Firstly, some good news. I have control of the Mano premine, discord and some of the code. We are working through a number of items, and will provide a more in depth update in the coming days. I understand it's been said many times before, but bear with us while we assess the options we have to move forward.

We are also aware the Mano website is down, but at this stage it's not the highest priority.

Thanks again for all your patience, I realise it's been a rollercoaster ride these last few months.


I would also expect that in time, and especially when dealing with items that could have security ramifications such as hot wallets for shared masternodes, the community would want to know the identity of any people involved in a takeover.

In terms of costs, we are listed on Cryptobridge already, so the immediate items we would need to pay for is the updated exchange listing on Cryptobridge post swap, and updates to the various masternode stat websites (masternodesonline e.t.c). We would also need to work on a rebrand such as a new website, Bitcointalk ANN, Discord channel and Telegram.

Every chance that I've missed some items so feel free to let me know, or if you have any other ideas.

This would protect any IP brought across, but still allow the community to help in development of the coin. If it all worked out, the head of the new token and staff would receive an ongoing payment each week out of the dev fee, the details of which would need to be discussed and agreed on, in addition to being involved in helping to direct / code the projects that the community votes on.

The last item would be access and transparency. Kryptus was the only one who had access to the code at Mano. Obviously that didn't end well. I wouldn't expect anyone who brings over any IP to provide this to the team in the short term until trust is established, but at some point, there will need to be failsafes in case they have personal matters to attend to, become unwell e.t.c. Whether that is someone in the team as it stands, or another agreed upon trusted third party.

  • The dev fee will be stored in a multisig wallet that a number of staff have access too, with signatures from two people required to release tokens.
  • Contractors will be paid in tokens wherever possible.
  • Tokens gained from the dev fee will be sold OTC wherever possible. If this is not possible, only ** number of coins will be sold on exchange per day, and these will not be sold lower then the lowest sell price (i.e. they will not be dumped on exchange)

We would also need to rebrand, as Kryptus is the only one who has access to the Mano collateral.

If we do go down the route of a community coin and a dev fee was implemented, we could ensure governance is kept when a fork or chainswap is done, and ask the masternode holders to vote on what projects are done after a hosting platform goes live. We could also ask the community to bid on this work, using funds from the dev fee to pay them.

Personally, I would expect that the community member(s) that win work complete this work in isolation, but under the direction of a head of the coin / dev lead. That way they can provide a nearly finished product, which could then be reviewed and linked to the underlying code.

I would think the positive publicity alone that you would get by helping us get back on our feet wouldn't go unnoticed.

In terms of how a takeover could work, we would need to fork Mano to a new blockchain and block the dev's premine address. It would also be an opportunity to introduce a dev fee, as no one should be expected to work for free, and with Mano being worth less than a cent, the fee would only be worth something if the product has some success - providing an incentive for those who take over to deliver something great. In saying that, one of the issues we had prior was communication was crap from the top down, so as a suggestion I would hope that we place caveats around the dev fee.

Perhaps things such as:

  • The dev fee will not be used to run team masternodes (excluding tokens provided to individual team members as salary).


Effectively immediately @382568000575897611> @413330312899330050> @374896981417656320> will take a time out from working on MANO in any official capacity. Due to the nature of the project and current timelines there is little value this part of the team can add while we wait for the developers to get us to the next phase. We will ramp up our efforts again once needed.
On a side note there have been recent allegations against the developers, which has nothing to do with us. The clarification of these allegations lies solely with the developers and we request these to be dealt with them directly and not via us or MANO.
We would like to thank all those that have and continue to support us and look forward to the new developments when they arrive.
Dwigt, Towaberg & Elmsy

@everyone seems there is some confusion about mano being “on hold”, and this is not the case. The beta of Mano host has ran its course and the developers have chosen to remove the hosting ability on the beta platform for a month or two, simply in order to be able to work on and test for any bugs. AGAIN, the temporary removal of hosting on Mano host has nothing to do with the blockchain or the status of the project as a whole. If you have not moved your node off mano host your node will cease to gain rewards. If you need temporary hosting, you can message myself, self host on a vps, or use another service.

As I stated on my previous announcement, I’m personally going through a very difficult time and for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to balance development coordination and taking care of my family.
Obviously, it is not working.

A side note regarding that, someone recently speculated that MANO is a one man show, I’m flattered, but anyone with common sense can see that’s ridiculous.

I know we’ve been over this, but most people (generally due to lack of knowledge) only pay attention to the frontend of a project, very few actually understand what happens on the backend, someone I respect a lot, recently told me “You are the only ones making it the right way”.

We did not started MANO to be “just a masternode host" and we will not stop until we offer the services we envisioned.

Here is the revisited development schedule for the hosting and shared masternode service:

  • We will continue to develop improvements and implement them as soon as possible, however to do that we will suspend our current service on October 5th (one week from now) until our new version is ready to be deployed.
    At this time, we will not set a hard date for this release, but we estimate it to be between 30 and 60 days.

Communication from MANO will also change from now on:

Development updates will be posted on Twitter and announcements will be posted on Medium.

We know we have the support of the majority, so we will not waste any more time dealing with a dozen of FUDders on discord.

Thank you@everyone

As promised last week, here is an update regarding MANO services development and the project’s overall situation, but before I start, there are a couple of things we need to make clear.

Without help and dedication from @382568000575897611> and @413330312899330050> , MANO would’ve died a long time ago. 
They have been extremely supportive to me and the project during these rough times and, unlike the vast majority of people I’ve met here since we launched MANO, they never thought of abandoning ship when prices crashed or FUD reigned.

I express here my deepest gratitude for that and much more.

These last few days, I’ve been reading all DMs and posts here and it seems that some people don’t know the difference between an investor and a trader, between a delayed roadmap and an exit scam. 

If you are one of these people, you should not be involved with crypto.

We all know crypto is a risky investment and yet there is not a single initial offering investor who has not gotten their investment back.

When we first planed our roadmap, we knew it was aggressive, but we were confident we’d be able to deliver in time since we could dedicate exclusively to the project, sometimes, we forget to consider that life is so fragile that it could change in a matter of seconds. 
It’s even funny to think that life itself is even more volatile than crypto.

People who ask for verifiable proof of my previous announcement, can search for that information online, call the Panama authorities and try to register a for-profit company with the word "foundation" on it.

The ones who don’t believe about the websites outage reason can look for a hosting company that takes more than 25 days to suspend an account due to payment issues. 

Do as you please, I am not here to explain why shit happens, what matters is that we are still here and working, but things will change from now on.

@everyone, first of all I am sorry for the delay.

Here are some answers to a few questions we have received from the community. I understand communication has been extremely lacking and this will be the first step to turn that around.

  1. The outage - Our provider shut our global account down due to reported complaints of misuse of the IPs. I have since clarified the use and reinstated all our infrastructure.

  2. Panama - The government had an issue with the "foundation" word in the company name, according to them, foundation gives the idea of a non-profit and has been misused in the past.
    Because of this, paperwork has come back and needs resubmitting with valid company name. 
This is currently on hold since this requires me to travel back to Panama to complete the legal documentation with the lawyers.

  3. Personal Matters - Parallel to these issues, I've had private matters that need to be attended to. While I did my best to not let these matters affect the project, it has proven to be impossible to give MANO my full attention.

  4. Moving Forward - The team is in active discussions on how operations will be handled from now on and they will be announced to the community in the coming days.
    There are a lot of tasks to complete to make this possible so we ask for your patience.

I want to thank all the amazing staff at MANO for their support they have provided during this difficult period.

@everyone still here?


Website, Explorer, and Mano.Host has been fully restored. Thanks to Kryptus for restoring the situation. Kryptus has also informed us that he is attempting to get through 2fa to be able to address the community. Still waiting to see where we go from here, all I can ask is for a bit of patience This is all I know up to this point.