@everyone We are determined to list GPKR on Mercatox exchange and we have been getting many votes

We try to win the listing competition, and after sometime we will hit the first position and GPKR will be live on Mercatox

We have managed to get 1800 already

We ask our community to contribute

Help us with your votes!

Will be appreciated

@everyone Coinexchange has opened deposits and withdrawals

@everyone Gold Poker is listed on Pecunia Platform

Comfortable , affordable and easy to use service

@everyone If your GPKR wallet is stuck , close the wallet , use bootstrap , open the wallet, wait for synch , and check with block explorer

@everyone has been listed on a very popular Asian Cyptocurrency Market data platform !!

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Hello Community!!


Its the perfect time to get lucky with the new Mega Tournament !!


▶ Minimum entry - 1000 GPKR coins
▶ Maximum entry - unlimited


🥇 1st place - 33333 GPKR coins (= 1 GPKR Masternode)
🥈 2nd place - 10000 GPKR coins
🥉 3rd place - 7000 GPKR coins
🏆 4th place - 5000 GPKR coins
🏆 5th place - 4000 GPKR coins
🏆 6th to 10th places - 2000 GPKR coins each
🏆 11th to 20th places - 1500 GPKR coins each

The Orecoingames Mega Tournament is available for everyone !! With a fair set of rules and massive prizes, Mega Tournament at Orecoingames is a great contest for any kind of player!!

⏲ Start Date - 04.05.2019
🕰 End Date - 15.05.2019



OreCoinGames Starts mega promotion


Deposit 1000-10000 GPKR coins earn 100% Bonus

Wagering requirements are of 3 times !!

For example : If you deposit 10000 GPKR coins you will get 30000 credits. In order to withdraw your coins you have to win 90000 credits.
If you want to withdraw your deposit you can do it anytime without getting the bonus.
After deposit, contact@orecoingames club, send your casino login, tx hash.

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OreCoinGames – best online slots! Here can play for free or on coins! The best gaming service for you! | OreCoinGames

💥 OreCoinGames Sign Up Bonus 💥

📣 Prize Pool 10000 GPKR 👏

Valid for the first 100 users !!


▶ Sign up on

▶ OreCoinGames Discord server

▶ Contact@Orecoingames and claim 100 free credits ( 100GPKR Coins) !!

To withdraw the bonus wagering requirements are of 3 times (300 Credits =300 GPKR)@everyone

OreCoinGames – play the best slot machines for free
OreCoinGames – best online slots! Here can play for free or on coins! The best gaming service for you! | OreCoinGames

@everyone Hello Community !!

We have MEGA NEWS for you !!

We are excited to introduce our Partnership with OreCoinGames Casino !! The first cryptocurrency that is accepted in OreCoinGames is GOLD POKER !!

You are very welcomed to use your GPKR coins for playing on OreCoinGames Casino. We have worked together on this development for several weeks, and we anticipate that you enjoy the games, spend and earn GPKR coins !!

Note: There will be new additions in Casino: tournaments and games.
To avoid fraud after the first deposit, message@<@422080224469975040> send your casino wallet and login. All the subsequent deposits and withdrawals will be made automatically

OreCoinGames – play the best slot machines for free
OreCoinGames – best online slots! Here can play for free or on coins! The best gaming service for you! | OreCoinGames

@everyone GPKR is available on Pro Blockchain Media !!

Good platform - Containing and providing a great deal of information !!

Masternodes -
Masternodes -

@everyone GPKR is now available on cryptocoinworld.

Check up to date coin listings, pricing and market data.

Gold Poker (GPKR) Price, Charts and Market Data |
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@everyone Hello community!!

GPKR is live on CoinCost !!

CoinCost graph shows the Gold Poker price dynamics in BTC, USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, CAD, NZD, HKD, SGD, PHP, ZAR, INR, MXN, CHF, CNY, RUB. How much does Gold Poker cost? Use the toggles to view the GPKR price change for today, for a week, for a month, for a year and for all time.

Gold Poker GPKR price chart online. GPKR market cap, volume and ot...
Gold Poker GPKR price in USD, RUB, BTC for today and historic market data


We have seen that the price of the coin went down and some people sell their coins, some others are buying. We appreciate all of you for believing in the project and for supporting us!!
We also understand those who sell their coins.

But please be aware, that GPKR is a limited masternode coin, doesnt matter how many coins they sell, doesnt matter how deep they dump the price, it can recover in no time when our product goes live. And i am very sure in this statement, as our coin's structure, specifications and calculations talks louder than we do.

Only 4 masternodes are available for sell in all the 3 exchanges. People who sell now are the ones who loose. My advice can be for my community to get cheap nodes, as once it was a dream to get GPKR full node. Now you have that chance, as after our room goes live GPKR will recover its previous position !!
We are more than sure in that. GPKR is a treasure that you should cherish.
We are here, working on the development and if you have some questions, concerns, or suggestions, you are very welcomed to dm me !!

Regards Your Team!@everyone

Hello community!

I have seen concerns and discussions in the chat and i would like to give some clarifications for@everyone !

From the very first day of Gold Poker launch, the team has always been here and has been working hard on the project, and will continue to do so, which is the most important thing for the future of the coin.

As all of you are aware, we have done multiple unplanned updates of prior importance that has taken a great amount of time from our tech team.

After launching GPKR project we have had a great success, and coin has faced multiple attacks and scammers tried to hack our chain and thanks to our attentive tech team who check the chain multiple times every single day, all the attempts were stopped and ceased.

We have already gave clarification about MINI Room. As told MULTIPLE TIMES, Mini Room was not on our official and INITIAL roadmap and whitepaper, after having great success, our tech team has decided to fasten the process of Gold Poker Room launch, therefore we have announced that we would like to show working product before Q4, 2019 as it was planned initially.

It is a well known fact that GPKR pre sale is locked !! That means we cannot hire programmers right now from outside to work on our room development, and mini room was delayed because our TECH team was busy in 4 unplanned updates of prior importance and 5th is coming.

Nevertheless, i have to mention that GPKR room will be ready in Q4, 2019!! DATES ARE NOT CHANGED !! Also, I have to mention that our tech team works on mini room development and simultaneously on another update. In a short period of time, we will show you updates about mini room development.

@everyone Hello community !!

If we check GPKR sell walls in all the exchanges we can find the following pattern: - 58,490 GPKR - 20,059 GPKR - 25,652 GPKR

The total sum of these numbers is - 104,201 , that is equal to 3 masternodes only !!

GPKR maximum supply is 33.333.333 coins

Masternode collateral 33.333 coins

Block time 33 seconds

Per month only 7 masternodes are being mined

Per year only 84 masternodes are available

Maximum supply will be filled only after 11 years

In total we can have only 1000 GPKR masternodes


Dont sell your coins too low, remember its a limited coin, cherish it!! With our upcoming great news the price will rise

If somehow you cannot afford a full masternode take a look at our <#477205882292142092> services!!

Your team!!

@everyone Hello community !!

We want to use innovative strategies to increase brand awareness and help Gold Poker project to thrive !!


Gold Poker Team is looking for an innovative digital marketer ready to take on a challenge

We invite influencers into our niche to increase brand awareness and drive sales

Bloggers, writers
Create a unique and beautiful blog, articles about Gold Poker Project on most active social media platforms

Make reviews on your youtube channel with crypto audience

Sales Manager
Design and implement a strategic sales plan that expands project's customer base and ensure it’s strong presence

Tech Specialist If you think you have got proper skills that may interest us feel free ty apply, we are always open for productive cooperation!
To apply you must dm me @451870482803720202> !!

The work you are doing really matters, we are looking for group of talented people to do something well, that will make a difference and gain significance.!!

Regards Gold Poker Team !!

@everyone Gold Poker coin has been added on NODEHUB.IO allows you to deploy your masternode in less than 90 seconds for $0.33 per day with only your transaction ID.

Less than 90 seconds deployment time
Completely trustless system, your coins never touch the platform
More than 25+ accepted cryptocurrencies
Advanced monitoring system
Discord: Masternode Hosting
Masternode hosting, simplified. Your masternode is ready in 90 seconds, on the cloud! Only $0.33 per day. Masternode Hosting
Masternode hosting, simplified. Your masternode is ready in 90 seconds, on the cloud! Only $0.33 per day.

@everyone Gold Poker has been added on ZCORE platform !!

VPS Host with fixed IP and Multiple Coins
Dashboard and Monitoring
Notifications by SMS, Telegram and Discord
Everything pay in crypto for $1.99/month

Gold Poker Masternode
Create 1 Click GPKR Masternode for only $1.99/mo paid in crypto

@everyone Make sure to use bootstrap while updating your wallets


ATTENTION!!! ITS A Mandatory Update!!! Old wallet version and protocols will not be usable.
Current version 1.3.1!

  1. Stop your wallet
  2. Download new version from depends on your system.
  3. Remove all dirs and files from your Gpkr directory (%APPDATA%/Gpkr for Win and ~/.gpkr/ for Linux), except wallet.dat and .conf files (wallet.dat, gpkr.conf, masternodes.conf)
  4. Download and extract into Gpkr directory the last bootstrap of blockchain from our github
  5. Start the wallet again wait for sync and check your wallet current block - it must be as in Explorer (
    If you will have any questions - PM me or anyone from GPKR Team. We will help you ASAP.
Contribute to GoldPoker/GoldPoker-coin development by creating an account on GitHub.