BlastX Coin Specifications

Name:   BLASTX
Ticker:   BLAST
Algorithm:  QUARK
Type:    POW / POS / MN
Maximum Supply:     10000000 (10 Million)
Pre-mine:    1,000,000 (10%)
p2p Port:    30009
RPC Port:    30008
Proof Of Work:  2000 Blocks
Collateral:  10,000 Blast
Maturity:    10 Confirmations
POS /MN Starts From:    2001 Block
Max Block Size:    20000000  (20MB)
Difficulty:     Every Minute

Block Rewards
Rewards Ratio     MN:POS   -   3:2
Block 1 (Pre-mine)   1,000,000 Blast
Block 2 - 2000 (Proof Of Work)    0 Blast
Block  2001 - 23600   Reward - 9    MN - 6  POS - 3
Block  23601 - 300000   Reward  -6    MN - 4 POS - 2 
Block  300001 - 1000000   Reward  - 3   MN - 2  POS - 1
Block  1000001 - 2000000   Reward  - 1   MN - 0.66  POS 0.33
Block  2000001 - Above    Reward  - 1    MN - 0.66  POS 0.33

Treasury Rewards ( For Future Development)
1 St Treasury Reward Block  @ 100000   20000 Blast 
Thereafter Every                       @ 50000     10000 Blast

Swap rate will be (H2o) 300-1 (Blast)
More details for the swap will come soon.

Vote Y for yes for Blast or N to let H2o die (there is only one good answer).

H2o Community Announcement

We H2o have been given a fantastic opportunity to join and swap with Blast, Blast is a new crypto exchange which is launching on the 1st March, next month.

As for H2o, we as a community have kept strong, but as you know we have struggled to keep our heads above water with next to zero resources and no capital to fund the project forward. Thus the team has run out of steam with having no funds.

We have also lost contact with Graviex as they have not responded to our Devs, I would guess due to low activity on the exchange.

We as a community must see this is the only way forward, here is the Blast Spec to brows over.
Please join Blast discord for more information to be announced in the next coming days.

@everyone I've posted a new boostrap if anyone needs it.

@everyone Graviex did have to shut down the wallet due to an error message that they were receiving . I was able to troubleshoot the error msg as a corrupt block chain database on their node. I have given them directions to fix this. I will update you once they have responded.

@everyone please use the script if you are out of sync.
stop your deamon with:

h2o-cli stop
go to into the h2o folder
cd ~/.h2ocore
and run the script:
curl -s | bash /dev/stdin

Hey@everyone as you know there have been some issues with the network recently. I making some adjustments on the seed nodes and the explorer to help resolve this issue, but at this time we need everyone to get in sync to help.
If you are having trouble getting in sync please use this script.

If the explorer goes out again please use as the current block and let me know that you see it out of sync although I'll be closely monitoring it today.
Thanks for everyone's help as we fix this.

Contribute to ZioFabry/H2O_BOOTSTRAP development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone .... Hello H2O Community,

The SecureCloud Team... a very nice project that offer service like VPS & Masternode Hosting & various Markeplace that can paid with the SCN coin...

The SecureCloud team have decided to donate a gift 30 SCN for every member of the H2O community that join into the SCN community.

To receive your gift .... Join to the discord of SecureCloud using this link.....

Downlad the SecureCloud wallet (developed by me 😎 ) get your wallet address and copy & paste it on the <#531282636149227540> channel.

Our moderator @393893096791736352> is avaible for any question about this gift, and him keep track of every user/wallet address and periodically we send to SCN to the H2O registered users.

Please, is allowed (and checked) only 1 address for 1 member... don't be clear.... 😎

Enjoy your SCN gift.

@everyone just in case you had any issues with MNO. They had an issue with the wallet. It’s back up now.

@everyone just a quick note graviex is online in case you are not sure πŸ˜€

@everyone We need miners to keep the chain moving.
We need your help!!!

@everyone ladies and gentlemen all 3 pools are now on the correct chain. thanks for everyone's cooperation in correcting this.

@everyone ok explorer and seed nodes look good, but graviex is still off. I will find out more about that and report when they on the correct chain too.

@everyone re-syncing the explorer to be on the longest chain

@everyone please only mine arcpool right now it is the only pool on the correct chain. Thank you!

Hey@everyone sorry for any difficulties. Looks like there was an issue with arcpool. I contacted the dev there. Remember the explorer is always the correct chain unless otherwise noted.
Also Graviex wallet is back online. πŸ˜ƒ

@everyone Thank you for believing in us

@everyone. As some of you already know we started a project ,Salvage Project, witch includes our own exchange as well . Once the exchange is up and running we will be able to swith H2o to POS , and develop a blockchain that can be used in water issues .Feel free to join and follow what is happening

    Great News MNO 

πŸ‡­ 2⃣ πŸ‡΄

Good Morning everyone

We are pleased to announce that we have now paid and updated our MNO Service for H2o

Thank you to everone who donated, we all appriciate your help and support.

Please look through our #blockchain-proposals channel and add any ideas that you have, no matter how big or small the idea as it could be incorperated into another area to the project. Your input and help here can make a huge difference to the great course. If you want to discuse any ideas please use the #h2o-proposals-chat Channel  and add your inp for the ideas, data and math with alternative algerithem to suite the project. MN and POS is the clean way to go. 

Again thank you for your support