@everyone Next update about the swap is in and your votes are once again needed -

MAG goes Stellar - SWAP UPDATE 1

@everyone There is a big change coming with MAG going full Stellar. Read more about it here -

MAG goes Stellar!

@everyone Litemint is on Stellar community funding round. Cast your votes before it ends! -

Stellar Community Fund
Community run Stellar funding program

@everyone is closing down so make sure to withdraw your MAG from there before 1st of December 2019! Official statement from the exchange can be found here -


@everyone Discover how you could power up a collectible reward coupon business with Litemint in just a few minutes. Dont hesitate to contact @387324461671514116> to talk about integrating your business via the to benefit from MAG services, Litemint will open up to all third-party businesses in Q4 and will welcome any safe-for-work business.

Reward Coupons on Litemint - Office Coffee, a Third-party App Inte... Let’s imagine that you have an existing business that operates a reward...

@everyone A short video introducing the philosophy and drive behind Litemint. Cryptocurrencies bring the properties, the texture, of real cash to online payments - Litemint builds on the Stellar technology to provide a platform that equates digital money to digital goods without denaturing that core value proposition of cryptocurrencies. Endless opportunities for merchants and Stellar-anchored currencies like MAG.

Discover Litemint - Your digital cash, the right way. Multi-asset ... Litemint is a secure, multi-currency, noncustodial, anonymous, DEX, open source Stellar wallet. Built on Stellar, Litemint offers a peer...

@everyone Check this video The MN Manager app is the first app to be integrated to Litemint. You can now buy MAG from any currency in the MN App Shop (XLM and USD in the video), this comes along with Litemint partnership with top exchange aggregator Coinswitch to allow XLM deposits from +300 coins. There is just no more barriers to get MAG in seconds!

Something for the MAG holders out there! The first app to be added to Litemint Platform is the Masternode Manager App. You get all the features of the original Google Play App a...

@everyone 5 MAG masternode givaway! Play Magnet Match game on from 9-14 July 2019 and enter Daily Draw! For next 5 days 1 MAG masternode is rewarded and split between Top 5 players! Good luck!

Litemint is a secure multi-currency crypto wallet, instant game pl...
Litemint is a secure multi-currency crypto wallet, instant game platform and collectibles marketplace.

MAGNET MATCH is now available for playing on Go try it out now and #win MAG prizes in Daily Draw!

Litemint is a secure multi-currency crypto wallet, instant game pl...
Litemint is a secure multi-currency crypto wallet, instant game platform and collectibles marketplace.

Litemint - Secure, multi-currency crypto wallet, instant game plat... Choose a PIN. Ready. Litemint is a new kind of crypto wallet. Enjoy instant games, daily rewards, decentralized purchases, trade collect...

@everyone Litemint 1.3 with its gaming platform has now been officially released. Read more about it here:

Litemint is Pioneering Decentralized, Cross-currency In-app Purcha...
Some interesting questions and points were developed in this reddit post about Litemint IAPs so I decided to gather them in this quick blog post. Litemint 1.3.0 has now been released with its insta…

@everyone Latest MAG Update can be found here -

MAG UPDATE JULY 2019 - Magnetwork - Medium
July 1, 2019

@everyone If there is any developers here in our community who want to join in, then now we are available on - Everybody is welcome to contribute!

MAG network development discussion


Litemint is now available on the iOS AppStore! Thank you everyone for providing feedback during beta.

‎Litemint is a friendly multi-currency Stellar wallet with full access to the Stellar DEX. Sending and receiving digital currencies is as simple as using your email. Download the app, choose a PIN and you are ready to instantly send, receive and trade all assets on the Ste...

@everyone As we are uploading on iOS, we are also pleased to announce that <#504221235438288897> just reached the 10K installs milestone on #GooglePlay!

@everyone Litemint on iOS AppStore! Join our beta with Testflight.

Join the Litemint beta
Available on iOS

@everyone About our network costs:

About Network Costs

@everyone MAG Network fees for April are in and every donation is appreciated! Donate here -