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everyone please make backups of your wallet.dat regularly I have had my wallet become corrupted 2 times and nothing worked to salvage it except restoring from a previous backup. (people should do this anyways but i am specifically asking users to do this)

@everyone Please remember to delete or rename your old FantasyGold data folder, MOST IMPORTANT DO NOT use the old wallet.dat file with the new wallet. If you do and requests your coins from CE and they are sent to a new wallet with the old wallet.dat we will NOT be able to recover them

new explorer located at

Please report the spammers in <#598076296391819274>

#WorkInProgress# - FGCpi-gen is a tool used to create a fantasygold pi image for staking boxes - - FantasyGold/FGCpi-gen

Mac wallet release is being worked on

Fantasy Gold Coin. Contribute to FantasyGold/FantasyGold-Core development by creating an account on GitHub.


@everyone Getting Ready for FCC v2 Wallets


  1. Find your current ‘.fantasygold’ data directory, for windows users the default location is C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming for linux the default is the home directory. If you used a custom directory the first time you started the wallet then look there.
  2. Rename this folder to something like .fantasygoldv1

@everyone As things are in motion with the Fantasy Gold Coin we at FGC Arena want to make sure we are ready to bring as much value to our partners as possible. So this Saturday evening at 7pm EST we will be conducting a test of our tournament platform FGC Arena. The FGC Arena team would like to invite FGC supporters to join us and take part in the testing process.

To take part simply join our Discord and register on our site We will be in our Discord's main voice chat from 6:30 pm to help people with registration and answer any questions you may have.

@everyone Following up on the announcement that there will be a swap bonus:

Initially we were opting for a bonus issued during the swap, however since the swap will now be accommodated by Coinexchange, it will not be possible this way.

Since we are determined to keep our word and reward FGC holders with a bonus, we will be issuing multiple airdrops when the swap is complete. Exact dates will be announced after the swap.

  • From the devfund we will issue 1,000,000 FGCv2.0 to be distributed over all eligible wallets
  • For your wallet to be eligible for this airdrop, you'll need a minimum of 500,000 FGCv2.0 on ONE address, so it will show up in the explorer
  • Every address will receive the same amount of FGC, regardless of how many FGC it has. (as long as it reaches the above threshold of 500k)

The first airdrop will issue 200,000, the second 300,000 and the third will issue 500,000 FGCv2.0.

For the second and third airdrop there will be an extra requirement that the entire amount (including airdrop rewards) will be untouched throughout that entire period.

For EXAMPLE: you'll need 500,000 FGCv2.0 to be eligible for the airdrop. Be sure to deposit this amount in one and the same address.

  • first airdrop happens and gives you 10,000 extra coins. To be eligible for the second airdrop, the entire 510k should stay there for the whole period until the second drop happens or you will become ineligible.
  • same story for the third.

We are currently working overtime to get everything ready for the upcoming swap, so dates of the airdrop will be announced after the July 1st

a) Reason: The community voted on and helped pay for the listing of FGC on Cryptopia and therefore we will not leave you behind due to an exchange’s poor security and or bad practices. In the event there’s 100% confirmation that those coins are lost forever for whatever reason all we can say is we did our absolute best to protect our holders. At that time a community vote can be held to decide what to do with those coins. They could be used to further the project or even burned, we will cross that bridge when or if we come to it.

Q and A:

Q1) When will the swap start and end?
A1) We have contacted and waiting for their reply, the ball is in their court now. We are already in contact with new exchanges that may help in this matter. If we don’t get a reply in a reasonable amount of time, we will have other options available on other exchanges.

Q2) What if I missed the swap?
A2) We are trying our best to give everyone ample time to digest this and get ready for the swap. However we are certain there will be a few people who try and take advantage of this. Therefore, running masternodes and collecting rewards after the swap date and up until we can swap the Cryptopia holders, will not be tolerated.

Q3) But I was away!?
A3) Discord has a mobile app, this will be posted in all FGC social media and unless you’re completely off the grid you should have internet access.

In closing we believe as a team that this is the best decision for our investors and the company as a whole.

  1. Swap bonus: The team is reserving a certain amount of new FGC to award early adapters. This will come out of the newly created devfund to reward our most active and loyal community members. Stay tuned for more details!

  2. FGC Holders on Cryptopia: Un-swapped coins from holders stuck on Cryptopia will be held by the team. If the liquidators make good on their word to give back the coins to those users they will still be able to swap even if that’s a month or year away. In the meantime those coins will be staked and staking rewards will be added to the Dev Fund. There will be required proof that those coins where actually stuck on Cryptopia, instructions will be given AFTER the swap has occurred to prevent the liquidators from swapping and dumping to pay Cryptopia creditors.