Hi Cryptopians! We’re excited for tomorrow at Cryptopia HQ, because our website is getting a refresh! We’ll be putting the Exchange into maintenance while we do this from 1pm NZST (12am UTC) for up to 15 mins. When we come back we’ll have a whole new look! The countd...

Real Men Wear Pink
I joined Real Men Wear Pink to fight breast cancer in my community. Support me with a donation and you'll be helping the American Cancer Society fund breakthrough breast cancer research, free rides to chemo, a 24/7 help line and so much more! Donate now

$25,000 Bitcoin By Year End! Coinbase Conspiracy! Iran Leading Vol...
Bitcoin to hit $500,000 by 2024! Coinbase ETC listing is coming soon and here is why! Iran to lead the next bull run? Bill Clinton the XRP Savior? Technical ...

20 Questions With Linda Coin
Linda Coin has been trending recently, bucking the bearish trend in cryptocurrencies. The community has been on fire and one of the most active on Crypto Twitter over the last couple months, which lead me to

Qualifications needed to apply The requirements needed to apply is based on a variety of conditions set by the lead organization. The reason conditions are set very strictly, to enforce no malicious actions are performed by signer or sealer nodes on the network. All actions performed by the consortium takes the collective responsibility to further benefit the network and all participants involved. Validators must hold a significant amount of LX which shows they care about the overall development of the network. Each validator on the network will prove his/her identity to promote global transparency.

Duties and Responsibilities
Validators accept the responsibility to maintain the status of their signer node Validators are expected to participate in on chain votes to help determine decisions made by the consortium
Validators are expected to respect community members but also provide help when needed Validators are required to report any suspicious activity seen on the network immediately to their lead organization. The consortium will issue a warning or perform a validators vote if further action needs to be taken.