@everyone Please transfer your coins from the swap site to your own wallet. The swap site is no wallet to store coins!

@everyone The VENOX late swap is ended. From now on we can't help anyone, too late is too late, in other case it will be a never ending story. Today we will burn in the 2nd round all VNX coins which we swapped.

@everyone The VNX swap is over. 5,126,000 VNX where swapped. Welcome again to the ex VNX and new GOSS community members!

@everyone More than 3,5 millions of VENOX coins are swapped and burned!
Check it out yourself!

@everyone VNX Swap is open!


@everyone Two of our team members have developed a customized GOSSIP app for Android. It is a QR code scanner and it is just the beginning of a further development. Let us be surprised what the two still bring out.

created by @294163203775266818> and @341822729567076362>

QR Code Scanner GOSS - Apps on Google Play

@everyone Here is the video guide "How to swap VNX to GOSS"

Swap Venox Coins To Gossip Coins - Seguszone - Crypto
Swap Venox Coins To Gossip Coins - Seguszone - Crypto In this video I will teach you how to swap your Venox Coins to Gossip Coins Using our Swap Website. Ple...

@everyone The swap platform is ready! You can now deposit your VNX coins on the swap site. The swap function is disabled and we will enable it on 31th Mai 2019 15:00 GMT +0 till 2nd June 2019 20:00 GMT +0.

No, we will stop it asap

Yes, leave the swap till August

@everyone Hi community, we need you to vote. I think, the last big dump comes from people which I swapped this week. The idea was to swap old GOSS to new GOSS till August, but I think this idea wasn't so good. You can decide to swap old GOSS to new GOSS till August or to stop it. The voice of the community will decide.

@everyone Our multifunctional discord bot is online now. @440702849995898881> did a great work, thank you! You can use it in the <#550361494898868225> channel. .help will list you a command list. .stats will give you the price info 😉 Happy tipping

@everyone Today is Sunday and maybe you will find time to update your last GOSS 2.0.0 wallet to the 2.1.0 version. At block 100k your node with the 2.0.0 wallet will stop the work.

@everyone We disabled the GOSS 1.0 deposits on the swap platform, because the old chain is disabled and transactions are not possible. Like I promised, I can swap old coins manually which are created before the 22th March 2019. I saw some people have balances in GOSS 2.0 coins, please withdraw your coins. The swap platform works and you are able to withdraw GOSS 2.0 coins.

@everyone We reached the block 500k in the old GOSSIP chain. At block 500k was a planned collateral change, but we didn't switched the chain, so it stuck's at 500k and no new block will be created. All running nodes are inactive now.

@everyone New vulnerability in the zerocoin code revealed! GOSSIP has disabled zGOSS since the beginning of the new blockchain, so we are save. As soon as there is a fixed code we will add it to our code as well.

@everyone Today we burned 10,965M of old GOSSIP coins! Overall we burned till now 180,709,524 M GOSSIP 1.0 coins. 💪

@everyone Please update your wallet to the new version 2.1.0. It's a mandatory update, you must do it block 99,999 in other case the 2.1.0 will not connect to the chain. First the Qt wallet, after that the masternodes.