Hi All!!
I have an opportunity for our wonderful community.
Would you like a HTH Masternode?

We are currently seeking a GUI graphics design artist to help us design our NEW WALLET GUI!!!
You will be working with myself in designing the GUI, adding text & images to make our new HTH Wallet perfect!
If you are interested please send me a DM or post your qualifications in the <#598855582665015297> channel.

Thank You for your support!!

An update from the Founders

1) Dev has been working on the new update, there are a few things left to do before testing. Please bare with us, we want to get this right this time so we do not have to update again anytime soon
2) Things have been slow here due to the update, but rest assured we have not went away. We need to do things right so we can increase our presence in the crypto world & with that, bring in more Partners for HTH. With this new update we will have more capabilities than before. The new "tech" will allow HTH to progress forward with merchants so the HTH Community may spend their HTH Coin. There will be more news of this in the coming months. We need the update out before I can finish speaking with my contacts
3) As you also may have noticed there has been an increase of MN payouts here & there. This is due to our Charity Node being down. This is mainly for those new to our Community that may have just joined or for those who do not know. We had a breach of security & this resulted in our node being taken down & is the major reason for this new update. Security is our PRIORITY!!! We will have no issues going forward
4) As you also may have noticed the HTH Founders have had some changes. This is not due to professional reasons. This is due to personal choices & us Founders fully believe in personal lives & the responsibility of them & will not hold it against them in anyway & are welcome back with open arms when & if they choose.  HTH Founders have grown very close over the course of this past year & have grown to understand the values of not only professionals, but as friends. This will not affect HTH moving forward
5)  HTH is behind yes, We are pushing the Dev to get us updated quickly, but with no mistakes. If you think you can help HTH in any way, please contact us
Thank You
HTH Founders```

@here ```

Today marks 1 year that Help The Homeless Coin has been around. July 1, 2018 HTH launched it's Mainnet.


@here new HTH Coin Website is live at !!!

Website update is finished. Thank You

@here Website is going under maintenance and will be offline for a few moments.


Hi All! I wanted to put iut an update really quick.

Dash has released 0.14 in Mainnet yesterday morning which means that Dash is out of testing phase & final product is released.

Our developer is currently working on the HTH update as I write this & we hope to go into testing very shortly. We know the code works for Dash, but we want to be on the safe side if things & want to release a working product.

I will have more updates on this as we move along the process so please stay tuned!

Thank You

@here Hi All! It's been awhile since our last update so here is what's been happening. We all know our website went down so I have been building our new one, with this i have merged our Nonprofit Corporation website into it using links of course, but this way makes the website easy to navigate. Hopefully the nee website will be released in the next few days. Please until the use the temporary website at

As for HTH Development,

We are closely following Dash's updates & it seems they ran into an issue & are currently testing the fix now. As from day 1 we want to release a working blockchain so when Dash has a final code on their Main Branch, then we will proceed with the fork. We are going this will happen before the end of June.

As for the Swap, nothing has changed from this & once we get closer to releasing the new chain, we will provide final details, in the meantime you may discuss this in <#557331600447373355> as we always would love to hear your input. No final decisions have been made.

As for events, fundraisers,

We still have fundraisers on going on our Nonprofit Corporation website so please go Donate Today!! With these donations we can hold more events!!

We are ALWAYS looking for more partners to join the HTH Community so of you know ANY organizations, charities or businesses that can benefit from HTH please give us their information in <#472607171058728961> so we can get in touch with them!

Also dont forget to spread the word of HTH!!!

More updates to follow on a more regular basis.
Thank You

Help The Homeless Worldwide
Helping the homeless succeed in life.

@everyone is back up, now also with BTC trading pair!

@here Helloa Aagain!!! Here is a temporary website for HTH Coin.. Please be patient until we have a final website URL

Website is down again...

HTH Coin Website is live!!! Use the link above for access ⤴

@hereHello</span> All, I was able to get the HTH Coin Website back online. The domain ```` is no longer in service. We have moved our website over to Github & will host the HTH Coin Website through Github. The ``URL`` you can use is to access the HTH Coin Website. All functions are working & current. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have or had caused. ``PLEASE NOTE THE INDEX.PHP AT THE END OF THE LINK, IT IS NECESSARY TO USE THE WEBSITE!!!!!``

@here Hello All, please do not be alarmed by the Github Activity. As you may know our domain went down. I am in the midst of getting it back online using Github hence all the commits. I am hoping to have the website online shortly. Please be patient

@everyone domain is down, we are working on the problem.
Explorer is found at

@everyone please vote for HTH on Bitmesh exchange!

BitMesh Exchange
World's First Free Listing blockchain incubator & User as Owner Exchange: BitMesh lists good projects for free, users trading on BitMesh will get ownership token, which gives users the right to share profit generated through trading fee proceeds

@here Hello All! Today we are happy to announce a partnership with SGQ Urban Organization!! SGQ Urban has been around since 2012 & has already started making an impact in 3 coutires to date! Please welcome SGQ Urban to the HTH Family by donating to their organization!

HTH Donation Address: HVjWf3WgPLUqJsiz9WkBTGtBb3i5kSkVS2

Feel free to visit their website & make contributions that way & if you are local please feel free to donate your time & services!

SGQURBAN, Joo Chiat Road. 3.4K likes. We have been organizing Qurban and Food distribution in one of the worlds most impoverished countries since 2012. SGQURBAN currently manages projects in three...

We will be swapping your existing coins from the existing HTH blockchain to the new HTH blockchain.

In order to facilitate this, we will be using the excellent services of RESQ, details to follow.

There will be a mandatory wallet update, and the old chain will be frozen

We will make another announcement closer to the time.

Obviously there will be questions, we will create a channel on our discord to field these


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