We are pleased to announce that the bulk of the work on the codebase and the new wallet has been finalized. Currently, security audits and final bug-testing procedures are in place to ensure that we deliver the best product possible. Moreover, we have finalized the coin swap website and are getting legal counsel to ensure complete compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Going forward to our immediate three major deliverables, they are as following:

  1. Finalizing codebase and conducting a security audit to weed out any possible exploits
  2. Revamping wallet design and enabling the Easy-to-Setup-MN option
  3. Ensuring compliance with GDPR for the coin swap website
    It's an exciting time to be building the New Internet and we hope that our enthusiasm is shared across the FOR community. Happy New Year!@everyone

Dear FOR community,

As we embrace the new year, we would like to thank every single person in the community who has supported us throughout the year in our endeavor to deliver a better, fair and censor-free Internet for all.

2018 has been a difficult year for the crypto space; a series of unpredictable swings and downturns has seemingly shaken public confidence. Nevertheless, 2018 was also the year which brought crypto into public mainstream and saw the blockchain industry boom in a lot of different verticals. The market sentiment today that we too share is that 2019 will be the year for projects with practical use cases to blossom while coins with meager or non-existent applicability cases will simply fade away.

That being said, FOR has not moved at a pace we had initially intended; the project has been mired by overoptimistic deliverable timelines and thus constant delays, some of which have even prompted community members to question the legitimacy of the project as a whole. As a team that prides itself on having a large portion of its work done through pro bono contributions, we always valued the power of the community and going forward we will move into 2019 with emboldened dedication and transparency, in order to meet the high expectations set by you - the community members.

A few months back we had promised to deliver a new codebase and a revamped wallet, as we need a new, novel blockchain to realize the fully anonymous network laid out in our Whitepaper. This would enable a multiple of things, such as trustless anonymous transactions and an abstracted cryptocurrency messaging layer.@everyone

Happy to announce that Force is now live on Delta Direct!

All the latest $FOR updates will now be directly available on the Delta app!
Make sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates so you never miss out.@everyone

Another interview of our CTO
@!393997995638521857> answers to all the questions @396369844657717270> had through a raw and unedited Q&A:


Check out our CTO's interview with CryptoLemonGirl! He has answered questions from the community members!

As promised, here is an interview with #forcenetwork! They are building an internet which in their words is like 'TOR on Steroids', questions were collected from users on Discord! Enjoy! @BrianDColwell @cryptomocho @CryptoGodfatha @DanielRubens1

Our developers are busy behind the scenes, working towards the new codebase and preparing the ground for a coinswap. Meanwhile, we are laying the founding blocks for future marketing by continuing to release our technical documents in various languages. This time we are glad to announce the release of our LP and website in Chinese!

Force Network- The Internet. Redefined.
A new internet, enabled by CryptoCurrency that keeps everyone anonymous, everything encrypted, and your information private. Flexible for any network protocol.

The website & lightpaper are now available in French!

Le site internet et le lightpaper sont maintenant disponibles en Français !
Next language release will be Chinese@everyone

Force Network- The Internet. Redefined.
A new internet, enabled by CryptoCurrency that keeps everyone anonymous, everything encrypted, and your information private. Flexible for any network protocol.

Check out the latest interview of our CTO @!393997995638521857> by iTuber (

The Internet. Redefined. Интервью с Майклом Дае...
Force Network Website Force Network Technical Whitepaper (Ru)


Please be careful. We have received a lot of messages from our community the last days, about scammers posing as us. Remember that admins won't message you first and would never ask for private keys, passwords or FOR, or connecting via Teamviewer.

Just earlier today, a scammer used Discord Nitro service to imitate the exact credentials of one of our admins, including their Discord tag. The victim fell for the scam and lost an entire Masternode worth of coins. These coins were immediately dumped at market sell price, driving the price significantly down.

So please, keep in mind that Discord tags are not unique and can be easily faked. Always make sure that whomever you are talking to has the Admin/Moderator tag.

If you have information about scammers, please send it to me or other admins.

Thank you and have a nice day!