A new episode of our podcast The Beam Update is LIVE on our homepage https://beam.works

We get a story from one of the builders in blockchain. zaWasp talks about the startup life, from mobile to masternodes. Want to get rich quick?


Excited to announce another premier partnership for Beam today! Sparks coin https://www.sparkscoin.io/ will be leveraging Beam as their official rewards platform. As a premier partner, we've enabled all the features Beam has to offer, unlocking an immense amount of value for their community and for all Beam investors.

  • Sparks will be running a 4-week airdrop rewards campaign starting the week of Feb 17th.
  • A new Sparks web wallet has been deployed for all registered Beam users.
  • Our payment gateway for Beam now includes an option to pay in their currency, the SPK.
  • Integration for the Sparks blockchain now allows any investor holding SPK to register their assets on Beam to join our leaderboard and be eligible for all investor rewards.

We'll be doing a deeper dive with their project lead on our next podcast episode to learn the story behind Sparks. This marks another milestone for the Beam platform and provides further validation of the value of our content, engagement and tools.

If you know other projects that would be interested in a premier partnership opportunity, pls have them reach out to us via DM and we'll be happy to review our offerings.




We're looking for a Communications Manager who can help the community by keeping everyone updated on the latest news for the currency Graphcoin and also for Beam, our investor platform.

This role will be compensated in Graphcoin, which makes you an investor in the project. If you're interested in joining, shoot me a DM.

Thank you!

  • JD

@everyone New podcast episode is LIVE - JD & @395963945820880897> - STOP THE #HODL. We get to hear mattnyy's story of how he discovered blockchain trading, manages risk, deals with scams and building community.



We're looking for a blockchain developer to update our source with a few minor changes. We've implemented a security fix, and are looking for dev help for two small parameter changes and perform wallet compiles.

DM me for details, and the bounty offer.

JD & captainbluff
captainbluff, a top-ranking Beam investor, joins us with a story about how he discovered blockchain investing.


The first episode of our official podcast is LIVE on our homepage. We speak with one of our top investors @379742170929823745> and get his blockchain story.


It's time to come together.



We've secured a new rewards partner for Beam. Cryptocashback has agreed to provide four rewards airdrops over the next four weeks for every Beam investor. They will be airdropping their CCBC coin directly to the new web wallet we've implemented in our investor's account. For those familiar with the Graphcoin rewards program, this new program will work the same way. Reward levels are based on your leaderboard rank. The higher the rank, the bigger the rewards.

There is also a new option in our advertising section for anyone to sponsor a CCBC airdrop. This allows anyone to promote their project and provide CCBC coins to our investors.

I spent some time with the CCBC team, and was very surprised from what I discovered. This is a community-takeover project led primarily by volunteers and investors. Their willingness to continue to push the project forward, form meaningful partnerships and deliver real value to their community is impressive. They have a few strong tech developers who are contributing in significant ways like writing advanced IPv6 install scripts to pushing wallet updates that address new vulnerabilities.

This new partnership will position Beam as the best solution for blockchain rewards. In addition to the new wallet and marketing push, we're building a custom rewards program just for CCBC investors on the Beam platform. This will be another way the CCBC project can deeply engage their existing investors and raise awareness from new investors within the Beam community.

If you work for a project or feel there's other projects that may be interested in hosting a rewards program with Beam, give us a shout!


  • JD


We’re excited to announce a new partnership with P2PCOIN! They’ve chosen us as their investor rewards platform and we’ll be working closely with them over the next few weeks to engage their active investor community and educate outside investors about what P2PCOIN is trying to achieve in the blockchain space.

Please join me in welcoming them to our platform by heading over to their project page to follow and review their project. These partnerships are what allows us to keep Beam running.

  • JD


Quick update on Beam -

  1. We've built a content marketing strategy for Beam that we hope will deliver real value to our investor and project community. Our strategy will focus on telling stories about our investor's journey and what can be learned from the good and the bad in the blockchain space.

  2. Call to action: We're looking for Beam investors who'd be willing to get on a quick Discord call for a brief Q&A. We'll be publishing these in audio and written format. If you're interested, please PM me and we'll line it up! We're looking forward to the first few we've already lined up for this segment.

  3. We believe our content marketing strategy will allow us to build serious scale and exposure and as a result drive future demand for advertising. We still intend to use our ad revenue to drive GRPH volume on the exchange and distribution of this GRPH through our rewards programs.

If you're a project interested in running your own rewards program on Beam, we are looking for rewards partnerships.



We have availability for the upcoming Beam rewards airdrop sponsorship. If you know someone who has a project or initiative they'd like to promote, let us know!


Our major Beam server hardware upgrade is complete. Normal service has resumed. Thank you!


We're upgrading the server hardware today. Balances, and validations will take longer than expected. Will provide an update once the new hardware is up. Thank you for your patience.


I'm ecstatic to announce Beam is officially out of Beta and now in full production v1.

I'll be doing a full write-up of all the new backend server upgrades. Here are a few:

`- We can now monitor ANY asset address, masternodes and non-masternode staking address. Register ANY valid address with a balance.

  • UI improvements - users can now DELETE addresses from their new "PORTFOLIO" profile tab
  • We're pulling hourly pricing data from coinmarketcap and exchange API's to update your portfolio USD balance.
  • The ranking system has been improved (more details to follow in a blog update)
  • Security, Stability, and Performance improvements`

More to come ...

``- Investor Airdrops to resume this week based on new ranking algorithm

  • New assets to be added, including BTC and other top coins and tokens``

NOTE: There are a few assets that are still syncing to the blockchain to gather investor data, including BTAD, GIN, GOSS, INN, MANO, PIVX, POLIS, PRJ, SCRIV and XSN. These assets should be fully synced and updated in your profile within 48-72 hours, and your rank will be adjusted accordingly.


We've successfully migrated all the data to the new database, and everything is working great. We expect to have Beam up within the next 24 hours.

Thank you all. Cheers!

@everyone the new backend for Beam has passed QA and we’ll begin migrating the existing data to the new database tonight.


Quick update -

We're focused on the new backend for our platform Beam. The new update will open up the platform to all investors of the coins we support - stakers, MN holders, anyone with an address and balance. We're also going to be adding new non-MN coins like BTC. This massive update will drastically open up the market for Beam and as a result exposure to the project and Graphcoin will expand.

Loyalty reward airdrops are on temporary pause while we test the new backend. Once the update is LIVE, loyalty rewards will resume weekly.

Looking forward to delivering new value to our community. If you have any issues with the existing platform, please post in <#494210845291577374> and feedback is always welcomed in <#514184366138589204>

  • JD

@everyone Feel free to join the official GraphCoin Telegram: https://t.me/Graphcoin

You can view and join @Graphcoin right away.

@everyone We are happy to announce a collaborative partnership with DACH. Dachcoin has developed a great resource for crypto investors to do research and soon, they'll be releasing an exchange. Here's a link to their project: https://www.dachcoin.live/en/dashboard

DACH will be the first in a long line of partnerships that Beam and GraphCoin will be making to deliver value to our investors and the investor network that we have built here. Dachcoin's product is true to the spirit of Beam and we are happy to have them as a partner.

As we move forward with Beam, we are going to be introducing a content-based element to the platform. We'll be rolling out content, investment tools, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders. I'm happy to be providing this news to you all and hope that you will continue to find Beam a useful tool in your portfolio.

Thank you GraphCoin community, and as always--if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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