@everyone It can be seen from explorer that most of the wallets are not being update to v2.3 ... I request you all to shift to v2.3 as the chain will fork at 560k Block in 7 days... please update wallet... Thanks

@everyone Lobstex masternode automated script is updated, please use it to deploy masternodes by following steps...

Contribute to avymantech/Masternode development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone we have compiled new wallets with rectified port on same link. Protocol is 70917. Thanks to Wills for timely help.

Contribute to avymantech/lobstex development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Apologies for a mistake committed while compiling wallets...The RPC and P2P port are wrongly put as same. We have rectified the mistake and compiling wallets again... Please bear us for next 2 -3 hours till we upload new wallets...Please do not deploy masternodes till then. Thats for your patience and apologies for inconvenience caused...

@everyone ↘ Wallet v2.3 works over previous version wallet, just run the new wallet over previous one.↙
🚨Lobstex chain will fork at Block 560000 and thus all the previous version wallet holders coins/stakes will be invalid. Zerocoin protocol has been removed from the wallet due to it’s vulnerabilities.🚨

🚨For Masternodes there is no automated script, kindly update respective masternodes manually. Manual guide will be provided to you.🚨

@everyone Please update your wallet to v2.3...its a mandatory update... all information is provided in release notes.

Contribute to avymantech/lobstex development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone XLobs Registration airdrop is over as we have crossed 160 users. You are most welcome to register but you will not receive Lobs airdrop

@everyone We have verified users and open for trading... XLobs Launch -2nd May,2019

@everyone welcome to XLobs trading platform... we are excited to see the rush of new users...KYC verification will take 12-18 hours as they will be individually checked to create profile... 100 Airdropped LOBS will be credited to individual verified account before trading opens. Thanks and welcome again...

@everyone Wallet v2.0 is being renamed as v2.1.1 - masternodes are stable of this version - protocol 70913

@everyone we are still working on the new upgrade... kindly wait for 2 more days... Tomorrow we will share some snapshots and test masternodes for 24 hours... After testing stability we will release new wallet... Thanks

@everyone kindly convert your zLobs to LOBS as new wallet won’t support zerocoin protocol...

@everyone cloudflare activation will take around 12 hours, thus activation link is not coming on mail.... kindly wait till tomorrow for registration... Thanks

@everyone We have opened registrations for XLOBS Exchange...
After a certain number of registrations we will activate trading to have better price discovery… Registration requires identity verification for the safety and security purpose like previous time. We will verify the users on the day when trading will start and a separate announcement will follow. Thanks and please Register yourself on :

@everyone. We will upgrade wallet and chain in coming week. The New Reward Structure would be: 5 Coins - Masternodes, 3 Coins- Stakes, and 1 coin -Development & Marketing, per block. As it will be a mandatory wallet all the old wallets must have to migrate to new ones. Thanks

@everyone we believe after fake stake patch wallet gets disconnected, that’s why many MNs/ wallet get stuck. We will upgrade chain and wallet in next 3 weeks time. The reward structure will also change to control inflation. We will announce reward structure in next week.

@everyone Message from GreenDex... Our first community listing voting cycle has ended and the winner is Lobstex with a total of 2,570 votes!
@LOBSTEXofficial will be listed on GreenDEX at LAUNCH!

@everyone Please use Explorer2 till we upgrade official explorer 1.

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