It's official CryptoBridge is shutting down. All withdrawals will be closed after December 15 23:59 GMT.

Please withdraw all your KYD holdings from CryptoBridge immediately

More details can be found here

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@everyone We are happy to announce KYD is now listed on COINMARKETCAP !

@everyone We are happy to announce that KYD is listed on

@everyone We are happy to announce that KYD is listed on

@everyone Dear community, I have enjoyed getting to know a lot of you as well as helping to answer questions and bring some knowledge. Regrettably I have found over the last month or so that I just don’t have enough free time to properly engage and be productive with you all in the way that you deserve. Due to this I will be leaving my position as community manager. I won’t be leaving the server but just as an active role with the team. If anyone here thinks that they would be a good fit for that job, please send a DM to @447288831322882058> and he will be more than happy to talk with you about it. I look forward to the future as I still have faith in the project and it’s goals. Thanks to everyone for making my time here a good one 🙂


@everyone We are more than happy to announce, CTSC-PLATFORM has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer! They too will display the KYD verified tick and banner! KYD is also listed on CTSC-PLATFORM, please take a look around.

Go check it out !

CTSC Platform - Home
CTSC Platform. Helping you get the coin info you need

@everyone We wanted to share a preview of our upcoming verification platform with you guys. As you may have seen in our <#605668365985513472> and meeting summary @113739525066457093> has been working on the backend wich is 90% finished and we did several succesfull verification tests last week. @397700730334609412> has worked out the design wich is showed in the video, we are looking to finish asap. The most important step forward is our verification is now completly legal and backed by our qualified partner. For now we have already completed the legal verification of 4 applicants using our new system.

More details and information will be published with the release.

Any further questions can be done in DM.

@everyone KYD is now listed on

@everyone KYDC ticker now listed on BISQ with their latest release (no longer conflicting with KYD-Cayman Islands Dollar)

@everyone New wallet release now available to download and install at
Release notes:
KYD to KYDC cosmetic ticker change
Travis automated builds
Embedded news panel
Proposal panel
Spork 17 Implemented to manage the MN Winner Minimum Age
Updated masternode installer

KYD v3. Contribute to kydcoin/KYD3 development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone You can now buy VPS hosting with your KYD coin. Available at (This link is special rates to KYD investors only, please don't share to people outside our family) .
To show KYD prices select menu and change currency to KYD. Any questions around the service then let me know.

@everyone We have a few new channels wich will be explained here below:

Coins that have been contacted & informed about the KYD service.

Here you can indicate which teams you would like to bring in contact with us, we will contact them after your request.

Paid listings will be shared here to do a community voting. ( We are almost finished with the new wallet till then this channel will be used )

Coins that have applied for a KYD verification will be displayed here, we are looking for 3 community members for each project to do research through the KYD VERIFICATION FORM. The outcome will be included in the process and will be shared with the public after agreement with user and team. For you participation we will reward you with a different role and 1000 KYD, incase the form is completly filled in as it should be. ( no unanswered questions )

@everyone We are happy to announce that KYD has now been integrated on Social SEND platform, along with an in-built exchange.

Now, you can send KYD via social networks!

Send Platform:

Also, you can trade KYD against BTC, LTC and SEND pairs.

@everyone We are more than happy to announce, MNTank has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer! They too will display the KYD verified tick and banner! KYD is also listed on MNTank, you can now setup your MN.

Go check it out !

@everyone Dachex is closing within 10 days please withdraw your coins ASAP.

@everyone We are happy to announce that KYD is listed on Northern exchange.


We just made the announcement of the listing of KYD to InstantBuy. You can use this template to make the announcement your end:

Know Your Developer are excited to announce the listing of KYD to Midas InstantBuy @everyone

KYD has listed to the revolutionary new service operated by Midas - InstantBuy.

Through InstantBuy, you can now purchase KYD at live market rate instantly and directly on the Midas platform. InstantBuy has also introduced Cashback; instead of paying trading fees to purchase your KYD, InstantBuy is the first platform allowing you to earn BTC from purchasing coins.

InstantBuy also offers direct benefits for us, the project. The majority of the BTC you spend will be held in a managed trust fund to provide structured price support for KYD on exchange to decrease volatility and increase price strength. A proportion of your BTC will also come directly to Know Your Developer as BTC revenue, which allows us to develop our project for the future.

Midas platform:
Midas Discord:

To purchase on the Midas platform find the 'Instant Buy' button on your share card to purchase KYD instantly.

Once purchased, activate the MIDAS Lock-in to host your KYD with zero fees on the Midas platform.

Midas masternodes

Hello@everyone ,
Hereby I want to share the summary of yesterday's meeting with you.
It's a extension of details about our work overview. <#605668365985513472>
Feel free to ask questions.

If you have the ambition to participate in the KYD project, feel free to contact us. There is plenty to do.

18-08 meeting KYD
Summary for the community: 18/08/2019 KYD meeting Including: Shockthewolf / Enginama / CPT.hoek / Wizard absent: Doniva Team improvement Schedule a meeting all core members included to work out last details for Whitepaper and Roadmap for the upcoming 6 to 12 months. ...

@everyone It has taken some time but the first cleaning round is here. At the start of 2018 we decided to stop with our private listings. A private listing is a verification done by the KYD team whereby no picture, name, country of residence are visible for the public. Our goal is transparancy for you and everybody in cryptosphere, for that reason we decided to offer them a free public reverification.

Together with The wizard I contacted the listed projects to review the listing and to offer them a free public listing incase they were still listed privately.
Some teams did not respond, some negative and others very positive.

Projects that accepted our free offer to go public:

  • Cryptonodes, Bettex, Ragna, Worx, XDNA.

Projects that have rejected our free offer:

  • Deviant, Bitcoin incognito, Xorn, Cryptofight club, Glyno, PWR, XUEZ

Projects where no contact has been established:

  • Motion, Graphcoin, Epic, Turbostake, Dividend cash, MMO, Concierge coin, Pandemia, Coin2play, Printex.

For the projects that refused our offer a delisting will follow in the next couple of days. For those who accepted our offer a reverification will be scheduled the upcoming weeks, till the verification is completed they will be reflected on our platform as projects in queue (orange outline).