revenue share implementation you can have your MCTP coins in your local wallet. We will announce stage 2 rev share, when its ready.



We updated the wallet page and changed two things:

* There is a new button called "Hide Minimum Trade Balances"
If activated it will hide all currencies where balance is below the create trade minimum (0.0001).

* Reordered Table
We changed the order of how the balances will be displayed, because on mobile you had to scroll to the right to see your actual balance.
Now the available Balance of each currency is left on the first position.


The 24 hour volume was reactivated as we integrated the calculation process to another backend server.

The MCT+ Team


Due to a CRC checksum error between the actual trade database and the backup databases including the overall checksum generator server, we had to delete all trades from yesterday 00:00 until now.
This affected 158 trades.

Sorry for the inconvenience!



🇲 🇨 🇹 🇵 🔷 🇳 🇪 🇼 🇸

Hello community,
today was the first day we paid fees to our community.

It was a challenge to code everything correctly with all the different specifications and different currencies.
But now it's done and fee payout will be done every 24 hours.

Here are some details on the first fee payout:

* $534,81 (USD) where paid to 45 accounts.
* 1.790.170 coins where paid from 67 currencies.

So, what will you do with those coins you earned?
Trade them! And earn fees through accepted trades.
And if you were not one of the 45 accounts above, grab some MCTP on platform now while they are cheap and hold them.
Every account with more than 15K MCTP on platform will participate in the daily fee payout!

Rock on, trade and spread the word about MCTP 🤘

The MCT+ Team


Hello community,
after some work and some changes we have news for you:

We have the first stage of fee payout live now and to get fees from every trade you have to have a minimum of 15K MCTP on platform.
30% of every trade will now be divided and transferred to those users.
The payout interval is set to 24 hours for now.
If the fees for 24 hours are below 0.0001 for the currency, there will be no payout in this cycle.

Example on BTC:
Total fee for actual 24 hours payout cycle 0.1 BTC
50% company => 0.05 BTC
20% early investors and team => 0.02 BTC
30% platform users => 0.03 BTC

Fee payout starts on 15. March 2019

In the next days we remove the fees when you buy MCTP. And in the next step we will reduce fees for active traders. Further updates come with progress.

To also break even with our server costs in future we will rise the fees to 2% for traders for the moment. The amount will vary so that all server costs are payed per month. We will inform everyone before we change this again.

We will add more coins and sort out old dead coins. For this we now have an automated form on our website.
As everyone of us gets a lot discord DMs per day, it was impossible to catch up on all messages.
If you wrote a dm to a team member and your coin still is not listed, please use this new form:

We are near to list Ethereum [ETH] and we are working on listing various chains in the near future. Simultaneously we are also working on the coin details page including reviews made by our partner Goose. On the other side we are preparing a modified new roadmap.

After a few weeks of testing, the presale feature works smooth as expected. If you want your coin in presale mode rather than in trading, please contact a team member.

Go & trade - spread the word - and have fun 🤘@everyone


Simon, one of the founders of MCTP left the team today.
Unfortunately, there were different views on the continuation of our project and he now wants to focus on his own project and his family. Simon never had a technical job with MCTP so this does not affect the development in the future.
From now on he stays here as a MCTP holder only, but he will always be a friend of our core team.


Platform updates will follow tomorrow including the first stage of FEE payout for trading fees to our customers in the next days.

For all related questions, please contact Andrew or Mari.
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>



Following on from yesterday's announcement the MCT+ Team are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with WOLF whereby they will be using the MCT+ Trading Platform to carry out their presale.

This is a first for MCT+ in terms of allowing another project to carry out their presale via our Platform having previously focused on individual P2P trading. We very much hope that the addition of these sort of partnerships will benefit both MCT+, our users and of course our new partners.

We would like to wish WOLF the best of luck with their ambitious project and thank them for choosing MCT+. We very much look forward to assisting them with their presale and beyond.

The MCT+ Team



Trading of WOLF Coin will stop at 12:00 UTC today. WOLF trades will be removed and new trades involving WOLF will not be possible.

The WOLF COIN Wallet will remain active, this is just the ability to post or accept trades involving WOLF that is being suspended pending another announcement very soon.

The MCT+ Team


We are back online for now. If you have problems accessing the site, please dm me with your IP address.

And as soon as we announced this, the attack started again and platform is offline. :)
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>

just a small update for everyone...

= DDOS ATTACKS part 2 =

Hi community,
as everyone saw we are still facing ddos/botnet attacks and we wanted to apply more rules and new servers on monday, but we will do this in the next hours/day.
Please be patient - platform will be up as soon as we have done all the work.

The technical version:
We are putting our frontend servers behind new load balancers, whilst we are also installing new Application Layer Filter Servers. This takes some time to get up the round robin network (including IP_HASH).

Normal operations will continue in the next hours/day.

Have a nice weekend.

```<span id="every">@everyone</span>


Hey community,
we face some useless DDOS attacks on our frontend servers. This does not affect business.

Here are some details:

Yesterday there was an attack to This attack was blocked by our router in Frankfurt (fra-core4) - about :7000 Mbit/s:.
Today there was another attack on website... Attack was blocked by Backbone Juniper in Helsinki (hel1-dc1-juniper4) - about :21000 MBit/s:

Please do not waste your money on useless attacks. And happy trading :)

The MCT+ Team

We will announce IP addresses after cybercrime division of local police investigated as our IDS recorded every IP and where the attack came from
```<span id="every">@everyone</span>



Hello community,

as we had a lot of requests from several coins regarding presale - we have now coded a feature to give interested new currencies the opportunity to make their presale over the MCT+ Platform.

There are two ways to handle the presale over the platform:

:Free presale:
The free presale can be handled via the platform. Coin is marked as "presale" in wallet page over the duration of the presale and everyone can trade the presale coins.

:Funded presale:
During the presale of a funded presale coin, trading is temporarily disabled for the community. Coin is marked as "presale" in wallet page. Trades from the funded presale coin are placed on the platform and can be traded as usual.

This feature ensures a clean and transparent presale for the amount being sold on platform for this coin. If you want your coin on presale, please contact Andrew.

The MCT+ Team



Hello community,
today we did a new step in the right direction. Another small milestone is now behind us and we are looking forward to the next one.

We have 100 coins listed on our OTC trading platform. Now there are also over 10000 trades done and we have over 5200 registered users.
This would not be possible without your great support.

The MCT+ Team


As there where problems with most of the coins with estimated withdraw fee, we raised this fee to 0.006.
This does not involve BTC or some other mature coins (dash,pivx, etc.) 



The Shared Masternode Bot Service is sadly due to shut down in the next 3 days. Please can everyone withdraw their funds from the Bot ASAP, this is very important.

AeroCloud would like to thank everyone for using the service, but sadly with the current market conditions it has been running at a loss for some time and thus is unsustainable.

The MCT+ Team


Rewards changed successfully to 4 MCTP per block. Chain is running smooth.