@everyone Here are the details for the webinar at 8:30 Central (GMT -5)
Masternode ATM online
Xchainz Beta Testing & Feedback
Dev Update

@everyone Given the feedback on the wallet so far, we will be making updates over the next 24 hours and will be back online. Thanks!

@everyone Be advised that beta site Xchainz is going down for maintenance. Expected time 30min to 1 hour

@everyone Be advised that the Xchainz multicurrency wallet is now in beta. Feel free to kick the tires and give your recommendations for improvements before we start onboarding projects and porting to iOS and Android. Listing fees for projects will support the purchase and deployment of more LPC Masternode ATMs worldwide. Listed projects on the Xchainz multicurrency wallet will be able to swap into LPC in the wallet and cash out on the global ATM network that we are building. This is bigger than ATMs yall. This is world domination! Let's go!!!!

The world's 1st Masternode ATM online creating new blocks & confirming transactions on the $LPC blockchain! Tks for the support $LPC community! Shout out to the folks at @XChainZ1, @CoinLogiq, & @UCF for believing in the dream & executing to make it a reality! #NoASICS #Ev...


Here are the livestream details for tonight at 8:30PM Central
Dallas StartUp Week Recap
Exchange Listing Update
Xchainz Alpha Progress

Contribute to lightpaycoinvzla/funding-request development by creating an account on GitHub.

Hello, Today the VZ LPC team has initiated the vote for their proposal that was have submitted approximately two weeks ago. You can find the details of the proposal on GitHub (link below). The team has decided to make three proposals due to limitations of the governance system, for a one time payment of 30k LPC each to match what was proposed, we are renewing these proposals monthly depending on economic factors in LPC (If the price goes up, we ask for less) instead of doing a one time proposal which the community could rescind if price increases, the other added benefit is the ability to evaluate our goals on a monthly basis, having a chance to voice concerns and suggestions. Here are the voting mechanisms for the 3 parts of our proposal, please make sure to vote in each one.

Proposal 1: "LPC-VZ-Proposal-1"

Vote Hash: 61c0a003d97f7bef6842562be7912a190f7b987715117c8e7687083317014e42

‘mnbudget vote-many 61c0a003d97f7bef6842562be7912a190f7b987715117c8e7687083317014e42 yes’ to vote in favor

‘mnbudget vote-many 61c0a003d97f7bef6842562be7912a190f7b987715117c8e7687083317014e42 no’ to vote against

‘mnbudget getinfo "LPC-VZ-Proposal-1"‘ to check the status

Proposal 2: "LPC-VZ-Proposal-2"

Vote Hash: 23a923bfa5eb65eaa0f2089c4b03ebe7e7f46acd7cd4642e771499472d3b9697

‘mnbudget vote-many 23a923bfa5eb65eaa0f2089c4b03ebe7e7f46acd7cd4642e771499472d3b9697 yes’ to vote in favor

‘mnbudget vote-many 23a923bfa5eb65eaa0f2089c4b03ebe7e7f46acd7cd4642e771499472d3b9697 no’ to vote against

‘mnbudget getinfo "LPC-VZ-Proposal-2"‘ to check the status

Proposal 3: "LPC-VZ-Proposal-3"

vote Hash: 161412b4a827ba687582fc68eec0b38e9469544dc2b2f9ce8b302667e9443ea2

‘mnbudget vote-many 161412b4a827ba687582fc68eec0b38e9469544dc2b2f9ce8b302667e9443ea2 yes’ to vote in favor

‘mnbudget vote-many 161412b4a827ba687582fc68eec0b38e9469544dc2b2f9ce8b302667e9443ea2 no’ to vote against

‘mnbudget getinfo "LPC-VZ-Proposal-3"‘ to check the status

@everyone - Greetings all, below you will find the voting instructions for the VZ LPC budget proposal from @!210181532306898955> . As all proposal are 100% community voted, please take time to read the proposal and vote. Any details about the proposal, please contact @!210181532306898955> directly. Thanks

@everyone I know it sucks but the webinar for tonight has been postponed to next week. Sorry!

@everyone - in regards to the 'poll' that was conducted earlier today - there will not be any changes to the masternode collateral amount. The request earlier was a one-off poll and nothing more. As we have done in the past, important announcements will be made first in the weekly webinars.


📌 Hello, LPC-Community 😃 ✌

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✅You can find our voting here <#445849732691132416>


📌 Hello, LPC-Community 😃 ✌


@everyone Here is the link to the special livestream for 1APRIL19 at 2:00 PM Central
Donation balance update
LPC-VZLA proposal

@everyone Here is the link to the livestream for 30MAR19 at 8:30 Central
Permanent Explorer (
LPC Exchange Listing Paid (Yobit)
New Dev Search & Proposal LPC Venezuela (Jean)


Here is the link to the livestream for 23MAR19 at 8:30PM Central


Here are the details for our weekly livestream (8PM Central 16MAR19):

PROPOSALS (Jean- LPC Venezuela, Colin - LGS China)


📌 Hello, LPC-Community 😃 ✌