Innova Coin Roadmap for 2019 (Updated 2/19)@everyone

Innova Coin introduces InnovaHost. InnovaHost is a unique Masternode-as-a-Service platform that allows anyone to setup their own masternodes with no experience required. In addition to the free setup done by our expert staff, InnovaHost also provides the VPS. All of this for as little as $2/month per masternode.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how it works:

  1. Get enough coins for a masternode. If you plan to setup an Innova masternode, you will need exactly 1000INN sent in one transaction to an INN address.
  2. Select one of our InnovaHost plans on the InnovaHost website, check out and pay.
  3. After getting a confirmation email for your order, send us your masternode address that contains your 1000INN transaction.
  4. Wait up to 24 hours for us to setup your masternode. When we are finished, we will send you a masternode.conf file that you place in your wallet's folder.
  5. Start your masternode in your wallet!

We will offer a support channel in our discord if any user has any questions about the setup process. InnovaHost's goal is to make masternode setup as simple as possible for the average cryptocurrency investor. InnovaHost will also host any masternode coin that signs up to our platform (small fee required to be listed).

InnovaHost plans to launch early Q2. The platform is finished, however we are doing some touch-ups to make sure everything runs smooth on launch day. Tomorrow, an updated roadmap will be released.@everyone

Innova Coin now has an official shop where you can purchase Innova Coin merchandise. Keep an eye on the <#541966751815041024> channel on our Discord for the latest merchandise.@everyone

‘Innova Coin’ by Official Innova Coin Products
Official products for Innova Coin. • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

We would like to welcome our new Community Developer @397478672229203968>. He will be developing web-based plugins for InnovaCoin, including the Woocommerce plugin that will allow any online shop to accept InnovaCoin.@everyone

Hello@everyone! You can trade Innova Coin on exchanges like:

We are working on releasing a new updated roadmap with great news.. coming soon

Innova Coin will soon be listed on Nodeasy. Nodeasy is a masternode tracking service that allows you to monitor and view masternode statistics.

To support the Innova Coin project, we are introducing a 0% fee INN mining pool with payouts every hour.@everyone

Two "easy to use" Innova Masternode HOT/COLD Guides have been released.

Check them out in the new <#531820602298859520> channel.@everyone

$INN has now been listed on C-Patex with a BTC-INN pairing. Start trading now!@everyone

C-PatEx - Cryptocurrency Exchange
C-PatEx - Cryptocurrency Exchange

2019 Innova Coin Roadmap@everyone

2019 roadmap has been completed. We just have to make some minor edits and we hope to release it the first week of 2019. Have a safe and happy New Year! 🥂@everyone

Innova Coin is proud to announce a partnership with Gravitas LLC.

Gravitas LLC is "an advertising and digital media studio". Their expertise is in "Design, Digital Marketing, Business Network Technology, Web Programming & Hosting, Linux Server & Services, DataBase's, Email\SMS Marketing, Call Center Services".

Gravitas LLC now accepts Innova Coin ($INN) as a method of payment for their clients. We are also beginning talks with them to design a new Innova Coin wallet UI.


Our goal at Innova Coin is to give our coin real-world use cases. We are currently looking for more businesses to accept $INN as their method of payment. In 2019, we will be starting a large-scaled campaign to find businesses that will accept $INN. If you own a business and would like to partner with us, please PM WaveMan on Discord.@everyone

Gravitas LLC - Internet Media Solution
Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Hosting, Internet DataBase, Business Network Technlogy, Markting, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Call Center Solution,

Innova Coin is growing! Say hello to our new Discord team members:

@181557844561100800> - Moderator and Technical Help
@234672402800443392> - Technical Help
@350590609846960129> - Technical Help

Many things are cooking beneath the hood. Big announcements are coming before the end of the year!@everyone

@everyone we have applied to be on the Blockfolio Signals platform. One step at a time!


We are looking for 2 additional Moderators and 1 additional Technical Helper for our Discord channel. We need people who are positive and love Innova Coin.

The ideal person would be able to:

  1. Assist others who are new to Innova Coin by answering their questions.
  2. Bring new ideas to the coin.
  3. Clean up spam on a daily basis.

If you think you can donate your time to our project, please send me a PM.

Just wanted to update you what we are currently working on:

  1. Woocommerce integration
  2. Coinpayments
  3. Updated roadmap and whitepaper release

Hello@everyone is working now

Hello@everyone. We have closed the exchange platform for now. You all may have heard that the SEC is settling charges against unregistered exchanges. We need to rethink our plans with the Innova Coin. Users who had coins on the exchange can write to me so we can’t send their balances back.

2018: Innova Coin In Review

  • iOS and Android Wallets -

The Innova Coin team released fully functional, in-house wallets for both iOS and Android.

  • Coin Burn -

A coin burn took place that removed 19 million coins, leaving the max supply to only 23 million coins.

  • Innova Exchange -

Innova Coin released a beta version of the Innova Exchange, which is available at The new year will bring many changes and improvements to the exchange as we will continue to build on it.

  • Bounty Campaign -

There is an ongoing bounty campaign happening right now, where over 2000 INN will be given out to the winners. Head over to the <#469117304651644949> channel on Discord to learn more.

  • White Paper -

The White Paper was released to Discord members only, with plans to release it to the public soon.

  • Woocommerce Plugin -

We are developing a plugin to integrate Innova Coin into the leading WordPress e-commerce platform. The plugin is nearly finished, and we are waiting on a few technical issues until it is released.

We believe 2019 will be a huge year for Innova Coin. A new updated roadmap for 2019 will be released soon to go over what the next steps will be. Long live Innova Coin!@everyone

Innova Exchange
The Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hi@everyone! Masternode block rewards are now paying out at 7.92 INN. There is a 12% decrease in block rewards each year. Please see attached image for full details. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to discuss them with us. Thank you!