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We implemented the patch after sufficient testing. This is a MANDATORY update. The update contains: - NEXXT, higher mining/mn rewards, higher collateral for BZ-Nodes and Spork control! A medium article will follow up shortly.

Happy Wednesday Crypto Land! To get your blockchain over the hump- Meet NEXXT- World's First Adaptive Difficulty Controller! Stop high powered , manipulating miners dead in their tracks and don't get stuck! #NEXXT will be deployed immediately with the coming $BZX release....

Want to spend #GravityCoin at over 30 million locations worldwide? Help GravityCoin $GXX get listed on PolisPay- a multi-currency and cross-platform wallet payment card! Follow @polispayapp and @PolisBlockchain then respond #BringPolisPay $GXX To Their Contest Tweet https...

Meet NEXXT - The First PoW Adaptive Difficulty Controller We have developed a solution to difficulty manipulation in chains. After implemented and tested in our coins, other chains might benefit from it. Stay tuned - NEXXT details coming by the end of the week!
 $GXX $...

UPDATES: 1. Meet PayBOXX - TOR widget for fast, safe, and easy shopping with crypto! Learn details below. Development to start after BCZ release. 2. MIXX is going to be a part of DEXX - new name for our developing exchange. 3. Product 3 details by end of march. $GXX $BZ...

While you are waiting for product 2 details, we want to inform you that our official mining pool is fully tested and live! Enjoy no fees and smooth experience! #GravityCoin $GXX

On March 4 Cryptopia will re-open in a Read Only State. We want to congratulate @Cryptopia_NZ on moving through this complex crisis and wish the trading to be live soon. Cryptopia was our first home and our users' all-time favorite - so we are happy it's coming back! $...

"Thank for your efforts in spreading info! We want our community to continue grow and help us delivering our technology to the world. Therefore, stay tuned - details about product 2 and #MIXX are coming in a week." $GXX $BZX $BCZ

GravityCoin $GXX will be listed and trading live on @altillycom in March! The transparency focused exchange has developed a Transparency System with monitoring and performance tracking tools- a refreshing approach and step in the right direction to self regulation in the i...

GravityCoin is live on @The_Blocknet DEX! Coins stay in your wallets and are traded directly by atomic swaps. Use the BlockDX client to trade P2P with an unlimited # of trading pairs including $GXX/ $BZX + $BZX/ $GXX NO 3rd Parties + of course NO KYC!

GravityCoin $GXX is now listed on Pecunia Platform for easy cold wallet Masternode setup and hosting! Your coins stay in your wallet! Thanks Pecunia for lowering the barrier to #Masternode rewards!

@everyone Thanks to our community we have won a free listing for $GXX Masternode Hosting with ZCore Masternodes System! Easy One Click Setup- So simple, Anyone can enjoy the %55 ROI with daily rewards that running an Xnode will earn you! Only $1.99 One-Click Masternode Hosting with +80 coins as payment!

Gravity Coin Masternode
Create 1 Click GXX Masternode for only $1.99/mo paid in crypto

@everyone Little surprise! In association with Lyra2Z.Com we present, to our mining macaroni heads, our new $GXX pool. No registration needed and zero fees. ->

We are excited to share with you the new stage of gravity project story. Stay tuned, details to come. $GXX $BCZ $BZX

We are happy to announce that any trading and wallets issues on SistemKoin are solved. $GXX and Sistemkoin continue our mutual business! Thank you @Sistemkoin for your cooperation and service! Your team has shown the needed response and assistance. #GravityCoin

@everyone Due to external factors such as global market conditions and the Cryptopia situation, we have decided to temporarily not accept any mining traffic to the official pool starting at 00:00 on 19th of January. On 31st of January withdrawing will be disabled. Easymine and Pool2mine remain open.

Thnx @blockfolio for adding us, we are really excited we joined #BlockfolioSignal to keep our community updated on our latest project updates. $GXX #GravityCoin #Blockfolio

Magnum is loaded with Gravity Coin💥 $GXX is available to manage in @Magnum_Wallet. All Gravity coin holders are welcome to try it on #GravityCoin

Of course $GXX development and Project Gravity continues in 2019 after the $BCZ KNIFE/fork: Codebase and Algo change, Zerocoin PoS (3.0), Masternode Tiers, Full Zerocoin privacy, GXXchange updates, mobile wallets and a lot more..... #GravityCoin #GXX $GXX

Finally! Here are the blockheights for the #BitcoinCashZero $BCZ KNIFE/Fork at January the 4th: $BZX 18100, $BCH 563865, $BSV 563800. Keep your private keys safe!