This week in GIN — 15th of February, 2019 – GIN Platform ...
First of all, we hope you had a great V-Day!

The mining algorithm change to x16rt was a success, even though not without incidents.

During the first 20 min after the algorithm changed there were forks and a lot of hash power thrown at the chain. We did not expect this many miners joining the network. At some point the chain even had over 700 GHs which is a HR never reached on Lyra2Z.

Some voices are saying that x16rt is already implemented on FPGAs and that's why there is such a high hash rate, but at this point it seems unlikely and we think we just got a lot of attention in a short period of time. If that's true, the hash rate will drop over the next days as the mining regulates with price.

As we stated before, we are committed to making this work, so even in the event there are FPGAs mining x16rt we'll jump to the next algo, making the switch even better by learning from our past 2 algo changes, though I hope this will not be the case just yet.

Minor hickup: since there were a few forks, some masternodes ended up on the wrong chain (even some on the GIN Platform). If you node is in EXPIRED state and you host it on the platform then DO NOT start it from wallet yet. We are reindexing those and if we do it within the hour they will revive automatically. If they get in NEW_START_REQUIRED state, get in touch on the support chat.

Happy fork@everyone!

@everyone last call to update your GINcoin wallets. The algo change to x16rt is less than 8 hours away and every network participant (including desktop wallets) need to update their wallets to version 1.2.1

Download it from our website and simply install it over the previous version.

It's good practice to:

  • take a backup of your wallet.dat file before the update
  • do a quick test transaction between your addresses after the update to ensure everything is ok with your wallet file

@everyone commitment discounts are now live!

  • Renew for 30 days: 10% off
  • Renew for 90 days: 30% off

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

@everyone in continuation to the wallet drama thread, we've released the version of the wallet which fixes the issues identified last night. All exchanges, mining pools, node operators and local wallets are required to update.

The update is straight forward on all OSs, just replace the files and restart the wallet.

Masternode start IS NOT REQUIRED.

As you probably know if you watched the thread, the notarization of the Gincoin blockchain using the Komodo dPoW solution started, it's now picking up steam and we should have a very steady (10 min) notarization in a few days tops.

This is the best news as we are now effectively protected against 51% attacks with the power of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Now, we're on a straight line towards the mining algorithm change to x16rt on Friday, 15 Feb 2019 @ 4:00:00pm GMT and give GIN back to the home miner.

Why are we doing this?

  • we believe the best security of our network is still provided by the GPU miners
  • although we like the hash power brought to our network by FPGAs we don't like it when a few control most of the network HP
  • we're excited about new tech and the Komodo solution seems like a very clever approach to the now very popular 51% attack which allows us to stay PoW

Even given the rough start last night, I would like to salute the quick action and close involvement of the Komodo team in both the initial implementation and incident management last night.

Say hello to the first masternode coin and the first to be based on DASH tech to use dPoW! GIN ♥ 🎉

GINcoin Core is the official wallet of the GINcoin cryptocurrency - GIN-coin/gincoin-core

@everyone Update: notarization started again successfully on the latest version of the code. We're releasing stable production wallets within the next 2 hours.

DO NOT OPEN YOUR 1.2.0 wallets as they are likely to crash. Wait a bit for the new ones to come out.

@everyone this message is in continuation to my previous announcement regarding the issues the wallets encountered last night.

We have a fix from Komodo which has already been applied to the master branch of our Github repo. Before doing a release and build new wallets we will first make sure the critical nodes in the network run fine with this release after the notarization starts again.

The possibility exists that if you run your node without this fix, the node falls behind in blocks and expire if not attended within an hour. Here's what you have to do:

If you are hosting the node on your own VPS

  • Update the daemon on your node by building the latest master from our repo above. You should be protected from possible downtimes during the transition
  • Do not open the local wallet (where you keep your collateral) yet

If you are hosting on the GIN Platform

  • We are already updating your node, nothing is required from your end
  • To avoid reading the wrong status of your node keep your local wallet closed and monitor your node on the GIN Platform

Finally, we recommend pool operators to update ASAP to avoid any downtimes similar to the one last night.

GINcoin Core is the official wallet of the GINcoin cryptocurrency - GIN-coin/gincoin-core

Good news and bad news@everyone!

Good news
The Komodo notarization started, which means the GIN blockchain will be protected from 51% attacks by notaries. This is marked by something like the following in the output of the "getinfo" command:
"notarized": 237606

Bad news
Something did not go well with the notarization and it caused updated nodes to stop taking new blocks. The Komodo team is working on finding out what's happening and fixing it. We will know more about it in the next couple of hours.

In the meantime, if your node is stuck at a block height different than the explorer's and/or your masternode is in EXPIRED state, apply this fix on both the local wallet and remote node:

  • delete the "notarizations" file from the configuration directory
  • restart the wallet

Depending on your OS the file to be deleted is:

~/.gincoincore/notarizations in Linux
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\GincoinCore\notarizations on Windows```

All the nodes on the GIN Platform have been applied the fix already and if they were marked as EXPIRED they should be back to ENABLED in no time. If this doesn't happen in the next 2 hours, ONLY THEN a start from wallet will be required.

@everyone Here's a weekly update to start your weekend properly. And speaking of updates - UPDATE YOUR GIN WALLET, GIN screamed, screamingly.

This week in GIN — 8th of February, 2019 – GIN Platform ...
New wallets, folks!

@everyone We promised and, as usual, we’re delivering. Discounts will be available for masternode management fees as of Monday!
You can benefit from Discounts if you choose to pay upfront for extending your nodes’ expiration date. You get 10% off if you choose to extend by 30 days, and 30% off if you extend by 90 days. Make sure you have enough credit in your account balance.
To access the Node Renewal option, simply go to your Portfolio and click on the node you want to renew. The option will be visible right on the “Renewal date” row.
Have fun shopping for those extra Valentine’s Day chocolates!

@everyone we have just released new wallets version, they can be downloaded from our Github repo:

Changes include:

  • Mining algorithm change from Lyra2z to x16rt starting 15 Feb 2019 @ 4pm GMT
  • 51% attack protection using Komodo dPoW
  • Performance improvements

This is a mandatory update for all exchanges, mining pools, node runners and local wallets before 15 Feb 2019 @ 4pm GMT.

Masternodes update
All nodes on the GIN Platform will be updated automatically starting tomorrow, new nodes are already using the new version. Start will NOT be required from your wallet, just be sure to update your GUI (QT) wallet to the new version and that's it.

Update procedure for nodes not hosted on the GIN Platform:

When updating your local wallets
Make sure a backup of your encrypted wallet.dat file is safely stored on another computer or a USB drive. Although your wallet.dat is not affected by the update, you can never be too careful when it comes to securing your funds!

GINcoin Core is the official wallet of the GINcoin cryptocurrency - GIN-coin/gincoin-core

@everyone - BlacerCoin and Ichiba are now live on the Gin Platform.

@everyone quick update about the new wallets and the status of the algorithm change to x16rt.

During an algorithm change the network is very vulnerable because the hash power drops at a single block, that is why we do not consider going live with the new algorithm without having the dPoW notarization started, to protect the Gincoin blockchain from a potential 51% attack.

The wallet implementation of the Komodo dPoW takes a bit longer than anticipated, that is why we are delaying the algorithm change date a bit.

The new set date is Tue, 12 Feb, we will announce wallet updates as soon as they are ready.

@everyone It's time for 2 things - the weekly update and a new coin announcement - Klimatas

This week in GIN — 1sth of February, 2019 – GIN Platform – M...
The name of the game is work, work, work. It’s a miracle of technology that our devs keyboards haven’t caught fire yet. Feb has just begun…

@everyone quick question that will help us make the new wallets better and deliver them faster: is anyone of you launching the Gincoin wallet with txindex=0? if so, why?

Please DM me if you do, only if you launch it with transaction index DISABLED (txindex=0)

I'm trying to find at least a user that would use it this way and find out the reason.

@everyone - CryptoInvest is live on the Gin Platform.

@everyone quick update regarding the GIN Platform seed login. To protect your accounts, starting tomorrow we are introducing mandatory 2 factor authentication via email on all seed logins. At your next login after the update you will be sent an email with a code to confirm the login.

What you need to do:

  • If you are using Civic nothing will change for you
  • If you are using seed login, make sure you have access to the email address registered with the account (My account -> Email field)

@everyone - Not only is the weekly update here, but the end of the week brings a new coin on the GIN Platform - World Crypto Forum (WCF). We welcome them and invite you to read about this week's shenanigans below:

This week in GIN — 25th of January, 2019 – GIN Platform ...
Prepare for a long read (and an algo change update).

@everyone - Galilel and 1X2Coin are now supported on the Gin Platform.

@everyone quick update on the Testnet switch to x16rt: everything cleared out, the algo change was successful, hence we will go ahead with planning of the mainnet implementation which is now set to happen on Feb 6, 2019 @ 4pm GMT.

The code changes can be tracked in the v1.2 branch of our Github repo:

The official wallets will be released in about 7 days, after code freeze, and we will start notifying exchanges and partners about the same time.

GINcoin Core is the official wallet of the GINcoin cryptocurrency - GIN-coin/gincoin-core