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Unnamed - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

withdraw IC before November 25, otherwise crypto-bridge will take possession of their coins.

@everyone Please withdraw coins from CryptoBridge they have released a list of batch delistings and it includes Ignition Coin

@everyone We are now listed on a new exchange: Graviex!!

Graviex | Bitcoin Exchange | BTC | Cryptocurrency Exchange | ETH
Graviex cryptocurrency exchange - We operate bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange

We've been added to CoinLore!

Ignition Price, Chart, Market Cap, IC Coin Essentials | CoinLore
Ignition price, charts, volume, market cap, supply, news, exchange rates, historical prices, ic to usd converter, ic coin complete info/stats.

Starting October 2019, all users are required to submit user verification to use CryptoBridge. Find the details in our blog:

NOVA Exchange shutting down - remove all funds before OCT 7th

Trading on Nova will close on 7 October. No need for worry, just read details here:

The website has been moved from self-hosting to Github Pages! This should mean easier updates (via github) and that anyone can participate in updating the site by submitting Pull Requests via Github.

If you'd like to help, please visit the webpage at to make sure everything seems functional and let us know if there are any issues.

Ignition Coin - The Future of On-Chain Payments & Store of Value
The Ignition Network’s blocks are generated by a triple hybrid methodology – Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, & Masternodes. This reduces power cost compared to other cryptocurrencies. Create a master node through the wallet, stake your coins, or mine them. Welcome to the h...

@everyone We were listed on a new exchange today!

IC/BTC | StakeCube Exchange
StakeCube most advanced cryptocurrencies exchange

Are you good at graphic design? A 100 IC bounty is now up for grabs for the best Ignition Coin T-Shirt graphic! Create some unique IC-themed art, slogans or memes to be added to the IC store, voted on by the community.
Last chance to grab your own IC 2018 merchandise with the link below!
All sales revenue is reinvested in the IC ecosystem through IC buy-backs and promotions/bounties.

Ignition Coin
Official Ignition Coin Merchandise

Giveaway will only last for TWO HOURS! Be sure to enter quickly 😉

@everyone If you are @&399972079979462657> rank or above you have the chance to get a free month of Discord Nitro for FREE! Go to <#405811991123591168> channel and click the proper emoji icon under the giveaway to enter, 1 winner will be selected!

The @411255104398950411> ?bet maximum has been raised to 200 IC! PM @411255104398950411> ?help for more info.

Reminder: Please upgrade your node, wallet, or masternode by block 521352 to ensure you're staking/MN's and transactions continue to participate in the main network after the network upgrade, which includes the following changes:

PoS/MN Reward Ratio Change from 50/50 to 45/55 % also at block 521352 ~Nov 15th
A Bi-Yearly Max Blocksize Increase System for On-Chain Scaling that starts in 4 years (6th year from genesis block approx.)
Some Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements```

All Twitter winners have been given their prize - congratulations everyone!
Remember that holding significant amounts of any coin on an exchange/3rd party wallet is not a good idea.
Secure your coins by using the updated v1.2 IC wallet here: 💰

Ignition is a PoW (Neoscrypt) / PoS / Master Node hybrid cryptocurrency, with a 5 million coin maximum supply, which is generated slower and slower over 50 years. Master Node reserve amount is 3000...

Congratulations @380058918002622464>, @300695918871576577>, @498765837432520715>, @594571288551620611>, @422708395083169792>! You won the [20 IC ea]!