@everyone In this week's report, we're looking for the summer!

This week in GIN — 7th of June, 2019
GINcoin Budget Blocks on Testnet

@everyone following my previous announcement from Monday, the superblocks started successfully on Testnet and we are working on the Mainnet superblock support to release it along with the Komodo notaries update.

🐠 Timeline

  • 15 Jun - Komodo dpow code freeze
  • 20 Jun - GINcoin wallet v1.3 release with superblocks and Komodo update
  • 10 Jul - New wallet enforcement date (hard fork)
  • 11 Jul - First superblock

@everyone The $GIN testnet has been updated with the superblock functionality for the GIN Foundation and Freighter Fleet budget allocations. First superblock is scheduled at block 32300 on testnet, estimated to occur in about 24h.

All testnet node runners are required to update the node by compiling the latest master (no binaries are released).
No action is required from mainnet node runners.

Depending on how the test goes we shall plan the mainnet budget superblocks start and cycle. We target to release the production code along with the new Komodo notaries list after the 15th of June.

Hi everyone! The weekly report is here, read it while it's.. hot?

This week in GIN — 31st of May, 2019
It’s the last report of May!


Happy Friday@everyone!

Today we have released support for continuously running workloads on the GIN Freighter Fleet. The code has been distributed to the freighters and we are waiting for all alphas to update to start distributing test workloads that run continuously (daemons) and get renewed from time to time.

This is one of the important differentiators between our work with GEA and similar "distributed datacenter" projects: the ability to run services, not only jobs.

🗺 Roadmap & Current progress

✅ 20 Alpha Freighters onboarded
✅ Freighter software alpha
✅ GIN Platform DAM software alpha
✅ EU1 GIN Platform DAM software deployment
✅ Real time network explorer
✅ Test Cargo (jobs)
✅ Test Cargo (daemons)
⬜ DAM high availability with 3 geographical locations
⬜ Scheduling engine with geographical targeting
⬜ Cargo payments & settlement
⬜ 100 Private beta Freighters onboarded
⬜ 3rd party masternode deployments
⬜ Public beta 🏁

The main statistic I wish to highlight today is 60k. Up to date, our modest 18 node fleet has run 63,401 test jobs. You can check it out in real time here:


@everyone We have a fresh weekly report for you! Check it here:

This week in GIN — 24th of May, 2019
GINware — Hardware wallet support for GINcoin now released!

🛠 MASTERNODE SETUP GUIDE - using hardware wallets@everyone - a short guide on how to setup your Gin masternodes on the GIN Platform using the Ledger Nano S & Trezor One/Trezor Model T wallets.

Masternode setup - Ledger Nano S & Trezor One/Trezor Model T
Use this guide to setup your GIN masternode on the GIN Platform using the Ledger-Nano-S, Trezor-One or Trezor-Model-T hardware wallets

@everyone the deposit GIN with altcoins functionality has been reenabled on the platform through the use of the CryptoWolf service.

You can now deposit BTC, LTC and ETH that will be turned into GIN at market price on LiveCoin by CryptoWolf and credit your GIN Platform hosting balance.

Check out the video!

🎊 GINware - Hardware wallet support for GINcoin now released!

Happy Monday@everyone!

While I have been away to Consensus, the active community worked hard to bring security and ease of use to GIN!

Without further ado, you can now use GIN on Ledger and Trezor devices with GINware! GINware is a desktop app that enables the use of Ledger Nano S, Trezor One and Trezor Model T with GIN.

Features include:
✅ No need to sync the blockchain
✅ Check address balance
✅ Send/receive GIN
✅ Start your masternodes
✅ Check masternode status

Note: GINware's Ledger Nano S support has been submitted for official review by the Ledger team, and according to their current pipeline, a release should be on its way to the Ledger Live Manager in due time. Until then, you can use the alternate method described here:

GINware is developed and maintained by @209582865086676992> in the spirit of securing your funds, by keeping them on a hardware wallet and moving coins only when you explicitly allow it.

Usage guide:

@everyone Ladies and Gentlemen.... Happy Friday!

I'm please to announce the GIN Foundation & GEA Protocol Funding proposals have been approved!

In the coming days I will update you with specifics on the exact date and time the funding start date will occur.

Have a great weekend,


@everyone Ladies and Gentleman.... I'm excited to announce that GIN has now ventured into the gaming industry and is now listed on Crypto Hunter!

What is Crypto Hunter?

Developed by Swyft (SATC coin), Crypto Hunter is here to deliver a fun educational experience in helping users with masternode set ups, tools, and sharing community apps/videos all through its gameplay while also connecting businesses to the touch point of everyday users through the Apple Store and Google Play.

The fun part is in gameplay, collecting denomination value of each coin in AR game play much like Pokemon Go, but also being able to learn about the coin and project you are collecting and the ROI it provides through a API. Crypto Hunter aims to not only enhance current community footfall, but track and help grow each coin and community listed within its gameplay.

Please see a sample video around its gameplay below:

Join Swyft and the SATC community here:

Crypto Hunter is expected to be LIVE and downloadable through Google Play and the Apple Store by the end of April.



The leading masternode investment comparison tool features the most accurate and detailed stats and a free anonymous monitoring tool to track your own masternodes.
GIN Partnership
Gin Partnership to Crypto Hunter!! Gin was the first platform aiming to provide cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own...

@everyone Weekly report for GIN has just arrived! Read it here:

This week in GIN — 19th of April, 2019
Freighter Fleet Update

@everyone Our Co-Founder and CLO Alex Stanescu, pitching at Paris Blockchain Week. Very positive feedback in general about what we are building. Go GEA ! Go Gin !

Alex Stanescu from GIN Platform at the Paris Blockchain Week - Str...

@everyone we have just launched the new voting system for GIN Foundation governance purposes. It allows masternodes on the platform, as well as those hosted outside the platform to cast their votes in an easy way, on subjects that are of importance to the whole ecosystem.

🗳 We have a test vote session running for the rest of the year, so you can test the voting process before voting on real decisions, you can try it out now.

Tomorrow, 18 Apr 2019 we will start the voting session for the GIN Foundation funding proposal, session active until 26 Apr 00:00.!/votes

A few notes on the process:

  • If you have nodes on the platform the vote is easiest, just choose your option and you vote with all your eligible nodes at once
  • For self-hosted nodes you will create a special transaction of 0.0001 GIN + 0.0001 GIN for fees, that goes to an address corresponding to the option you choose; the voting system will guide you through the whole process, you simply need to choose your option and sign a transaction in your wallet
GIN Platform
Deploy your masternode in a couple of clicks through the GIN platform. No technical skills required. Cold wallet setup.



If you kept your eyes on the Freighter Fleet real time explorer ( you have probably noticed new activity, especially CDeploy and CResult messages which seem to popup from time to time. This is because the test Cargo has just started running on the Freigther Fleet and the map lightens every 15 minutes when new batches of Cargo are deployed.

We also put together a new stats panel in the bottom left so you can see the activity in real time:

Active Freighters: 19
Total CPUs: 29
Total Memory 55 GB:
Total Disk 2.6 TB```
The fleet currently runs very basic test jobs which will become more complex in the coming days.

🗺 **Roadmap & Current progress**

✅ 20 Alpha Freighters onboarded
✅ Freighter software alpha
✅ GIN Platform DAM software alpha
✅ EU1 GIN Platform DAM software deployment
✅ Real time network explorer
✅ Test Cargo (jobs)
⬜ Test Cargo (daemons)
⬜ DAM high availability with 3 geographical locations
⬜ Scheduling engine with geographical targeting
⬜ Cargo payments & settlement
⬜ 100 Private beta Freighters onboarded
⬜ 3rd party masternode deployments
⬜ Public beta 🏁 



Following the GIN Foundation's announcement we bring a few pricing changes to the GIN Platform.

Changes to the Pricing of GIN nodes

In our effort to ease the launch of the future GIN Freighters, we are lowering the price of the GIN dedicated nodes from $12.60 / month to $9.99 / month. This applies to both new nodes and nodes that already exist on the platform. Part of the same direction of easing transition to all GIN nodes towards Freighters we are disabling the creation of new Cloud nodes for GIN. Existing GIN Cloud nodes will keep their current pricing and service level until further notice.

Changes to the Pricing of Dash, PivX and Horizen Secure / Super nodes

We have a few other blockchain specific pricing changes that will allow us to continue offering the best in class service level and support:

  • Dash: $24.90 / month
  • PivX: $24.90 / month
  • Horizen Secure & Super nodes: $24.90 / month

Existing Dash, PivX and Horizen nodes shall keep the current pricing for the next 7 days. Following this change we will also activate commitment discounts for the 3 projects above.

By the way, here is our weekly update with all the developments that took place this week:

This week in GIN — 12th of April, 2019
One of our busiest weeks (and months) EVER.

@everyone Ladies and Gentleman... Happy Friday!

To begin the close of one of the busiest, and newsworthy weeks in GIN's history I would like to share the GIN and GEA Protocol Funding proposal with each of you. This proposal should better answer the importance of The Foundation, it's objectives and more clarity as to what the GEA Protocol brings to the entirety of the GIN ecosystem.

Please see the link provided below!


GIN Foundation Funding
GIN Foundation and GEA Protocol Funding Announcement. Spenser Mooney, 12 Apr 2019

@everyone we're happy to announce support for the first ERC2.0 masternode on the GIN Platform. You asked for it, you got it! AURA nodes can be built effective immediately.

Pricing wise the AURA nodes are a bit more expensive than other nodes on the platform due to different setup requirements. The node is only available as dedicated and it'll cost $30 / month.

To onboard first respondents, we've introduced a 50% lifetime discount for the first 10 nodes.

@everyone A few months back with the pausing of Cryptopia directly halted one of the more popular features of instantly exchanging Altcoins directly for GIN especially when it came to your hosting fees. Over the weeks following we heard from countless members of the community how much this feature was valued and missed.

With that said it is my pleasure to announce that GIN is now available on CryptoWolf for instant exchange with other currencies! This enables GIN Platform users to credit their account balances with other Altcoins that get converted to GIN at market price. In the coming days, the widget will return on the platform for you to "Deposit Altcoins for GIN" to fund your balances.

Please note that Livecoin is the lone exchange that is compatible with CryptoWolf that GIN is listed on and one of highlighted benefits of the new exchange introduced last week.


@everyone Time for the weekly report! Read about what's been happening this week in GIN below. We're live on LiveCoin and we're working on releasing support for a hardware wallet!

This week in GIN — 5th of April, 2019
Told you April was around the corner.