Here is a little preview of our panel/ad inside of CryptoHunter

Based on your excellent feedback, Mantrid has updated the ShadeMyTrade whitepaper. This version better explains the fee system, how it is distributed, and how funds will be allocated to buying back and burning FROST coins to lower the overall supply.

Mantrid has also introduced a subscription model that allows heavy traders to reduce their individual trading fees. This is a brilliant concept, and the subscriptions should be popular with our largest users.

Please give the updated paper a good look and, as always, feel free to forward your comments and questions to the SMT team.

I'm excited to announce that Mantrid has completed the public draft of the ShadeMyTrade whitepaper, which is being posted here for the Community's review and comment. This is a version of the full design document; with some strategic textual redactions, and with interface images blurred. As we get closer to public beta testing, the unredacted version of this document will be released. Until then, this document should give everyone a pretty good idea of the ShadeMyTrade feature set and trader workflows.

My thanks go out to Mantrid, who has done a masterful job of designing the ShadeMyTrade platform and putting this document together for the BiFrost community.

The whitepaper is being published internally for initial review, after which it will be posted on the BiFrost and SMT web sites and announced to the public. Please feel free to direct all questions and comments to Mantrid or any of the development team. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

This is the beginning of THE comeback coin @!400874241232207884>

And here is a preview of the Awesome CryptoHunter game:

Crypto Hunter Preview
Collect Crypto Coins on the move Augmented Reality.... Pokémon Go for Crypto Enthusiasts...… Real AR Kits..... Educational Cue Cards will come up in game to ...

Awesome @!400874241232207884>

Here is the link to tonight's announcement:

BiFrost Partners With The Swyft Network | BiFrost Coin
Announcing a new partnershipe between BiFrost Coin and SWYFT Network. This will be a significant benefit to the Alt Coin Community.

Hello FROSTies!

BlockNet has announced a twitter/discord poll for the next coin to be added to their platform, and BiFrost is in the running! BockNet is, among other things, a fully decentralized exchange, so it would be terrific if the members of our community voted for FROST to be added to their system. If you have a free moment, please register your vote on their discord server at

and via twitter at

Only one day left before voting ends!

Links to read more about Blocknet, the protocol, and Block DX here:

Thanks for your support - Let's CRUSH this!

Vote for your favorite project to be listed & traded on Block DX #dex exchange & integrated with the #Blocknet Protocol. Next up is @BifrostCoin @RAP_Project & @CoinRocks Vote now! Twitter votes = 1 point, votes on our Discord = 5 points
Home - Blocknet Documentation
Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction, and exchange between different blockchains.
Start building multi-blockchain applications with Blocknet, a decentralized interoperability protocol enabling the transfer of data and value across different blockchains, all while remaining trustless.
Introduction - Blocknet Documentation
Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction, and exchange between different blockchains.

Genesis block: 365d 6h 53m 12s ago / Apr 16 2018 10:16:57

Happy Birthday, BiFrost!

April 1 08:35 PDT


LAS VEGAS, Nv., April 1/PRNewswire/ - BifrostCoin (ticker - FROST) founder BifrostActual (BFA)
announces the launch of a new coin coin project to solve the crisis created by one of the largest
killers of humans on Earth; the threat of cancer. The new coin, to be named
CancerCoin (ticker - CANCER) is a new cryptocurrency that features eco-friendly proof of stake
consensus, anonymous and hightly fast transactions, and masternodes.

Building on the overwhelming success of the BifrostCoin blockchain, BifrostActual has assembled a
world-class team of experts to bring their skills and the power of blockchain transparency to bear
on the scourge of cancer around the world. The new CancerCoin platform will be used to write all
cancer reseach directly to the blockchain, and will reward participating scientists, doctors, and
governments with coins that can be used to purchase masternodes for the network; thus creating an
ongoing residual income that can be used to finance further cancer research. With the additional
funding created by this wealth creation cycle, scientists believe they can cure cancer within
three years.

When asked to comment on his inspiration for this groundbreaking use for blockchain technology,
BifrostActual was quoted as saying "I honestly can't believe somebody hasn't thought of this until
now! Blockchain meets Cancer research - it's a match made in heaven."

For more information on how you can participate in the CancerCoin presale, contact BifrostActual via
discord links below.

Media Contact
Raul Hubris

It's my pleasure to announce that BiFrost as been added to the Apollon RYON Nodebuilder Platform! RYON is a system that allows you to install and manage your masternodes via a centralized web interface...avoiding the need to compile/install software, edit config files, and all of that tedious stuff that can confuse non technical folks. The service is incredibly affordable and can directly link to your Vultr accounts as well as your local wallets.

For details on how RYON can benefit you as a masternode holder, check out their site at or their step-by-step video at

Using NodeBuilder with Vultr

I'm from the Apollon Network team and I just wanted to let you all know that we are currently processing the FROST listing application to be added to the NodeBuilder platform.

Once listed a further announcement will follow.

In the meantime, and with the permission of the team here, I would like to ask you all to consider helping XAP with their listing on the Birake exchange.

We are currently in this weeks vote and looking to get a real push on with our final votes before it closes today (Sunday) at midnight GMT.

If you would like to assist us and vote you need to go the the community-coin-verify channel in the Birake Discord and first verify.

You do this by typing !verify and then reply to the DM you are sent with the Captcha code (no spaces). You will then be able to see the vote-coin channel where you vote for XAP (choose option A).

If you want to boost your vote if you post about 6 posts in vote-chat you should move to level 1 where you vote will be worth 3. If you want to post more then eventually you can get to lvl 5 and your vote would be worth 7.

If you do decide to boost your vote you will need to revote to get the extra counts added.

The Birake Discord link is below.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Discord Policy - Folks, I hate to sound nit-picky, but please do not send DMs to the administrative staff unless invited to do so. One word messages with "hi" and "hello" simply get ignored, and sometimes get the sender blocked. If you must open a private message, then state your business right away! We're all coming in and out of the channel throughout the day, so it's unlikely you will score an interactive chat...especially when you open with a single-word greeting.

Wallet Update Available - BiFrost Core version v1.2.0 is now available from:

This is a new minor version release, including protections for resource exhaustion attacks.

This is a non-mandatory update

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at

CryptoBridge has been notified of the update, and as soon as they upgrade, we have requested that FROST deposits/withdrawals be opened back up. We will make an announcement here as soon as that happens.

Note - Masternode upgrade scripts will be published within 24 hours

Wallet Update - New versions of the wallet have been built, and as soon as all test copies have received staking rewards, the release will be posted and announced here. Note - this will not be a mandatory update, as the "fake stake" protections added to this update are more for the protection of wallets likely to be targeted for attack (like high-profile wallets managed by exchanges). It's important to understand that the "fake stake" attack does not steal coins - it only exhausts the resources of a targeted server until that server crashes.

We would also like to run an informal survey to see if the community would be interested in a "dockerized" version of the wallet software. If you don't know what is meant by this, then please ignore the survey, as a dockerized server will not apply to you. Please indicate your interest by clicking the 👍 or 👎 icons below. Thanks!

Wallet Update - The changes to remove the "fake stake" issue are essentially complete, but we are still building and testing the patched wallets. Updated versions of the wallets will be available soon, so please keep an eye out for the new release. Apologies for the delay, but we want to make sure that we only need to release this fix once.

Wallet Update - We are preparing an update to the BiFrost wallet that will resolve the "fake stake" resource attack, and once testing is complete, the new version will be posted with instructions on how to update your local and masternode wallets. This will not be a mandatory update, but if you are worried about being targeted, then feel free to update your wallets.

Once Crypto-Bridge has installed and confirmed the update, withdrawals and deposits will be re-enabled on the exchange. We expect this to happen sometime this coming week.

SMT Update - I'm sure you will all be happy to hear that Mantrid is recovering from his illness, and expects to be back at work on the SMT design and whitepaper this week.

While this is very good news for the project, I think it's a good idea at this point to announce that the launch of the SMT platform will likely slip into the second quarter of this year. The BiFrost team has been working on a number of infrastructure tasks that will support SMT, but the actual work of implementing Mantrid's design won't begin until the whitepaper is finalized, and there simply aren't enough days left in the quarter to finish the feature set and properly test the system under load. I'm sure you will agree that, since the system will be dealing with large amounts of customer funds, a solid QA process and thorough testing is a critical part of a clean launch and a successful product.

Once the design is complete, the team will create a project plan, identify key milestones, and begin updating the community as we move forward. We are all very excited about the potential SMT brings to BiFrost, and we look forward to bringing this unique product to market.


As you may have heard, a vulnerability in many PoS wallets (including those descended from PIVX) has been documented, and an exploit has been published.  Although this vulnerability will not allow the taking of funds, it can crash targeted wallets, so it is of concern to exchanges.  Crypto-Bridge is taking the proactive step of disabling deposits and withdrawals for all blockchains with the vulnerability, so we fully expect BiFrost to be included in their dragnet within the day.

The team will be publishing a mandatory wallet update, but until that work is completed, and with Cryptopia off the air, no exchanges will be available to us until further notice.

We will post updated information here as it becomes available.

Cryptopia Hack - We're just waking up to the news of the Cryptopia Hack, and we'll be in touch with our support contacts to evaluate how this will affect the BiFrost community. The situation in New Zealand is fluid and the police are involved, so until further notice, please restrict all BiFrost trading activity to CryptoBridge.
As of this time, there is no indication that the BiFrost wallet at Cryptopia has been affected in any way.
More news as things develop.