@everyone Go share your support for GMCN by voting for us on Masternode.Pro's discord.

Discord - https://discord.gg/hwHSUd5

Go to #voting channel and type ^vote gmcn. Let's show our love and that we are still here! 🎉

It currently is free to set up a GMCN MN on HASH.

@everyone GMCN is listed on HASH, a masternode hosting site. You can run your GMCN MN on their platform they have built for several masternodes. You keep the coins in your wallet, so you don't have to worry about your coins getting stolen!

hosting platform URL - https://hashhosting.org/
discord - https://discord.gg/fsccHjC

HASH Platform
masternodes building and hosting service

I have included steps on how to set up your address in WorxS, so you can start earning more GMCN! (See <#543918564919345187>)@everyone

@everyone GMCN has been added to WorxS Platform , You can join WorxS Discord, register and start earning some free GMCN along with several other coins they have listed!

✅ WorxS Discord: https://discord.gg/DZqPFh2
✅ Worx Tweet of us being listed: https://twitter.com/WorxCoin/status/1094322998872588289

WorxS - Announcement

@everyone the poker site is back up and running - http://gamblecoinpoker.com

GambleCoin Poker
Multiplayer Online Poker which supports cash games, sit-n-go and multi table tournaments with games like Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Tomorrow we will have another trivia session! I am planning to have it in 25 and a half hours from now... 12 pm EST@everyone

The GMCN Team wants to wish@everyone here a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy the time with all your families especially with this up market we are experiencing! :)


@everyone The time has come!

We are happy to announce we finally have a MN script you can set up MNs now with. (Christmas came early for @396820515886465036>!!!) 🎁

GambleCoin MN Setup Script

Key features:

  • Linux OS supported: Ubuntu 16.04/17.10/18.04, Debian 8/9, CentOS 7, Fedora 27/28/29
  • Installation with DEFAULT settings or advanced CUSTOM settings (full questionnaire)
  • Daemon bind to IP address (Listen in case of NAT detected)
  • P2P/RPC IP:port usage detection
  • UFW firewall configuration support (Ubuntu/Debian)
  • FirewallD configuration support (CentOS/Fedora)
  • On-screen instructions for Local wallet
  • Installation as systemd service or simple daemon
  • In-line new sudo user creation for host sharing (two GMCN MNs on the same host)
  • Root and non-root installation
  • Support of IPv4 and IPv6
    and many other

Script has dedicated Discord server for changes follow-up and user support

Typical installation process shown in the video below

Huge shoutout to @399624147036274696> for delivering on this for GMCN!

I'll post the steps in another channel ( <#525747221770141697>), but you can also find them on @399624147036274696>'s discord channel!

MN Setup Script by unclear#0122 - default settings - Fedora 27
This video demonstrates the process of masternode setup using script released by unclear#0122. Selected option to install with DEFAULT settings. Operating Sy...

@everyone The people have spoken! Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for some trivia sessions. I will host 3 throughout the day each being 10 questions. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to make one of them.

Before starting the trivia I will make an announcement like this in the <#440023652294197258> channel 10 minutes before.

Hope to see you all for some trivia tomorrow! 😃

@everyone Who wants to do trivia this week?!?! React to this with 1⃣ for some time Thursday or 2⃣ for some time Friday!

@everyone We are doing another invite bounty ( <#520316073468231688> ). Check out that channel for the rules to have a shot at winning some GMCN!

@everyone the explorer is back up and running, if you haven't noticed yet 😃 https://explorer.gamblecoin.fun/. It's currently catching up on blocks though

@here A dev spreading the love!!!

@everyone I would like to mention here that we have promoted @289787003791212545> to Coin Awareness. He has been working endlessly with helping the team make this a better and stronger community. I personally want to thank him for all the hardwork he's chipping in and I know the rest of the team would say the same!

Also @289787003791212545> wants to share some GMCN weatlh... so pay attention to all the generousity he gives in <#513863972718641162>

@everyone If you haven't tried www.xcryptocrash.com yet, then this is the perfect time to try it.

Max profit right now is around 9,000 GMCN!!! Time to gamble some of your coins to try and win BIG. Best of luck to everyone here. 😃 🍀

@everyone We have our first bi-weekly update for you all - <#507155146615291904>.... We will be continuing these every other Tuesday from now on.

@everyone if you want to try out xCryptoCrash.

Contact @289787003791212545> for 100 GMCN for FREE to try it out - https://xcryptocrash.com/

@everyone there will be a mega rain of GMCN in XCC in 20 minutes....