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@everyone Zero fee trading on bitcoin markets

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[SERVICE] 🚰 - Multi faucet- Free service
[SERVICE] 🚰 - Multi faucet- Free service

@here is moving to a new cloudhost you should notice nothing, but if you experience any issue after 48hour of this post please let me know.

INSaNe is now available on - masternodes monitoring and 1-click installation services-
Setting the first 200 masternodes on the platform is totally free!

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Devoloper Update for 28th 

myINSN Will continue to run in its current guise
webWallet will be paused later today (more on that in a second)

With yesterdays active discussions, myINSN Version 2 is comming, im already well underway in prepping it to run, users will not need to re-register or anything, it will be  a straight swap service.

100% Set in stone confirmed fixes

2FA Code (Apps)
Email Alerts
Pin Code Verification
Blocktemplate for INSN

Theres a newer more appealing look, more leightwight more readable and much more friendly with APPLE and Linux systems

I Expect to start basic testing of version 2 today, if you want an early access invite le me know, im looking for a few people who can break it (if they can)
The following wallets will be supported by the new platform read into it what you will

ETH _ CSpaces Tokens
Notnotnormals if you want to share the provisional work with them feel free
So long as no one wets themself
Fixed wrong detail in email handler, and stupid recall url.

Fixed 2FA Multi Mode Login
Fixed Balance display bug (9 decimals not 8)
Fixed Broken Validator for new IP on login```

Our new Web Wallet with staking will be online in the next 36 hours. Once open you can find it at

We have sold out of the current share offering on MyINSN website.

Did you miss out? Does anyone want anymore? 

Remember you can trade shares, so you may still be able to grab a few.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list please PM me.

And don't forget our New web wallet will be coming out shortly swiftly followed by our New MyINSN Staking pool for those with a little less INSN than needed for a share. 

Join forces and raise your staking odds.