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Luxcore Weekly Report: March 22, 2019

  • New 2019 Roadmap!
  • Fingerprint / Face auth on the POS Mobile Wallet
  • Exchanges update
  • All the latest development & more

Luxcore Weekly Report: March 22, 2019
New 2019 Roadmap & more!

@everyone while we have your attention here :

Luxcore has a great team of moderators who have far exceeded their job titles, and it's time for us to give them a little more recognition for their contributions. We have created a new role for a Support Team, which more appropriately describes how our "mods" contribute to the community. These guys are often the first Luxcore team member community members engage with for questions, comments, or concerns. They do everything from providing tech support to help users with wallet issues, helping prospective investors find quick answers to their questions, to even helping new users understand blockchain technology. And each goes beyond that with their own individual talents that doesn't always get the recognition they deserve. We commend the hard work and dedication to our entire support team and thank them for their contributions. Please join us in showing our thanks to our support team!

Support team's responsibilities:

  • Provide basic technical support and front-end to LUX community
  • Answer questions, concerns from the community and relay them to the core team when appropriate
  • Moderate LUX community to reduce or remove offensive or disruptive content
  • Assist the project in others ways based on their individual talents, experience, and interests


You can now download a detailed version of the roadmap 2019 at:

Happy reading!

ps: I'll start writing an article as well about Luxgate next week.


Latest beta release of the PoS Mobile Wallet before the official release real soon. Now including fingerprint / Face Auth to secure your transactions and push notification for all your stakes!

iOS: (limited spot available)


We are thrilled to announce that $LUX trading has resumed at . Luxcore would like to acknowledge the amazing professionalism & communications of the Cryptopia team as they worked diligently to bring the exchange back up to speed. Happy trading!


Luxcore is proud to announce our 2019 roadmap! We’ve added exciting milestones to our roadmap and are hopeful to achieve them. As you can see, we’ve had plenty of milestones hit in Q1 and will promise to keep delivering in the next quarters. We will be releasing a more detailed roadmap article sometime next week so please refrain from asking core members and mods about the specifics. It was our promise to deliver and update the community this week so here it is.

Luxcore | First of its kind segwit + smart contract + masternode u...
Luxcore | First of its kind segwit + smart contract + masternode using phi1612 pow/pos hybrid algorithm

@everyone will be down for maintenance for about 8 hours. Meanwhile you can use:

Thank you!

As you may already know, the CryptoBridge wallet remains in maintenance while all other exchanges have resumed normal operation. We are currently working with CryptoBridge to investigate an issue related to wallet functionality on their system. We would encourage@everyone to use alternative exchanges as much as possible until this situation is resolved. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to put a timeline on that at this point. Here is a list of all other exchanges where you can trade LUX:


Luxcore in-house Explorer has been under continuous development for some time and its purpose is to provide a reliable, easy-to-use blockchain explorer for all LUX investors and future partners as a service. Read more about it's recent release.

Landing page:

Introduction to Luxcore’s in-house Explorer.
Greetings dear readers! As you may know already, LUX released its brand new in-house blockchain explorer! Before we dive into our fresh…


I will be attending DcentriQ ( a blockchain event in Québec City on the 8th of April 2019, where Saifedean Ammous ( will be one of the speakers. DcentriQ have offered our $LUX community a discount to attend the event. So if you are in the area and want to meet me there i'll be happy to have a chat about our project over there.

ps: its a french / english event

Use the link below to join us there:

DcentriQ 2019
Le lundi 8 avril 2019, Blockchain Hub Québec tiendra sa première édition de DcentriQ, une journée dédiée à la révolution Blockchain, à l’Auberge Saint-Antoine de Québec. Cet événement d’envergure, qui aura lieu dans le cadre de la Semaine numériQC présent...


We are now listed on Nova Exchange. Nice to see some exchange listing us because they want us on their exchange and not for our money. Thx you Nova for the listing!

Milestone! 20th listing day at Nova! Among todays listings are LUX w. Mr @officialmcafee as CEO. That's exciting! LUX / Luxcore / @LUX_COIN LABX / StakingLab / @Staking_LAB GUN / GunCoin / @TeamGuncoin


Recently, there has been a lot of new blood injected into Luxcore, reaffirming my excitement and optimism for the project. Since I stepped down as COO, I have had time to reflect on the future of Luxcore and my role in it. I would like to thank the many members of the community who reached out to me during this time to offer support and express their desire to have me stay on with the project. In light of recent events, I am pleased to announce that I have decided to resume my responsibilities as Luxcore COO. My first order of business as I return to my post as COO will be to update and release a project roadmap for Luxcore that will guide us into 2020.


In an effort to tighten this discord up and make things more streamlined, many channels have been removed and one catch all channel <#548230283556683806> was created.


Which of these projects would you most like to see supported and listed next on #blockdx and the #blocknet protocol? Vote for your favourite! @PACcoinOfficial @LUX_COIN @Bitcore_BTX #decentralized #crytpocurrency #trading #exchange

@everyone 😱

We now have a set-in-stone date for when our Luxcore segment with Innovations TV will air on FOX Business. The segment will be airing on 4/13 @ 5pmET on FOX Business Channel. There will be several commercial spots that will be running for 2-weeks before the broadcast as to remind everyone before it airs.

We now have a set-in-stone date for when our #Luxcore segment with @innovateTV will air on @FoxBusiness. It will be airing on 4/13 @ 5pmET on FOX Business Channel. There will be several commercial spots that will be running for 2-weeks before the broadcast as to remind eve...


On another note Coinbene is updated & running. Happy trading!

CoinBene | Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and more with Trust and Safety
CoinBene is a trustful and safety cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy & sell the most famous tokens, as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and more. Sign up and have the best experience!

A changing of the guard at Luxcore for improved productivity and q...
It is with great enthusiasm that Luxcore announces two important additions to the development team. Luxcore has officially appointed…


We have just release a NON mandatory update (v5.3.2.1) for the Lux wallet. The web Wallet already been updated & you should eventually do the same to take advantage of the latest improvement.

ps: Exchanges have been notified

LUX - Hybrid PoW/PoS & Unique PHI2 Algorithm | Masternode | Parallel masternode | Segwit | Smartcontract | Luxgate | Proof of file storage (Decentralised distributed file storage) - LUX-Core/lux


LUXCORE 網站現在提供中文版,請與您的社區分享. 🇨🇳

Luxcore | First of its kind segwit + smart contract + masternode u...
Luxcore | First of its kind segwit + smart contract + masternode using PHI2 pow/pos hybrid algorithm

I know this probably won’t be answering all the question you have and might bring more question in fact. Please give lux a little more time to set themselves comfortably back after all the changes and they should be able to publish a lot more content on all the ongoing project and exciting things that are happening around.

Ps: sorry for the double notification