What's next?
• Mac wallet relaunch
• Mobile wallet relaunch (iOS and Android)
• Create web wallet
• Finish new website (
• Create new roadmap for 2019
• Create new whitepaper

Download the latest wallet:

View the explorer:

Official Github for Innova Coin ( - innova-coin/innova



⚠ Please update your wallets! Older versions are no longer supported.

✅ Download Windows wallet here:
✅ Download Linux wallet here:


  1. Download wallet from link above
  2. Extract innova-qt.exe to desired folder
  3. Delete old innova.conf file
  4. Run innova-qt.exe
  5. Click on Tools > Wallet Repair > Rebuild Index
  6. Done

✅ Visit the GitHub release page for additional instructions:


• Masternode collateral changed to 5,000 INN
• Block reward increased to 14 INN (reward reduction 12% every 4 months)
• Innova development fund implemented

Contribute to innova-coin/innova development by creating an account on GitHub.



⚠ Please update your wallets! Older versions are no longer supported. ⚠

✅ Download Windows wallet here:
✅ Download Linux wallet here:
✅ New website:
✅ New block explorer:


  1. Download wallet from link above
  2. Extract innova-qt.exe to desired folder
  3. Run innova-qt.exe
  4. Click on Tools > Wallet Repair > Rebuild Index
  5. Done


• Coin burn: Max Supply reduced to 15,000,000 INN
• Masternode “New Start Required” issue solved
• Multiple nodes per IP address now available
• Main peers updated to more stable servers
• Automatic syncing (no addnodes required)
• New wallet splash screen/background
• New website and blockchain explorers
• Other network issues solved

Once the network has stabilized, we will be releasing wallet v12.2.1. This will include the masternode collateral change to 5,000 INN, block reward change to 14 INN, and development fund.

Innova Coin is now listed on Nova Exchange! Trading is now available, however please refrain from making any deposits/withdraws from the exchange until new Innova Coin wallet is released.@everyone

INN / BTC trading - Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange Engine

@everyone Innova Coin will reduce max supply on the next update. More info coming soon.

InnovaHost adds more ways to pay by using Cryptocurrency processing to our payment methods.

Innova Host

InnovaHost adds more ways to pay by using Cryptocurrency processing to our payment methods.

The <#469117304651644949> contest has ended. The winners and their prizes will be announced soon. Thank you@everyone who participated!

Innova Coin is proud to launch InnovaHost! InnovaHost is a simple, fast, and effective way to host your Innova masternodes! There is no setup required, and we do all the work for you! In addition to that, each node is only $1.99/month. All you need is the initial 1000 INN, then sign up to one of our plans!

We are also happy to partner with ColossusXT, SAGA Coin, and VIVO Coin. InnovaHost will be offering masternode setup for these coins as well. More supported coins are coming!

If you have your own masternode cryptocurrency, and would like to get listed on our platform, please contact @280386560439091200>.

Innova Host

You can currently purchase Innova Coin at the following exchanges:


Innova Coin should resume trading at Cryptopia very soon. Get your bookmarks set. InnovaHost launches next week. Are you ready? 🚀


C-PatEx - Cryptocurrency Exchange
C-PatEx - Cryptocurrency Exchange
Cryptopia - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

Innova Coin is proud to announce a partnership with ARPHOST. ARPHOST is a Limited Liability Company based out of St. Petersberg, Florida (USA). Innova Coin will be working with APRHOST to provide the servers and support for the upcoming InnovaHost platform (a Masternode-as-a-Service platform powered by Innova Coin).

We are excited to bring this amazing opportunity to Innova Coin and our early investors. Innova Coin and ARPHOST are coordinating a meeting early April prior to the InnovaHost launch. We will try to get some pictures to share with the community! Please stay tuned for the official InnovaHost launch.

Visit their website at

Home - ARPHost, LLC

Innova Coin Roadmap for 2019 (Updated 2/19)@everyone

Innova Coin introduces InnovaHost. InnovaHost is a unique Masternode-as-a-Service platform that allows anyone to setup their own masternodes with no experience required. In addition to the free setup done by our expert staff, InnovaHost also provides the VPS. All of this for as little as $2/month per masternode.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how it works:

  1. Get enough coins for a masternode. If you plan to setup an Innova masternode, you will need exactly 1000INN sent in one transaction to an INN address.
  2. Select one of our InnovaHost plans on the InnovaHost website, check out and pay.
  3. After getting a confirmation email for your order, send us your masternode address that contains your 1000INN transaction.
  4. Wait up to 24 hours for us to setup your masternode. When we are finished, we will send you a masternode.conf file that you place in your wallet's folder.
  5. Start your masternode in your wallet!

We will offer a support channel in our discord if any user has any questions about the setup process. InnovaHost's goal is to make masternode setup as simple as possible for the average cryptocurrency investor. InnovaHost will also host any masternode coin that signs up to our platform (small fee required to be listed).

InnovaHost plans to launch early Q2. The platform is finished, however we are doing some touch-ups to make sure everything runs smooth on launch day. Tomorrow, an updated roadmap will be released.@everyone

Innova Coin now has an official shop where you can purchase Innova Coin merchandise. Keep an eye on the <#541966751815041024> channel on our Discord for the latest merchandise.@everyone

‘Innova Coin’ by Official Innova Coin Products
Official products for Innova Coin. • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

We would like to welcome our new Community Developer @397478672229203968>. He will be developing web-based plugins for InnovaCoin, including the Woocommerce plugin that will allow any online shop to accept InnovaCoin.@everyone

Hello@everyone! You can trade Innova Coin on exchanges like:

We are working on releasing a new updated roadmap with great news.. coming soon

Innova Coin will soon be listed on Nodeasy. Nodeasy is a masternode tracking service that allows you to monitor and view masternode statistics.

To support the Innova Coin project, we are introducing a 0% fee INN mining pool with payouts every hour.@everyone

Two "easy to use" Innova Masternode HOT/COLD Guides have been released.

Check them out in the new <#531820602298859520> channel.@everyone