Crypto Gravity returns: Compete to win!
ionomy Studios releases a major upgrade to its flagship game Crypto Gravity. Compete to win cash prizes. Available for Android and iOS.

So Ionomy have just submitted the final version of Crypto Gravity to the Android / iOS app stores, this version will be the public version and tournaments could be live as soon as Friday! Android submission is very quick but iOS usually takes longer, but we could see live tournaments as soon as Friday!


Beta for crypto gravity is now available. Please DM me for info. I'm looking for IOS testers.

βš™οΈ CORE UPDATE: Node transition is well underway and reached 54.6% over night! Core-Dev's worked to resolve a small Sync bug in Helium: v3.1.00 and quickly released Helium: v3.1.01. ⚠️ ALL DAEMONS / WALLETS MUST BE RUNNING VERSION 3.1.01 Download NOW: https://t....

Please update to the newest version of the wallet 3.1.01

πŸ—ΊοΈIon Digital Currency ©️ πŸ‘› (by Ion Core Developers) official repository - ioncoincore/ion

Update your clients, both core Qt & Daemons in prep for maintenance mode, then $ION hard fork, much effort has gone into this with new features so don't miss out. Check out the Zerocoin v1 - v2 mailouts & convert before the fork.


Updated fork news coming hopefully today. The fake stake stuff put a bump in the timeline, we're doing some extended testing to ensure that we get it right. It was better to delay a few more days than have another mandatory release in a week or two. I'll keep everybody posted as we have the info.

Just a heads up guys in light of the recent news. Our developers are aware of the fake stake issue and already looking at solutions. Additionally they have been talking with the Pivx developers to learn more information about how it may or may not impact our coin.

I have a second session for testers planned for tomorrow morning at 9am Central (3pm GMT)
If you missed the first round join us tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ Head over to <#536194961985503253> to jump into testing the next release.

We have a new BETA release available for Testnet. Head on over to <#536194961985503253> for more info!

<#536194961985503253> could have some new tasty info soon. If you're interested in testing the new ion release candidate (THIS WEEK) head on over. Testers who signed up via the form (registration closed for this round) will be getting an email shortly with meeting info.

Alright aspiring community testers. I'm going to be setting some sessions up for later next week. Intro to testing type stuff, if you've been watching the github channel you've seen that a buncha stuff is happening in anticipation of the next release.

Keep an eye on your inboxes for invites and updates. Feel free to DM me in the meantime if you have any questions.

ionomy Live Update 1/4/19 - YouTube
Another Live Update for the ION Community. Come see what has been going on in 2018, and what is coming up in 2019!

Overview over tasks:

Want to help test the upcoming ion wallet?

See what needs testing here:

Your help will be very much appreciated πŸ˜ƒ

Testing v3.1.0-rc6 Β· Issue #73 Β· cevap/ion
Please test and report here if for you everything runs well. If there is some issue, please create a new issue. If you want to help by translati...