@everyone Be advised that the beta site is up for a second round of feedback on mobile and desktop devices. Please DM your comments to me for good or bad. The first round of feeback led to some major improvements. Thanks to all those who helped out!

@everyone Instead of a livestream tonight, here is a quick update for this week: (1) The XChainZ multi-currency, staking wallet for LGS and LPC is ready for relaunch on 4/30. Major coding updates are near completion with the following enhancements: (a) email-based transaction authorizations, (b) non Google-based captcha for Asia-Pacific geography, (c) 0% fee staking for LPC and LGS [if you have funds on the wallet now they are currently staking], (d) corrected IPFS messaging on blockchain registration, and (e) IP address logging and display for transaction approval. (2) The LPC reapplication to Bittrex has been submitted; the LGS application is being prepared. We hope to hear back from them shortly. (3) We have listed LPC on FEXPRO exchange in Hong Kong. Big shout out to @466814169921093663> for pulling that off. The exchange has a pretty nice IOS app as well. Check it out. (4) Surprisingly, XChainZ has been asked to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement with a Fortune 100 insurance company to discuss partnership opportunities. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT HAS HAPPENED BUT IT DOES OPEN THE DOOR. More updates next week. For details on the dev, follow up with Jean (aka Roclobster). We will resume the livestream next Saturday afternoon. Have a great weekend!

@everyone Here are the details for the webinar at 8:30 Central (GMT -5)
Masternode ATM online
Xchainz Beta Testing & Feedback
Dev Update

@everyone Given the feedback on the wallet so far, we will be making updates over the next 24 hours and will be back online. Thanks!

@everyone Be advised that the Xchainz multicurrency wallet is now in beta. Feel free to kick the tires and give your recommendations for improvements before we start onboarding projects and porting to iOS and Android. Listing fees for projects will support the purchase and deployment of more LPC Masternode ATMs worldwide. Listed projects on the Xchainz multicurrency wallet will be able to swap into LPC in the wallet and cash out on the global ATM network that we are building. This is bigger than ATMs yall. This is world domination! Let's go!!!!


Here are the livestream details for tonight at 8:30PM Central
Dallas StartUp Week Recap
Exchange Listing Update
Xchainz Alpha Progress

@everyone I know it sucks but the webinar for tonight has been postponed to next week. Sorry!

@everyone Here is the link to the livestream for 30MAR19 at 8:30 Central
Permanent Explorer (
LPC Exchange Listing Paid (Yobit)
New Dev Search & Proposal LPC Venezuela (Jean)


Here is the link to the livestream for 23MAR19 at 8:30PM Central

Be advised that we are aware the inaccurate payout and are investigating the issue.


Here are the details for our weekly livestream (8PM Central, 16MAR19):

PROPOSALS (Jean- LPC Venezuela, Colin - LGS China)


📌 Hello, LGS-Community 😃 ✌



Here are the details for the weekly webinar 9MAR19 @ 8:30 PM Central :


@everyone Here is last week's webinar:


Here are details for one of the most important webinars to date at 8:30PM (Central Time) 1March19

Community Vote
Masternode ATM and POS
Lumina Datamatics Press Release and Use Case
Market Activity and Response

Here is the proposal for the LPC/LGS merger via fork. Only MN owners can vote on this issue using this official governance proposal so that it is formally recognized. One more proposal will follow shortly. We are conducting this vote in an official way on the LGS blockchain. If you are a MN owner, please use the Debug Console to vote. To get information on the proposal, visit the link within the proposal on the blockchain by typing the following into the Debug Console: mnbudget getinfo “LPC/LGS Fork”

Proposal: “LPC/LGS Fork”
‘mnbudget vote-many 3a1d93e9875401bb89eab4598f7806d06de016498bed9b4f7db055aef1aac562 yes’ to vote in favor
‘mnbudget vote-many 3a1d93e9875401bb89eab4598f7806d06de016498bed9b4f7db055aef1aac562 no’ to vote against
‘mnbudget getinfo "LPC/LGS Fork" ’ to check the status

@everyone Be advised of the this week’s livestream event on Thursday, 21FEB19
Project Update
100 Partners Program
Columbia Visit (22Feb - 24Feb)

@eveyone To all holders of LPC/LGS -@LPC DEV is no longer with the LPC or LGS projects. The remaining members of the dev team, the brand ambassadors, partners, investors and Masternode holders are consolidating to a new Discord channel and is transitioning away from this channel. There are big changes coming and we want to make sure that everyone stays well informed on one channel and has the opportunity to ask questions and contribute. Please take the time to join the new channel and become acquainted with all that’s going on:

@everyone Here are the details for today's webinar at 9pm Eastern:

Github Repositories
Website Updates
Updated Roadmap

Light Pay Coin / Logis Coin Update 8Feb19: Github, Repo and Softwa...
Here are the details for today's webinar: Github Repositories Website Updates Updated Roadmap