@everyone Explorer is fixed. If you face chain issue restart your wallet.
Thank you

@everyone Coinexchange and Stex updated GPKR wallets. Those who still have coins in Coinexchange send to Stex. Tradeogre update is under process.

Contribute to GoldPoker/GoldPoker-coin development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone We have tried to use bootstrap for the stuck issue but it doesn't help. We work on wallet update. After couple of days it will be ready.
Thank you for understanding.

@everyone Use this new bootstrap and sync with explorer

@everyone GPKR blockchain is stuck we work on a fix

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@everyone Gold Poker coin has been listed to #Evonodes! Turn a few coins into a full #masternode

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@everyone Coinexchange is back online.
Deposits and withdrawals are open
Happy trading

@everyone We are aware that Coinexchange is still under maintenance, during the update coinexchange had compiling issue. Now we gave them the instructions and they will open deposits and withdrawals soon.
Thank you for patience

@everyone masternode online is back online

Dash (DASH) masternode
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@everyone explorer is back online

@everyone GPKR is listed on Coincheckup

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@everyone GPKR new wallet version

Please update your wallets

Verify if your wallet is on the correct block with explorer

Contribute to GoldPoker/GoldPoker-coin development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone GPKR is listed on

Details about Nodehub

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@everyone After the recent issue we have contacted all 3 exchanges and all of them fixed their wallets, deposits and withdrawals are open in the exchanges. If any of you faces some issues please use bootstrap.

@everyone explorer is fixed those who have issues connected with stuck use bootstrap and check the block with explorer

@everyone We are determined to list GPKR on Mercatox exchange and we have been getting many votes

We try to win the listing competition, and after sometime we will hit the first position and GPKR will be live on Mercatox

We have managed to get 1800 already

We ask our community to contribute

Help us with your votes!

Will be appreciated