Finally, #Sigma in $GXX is now fully enabled. Happy Minting!

GravityCoin has been added as a form of payment method at MCM Marketplace! You can now Buy & Sell Goods with $GXX on MCM! @CryptoMcpc

@everyone check out the info about gameboxx+join the giveaway!

A post of @_2infinity_ appreciation Check out the work done by this $bcz $gxx $bzx lunatic for the coming GameBOXX service! It contains all the introductory information you need to know about #GameBOXX for now - check it out Like it? Share it!
GameBOXX Announcement Giveaway (international)
To celebrate our upcoming gamingplatform GameBOXX and all the prizes and jackpots that are going to be won on GameBOXX, the BitcoinCZ team is starting with a giveaway of our own! 1st prize: a brandnew UMIDIGI smartphone & 300 BCZ 2nd prize: a UMIDIGI Uwake speaker & 200 BCZ 3...

We've listened to the community and decided to have a telegram ZZZchat for all our projects - join it now at

Official Telegram for GravityCoin, BitcoinZero & BitcoinCZ

Thread updated in next days

[ANN][GXX - GravityCoin] Sigma Anonymity Protocol | CPU Only | Xnodes
[ANN][GXX - GravityCoin] Sigma Anonymity Protocol | CPU Only | Xnodes

GXX will move into new bitcointalk thread:

@everyone We've done a lot of work on integrating the Sigma protocol into $GXX
Activation will happen at block 533777. Please, install this MANDATORY update (ALL wallets ) following the link below

GravityCoin Official. Contribute to GravityCoinOfficial/GravityCoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

We are excited to announce that Sigma Protocol is about to be added to $GXX! The protocol will be officially available at block 533777 (ETA September 1). With this update users would be able to complete anonymous transactions.

We have released a quick guide for turning PayBOXX into an app on your iOS or Android devices! Like, share and comment what is your favorite mobile OS! #ios #android #paypal #payboxx

Meet PayBOXX! Now everyone can access the first version of our PayPal of crypto! Check it out now at Let's celebrate! #Giveaway of 300 $BCZ 750 $GXX and 5000$ BZX! To enter - repost and mention 2 people in the comments!

We have finished alpha development and testing for #PAYBOXX The next step in phase #orochi is restricted public access Are youe a part of beta program? Check your Discord DMs to find out *Sad? No invite? Like, tag 2 people and follow @bitcoincz_org for a chance to win 5...

Soon! #GravityCoin Masternode Tiers Collateral/Rewards Mars 5k $GXX 0.7 $GXX Reward , Proof of Work (miner) gets 4.3 $GXX when Mars Saturn 10k GXX 1.7 $GXX Reward, PoW 3.3 $GXX when Saturn Jupiter 20k $GXX Highest ROI 4.7 $GXX Reward, PoW 0.3 $GXX when Jupiter Testing...

XNODE UPDATE: Users that add the new 10k $GXX masternodes have to update their wallet to version

JUST IN: New GXX Xnode collateral -> 10000 GXX enabled.

@everyone MANDATORY update, use chainfiles if needed

Contribute to GravityCoinOfficial/GravityCoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

MANDATORY UPDATE: Update includes: Updated security Codebase improvements New MN structure (10,000 collateral, MN rewards 2.5 $GXX/block) Mining rewards 1.5 $GXX/block Minor bug fixes New loading splash More to come....

We are excited to tell you - Bitcoin CZ is live! Download wallet here: Claim guide: Lastly, to support the name of Satoshi, we have restricted BSV from claiming Bitcoin CZ Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates! $BCZ

@everyone This is an urgent and MANDATORY Zerocoin maintenance update, so update all: local and VPS ->

@everyone On 9 April 2019, the Zcoin team uncovered irregularities in connection with an isolated number of Zerocoin spends.
Zcoin immediately contacted the GXX team to disable Zerocoin spends and we are investigating the issue. This means that minted coins cannot be spent until further notice but will be spendable once the issue is resolved. No user funds are at risk. Further details will follow once fully addressed by affected projects. BZX Zerocoin is closed by SPORK and in maintenance.