If you're interested in taking on the Managing Director role, please DM me responses to the following questions -

  1. Who would be your team members? Ideally, you'd have at least a lead blockchain developer who can start with you. How many hours per week can you and your team commit to Graphcoin?

  2. What does your roadmap look like? We've managed to hit all our milestones on the initial roadmap, seen here:

  3. What would be your custody process for the pre-mine coins? And process for allocating the pre-mine? Multi-sig?

  4. When can you and your team start the transition to ownership of the project?


I hope everyone has been well. After some time off, I've decided to take a step back from Graphcoin to focus on other projects outside of blockchain. I'll continue to be available as a consultant for the new team as questions or issues arise. Open positions will include -

Managing Director - oversee all operations, recruiting, capital allocation, partnerships, investors
Director of Community - running point for community engagement and end user support
Lead Developer - responsible for the source code and future releases
Director of Communications - Managing our Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Website, Bitcoin talk

The founding team did a great job deploying the pre-sale capital we raised and we have a ton of infrastructure in place for whomever takes the lead. These assets include -

Two (2) Tier 3 exchange listings
Listings on most MN sites
CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings
Website and Domain
Block Explorer
DNS Seed Nodes
Pre-mine still available - 4.4m GRPH
Partnerships with hosting platforms
Twitter account w/ 422 followers

I continue to believe in the network and it's potential. I feel its best to let someone with fresh ideas, vision and energy carry the torch forward. I spent a year of my life working fulltime on Graphcoin for no pay because I believe in this global community's ability to build something meaningful, overcome adversity and support each other in the work that brings us all fulfillment and pride. We've always remained positive through some harsh times whether it was a blockchain attack or a huge price decline in the markets. It's my hope we'll continue to push forward in the same way we always have - with integrity and respect for one another.

If you or someone you know is interested in a leadership position with Graphcoin, shoot me a DM. I'll be forming a selection committee amongst some of the early investors so we can take an objective approach to this transition.

With respect,


A retrospective for the v3 upgrade can be found on Medium.

We've announced two bounties at the end of the post. 1 for development help for the Mac OS X wallet, and another for the next release.

I'll be taking some personal time off to reflect and gain some much needed perspective. This last update took a lot out of me, both mentally and emotionally. I'll be out-of-pocket for about two weeks. I'll be continuing work on Beam, but likely nothing on Graphcoin until I return.



Withdrawals and deposits are reopened at and Crypto-Bridge.

Once the block times have normalized to 1m for a full day, we'll pull down our internal staking pool and resume normal network operation.

There will be a retrospective posted on Medium in the next few days.


The new chain appears to be stable. The block explorer is accurate and is on the correct chain. It's currently at block height 327,454.


We're having issues with the new chain. Staking is stuck on block 326630. Pls hang tight while we work on this.

And if you've already upgraded your VPS's, restart your graphcoin daemon on those servers.

If you've already upgraded your wallet, then restart your wallet to join the main chain. You'll see your new peer list will all be on the new protocol.


The new protocol, 70915, is officially enforced.

  • Old wallets running 70914 will no longer sync to the main blockchain
  • The new MN collateral, 50,000 GRPH, is now enforced

Please update your wallets and masternodes. I've created a few new masternodes that were JUST activated and will likely take a full 12 hours to fully activate. Your new wallets will stall while syncing masternode data - but that's OK for now as it'll still register new blocks until the first group of masternodes are fully activated.


We've pushed an interim Mac OS X release that's a little more stable. We're continuing to work on another update that will address the stability issues.

If you haven't updated to the latest 3.1.0 release, please do so as we're about to enforce the new 70915 protocol. THIS IS A MANDATORY UPDATE.

Contribute to Graphcoin/downloads development by creating an account on GitHub.


We're having a difficult time compiling the latest Graphcoin source for a Mac OS X build. If anyone has experience compiling for Mac OS X, shoot me a PM. We have a bounty for this work.

Requirements: provide specific build instructions for a Mac OS X build that runs on both High Sierra and Mojave.


FYI: The new MN collateral requirement won't be enabled until we've enforced the new protocol on 03/01/19. it's still 5,000 GRPH for an MN until then.