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Note: Crex24 operates in all countries except the UK, USA, Canada and Israel.

Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing
The EU has laws in place to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

@everyone Hi !

Quick update regarding platform technical update:

Done on the working server:

  • google 2fa activated
  • email notification added for deposit and withdrawal
  • Now you can see which numbers in your ticket won in the DRAW
  • Back end code optimized
  • Transaction history reworked

Upcoming for next days:

  • front end
  • icons for other games
  • correct draw timer
  • chat front end

For next week:

  • mobile version

@everyone Good evening!

📢 The Gexan team is forced to announce that, unfortunately, our gaming and lottery platform will again be unavailable due to technical work.

🛡️ This is due to the fact that after the November hack we updated the platform’s security protocol, as a result of which some functions do not work correctly, namely: there are no automatic draws, automatic payments and no automatic reconciliation of numbers with winning numbers on tickets.

🛠️ We attracted an additional staff of developers who quickly solve the above problems.

💡 We apologize for this inconvenience and will try to open access for users as soon as possible and allow players to enjoy playing the lottery on the blockchain.

🎁 All registered accounts, with non-zero balances, upon opening the platform will receive compensation in the form of a bonus: 10 tickets.

📌 P.S. In connection with the current situation, the competition to achieve the maximum experience on the platform (GEXAN ONLINE LOTTERY LEAGUE) is postponed until all shortcomings and bugs are eliminated. We will additionally inform about its renewal. All current results will be taken into account in the future.

Best Regards, Gexan Team

Have a nice day@everyone !

  **The platform is launched again, the list of updates:**  

1️⃣ Two-factor authentication function is integrated inside the platform.
2️⃣ The Google server checks our domain, and the 2FA button will appear in your personal account in the near future.
3️⃣ Fixed errors with accrual of awards.
4️⃣ Fixed errors with bonus Gexan accrual.
5️⃣ Optimized I/O from the platform.
6️⃣ Removed the exploit the last time the attackers discovered
7️⃣ Strengthened protection at all stages.
Stay with us.
Gexan Team

@everyone Attention!

📢 The Gexan gambling platform was attacked by unknown hackers. Hacked about 40 users. The Gexan team is studying the method that was used to hack.

🔐 Now the team enables two-factor authentication (2FA)

🛠 Work will last approximately until 21:00.

⚠ We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Our platform is online again.🎉
Play and get winnings.
Do not forget about GEXAN ONLINE LOTTERY LEAGUE, gain experience when buying tickets to get the prize pool in 1 BITCOIN.
A new Promo campaign is also starting soon.
We will advertise in crypto telegram channels.
Stay with us, it will be interesting for@everyone

@everyone Good evening!

🎉 Over the six months of its existence, the Gexan lottery blockchain project has managed to achieve significant results. 🚀

📢 We would like to share with you some facts about the successes and achievements of the project:

1⃣ Gexan is traded on 6 exchanges and has 8 trading pairs (CREX24, LIVECOIN, GRAVIEX and others).

2⃣ Gexan is represented in all popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others).

3⃣ Gexan has thread announcements in 12 popular crypto forums (Bitcointalk, Miningclub, Altcoinstalks and others).

4⃣ Gexan is presented on 47 tracker sites (Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and others).

5⃣ Gexan has about 40 exclusive publications on cryptocurrency websites (ICOBrothers, CoinSpeaker, CryptoPravda and others)

6⃣ Gexan is included in 8 SHARED services (Evonodes, GENTARIUM, Trittium and others).

7⃣ Gexan added to 5 mining calculator sites (Miningpoolstat, MinerStat, WhereToMine and others)

8⃣ Gexan has an agreement on strategic partnership and financing agreement with MIO FOUNDATION (Singapore) and YINFOU FOUNDATION (United Kingdom), major Asian cryptocurrency funds.

9⃣ Gexan is actively moving to the Asian market and added to the site:

🔟 The Gexan team participated in the Blockchain Life 2019 conference in Moscow and brought many new partners and investors from there!

Gexan - everything is just beginning! 🚀 🚀 🚀


@everyone Good evening!

The Gexan team with our General partner - YINFOU Foundation decided to extend to 📆 30/11 6.00 PM UTC ⏰ a special contest: GEXAN ONLINE LOTTERY LEAUGUE

📢 We remind you the rules of participation in the competition:


Time: 07 October 6.00 PM UTC – 30 November 6.00 PM UTC


1⃣ You must register a new user at platform starting 6 October.
IMPORTANT! All users which were registered before 6 October are NOT PARTICIPATING the contest.
2⃣ Buy Gexan tickets and gain exp for every purchase.
3⃣ Follow our Twitter, join to Telegram and Discord servers.
4⃣ Get the most experience among other players and become TOP 5 and win 1 BTC prize pool

Prize pool distribution:

1 st place – 0,5 btc
2 nd place – 0,2 btc
3 rd place – 0,15 btc
4 th place – 0,075 btc
5 th place – 0,075 btc
You get experience every time you buy a ticket:

-5 numbers - 1 experience point
-6 numbers - 6 experience points
-7 numbers - 19 experience points
-8 numbers - 48 experience points
-9 numbers - 97 experience points
-10 numbers - 194 experience points
-11 numbers - 343 experience points

@everyone Good evening!

📢 Gexan added at 🔥


💡 Feixiaohao is an aggregator site, the Chinese analogue to Coinmarketcap. 📈 This service is very popular among Chinese investors.

📜 Feixiaohao, one of the earliest cryptocurrency data platforms in China, is committed to building an accurate and trusted source of data for cryptocurrencies.Through the up-to-date markets , industry information, blockchain community and other dimensions, we bring the most valuable cryptocurrency information to our users. Also through our exchange rating mechanism, users can easily understand the latest trends and keep scams away.

📲 The service has mobile applications for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) -

非小号 - 比特币行情价格_专注数字货币行业大数...

Good evening,@everyone !
First of all our platform is updating and we hope tomorrow it will work properly and will bring you feelings of joy and excitement🔥

The second one we are glad to announce a new mobile Trittium wallet for Gexan coin.
We are one of the first projects hosted in a Trittium mobile staking wallet!

Now you can manage your coins from your phone, send and receive, and at the same time you know that the coins in your balance not invested in masternodes are staking 24x7, not needing any laptop opened, just holding is enough to receive staking rewards.

The main features which will implemented soon:

1⃣ Ecosystem where you will be able to buy, sell, invest, get a loan, or even make your daily task with us in the same way than you actually do at your bank.
2⃣ Ability to purchase coins directly from the app/platform:
You will be able to buy with btc/eth/Credit Cards the coins instantly at the trttNodes platform.
3⃣ Invest your balances into masternodes directly from the app.

It will without additional fee for users and Gexan community🎉

Read the full description about Trittium mobile staking wallet here:

Don't forget about main platforms of our partner:
Masternodes hosting platform:

Trittium mobile staking wallets
Pushing crypto forward
Masternodes investment solutions, powered by Trittium
trttNodes is here to transform the Masternode investment process and thus reduce associated costs and resources, and increasing the ROI for investors.

🏆 The results of the Blockchain Life 2019 and new partnerships.🏆

Dear friends, a few days ago the team of Gexan project visited the Blockchain life 2019. Our impressions are very positive. A lot of exchanges and services which are develop the blockchain infrastructure and its implementation. We were able to visit in two days all stands and talk to project leaders directly.
We saw a positive response to our project and an active interest from the exchanges, services and investors.
And most importantly, we have a clear understanding of the development line that we will adhere to in the coming months.

So, we will cooperate with:

1⃣ - has an agreement to integrate our lotteries through APIs on their platform. Very promising gambling blockchain/platform from Sweden.
2⃣ Indacoin - listing of GEX on their site, providing instant fiat-crypto exchange. More than 2 million users.
3⃣ PayKassa - we plan to make direct integration of the plugin on our website, allowing you to buy GEX tickets directly through your bank card.
4⃣ Shortex - preparing a project for presentation to a wide range of investors. Private round. We will collect investments, there is a budget and there is an understanding that this step will allow us to develop faster.
5⃣ Advendor - a network of affiliates, we agreed on the purchase of targeted traffic to our site after it ends Beta testing, the user interface will be improved and the fiat gateway for payment will be integrated using bank cards.

These are key agreements that will allow us to move and develop faster.
Moreover, we plan to expand the staff of developers, relevant vacancies will appear on Discord server. This will allow us to quickly make improvements and integrate new features without forgetting about security.
We received a lot of feedback on improving our platform, thank@everyone for that. We are optimizing and rebuilding, to do it all faster.

Gexan team.

📢 GEXAN - the first blockchain and self smart contracts-based cryptocurrency with masternodes and lotto games, announces this mini bounty "#GEX_to_BINANCE"!🚀 🚀 🚀

🗓 The bounty will last only 3 days: until ⏰ 00:00 📆 17 Octobre 2019.

🛠 The rules are simple and understandable to everyone. We wrote them in 10 points below:

1⃣ your twitter account must be real and have at least 10 followers

2⃣ Follow to twitter of Gexan:

3⃣ Follow to twitter of Binance:

4⃣ Like Tweet Binance: and create an UNIQUE and real comment about Gexan cryptocurrency and ask about add it into Binance.

5⃣ Your comment must be at least 100 symbols + following hashtags: #Gexan #gex_to_binance and link:

6⃣ Make a screenshot of your comment (with your login on the screenshot) and register via our Google form:

7⃣ Participant reports should contain screenshots of comments (use special programs such as Lightshot, PicPick, FastStone Capture or similar, or use Imgur, Postimage, Radikal).

8⃣ TOP 100 comments which will be non trivial and good quality will receive 2 GEX for participation.

9⃣ TOP 50 Comments with a unique picture of JPEG and Giff featuring the logo or symbolism of Gexan will be provided as an additional 5 GEX award.

🔟 TOP 5 comments chosen by Gexan team will receive 250 GEX each !!!

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 (@_gexan_)
Binance (@binance)
Exchange The World. Customer Service Enquiries: @BinanceHelpdesk Official English Telegram Group:
Time to select players for Round 2 of the #Binance Community Coin Vote! Want to see your favourite project go head to head for listing on Tag them in the comments, retweet & get them to fill in the application form below👇 ⚔️
1 Your twitter account must be real and have at least 10 followers 2 Follow to twitter of Gexan: 3 Follow to twitter of Binance: 4 Like Tweet Binance: and create an ...
Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.
Create a new spreadsheet and edit with others at the same time -- from your computer, phone or tablet. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection. Use Sheets to edit Excel files. Free from Google.

Current version of Gexan wallet v2.0.3.2
Link to repository -
Remember, developers will NEVER be the first to write to you in private messages (DM) about new versions of the wallet.
All updates you can see here -
Or in the official sections of the server discord -

<#569100693357461504> - any announcements and changes.
<#519933928099020851> - official links to Gexan project resources.
<#519933983039946782> - official and current links to Gexan wallets.

Please check "#" team profile identifiers (ID) they are listed in - <#579360612069539861>


We continue to keep you informed about major winnings on the Gexan 🎱 gambling platform - today some lucky winner in the 5-36 lottery won 💰 810 GEX coins!

Do you want to try your luck?🤔

Waiting for you at platform

💠 Blockchain lottery: Honest lottery - real winnings!💠


Today, on the Gexan gambling 🎱 platform, another lucky winner hit the jackpot 💰 !

The win was 1071 GEX coins!

🔥 Honest lottery - real winnings!🔥

💎 Try your luck too!💎

Today an unknown person hit the 🏆JACKPOT🏆 in the Gexan 5-36 lottery and won the sum of 6093 GEX coins! (more than 600$).

What to say? Lucky man! Real winner💪

Want to try your luck? Try to play an honest lottery on the #blockchain from Gexan project!

We provide a new Jackpot and you can win again 💰

You get experience every time you buy a ticket:

-5 numbers - 1 experience point
-6 numbers - 6 experience points
-7 numbers - 19 experience points
-8 numbers - 48 experience points
-9 numbers - 97 experience points
-10 numbers - 194 experience points
-11 numbers - 343 experience points



Time: 07 October 6.00 PM UTC – 31 October 6.00 PM UTC


1⃣ You must register a new user at platform starting 6 October.
IMPORTANT! All users which were registered before 6 October are NOT PARTICIPATING the contest.
2⃣ Buy Gexan tickets and gain exp for every purchase.
3⃣ Follow our Twitter, join to Telegram and Discord servers.
4⃣ Achieve more then 300 experience.

31.10 we will organize an online draw among all users with 300 experience and 2 lucky winners will receive 1 GEXAN MASTERNODE (5000 GEX).

Every week our team will be reporting intermediary results of the competition via our social media channels.
Please make sure to follow us on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

31 October 3.00 PM UTC the experience gaining for the contest will be over. Our team will show the results at 3.15 PM UTC.

For the first participants of the Gexan Beta version we give the first 2 levels and 8 tickets only for registration!

Invest in your account on - this is your key to victory!