And this is the old discord...

@432754558519738370> Yeah the old web is down but we have a new one, it is a work in progress...

Homepage closed?

@Bella#7552 👍👍👍++++++++

@Bella#7552 ?

@Bella#7552 what do you mean?

@everyone we are scammed


hello I have this server around the topic crypto. may i invite you. I try to organize as many airdrops as possible for the community. the server is only one day old. Enrich us with your presence.



Mr.xToday at 3:30 AM CC/ Announcement made in the new chat yesterday, in case anyone has still not made it. I will add a new invitation at the bottom of this announcement.
Mr.xToday at 3:25 AM @everyone

  • 08-02-2018........I Received a reply from Nick at CREX24 exchange, they would like to add the Luckybit/BTC pair and the fee is .18 BTC , apprx 1328.00 USD. I think CREX24 has a great trading platform and they are doing a fantastic job, starting out slow and easy rather than just launching and then shaking the bugs out! I just spent 25.00 USD getting our beloved LuckyBit coin added to a payment gateway. Who here is willing to donate to pay the listing fee at CREX24 ? I have created the following 3 donation accts, if everyone kicks in 10-15.00 we will easily have the required 1328.00 fee, Thanks Guys and Gals!

Bitcoin : 3LaPuGDSGYPQ2FHzpdkHXjHnuoKcedz2pD Balance... 0.00202500

Litecoin : MRpczmvCXfkhKSrt9rHhUqbUz6iQ51biR1 Balance...0

LuckyBit : LSy1EsxLNyFp59wVeMWs885mA2hUGiuRRL Balance... 23 124.16

     I will edit this post daily to show the balance of each wallet and of coarse you can also follow by checking  the block explorers , Thanks all!..x                                                                                                                        

New LuckyBit Chat server.......

Hello as you may already know, the Luckybit community is moving to a new server so we can better control the spam and maybe do some fun things. I am making this last announcement to try and be sure everyone has been notified and has the link. We will stop buggin you after this one! ;)

If you right click the old server and click "Leave Server" you wont end up with two identical servers on your menu, as we will be using the same luckybit coin logo, and either myself or our co-admin will add that logo withing the next 10-12 hrs, Good luck everyone,and thanks! Mr.x
ETA: I made the logo just a little brighter for the new chat, so its a little easier for those of us watching both chats. ;)



We will take it slow and easy "no man left behind" 😉 @!234307666984435712> thanks for the kind words, you are a great pool operator and Dev, but most of all, honest and hard working! @289989256149991424> I think we can also add a link to the new chat in "welcome" . @408210367207047168> Thank you, those who dont make it will receive invitations by direct message just so we dont miss anyone.