Hello@everyone Gobyte (GBX) is now trading live in the newly opened Northern Exchange at

Our partners at Apollon Network are currently having a Summer Holiday Special, where anyone can start a GoByte masternode for only $0.99 a month for the next six month. More details at:

Summer Holiday Special - Full Hosting for only $0.99! - Apollon Ne...
So today we’re going to talk about the latest promotional offering from Apollon Network! As you will know we recently launched our full masternode hosting…Read more


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GoByte and AIO Casino have just signed a partnership. After the casino's launch, GBX tokens can be used as in-game chips.@everyone
Their Discord:
Their website:

♠️ Announcement ♠️ We are glad to announce that we will add GoByte (GBX) to AIO Casino. Follow us and join us in our upcoming pre-sale. @gobytenetwork #AioCasino #AIO #crypto #bitcoin #btc #Casino #Gambling #Gobyte #GBX $GBX

@everyone Insight explorer is updated to the stable version which is faster than before. Check it out at
New explorer for gobyte

Gobyte Insight. View detailed information on all Gobyte transactions and block.

GoByte is now listed on GreenDEX exchange. Happy Trading.@everyone

The following #cryptocurrency projects are in queue for listing on GreenDEX! @BulwarkCrypto @gobytenetwork @LOBSTEXofficial Stay tuned for listing announcements! In the meantime sign up on $DASHG

GoByte is now listed on NovaExchange as some of you requested. Thank You@everyone

The Cryptopia Listings continue: EverGreenCoin, NevaCoin, GoByte, Wispr, Blazecoin, Gentarium, AudioCoin, Phoenix, SagaCoin & Deviant @EverGreenCoin_ @nevacoin @gobytenetwork @WisprTech @BBenefactors @GTM_Gentarium @ADCaudiocoin @Phoenixcoin @Saga_Coin @DeviantCoin More t...

Thanks to the community member @527499065009635348> for the video guide on how to vote using the Windows client.
You can check it out here:

If you have any interesting video about GoByte or a tutorial, please contact me and we could upload it to our channel.@everyone

GoByte - How to vote using your masternode (Windows client)
Learn how to vote for governance proposals using your Windows client. In order to vote you need to have an active masternode. Website:

The Gobyte WEB3 Wallet has been updated at
It now features invoices, that can be sent via email.
It's possible now to add 6 new cryptocurrencies to your wallet.
It is now possible to check the value of your cryptocurrencies in both USD and EUR. (Planning to add multiple other currencies in the future)
The invoices are protected against unwanted spam with a reCAPTCHA verification and a small POW work that the user has to solve.
All the feedback is essential for us. Please do report any bugs or improvements that you would like to see added.

(**Known issues for now: Invalid reCAPTCAHA key for our domain, will be fixed in 1h)@everyone


We are glad to announce to Trittium as our new Trusted partner

💥 trttNodes is a masternode investment platform -

💥 All the GBX investors have now 2 weeks with no fees at the trttNodes platform

What does the service offer:


  • Investments with no limitations or barriers - starting from 10 EUR minimum value and no cap on maximum investment.
  • Investment pools - no shares, seats or dedicated masternodes, your investment will be treated as one position and always get it's fair rewards.
  • Instant rewards - no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling, get paid 4 times a day, on every 6 hours
  • Instant withdrawals - no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
  • Compound interest by Reinvesting - enable "Re-invest" feature and get the accumulated rewards automatically added to your investment.
  • Flexible management - you can add more coins to running investment or withdraw from it any amount, whenever you wish.
  • Low fees - 5 EUR/month flat fee per masternode and 4% on rewards for the amounts less that full MN.
  • Fees paid in TRTT - your coins won't be sold on the market and drive the price down.
  • Team dedicated to investors


  • No tech Knowledge needed
  • 3-clicks setup
  • Special launch offer - only 0.49€/Month
  • Fees charged daily in TRTT
  • 24/7 service
  • Special offer will be valid as long as we continue in beta phase

📖 Guides
How to invest with trttNodes (new UI) -
Cold Nodes setup at trttNodes (new UI) -

*** If you have any concerns and questions, feel free to contact Trittium team on their Discord server -

Masternodes investment solutions, powered by Trittium
trttNodes is here to transform the Masternode investment process and thus reduce associated costs and resources, and increasing the ROI for investors.
How to invest with trttNodes
The definitive 3-step guide for the new User Interface
Cold Nodes setup at trttNodes
How to keep your coins with you and deploy a node in 3 clicks

We’d like to let you know that GoByte has been listed on check it out. 🤪@everyone

GoByte (GBX) price, market cap | $0.102454 | Charts | COIN360
Coin360 is an infographic and charts of cryptocurrency market capitalization, trading volume, exchange rates. Observe the live cryptocurrency prices on widget.

Hi@everyone GoByte is currently trading live on the EPICA DEX decentralized exchange on the GBX/BTC pair. Feel free to trade there.

Hi@everyone Short survey. Please click on the ➕ below if you use the WEB Wallet at or click the ➖ if you don't use it yet. Thanks. ❤

In March a proposal in regard to Docker images was passed. Release date is a little behind schedule, but here it is. We've made two Docker images that enable you to run a GoByte Core node in Docker. Either as regular wallet, or masternode, that's up to you. We've also made a sentinel image you may use to run against your masternode containers. You may find them here: and

Both have instructions on how to run them and a multi masternode document is included too. Enjoy!

The web version of the multicurreny wallet is out and can be used at also you can read more info at:
Please let me know if you find any bugs or you have any improvement suggestions@everyone

GoByte — A New Foundation for Our Future
Portable money, anywhere, any time and under your control is a vision we all share in crypto, but we’re usually tied to a specific device…

As we already have planned, we want to offer to our community the "1-click Masternode Setup" feature inside the multicurrency wallet, where they can pay for the nodes hosting with cryptocurrencies or credit/debit cards. Yesterday we finally managed to open a bank account for our company in local currency (MYR) with CIMB bank, and we plan to open two more international accounts in the future (EUR, USD) if needed. For now, this is all. I will have to move to the Phase II of the multicurrency wallet, which includes porting to Desktop versions and GoByte Pay features. Again, really, really sorry for not keeping you updated.

Last announcement was made 10 days ago. A long time. I am really, really sorry for not keeping you updated this week.
I've been very busy with some legal issues and lawyer meetings, with the preparation of the browser multi-currency wallet and of course, I've tried my best to find a payment solutions provider (card processor) and also a company that offers SaaS-solutions in order for us to comply with KYC/AML regulations (found 3 so far, currently talking with them). As you probably know, our e-wallet "GoByte Pay" will be audited soon and we have to make sure we are in compliance with the Central Bank of Malaysia. It's a time consuming process, because we want to protect us, and protect you. We are looking for SaaS-Solution providers that are easy to use for customers, that supports automated checks in at least 90% of the applicants, that don't take longer than 30 minutes to check and that handle personal data in the right way. The 3 SaaS-solution providers we found are following global and local regulatory norms (including FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS), all supporting over 2,500 types of documents, all can automatically handle documents with local Asian languages — Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and all work globally and know everything regarding personal data protection whether our customers come from Europe (GDPR), the USA, Asia (PDPA) or CIS (FZ-152). All sounds great, so in the end, we will choose based on the price per check/applicant and yearly fee. As a crypto payment solutions provider, GoByte Foundation will be required to have all the above in order to be fully regulated. This way we will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies for our future vendors and adopters. We also plan to offer this service to individuals, allowing them to buy cryptocurrencies only by using their Credit and Debit cards (might add iDeal, Klarna, Sofort, UnionPay) in order to spread the adoption.


If you are a masternode holder, please vote for this proposal. It will be of benefit to the project as a whole and will streamline setting up nodes for masternode holders.

Thank you!

To vote from gobyte-qt (graphical wallet), go to Tools > Debug console and type:

gobject vote-many 05c89f3a615bdfd7cbbbbd62938ef79e9c0e958e8145dcc998e91e1c0f8fafa3 funding yes

[DevFund] GoByte Docker Wallet and Node containers
Proposal Description: Docker is a fast and easy way to run applications without all the compiling and configuration. Setting up a wallet will take ~ 10 seconds. Provided to the GoByte team will be Dockfiles for a Docker container for GoByte wallet and on top of that a Master...