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We adopted the use of Masternode technology and entered this toxic market to launch the blockchain and start making progress from day one. Otherwise we’d have to spend too much valuable time on too many meetings, making buzz and shady partnerships. Instead, we started to perform our core tasks and many competent people joined the project because @everyone of you share our vision. Masternodes allowed us to decentralize the network fast and make it stable. However, the main value of Giant Blockchain is smart contracts with unique features, such as JavaScript usage, optimization solutions and spam control mechanisms. We want to keep up the current pace and make Giant one of the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies. I’ll move to South Korea to increase offline activities and learn from the fastest growing crypto industry there. Giant is stepping out of the masternodes only domain and is making Giant steps towards our ambitious goals and objectives.

The roadmap terms need additional clarifications. Our goal is to make the releases as soon as possible and anyone can see that by our Github commits. Nonetheless, at the end of Q4 2018 we explained why the concept of deadlines cannot be applicable to our situation, although all our web platforms updated the tasks to Q1 2019. This would be the perfect scenario if there were no unexpected challenges and additional tasks. Obviously, it’s not the case for IT, especially on the cutting edge of blockchain.

Our devs are extremely responsive to make the process transparent for@everyone and transparency in crypto is a quite controversial topic. The Core Team has various methods to make a project look good; I try to shed light on this and have dedicated a first article of my personal blog to this issue. It’s important to understand for any crypto investor. From the beginning Giant was following principles of decentralization. We made mistakes but not any that could jeopardize the future of the project, that’s why we are not afraid to speak about sensitive issues some other projects avoid to manipulate the market.

The few weeks have been extremely productive in terms of development, management and general vision.
I, Mikhail Maximov, will become the project CEO, while Dmitry Filinberg is focusing on CTO responsibilities.
It is a reasonable and logical move for@everyone who’s been following our news and updates.
While Giant continues to build its ecosystem and reputation, it’s important to communicate with the crypto space more actively.
I will find a way to delegate part of my operational tasks and focus on overall business strategy, communications and media.

For those who’ve joined the project recently let me remind you, why it’s unique and has survived the bear market for the past 10 months:

  • Fair launch. Development at the expense of the Core Team
  • A high level of tech competences. The original idea and constant implementation
  • Business orientation. Parallel development of dApps

We also continue to stress how important it is to demonstrate that blockchain can add value and solve business tasks. Just like Bitcoin makes it possible, for 2 people, in any location, to exchange value directly. Giant is creating a safe environment for betting with no third party interference or control. One day a user will be able to open the Giant.Bet app on the phone, send a bet to the pool where any other user on earth can accept it. This is the future of betting with no third party control. Giant project has professionals who can make it work and to be adopted.

💳 You've probably known about the deal between Polis and MasterCard. It's a huge progress for the entire MN market which became more accessible.
Polis is giving away a free listing on PolisPay. Any project can benefit from it in terms of additional awareness. However, our case is unique.

Unlike many other projects Giant relies on specific use cases. Its success depends on the competition with non-crypto companies from the gambling market. PolisPay is among other options of accessing non-crypto audience. We'll make steps in that directions anyways as it's in the best interests of both parties. However, voting for GIC in this challenge is worth it. All the details are available for@everyone:

✅ We remind you about the verification procedure that was introduced a few months ago. Users that performed it keep access to the private chat of MN owners.

Community Team update. In case you've submitted the first survey please proceed with the second one:

You'll be given access to a private chat with current agenda of the Community Team mission and tasks

Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency

Hey@everyone! We've been quiet for some time due to the re-evaluation of work processes in the CoreTeam and general vision. A resume of these processes is coming soon.

In the meantime @439032526535917569> is working on a simple and useful tool to target MN investors who might not know about Giant Coin. You could help him out by answering only 3 questions of the NPS survey. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

A few months ago we met the Gentarium Team at the Blockchain Life conference 2018 in Saint Petersburg.
We quickly recognized the many similarities between our projects.
Just like them, we started from scratch with no ICO or external investments.
However, they performed well and outcompeted many other MN hosting platforms. Gentarium are respected and trusted by investors and users constantly improving their service and creating new opportunities.
We are confident that our partnership will prove to be mutually beneficial.

Gentarium provides besides a quality service a great rate
for@everyone of Giant MN owners!
Due to our partnership Giant users get a discount of 33% from the standard price for the
hosting of any number of Giant masternodes.
The price is only 2,67 USD a month for an unlimited period of time.

Thanks to Gentarium Team for support!

To raise the Community Team structure quality, we are running a second survey among those who submitted the first one. This is how we are going to get to know@everyone better and we hope on your cooperation. @514125253769822229> ensured that you got the private link.

Let us remind you why we promote this initiative:

  • The Core Team can’t grasp all the marketing opportunities at once

  • The active participants can perform and gain reputation to fund their activities from the Treasury

  • The Core Team seeks to build a professional environment in many areas with people ready to participate in the project development

  • The Giant development strategy is a so-called Blue Ocean Strategy. We are creating a unique product with no growth limits. The creative potential of any participant can make a difference for Giant.

In case you missed the first application to the Community Team here is a link:

Giant Community Team
Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.

A quick heads-up for@everyone interested in the most recent Giant news.

⚙ Giant CEO Dmitry Filinberg is currently attending TeamLead Conf 2019 in Moscow, Russia.
This event is made exclusively for Team Leads to exchange experience and find together what it means to be a good administrator.

For instance, one lecture will be dedicated to the topic of responsibilities delegation by Skyeng.
Another one is directly connected with the way how we work — Team Lead Soft Skills Scrum Style by Orange Training Group.
And while Dmitry is gaining valuable insights, we continue our job to bring you a secure cutting-edge smart contracts system.
You can always suggest us what we can learn from other blockchain projects in <#439070879335317525> and <#465617944064557056>.

🛒 Another recent event: Giant Coin (GIC) is now accepted as a payment method by — a libertarian online apparel shop. After visiting it, you may soon find yourself drinking coffee from a cup with Ludwig von Mizes while wearing a T-shirt with Rothbard or Hayek.
Giant founders fully support the concept of a free digital market without any state borders.

🚨🚨We are now accepting Giant coin as a form of payment in our store! $gic is one of the most promising projects with one of the most active and transparent dev teams out there! 🚨🚨 #buidl @giant_coin $gic

This news is for@everyone who speaks Russian in the Giant community. Recently the project's been explored by a popular Russian cryptocurrency blogger (248k subs) who added Giant Coin (GIC) to his investment portfolio. Quite interested in the classic Proof-of-Work hardware mining several years ago, Roman Tomera now believes that the future belongs to Proof-of-Stake and/or masternode projects. You don't have to own a special application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to get more PoS coins.

Roman Tomera thinks that Giant Coin will become more capitalized because:

  • when released, our JavaScript smart contracts will be very popular among the biggest Devs community
  • our first dApp might be able to solve the problem of nefarious brokers in the bets industry

We are very pleased to hear that "there is no reason not to trust" our project.
Clearly, this is a result of our online development progress reports and the transparent approach we sustain.

Высказал свое мнение насчет будущего в GPU майнинге. Рассказал почему в 2019 году заходить в GPU майнинг я не буду. Так же говорил о мастернодах. И показал д...

Hey@everyone, it’s Nikolay here with another Giant material — our plans for Sprint #18.

📝 These two weeks won’t have any new immediate tasks, we’d rather maintain the smart contract development momentum gained since the beginning of the year. Regardless, check out the detailed description on who’s doing what this time.

📡 And by the way, you can always tell in <#439070879335317525> about what you would like to see more in our next posts and updates.


Sprint #18 Backlog
Giant smart contracts continue to remain our top priority. See more about this future system development and our marketing efforts
Sprint #18 Backlog – Giant Project – Medium
The Giant team wants to report on its immediate plans regarding research and development (R&D) and product marketing. The next sprint of…

Once again, the Giant team tells@everyone a lot of information regarding the Giant Project management,
community activities and even the internal development of Giant Contracts.
See the latest sprint report and learn what we’ve all been doing last two weeks:


Retweet and spread the word about Giant way of doing things!

Latest Sprint News: Coding Is Power
3 Devs joined forces to make a breakthrough in Giant Contracts development
Latest Sprint News: Coding Is Power – Giantcrypto – Medium
The Giant team is ready to give you a briefing on what we were doing for the last two weeks since February 4 to February 17. Research…

We would like to thank@everyone who participated in the Giant Community Team survey.
You still have time to do this by following this link:

✅ Support Giant Coin in the vote for the for the Best Masternode Coin on!
You need to go to the official MNPro Discord
Then go to the <#478265838449721364> channel and choose Giant by typing ^vote GIC
Thanks to your efforts, we can reach the first place and get:
• a one-year-free listing on MasterNodes.Pro
• 250,000 view advertising banner on MasterNodes.Pro

📽 @383289322893344791> mentioned Giant in his recent video as a part of his investment portfolio:

He and his friends are working on the masternodes related website that has various tools and services

🛡 Recently some fraudsters impersonated members of Giant Team trying to snatch the private keys.
If you experience this please contact me in order to prevent scam attemps.
Sending the private keys to anyone is equal to giving access to your funds
More on this issue:

Don't Share Your Data With Strangers
This information may save your cryptocurrency wallet funds! Learn about manipulation schemes hackers use and advices on how to resist them

This message is for@everyone who wants to join the Giant Community Team!

Even though we’ve got a lot to develop, we endorse a contribution to the project in several non-programming areas:

  • a successful public image of Giant in social media, various crypto-related platforms
  • marketing research of local markets
  • beta products manual testing
  • new connections within crypto industry: other projects, influencers, bloggers
  • tasks on Giant and Giant.Exchange concerning research and data collection
  • catching errors on Giant web resources

We are looking for talented and motivated members of Giant community. How are you going to benefit from joining?

  • Giant Coin will increase its value due to your own actions
  • a special role on Discord
  • your community reputation will become higher
  • your activities will more likely to be financed from Giant Treasury

The Giant team is making a one-of-its kind financial instrument!
It’s you who can make a difference and raise the Giant Coin cap by increasing its demand.
Here’s how you can join the Giant Community Team today:

  1. Please, fill in this form:

  1. Then it’s up to us to contact you, discuss the participation and to give you a special Discord role.
  2. Depending on your choice, we will create a special Discord channel in which we will coordinate our work in that field.

What the Giant founders want is to use all Giant community strengths and to ensure the long-term project growth. It’s all in your hands!

Another aspect of our activities is business development where@everyone from Giant Community can play a major role. Community Governance will become a crucial part of the Giant infrastructure and this will make active community contribution a reality.

We are not willing to introduce Governance Mechanism just because it’s a standard among masternode cryptocurrencies. Giant Project has an easy-to-understand use case and a long-term development strategy. To realize the latter, we are going to seek assistance from the people who have an experience in business and marketing. Community Governance which will include but will not be limited to superblock budget allocation is a future tool that will allow to invest your own expertise in Giant. The Giant Coin emission will benefit those who contribute to the project. Giant Contracts addition to the Governance mechanism will open up a door to performance-based funding of various initiatives — a much wider range of topics than you usually can see on other crypto projects’ governance platforms today.

One Governance proposal author has requested additional time to modify the Treasury structure in order to achieve these goals. We agreed due to the following reasons:

The current stage of the project is dedicated to development of our product and marketing research. This limits the range of new quality proposals that could directly benefit the project after review;
A Giant Contract is a necessary element of a unique Governance mechanism we aim to create. The system of smart contracts has to be released first;
Such a major update needs to be launched in a testnet first in order to prevent vulnerabilities.

However, we endorse a contribution to the project in several non-programming areas. For that purpose we will break down our strategy into separate tasks that can be completed with your help. Details will come out tomorrow.

We’re glad to see that more and more people are paying attention to Giant.
I would like to tell@everyone more about why it’s important and how we all can improve the project even further.

It’s no secret that an innovative business has its own distinctive features. Companies are driven by the ‘winner takes all’ mentality. The new-found solutions can rapidly expand their usage, become the market locomotives and accelerate the enormous market capitalization growth. Despite this fact, we shouldn’t forget about 90% of companies that turn out bankruptcy. Typical reasons may include an investments deficiency, a wrong business model and an incorrect risk assessment.

We were perfectly realizing all these realia when we launched Giant. Our task was to increase the project chances for success with the help of a unique framework. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for every interested person to share their expertise for the benefit of the project which will positively affect the Giant Coin investments of the proposer. Quite naturally, the Giant success is in the best interest of each member of the community. The same incentives are working for the Giant Team that didn’t attract any investments from big establishments at the start and has good entrepreneurial spirit.

Our team has set rather ambitious goals at the beginning, and it works to deliver on their implementation. The Giant Contracts technology can be applied in many various industries. The proof of viable business model - Giant.Exchange - is under active development as you read these words. Giant has no limits if we remember how big the binary options market and other economic fields are. However, innovative ideas have to benefit from product development. The Giant team consists of talented programmers with several various areas of expertise led by Dmitry Filinberg who is competent enough to coordinate all their work.

Let’s get@everyone familiar with our plans for the next sprint!
Learn what can speed up our smart contracts development soon.
Giant.Contracts are a foundation for every future dApp on the Giant blockchain.
Our long-term public relations and community management strategy is improving with every new sprint.
Find out what plans we have in order to make Giant.Exchange (GEX) popular among binary option traders,
Even those who are not familiar with the world of cryptocurrency!


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Sprint #17 Backlog
Every day we bring Giant Contracts and Giant.Exchange (GEX) closer to release. Learn our current phase of work
Sprint #17 Backlog – Giant Project – Medium
The Giant team wants to share with you some noteworthy facts about the next sprint — from 4 to 17 February 2019. The work of our team and…

Another sprint report is ready for@everyone to see! Learn about our efforts in the area of Giant Contracts.
See the current version of the Giant.Exchange (GEX) interface.
Our business contacts are expanding, and there will be even more as the time goes by.
The Giant team determination is strong!


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Latest Sprint News: Giant.Determination
Giant team members are ready to present several sprint achievements and tell about some future perspectives
Latest Sprint News: Giant.Determination – Giant Project – Medium
Let’s see what the Giant team has accomplished in the last two-week sprint (21 January — 3 February 2019). We’ve been quite busy and there…

Quite possibly,@everyone knows about the so-called Fake Stake attacks.
Our developers took some time to research the problem independently and without resorting to quick copy-pasting of GitHub commits made by other projects.
The Giant user funds are secure for the following reasons:

  • The authors have studied PoS 3.0 while Giant operates under PoS 2.0
  • This attack cannot perform double spending as a result

⚙ Now you can track the development process in <#539669018790068236>.
This is especially important considering how we don’t want to distract the devs with a parade of inquiries on their hard work.
Commits are broadcasted from three main product repositories:

  • GiantCore
  • Giantjs
  • Giant.Exchange

📞 My plans for tomorrow include a joint call with Blockfolio CEO Edward Moncada on the addition of Giant to their platform.
It is the world's most popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio management app. If you are using this app, please tell about your experience in <#439070879335317525>.

Don't forget that quite soon users that have not updated their MN role will lose the access to the private chat.
Please follow these steps. It won't take more than 5 minutes.

Masternode Owner Verification Process
In order to increase quality of the user reputation system we introduce a new process of verifying the role

Giant is making a next step to become a part of the crypto mainstream.
Now@everyone can enjoy the Giant Coin personal news feed in the Delta Direct App.
Our goal is to reach a wider audience and develop our own guidelines for newsfeed.
Anticipating the future exchange and various marketing tasks for promotion of Giant Technology we can't miss that chance.

The backlog for the next sprint is ready, and@everyone should read it to stay in touch with our work.
In short, we are going to focus on Giant Contract sandbox including main commands and the Giant.Exchange interface.
We also commit to hold a fair block rewards distribution vote without any rogue activities or technical errors.


Plus we have several important updates:

  1. If your masternode owner role is not verified until 31 January 2018, your role and access to the private chat will be lost.
    In any case, never forget about your funds security! The Giant team will never ask you on this matter first.
    Learn more about masternode verification:

  1. @347901599701663744> and @419906778046922752> have published proposals for the upcoming vote. It outlines the main parameters of cryptocurrency governance.
    @347901599701663744> has also offered an additional interesting feature that allows to increase community participation in the Giant blockchain future decision-making.
    We urge you to read more about this concept. You can see the files on <#478265696778846228>

  2. We can have Giant added to BlockfolioSignal. It will bring us to wider audience and let the world know.
    Retweets can speed up the process. Let's do it!

Sprint #16 Backlog – Giantcrypto – Medium
The next sprint (21 January — 3 February 2019) will be filled with various tasks connected to Giant blockchain, our ongoing block rewards…
The request's been sent and we are looking forward to have $GIC added to #BlockfolioSignal on the @blockfolio platform! Show your support to make it happen!