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NicoFGCToday at 12:04 PM
FGC is one of the alts stuck on topia, to protect its holders from a potential dump by topia staff or forced liquidation from a court we opted to swap our chain, we are holding FGC in cold storage for any topia user with coins stuck in their account. We will need topia or GT to provide us the address where FGC v1 is held, and return coins to those users so we can track the tx's on the chain. IF they provide this, it will allow us to prove those coins were stuck there and we will swap holders to FGC v2.

@everyone This post was made today on the Cryptopia discord general chat:

@everyone With that being said the price is 0.20 BTC to be listed on the Finexbox exchange. The team is looking to the community to assist in reaching this goal as another exchange listing has the potential to benefit each and every coin holder. If you are able to contribute anything to this listing fee it would be greatly appreciated. We will accept verbal pledges at first to see if we have a chance to reach this listing goal or not. If we get enough BTC pledged to the listing fee we will set up a BTC wallet address shortly after.

We were told FGC can potentially be up and running on Finexbox within approx 2 weeks. Any pledges can be made in the newly created channel. Thanks to each and everyone of you who help make this such a great community. In conclusion the FantasyGold team is extremely committed to this project and strives to meet and exceed the standards expected by you. 2/2

@everyone The team has been extremely hard at work to put FGC in a position to succeed in this ever changing environment called cryptocurrency. The FantasyGold team understands being on only one small volume exchange is not ideal to attract outside investment and capital moving forward. With that in mind the FGC team has been working diligently to get listed on numerous exchanges. The hard work is paying off with the approval to list FantasyGold on Finexbox, a very successful, consistent volume exchange located in Jakarta Indonesia. This has previously been a market in which we have had very little exposure. As we get closer to FGCArena esports launch, as well as introducing Fantasy Cricket to DraftDaily, we feel this calculated move will be paramount in order to attract Asian crypto investors and gamers to our ecosystem. 1/2

FGC Trading on Nova Exchange

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Fantasy Gold has signed a deal with Reliant Stats which will Provide the Real time API for and all its now and Future Sports.

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everyone please make backups of your wallet.dat regularly I have had my wallet become corrupted 2 times and nothing worked to salvage it except restoring from a previous backup. (people should do this anyways but i am specifically asking users to do this)

@everyone Please remember to delete or rename your old FantasyGold data folder, MOST IMPORTANT DO NOT use the old wallet.dat file with the new wallet. If you do and requests your coins from CE and they are sent to a new wallet with the old wallet.dat we will NOT be able to recover them

new explorer located at

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#WorkInProgress# - FGCpi-gen is a tool used to create a fantasygold pi image for staking boxes - - FantasyGold/FGCpi-gen

Mac wallet release is being worked on

Fantasy Gold Coin. Contribute to FantasyGold/FantasyGold-Core development by creating an account on GitHub.

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