@everyone New vulnerability in the zerocoin code revealed! GOSSIP has disabled zGOSS since the beginning of the new blockchain, so we are save. As soon as there is a fixed code we will add it to our code as well.

@everyone Today we burned 10,965M of old GOSSIP coins! Overall we burned till now 180,709,524 M GOSSIP 1.0 coins. 💪

@everyone Please update your wallet to the new version 2.1.0. It's a mandatory update, you must do it block 99,999 in other case the 2.1.0 will not connect to the chain. First the Qt wallet, after that the masternodes.

@everyone We released our dockerized multi masternode solution. You can setup multiple GOSSIP masternodes in multiple containers with one IP address.

Check it out on the docker hub:

@everyone Important Information

We updated our wallet to the version 2.1.0. This update is mandatory, you must update your Windows and Linux wallet's inclusive your masternodes. The version 2.0.0 will only work till block 99,999! When you installed your node with the GOSSIP script or mcarper's multi node script, the update is done in a few seconds.

Here is the masternode update guide:

To update the windows wallet, you must only replace the gossip-qt.exe.


Version 2.1.0 - 16/04/2019

Feature: Add proposals via wallet GUI
Fix: Spork keys correction
Fix: Update Gitian building from trusty to bionic
Fix: Block time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds at block 100k
Fix: Reduced max. outbound connections from 24 to 16 to reduce traffic
Add: Increasing protocol version from 79780 to 79781

@everyone Swap ratio changed to 1,000,000:1. Now it's absolutely worthless to start new nodes like people did it the last days. Change 10:1 furthermore possible for coins which your'e received till 22 March 2019. For swap request please DM @!441646960420847637>

@everyone Now the new BlockExplorer is https secured.

@everyone We don't make a break or holidays now, we are starting with the new main website. The website will need a bit time and is not during 1 week finished. Will update you from time to time with screenshots. 👍

@everyone Our GOSSIP PaperWallet is out!

GOSSIP Coin - Paper Wallet
GOSSIP Coin Paper Wallet

Homograph Github Domain spreads Neon Wallet Trojan | Prof. Dr. Chr...
Technical report, 2019-03-15. English translation of an article initially published in German at In March 2019, Jan-Hendrik Frintrop and me, we became aware of the newly registered domain giṭhub[.]com (xn--gihub-ns1b[.]com) which imitates Microsoft...

@375227325547282432> wants to share an important security message.


According to recent information the last Altbet wallet has a virus that can steal coins from your other wallets if you install it locally. DO NOT INSTALL ALTBET WALLETS on the same computer as your other wallets.

Because of this virus multiple shared nodes services were hacked or are still at risk to be hacked because they collocate multiple hot wallets from different coins on the same infrastructure.

New Explorer in development!

We released now the MAC version from our new wallet. You can download here:

@everyone CMC is informed to update the specifications

@everyone Crex24 listed now in MNO

@everyone Now I burned 35,000,000 old GOSSIP 1.0 coins. Overall burned: 169,744,524

Detailed statistics is here:

@everyone I changed the swap ratio now to 100,000:1, because some people tries to make more profit on the old chain, new nodes are going online. Everybody who loose the time can write me, I will swap him manually. All received coins till 22.3.2019 I will swap with 10:1, after the 22.03. you can swap manually with 100,000:1

When somebody can me explain what I did wrong, you are welcome... 😃