It is my conclusion that what has happened here is "Gross misconduct by a member of the MCT+ Team (Andrew) which has provided an external party with the opportunity to steal from the Platform". His laptop should never have been left accessible in a public location. MCT+ spent considerable time and resources protecting the platform from the internet only to get caught out in this manner. Sadly we are all human and make mistakes especially when dealing with other pressures. In the case of Andrews mistake I know this is one he will find it hard to ever forget, but I do know he wants to put things right.

In any normal business you would generally fire the employee; but we clearly have to recognise Andrews position. He is a founder of this project and also funded it with his own money. On top of that he is the main developer and his loss would mean the end of MCT+ which is certainly not our objective here.

The team are in full agreement that the only way forward, given that we do not wish to close up shop (this was never a scam) is to get all customers their money back and continue to build upon what we started. So following on from this investigation and announcement my priority is to work with the Team to come up with a way to repay all those customers. Part of that plan is already in motion with the release of the Missing Coins page last night.

The MCT+ Team


After understanding what had happened I then looked at the following


I asked if there was CCTV in this rentable office complex, to which there was not. This is of course not very helpful, though given the next question its use would potentially have been limited.


Why this hadn’t been reported to the Police.

Well as you all know MCT+ had not yet incorporated a company to operate a Crypto business of this type. Like so many other crypto projects operating today without large ICO’s this appears to be quite common. It was only recently that a vote was held in regards to how MCT+ should move forwards in regards to this following a profitable start to 2019. 

Why had a company not yet been set up yet; well to anyone trying to do the same you will know what a difficult thing it is to do and the costs involved. MCT+ had not taken this step yet as considerable personal expense had already been put into the project and until then the Team wanted to be sure the project was viable having already injected thousands of euros.


Prior to this incident MCT+ had received funds from an agreement with WOLF during their presale that was going towards the incorporation of MCT+ as a legal company following a recent vote. I know they received these funds as I negotiated the deal before I left, so in no way was this theft linked to funding the incorporation of a company.


The compromise of the BTC, WOLF, XRD and MCTP wallets occurred around 2pm on Tuesday 14th May 2019.

Andrew was working in an office building where you rent space by the hour to basically use the facilities, he has worked from there many times before and has in fact even asked other software developers there advice and to help with code in the past.

Andrew had a number of consoles open on his laptop to the MCT+ servers when he had to take a phone call. After the phone call had finished and realising he was late he ran into the conference room to attend a meeting. He ended up being away from his desk for a prolonged period of time (several hours).

When he returned and had seen the discussions on the MCT+ Discord alarm bells began to ring, this only began to get worse as he started to look at his laptop. He then made a call to Mari and asked her to shut down all of the MCT+ severs, something she had been briefed on how to do in the past as MCT+ is a small team.

Following this shut down a number of things had to take place:

An investigation by Andrew himself, including the of checking of the servers and wallets. There was then checks of the site code against previous versions to ensure no malicious code had been planted prior or during the theft. It was during the course of these checks it became evident as to which wallets had been compromised which also tied in with discussions on Discord. 

To the best of our knowledge it appears the wallets were copied, the funds moved and then encrypted using a password/phrase unknown to us. Given the manner in which the MCT+ Platform interacted with the wallets and used addresses we have been left with no access to the XRD and MCTP wallets where those funds still reside. We can see them in a read only mode, but without the wallet passwords we can not move the funds out. The BTC funds were moved totally out of the Platforms wallet and the encryption is not the issue here.




Good afternoon community, I have now concluded my investigations as to what happened at MCT+ and I am in a position to share those details with you all. As part of that disclosure I felt it was appropriate to add further explanation as to why I had taken up the responsibility for doing this.

I would like to think I know Andrew better than anyone here other than his wife Mari of course. My association with him goes back to way before the MCT genesis block was mined, let alone the idea of MCT+. Part of the reason I returned was to help a friend out, it was not just my investment in MCT+, previous ties to the project, the team and the community who I wanted to help.

It was one thing to see the project in trouble following the theft but then to see some people accusing Andrew and MCT+ of an “Exit Scam” or being “Scammers” angered me as I could not see how this could be true. That said when I initially heard about things and read the announcements I did begin to ask questions of my friend in my head and wonder if he really did play a part in this. It was in this frame of mind that I set about looking into things and asking some really potentially friendship breaking questions, I had to be convinced myself before I could even consider carrying on to help MCT+ and updating you the community. I should also say if I had found it was an inside job I would have made sure the community found out about it, but after looking at everything I am at least pleased to say I do not have to do that.

In this image you see the old versus the new signup page for new users.

Find the two rabbits 🐇 🐇

Happy Easter 🐰 🐣 from the woods 🌲 🌄

MCT team will be back on Thuesday

Seems the problem is solved. Happy trading!

There is a server fault at our providers cloud infrastructure.
We do not know when servers will be back.


As i read your messages for the last few days i see that some people are disappointed and some are happy about the future.
our real world company runs an emergency service for elevators, parking and helicopter services.
in the last few days we had a lot of emergencies and had no time to bring mctp to the next level.
BUT - we do not do charity events for what we do in real live, we focus on developing our platform to the next level and invest every spare minute into the platform.

So you should invest your money into a big deal project like ours and further development goes to adding new coins that are not compatilbe with platform atm. ETH Cryptonight and so on.

We do not announce every mini step as you saw, as we are here for the long run.

MCTP for future. Your money, your platform. Trade now :)

The MTC+ Team


Good day community!

Today we had a meeting with our tax consultant and we talked about the future of MCTP. We discussed a few scenarios and then there were two scenarios remaining.
We want the opinion from our community in which direction we should go from here.

For this we created a new channel called <#563423695926984704>
You will find the two scenarios there and can vote A or B.
Vote will last for one week, so everyone has time to think about his decision.

The two scenarios will be:


We are opening a new company (Private limited company - OÜ) , add EUR & USD trading pairs (including credit card and paypal payments) and will add a KYC for every user to get verified when the user uses the MCTP platform.
Community will get 30% rev share. There will also be no plans to renew Investor payments (15% of Investors after 12 months will be transferd to company)
We can then also do real marketing and be on the safe side.


Things will remain the same as now. We will grow and gain more trust in time. USD/EUR pairs will not be added as the actual company is the wrong legal form.
Our already existing company will handle all platform related things. (server rent, coding, support, etc.)

The MCT+ Team


= AltBet [ABET] Coin Information =

As we saw, there are a lot of false informations around.
New *official* ABET wallet does not contain a trojan.

If you are unsure you can deposit your ABET coins on platform, as each of our wallets run in a total isolated environment.
All false and unprooved comments about ABET will be immediatly deleted in our discord.
For your own safety - always encrypt your wallets!

Have a nice day, 
MCT+ Team

P.S.: Do not forget to trade on platform and gain some rev share :)




Today we updated the platform wallets page.
Now you can sort by each column. Default sorting is "Total USD" value.

We also did some overall changes to the look of the platform and develop a new statistics page.
As we did a lot of changes, you should logout, clear the browser cache for and login again.

The MCT+ Team


= Maintenance =

We are doing some maintenance in the next hours - there can be  small connection problems/interrupts, you just have to try again in a few minutes then.

This text will delete itself after maintenance finished.


= Revenue Share Overview = 

Dear community,
today we implemented the revenue share overview. You will find it in the left menu on platform ('Revenue Share').
Columns are sortable by hitting the arrows next to column name.

More detailed informations on user payouts will follow in the next days.

So now its time to trade and gain more revenue share community!

The MCT+ Team

P.S.: To participate in the community revenue share payout, you have to hold a minimum of 15K MCTP on platform.
In stage 2 of revenue share implementation you can have your MCTP coins in your local wallet. We will announce stage 2 rev share, when its ready.



We updated the wallet page and changed two things:

* There is a new button called "Hide Minimum Trade Balances"
If activated it will hide all currencies where balance is below the create trade minimum (0.0001).

* Reordered Table
We changed the order of how the balances will be displayed, because on mobile you had to scroll to the right to see your actual balance.
Now the available Balance of each currency is left on the first position.


The 24 hour volume was reactivated as we integrated the calculation process to another backend server.

The MCT+ Team


Due to a CRC checksum error between the actual trade database and the backup databases including the overall checksum generator server, we had to delete all trades from yesterday 00:00 until now.
This affected 158 trades.

Sorry for the inconvenience!



🇲 🇨 🇹 🇵 🔷 🇳 🇪 🇼 🇸

Hello community,
today was the first day we paid fees to our community.

It was a challenge to code everything correctly with all the different specifications and different currencies.
But now it's done and fee payout will be done every 24 hours.

Here are some details on the first fee payout:

* $534,81 (USD) where paid to 45 accounts.
* 1.790.170 coins where paid from 67 currencies.

So, what will you do with those coins you earned?
Trade them! And earn fees through accepted trades.
And if you were not one of the 45 accounts above, grab some MCTP on platform now while they are cheap and hold them.
Every account with more than 15K MCTP on platform will participate in the daily fee payout!

Rock on, trade and spread the word about MCTP 🤘

The MCT+ Team