Due to upcomig Telegram/Line Bot update we ask you to withdraw all coins from Telegram/Line KEYCOBOT wallet.
After March 15, 2019 all claims for coins return will not be accepted.

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Here’s some information about arbitrage bot:
Everyone understands that “cryptocurrency market is a very high risk market and you need to be ready for that!”

So the key point of our trading strategy – marginal arbitrage on XBT/USD pairs on Bitmex exchange and BTC/USDT on Binance exchange. When bot finds discrepancy of quotations between those pairs, it buys/sells on the one exchange (Binance) and sells/buys on the other exchange – marginal Bitmex.

Bot makes trading using long and short positions.
After the position is opened we have a hedged position
No need to make direct cryptocurrency transfer between exchanges.
Low commission using BNB coin while paying for trading fee on Binance. And on the other side Bitmex pays +0.025% for open contract.
Your funds are on your exchange accounts.
Bot just makes trading and can’t withdraw them unless you provide him such rights.
Bot can use leverage (not in use right now).

Technical – exchange APIes can hang out, server stop… but as we’ve said before opened position is hedged – there is no loss.
So after bot restart it will automatically continue trading.
If you begin to trade manually there is a chance that opened position which was created by the bot won’t be closed (in BTC or USDT).
An economically sound deposit is required to make successful trading to pay back the monthly fee for the access to the bot and make profit (while testing fee will be free of charge).
There is a possibility that a bot can make much more profit on one exchange while on the other exchange can be vice versa so you’ll need to equalize deposits on both exchanges manually.

P.S. Our trading strategy is based on minimal risk so you need to understand that you won’t receive high profits (it’s all depends on market price changes). Also we are planning to add more cryptocurrency pairs and other exchanges. And also additional bot functions that can make trading more profitable.

Hello, everyone.
We are glad to invite everyone to test our new functional FinKeyco - Arbitrage Crypto Trading BOT.

If you want to take a part in testing you need to apply the form.
We will choose 3 testers from the list of applications and will deposit to their accounts $10 each.
!!! To do so you need to provide API keys of the following exchanges (Binance, Bitmex) and BTC/USDT/XBT addresses.

Arbitrage Crypto Trading BOT

Sorry for the inconvenience!


We have added News feed to KeycoBot. Now you will be always in touch with important news for the coins you are holding!

You can contact @keycobot right away.

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KEYCO (KEC) - Events, Price, Market Cap, Supply, Exchanges
Everything you need to know about KEYCO (KEC): Events, Price, Market Cap, Supply, Exchanges and more!

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Good news! open trading for XBTSX.KEC/XBTSX.BTC trading pairs:

Thank the team XBTS!

Keyco was mentioned in Press Release on the CoinGecko Beam -

CoinGecko Launches “Beam” to Improve Crypto Transparency

Scam warning!
Links to clone site - note the "l" instead of "i"

KEYCO is now available at CoinGecko Beam!

"CoinGecko Beam - get the latest updates and announcements directly from token teams."

Beam Updates | CoinGecko
Get the latest updates and announcements directly from token teams

We added new feature - Depth of Market (aka the Order Book).

Available exchanges for now:


"Depth of Market" is necessary for the next part - automatic trading of found pairs.

Depth of Market is a window that shows how many open buy and sell orders there are at different prices.
It’s a great tool to see where the supply and demand levels are.

CryptoHub platform was hacked and hackers stolen big amount of BTC, LTC; ETH, DOGE; XMR, WAVES

Reception of request for refund started on September 24.
All requests will be paid on October 10 and October 25. After October 25 no request will be accepted

CryptoHub Exchange (@CryptoHubONLINE)


Arbitrage is a new branch of KeycoBot development which will be able to earn profit to the project which will be directed to project development.

As well it will be able to earn money to keyco investors ( they will be rewarded from masternodes and get a passive income from arbitrage deals.

So for now our development plan is:

  • adding new exchanges into keycobot portfolio. Our community voted for adding binance, poloniex, bittrex, kucoin... exchanges.
    Available exchanges for now:




  • searching for arbitrage pairs and users who have those coins on their balances

  • taking KEC as a guarantee to minimize any risk between users.

All deals are done between users, bot acts as an escrow, so arbitrage function will be available only for those who have enough KEC on their balances to .make a deal.

  • automatic trading of found pairs .
  • implementation of all features in other messengers.

Arbitrage deals will be done in various pairs which are traded on exchanges mentioned above such as BCD/BTC, EOS/BTC, ETH/BTC. Keyco will be used as a collateraland will be frozen until the end of the deal and spreading profits among thebhsers of arbitrage.

For making a deal user must have:

  1. A coin on one of the exchanges which will be used in arbitrage
  2. Added an api with trade function enabled in keycobot.
  3. Enough KEC for collateral available on your balance (We are thinking of adding as a collateral your working masternodes without breaking them and transferring your coins directly to your keycobot balance.

All future operations: finding arbitrage pairs, connecting users to make a deal, calculating amount of coins traded, freezing KEC, buying/selling coins, releasing KEC after a successful deal will be done by KeycoBot automatically.

Telegram ChatBot:
LINE ChatBot:

You can contact @keycobot right away.