Get 1000 BXBC Coins Free

@everyone You can Either Send Coin's to that Address or Register yourself At: and vote by sending to the provided address for Lobstex. The GreenDex can be Found here: Hurry and Vote Lobstex to number 1 spot till 1 April so it will be listed on GreenDex!!! We would really appreciate Your Support. 👍

@everyone We have Lobstex for Voting on the GreenDex (Bitshares) Platform that will be Launched soon. Voting for Lobstex can be Done to this DashGreen Address: DDeH6zsMCQPvouqZ6zBeXgB1u7kM17WLms It costs 0.1 DASHG per Vote, You can send Unlimited amount of coins to vote. (1 DashG = around 0.20-0.25$ so its 0.02$-0.025$ per vote)

@everyone Mandatory update wallet with stake patch fix and UI change can be downloaded from Please make sure to backup your current wallet first.

Contribute to avymantech/lobstex development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone stake patch has been applied but Pls DO NOT upgrade wallet till we announce as we are testing the new wallet. We will announce for upgradation...

@everyone we have decided to go for complete UI change and backend process to streamline everything and keeping the security high, we will take some time to set it up, but we will do it. It might take us a month or so but to us trust is important to keep exchange safe and sound.

@everyone We have paid back 58 users their money deposited in wallet. 2 remains, pls provide the detail.@zippy and@marcus...Thanks

@everyone @marcusjrfernandes,@mussonie, @358932066978496512>,@zippy, please contact in pm... thanks

@everyone XLobs faced its first DDOS attack, however we had already moved exchange funds to cold wallet. we had taken a snapshot of latest deposits, withdrawals, trade and user assets. Funds are safu.

@everyone Due to an error, we are cancelling the ongoing orders. Funds will be safu in your wallets. Thanks

@everyone the first round of 1000 lobs to new users will be credited on weekend

@everyone we have disabled eth trading for integration... BTC pairs are LIVE...

@everyone Registrations are open now...

@everyone Glad to announce, finally we will be starting registration to in next 15 minutes. Please register with KYC Document ready, else we have to reject the registration.

@everyone Registrations to will open in next 12 hours, sign up early to take part in competitions...

@everyone 1 more day to go for launch of XLobs...we have seen few registrations but we have to delete them to start afresh, kindly wait till 5pm UTC to register.

@everyone Please DO NOT register before Feb 18, 2019 on

@everyone Lobstex has come a long way in last few months and what we had promised to provide LOBS as a perfect use case is being derived from the XLobs Exchange. We are happy to announce that we will launch XLobs next week with BTC pairs. In future we will strive for a USD pair (depending on License). We have kept security as the main concern so we will go for both Hot and Cold wallets with KYC. More features will be announced in coming days. Thanks for the patience...

@everyone we have engaged panda-bot in server for community interaction. Kindly make good use of it... The command guide can be found out at:

@everyone we will release new updated wallet, Now i ask community if we go with which option:
Option 1: Keep the masternode and stake reward percentage same,
Option 2: Masternode 70% and Stake 30% .... pls answer in <#442157889159954444>