Friends, we are glad to release updated version of our website which includes information about our actual activity our legal entity
Aslo information concerning work done and our further development plans for Gentarium ecosystem is updated@everyone

Friends, tomorrow, on 2th of July, between 7 and 9 am you can face some troubles with access to the platform. All shared and solo MNs will work in normal mode @everyone

According to voting concerning Abet coin future on the platform, users will be able to host solo MNs and to invest coins in shared MN
Remember, your vote and your opinion is always important for us@everyone

Voting for Abet holders on GTM is ready. Now you can decide the future for this coin on Gentarium platform @everyone

Due to such questions we made the decision about the most democratic solution - voting. Only owners of ABET coins and ABET MNs can take part and decide future of a coin on our platform. If it is convenient to you to use our platform, then we are glad to provide you our service therefore the futute depends only on you. If the majority makes the decision to use our platform, ABET coin won't be delisted, and you will be able to enjoy work of our platform. Due to misinformation users decided to withdraw coins, however the decision was made not by our platform therefore we want that users got the last word. On Monday all withdrawals of ABET will be canceled or you can cancel a it on the platform All MNs are updated, work in normal mode and get rewards

As for whole situation, a bit later we will provide you article with all facts and screenshots

Also remember that we always bear responsibility for your coins and we always act in your interests@everyone

Friends, we would like to pass an opinion on a situation with ABET coin. As you could already see their announcement, they want delist from our platform and asked the clients to withdraw coins from our platform. Whole situation is connected with the fact that they banned 100,000 coins in their blockchain including 26 shared MN on Gentarium. There is mistake in their code, so we can move these coins. Now we see the increased amount of ABET coin withdrawals. Someone wants to use other service, someone wants to sell coins. Despite this situation, emotional disputes with ABET developers, we always were and remain democratic service and users is our priority. We want to be be over it and we do not want, that someone else's announcements can decide future of our users because the main principle of cryptocurrencies – decentralization. Some clients already PMed with questions what to do with coins as they use only our platform and in case of delist will be forced to sell coins. Also we do not want to put at risk our users as cases of hacks platforms become more frequent therefore we worry about their coins.

To understand that it is perspective activity we would like to give to you examples of coins from TOP 100 on CMC that you can stake. Striking examples of such coins: Eos, Tron, Tezos, Ark, Lisk, BitShares, Steemit. The known Ethereum and the cryptocurrency by the Telegram messenger that fundraised the record sum during ICO will also be the coins with a similar algorithm.
More details how to delegate coins and to calculate approximate income, using our calculator, you can find on our platform

Friends, we improve and develop our platform every single day
Therefore, we are glad to announce that we released new platform with the new activity. From now on, we begin active work as the validator. This activity is connected with such type of consensus algorithm as Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). Using such type of PoS you need to delegate your coins (at the same time retaining completely control over coins) to nodes - validators as you cannot stake coins without delegating it to the validator. Thus, we want to become the active validator and to evolve towards the new activity, without forgetting of course about the MN. Many projects migrate to different types of PoS, the biggest migrate in the future, probably, will be Ethereum migrate to PoS therefore we made the decision to evolve towards this activity and to become leaders as once we became leaders in the MN hosting market. There are many projects using DPoS, the known CryptoBridge is based on BitShares blockchain (top-51 coin according to Coinmarketcap with $173,557,558 capitalization), whose consensus algorithm is DPoS too, but we decided to choose Cosmos blockchain which is based on the Tendermint technology similar to DPoS. Cosmos (ATOM) is a top-16 coin with $1,235,259,612 capitalization according to Coinmarketcap and is known that Binance DEX exchange is based on Tendermint & Cosmos SDK technology.
For obtaining the status of the active validator, we need to become one of the TOP 100 Cosmos nodes, and we are sure that among our big community there are people who are interested in new coins and streams of income and who are ready to study it, to invest and gain stable and passive income with our platform.
If you have any questions, we are ready to discuss it with you and to tell what our new activity is and what advantages it gives to our platform.


Friends, Gentarium is now officially listed on Nova Exchange!

GTM / BTC trading - Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange Engine
The Cryptopia Listings continue: EverGreenCoin, NevaCoin, GoByte, Wispr, Blazecoin, Gentarium, AudioCoin, Phoenix, SagaCoin & Deviant @EverGreenCoin_ @nevacoin @gobytenetwork @WisprTech @BBenefactors @GTM_Gentarium @ADCaudiocoin @Phoenixcoin @Saga_Coin @DeviantCoin More t...

Friends, as we promised, we use funds received from the shared MN fees for buy backs on the exchange and to build support walls. In recent days we bought 10462 coins

You can check our official account on CryptoBridge

Друзья, как мы и обещали, мы используем средства, полученные с комиссий за шареды, для выкупа монет с биржи и построения стенок для поддержки цены. За последние дни на эти средства было выкуплено 10462 монеты

Наш официальный аккаунт для выкупа монет на CryptoBridge

Account 1.2.1114344(shared-gtm) - Bitshares Blockchain Explorer
account detail of 1.2.1114344(shared-gtm)

Friends, who filled 1x2 form to get airdrop, please check your accounts on 1x2 platform, coins were credited
Good luck to all 1x2 Sportsbook users 😉

Друзья, проверьте ваши аккаунты на платформе 1х2. Тем, кто заполнял форму и соответствовал требованиям зачислены монеты
Удачи в ставках на платформе 1х2 😉

Дорогие друзья!
Наши партнеры из команды Giant движутся по намеченному плану и готовятся к релизу Бета Версии Giant.Exchange.
Первым этапом релиза уже завтра станет закрытое тестирование, в котором принимает участие CryptoM#2210.
На следующей неделе будет проходить открытый вебинар с презентацией бета версии и ответами на вопросы.
В конце мая состоится публичный релиз, и каждый сможет делать тестовые ставки по реальным данным.
Более подробно можно узнать по ссылке:

Мы поможем нашим друзьям сделать их продукт лучше!

Dear friends!

Giant Project, our partner, follows the plan and is ready to release Giant.Exchange Beta.
The first stage is private testing that happens tomorrow.
CryptoM#2210 is taking part to provide feedback. Next week they will continue with a public webinar to present GEX Beta and answer the questions.
By the end of May GEX Beta will go live, so everyone can place test bets with real data.
More details here:

We'll help our friends to make the product better!

Blank page

Friends, we are glad to announce that 🇬 🇹 🇲 is listed on the new exchange. We are on Crex24.
Trading is available with BTC pair

Друзья, мы рады сообщить, что 🇬 🇹 🇲 теперь доступен для торгов на новой бирже. Нас залистили на Crex24
Торги теперь доступны в паре с BTC по ссылке

CREX24 | Официальный сайт биржи криптов...
Надежная биржа криптовалют | официальный сайт - CREX24.

Friends, we are glad to announce that in a few days or even maybe tomorrow we will list on the new exchange. Crex24 is next exchange for GTM. First of all this listing is necessary for convenience as many users have problems with CryptoBridge and Cryptopia trading is paused. However, we also continue negotiations with large exchanges to attract new investors

Друзья, мы рады сообщить, что в ближайшие дни, а может быть даже завтра мы будем добавлены на новую биржу. Следующей биржей для GTM станет Crex24. Этот листинг в первую очередь нужен нашему коммьюнити для удобства, так как у многих возникают проблемы с CryptoBridge, а Cryptopia временно закрыта. Но мы также продолжаем переговоры с более крупными биржами для привлечения новых инвесторов в наш проект

Friends, we are glad to announce that our platform supports Chinese now. More languages will be added soon. Also we would like to know if there are Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Turkish native speakers among our community . If yes, PM me

Друзья, мы рады сообщить о том, что наша платформа теперь поддерживает китайский язык. Скоро будут добавлены новые языки

Друзья, мы напоминаем о нашем очередном аирдропе для держателей нод GTM на нашей платформе.

С 1ого по 15ое мая весь доход платформы будет поделен следующим образом: 33% будут распределены между теми, кто размещал ноды GTM с 1ого по 15ое мая на платформе (шареды тоже принимают участие в аирдропе), 33% будут сожжены и навсегда исключены из оборота, 33% останутся команде в качестве прибыли.

Чтобы принять участие в аирдропе, вы должны разместить ноды GTM не позже 1ого мая и не удалять ноды GTM до 15ого мая

Так как доход платформы будет распределён по 15ое мая включительно, аирдроп и сожжение монет будут произведены 16ого мая в течение дня
Адрес для сожженных монет - g9yrBfhJ23DF3ByTBGpMdZZvPqKd1u4WvB
И напоминаем адрес биллинга платформы - gC1q5DBRDsFpUw2RG3mi6o8ixk4baT5BxR@everyone

Friends, we remind of our next airdrop for GTM MN holders on our platform.

From May 1st to May 15th 100% of platform income will be divided such way: 33% will be distributed between users who hosted GTM MN from May 1st till May 15th on the platform (shared MN also take part in airdrop), 33% will be burned and forever excluded from GTM supply, 33% will GTM team profit.

To take part in airdrop, you have to host GTM MN before May 1st and not to delete GTM MN till May 15th

As income of the platform will be distributed till May 15th inclusive, airdrop and coinburn will be made on May 16th within a day
The address for coinburn is g9yrBfhJ23DF3ByTBGpMdZZvPqKd1u4WvB
Also we remind the address of GTM billing system - gC1q5DBRDsFpUw2RG3mi6o8ixk4baT5BxR@everyone

Friends, thanks to our platform you can increase your passive income. Having GTM MN, you can receive MN rewards and participate in the airdrops by our platform and our partners. But also we are glad to announce about third stream of income so you can increase passive income together with our platform. We start GTM affiliate program. Now you can share your referral link and receive 10% of all fees paid in GTM by the user registered via your link
You can receive the link here

Друзья, благодаря нашей платформе вы можете увеличить свой пассивный доход. Имея ноду GTM, вы можете получать награды и участвовать в аирдропах от нашей платформы и наших партнеров. Но также мы спешим обрадовать вас третьим направлением, благодаря которому вы можете получать пассивный доход вместе с нашей платформой. Мы запускаем реферальную программу. Теперь вы можете поделиться вашей реферальной ссылкой и получать 10% всех комиссий, оплаченных в GTM пользователем, который зарегистрировался по вашей ссылке
Ссылку вы можете получить в личном кабинете по адресу

Friends, we made defragmentation of shared MNs deposits to for your convenience. The quantity of MNs where you had a share decreased. And now it is simpler to monitor work of your coins cause amount of shared MNs in your portfolio decreased

Друзья, для вашего удобства мы произвели дефрагментацию вкладов в долевые ноды. Кол-во нод, по которым были распределены ваши монеты существенно уменьшилось. И теперь проще отслеживать работу ваших монет, так как адресов стало на порядок меньше