So sorry, found a issue where you couldn't send transaction at version 2.0.5, this is now fixed!

🔄 How to update it:
Open the installed wallet and wait a bit, you'll receive notification.

If you still need the installation file:
Download Link:

🆕 Release Notes:

🆙 Update 2.0.6 Changelog:

- Send Button isn't working fixed.
- Address Book doesnt save sent address with no description now
- Masternode updates too often (15 seconds) which cause more RAM usage which is now fixed.
- Masternode sometimes shows "Masternode is syncing" randomly fixed.


🔄 How to update it:
Open the installed wallet and wait a bit, you'll receive notification.

If you still need the installation file
Download Link:

🆕 Release Notes:

Update 2.0.5 Changelog

- Two new settings: Decimals Count for Balance for Overview and/or Send.
- "Open Backups Location" added at Repair Wallet in Settings section.

- RAM usage reduced by 75-95% (Not quite fixed yet)
- Breaking Masternode collateral when sending fixed.
- Scrollbar position will be kept when switchting tabs
- Pagination at tables (as example "All Masternodes") doesnt glitch out anymore.
- Some minor design glitch fixed
- Received have not accurate balance fixed.
Contribute to Gravium/gravium-desktop development by creating an account on GitHub.


Hope you are all enjoying the new wallet, please keep the feedback coming.

Quick announcement regarding the premine fund transparency. We had a couple users here that worked hard for GRV and were doing so under a wage program that wasn't payed out. To account for wages of the missed mounts we've calculated and payed the wages of two users as back-paidment and a thank you for their hard work.
This marks the end of the wage system for a new program still under development. Until then, the work for GRV you've seen recently has been on volunteer time (besides we will pay for wallet dev when GRV increases in price) and we will continue to be fully transparent with expenses and budget. More will come on this as we fully launch a new reward system.

5,000 GRV was sent to these two individuals:
GNT36E11kYNcZhBJP4GV7X8fDYWeufXfhs @448669679767257099>
GXjDDp3t2uUsAPwraZ92gz6j1Vet9ACYDR @217659180436291585>

@everyone there was a minor issue at new wallet that the text will appear "Preparing...." for hours. This has been fixed recently. (And importing/creating wallet should take seconds... rarely minutes too)
How to fix it: Just restart the wallet. No update required.

@everyone A new era of Wallets
The launch of Gravium Wallet 2.0 marks the start of a mission striving to be the most friendly wallet in cryptocurrency!

Offering a fresh and optimized layout, faster load and operation speeds, and many tools and features for ease of use.
Modern features while mainting the robust backed of blockchain and the standard open source Gravium daemon.
Try our wallet and see for yourself!

Gravium Wallet 2.0 | Gravium
Gravium Wallet 2.0 is now here! A new era of Wallets The launch of Gravium Wallet 2.0 marks the start …

@everyone ,
We are proud to reward our loyal community with special bundle of releases today! This bundle is hosted on our website relaunch - Gravium Website 2.0! Here we have updated information, reworked back-end structure, and completely new look for the project moving forward. Symbolizing we are here to stay and excited for whats more to come as we re-gear for new chapter of growth. The whole site will be packed with information as we grow, and more features as they are needed. Also a new detailed information stream for everyone via our new Blog page! Check it out:

This is product of several hard working community members. The back end structure of the site allows for us to get more community members involved in providing content, please contact us if your interested contributing. While our GitHub page was great for decentralization and will still remain, this will allow the average community member a chance to help upkeep with the latest information. Please take time to explore all the different pages and offer us feedback through our social channels!


Gravium Community Team

Home Page


Hello Gravium Community,

On behalf of the Gravium Team, we would like to thank the community for the feedback. We have listened to the community and have made huge progress with the Website Relaunch. Today we want to give you all a sneak peak of the new Website.
Please see preview photo below:



Gravium Electrum Server

We have now three electrum server peers to make sure that the server isn't going to die anytime soon again.
Those peers are now currently online:```
Thanks<span id="every">@KvL</span> for peers
Also <span id="every">@254245929140355072></span>  created a electrum server repo for people who want to help us to centralize electrum server even more. He added a short HOW-TO at README.rst for people who just want to install straight without any fancy words. Keep in mind that electrum doesn't need so much CPU/RAM, so any help would be great!
If you have a electrum server available, please share the IP Address or Domain of the electrum server to Chinafreak and he will add into peer list. So then your server is going to be public visible + automatic connected to any clients.

Repo to electrum server: 

Electrum Server for Gravium. Contribute to Gravium/electrumx development by creating an account on GitHub.


We thank you for your patience while our Electrum servers were down. This was due to the previous developer having control. Our lead developer @254245929140355072> has taken control of this and will make sure the servers stay up.
Thanks again for your patience.


Since the hardest part is done - Wallet UI 2.0 nearing release, we wanted to discuss with community what our next big thing should be. We took a vote at <#436266866638585856>. The votes are in and counted.
1⃣ Wallet UI 2.0 more updates, such like insight view stats, integrated block explorer, other features etc.
4⃣ Website Upgrade (I mean, completely new website) with multi language support.
These will be the main focus going forward for the Core team.
Thanks again for everyone that participated.

Since the hardest part is done - Wallet UI 2.0 nearing release, we wanted to discuss with community what our next big thing should be.
Please head to <#436266866638585856> to checkout our ideas and vote.


Progress on our new wallet platform is getting close! We will soon be offering a closed beta version, to select members of the discord.
Due to the down market and focus on the innovation with the wallet update, and to striving for new opportunities, we have chosen to abandon the additional use case in the past - and have been brainstorming alternative we would like to work with everyone on.

Regardless, we have a well functioning network and great stats, as a baseline for creating a new use case. The wallet itself is a very important feature moving forward and can set a very good baseline for future use case(s) that we define together as a community.



According to recent information the last Altbet wallet has a virus that can steal coins from your other wallets if you install it locally. DO NOT INSTALL ALTBET WALLETS on the same computer as your other wallets.

Because of this virus multiple shared nodes services were hacked or are still at risk to be hacked because they collocate multiple hot wallets from different coins on the same infrastructure.

(Thanks for the notification to @375227325547282432>)


Hello Gravium Community.

Gravium Wallet 2.0 Testing Phase

We are pleased to announce the internal team has nearly completed the testing phase of Gravium Wallet 2.0.

Community Beta testing will begin within a week. We are very pleased with the result, our head developer has done amazing work.

The official release is imminent. Please head to <#438468384611631144> for an issue update log.

Users can also add questions/ ideas at the following link:


Contribute to Gravium/gravium-desktop development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone sorry for everyone again. Just got another screenshot. Its about the console section for Wallet UI 2.0:

As promised, I'll release a screenshot of Masternode Section in Wallet UI 2.0. Its now functional and useable. Like I said, if everything goes well, Wallet UI 2.0 will be released at the end of month!


Our official block explorer is now fully functional and its fully synced.

Huge thanks to @214107416231411712>!
Sorry for the issues with Block Explorer. It was a very strange issue. But now everything is working normally. 👍
Also huge thanks for back up block explorer: @407232707094118400> @359799918677852160>

We did a small changes on official block explorer:

Coin Supply (GRV) is now reduced by
unspendable address, GHqvR8KwyrcJ5UJHvwf7RmLtvAnr5uTHdV,
premine address, GLzKep69WLgEC2eaV6jFurXwE8r8yuZWwS,
superblock address, GdevnUgzrHYxCq6SN2MNnGskeTMbswfATG,
"part of superblock coins transfered into other address to have smaller inputs amount" address, GLzKep69WLgEC2eaV6jFurXwE8r8yuZWwS,

All those are our, for Gravium Project, coins (except unspendable address, of course)


For people who need to use/check block explorer now, please use the mirror block explorer from here as backup: (still syncing, but it look good so far)

Huge thanks to @359799918677852160> for this!

Also I found someone who is helping us to fix the currently official block explorer. Welcome @214107416231411712> in our Team! Stay tuned! Hopefully we get our official block explorer back asap!

Hello@everyone! There are three announcement:

First Announcement
I want to welcome our new Moderator @!407339366621642762> ! He want to help us for taking care of community so hopefully here will be more activity.
He is also taking care for contacts with other people which might help us to increase popularity for Gravium! He is a part of the team at Paccoin but his interest here is completely separate.

Second Annoucement
Which some of you have noticed that the Gravium Block Explorer ( have some issues with syncing blockchain. I've already tried to fix it but it looks like that the explorer need a completly new installement for some reason. We need a working block explorer asap.
Since I've only very limited time to work, we decided to offer this as job. Reward would be 9 MN GRV aka 9000 GRV!
Please contact me if you're interested. We use the iquidus block explorer and settings.json is already done, of course!

iquidus block explorer source code:

Third Annoucement
The Wallet UI 2.0 is making good progress. There will be released a new screenshot of Masternode section on this week.
If everything goes well, we may release Wallet UI 2.0 by end of this month!