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@everyone Here’s a sneak peak of the new roadmap which will be put on the website in the coming days. More will be added in the future

@everyone Hello FGC community we have an important announcement: will be down for maintenance as we add tournament brackets, ladders, and more games like soccer & cricket. We’re also working on a store as well.

This decision was a hard one, but we feel to improve Draft Daily it is necessary. With these improvements DD 2.0 will be faster and better and put us in a position for greater growth. We intend to be back before the start of the NFL season.


FGC Team

@everyone We are so excited to be bringing FGC Arena To Fantasy Gold Community. Please stay tuned we will be Launching as a open beta 2/22/18

Fantasy Gold Coin Esports,DFS, and more (FGC)
FGC Fantasy Gold coin is the most underrated Cryptocurrency period with our use case Low supply. The easiest Crypto to buy period This Team and Project is ma...

@everyone Public Bet Reports will go to the FGC Arena Discord we will create Public Beta Tetsing Reports in the channels.

@everyone This Team has stayed together Ups Downs and sideways if you have not learned by now you have invested in a solid team and project. Looks like FGC will become a little shorter in Supply. I believe we will see people think twice before selling as it will become harder to obtain FGC at declining prices Knowing the rewards have declined. Happy Buying GO FGC 💯 🚀

@everyone I will have a video suprise for everyone by the end of day involving FGC Arena and all things FGC. 💥

@everyone First of all Draftdaily is fine. There has been NO reports of any Losses. The breach was through our email client which we are investagating. The email you recieved was bull shitaky everyone knows we have not stored home addresses in a long Time. The only time your address may be requested is to buy FGC which our merchants secure your information Skrill ETC this is NOT stored on Draftdaily or anywere else FGC is Sold. Contests will be back up soon Happy Gaming.

@everyone users may have gotten an email from our attacker, he has an old copy of our database and emailing people since he can no longer steal coins he has resorted trying to extort us. Anyone can see from the signup page we dont collect user personal data

@everyone Please Visit Discord and our social media outlets we are realeasing Big news soon. Within 3 days

@everyone ✅ You can now BUY, STORE and TRANSFER Fantasy Gold all in one place, visit and buy FGC with debit card (🇺🇸U.S only)

Posted by Nico 👉🏻@everyone Good morning and happy hump day! So a few things... 1st @!248918075922055168> and I have been working non stop on FGC v2.1.1 in case anyone missed whats going on, we were about to release FGC v2.0 until we were told about the 'Fake Staking' vulnerability, we quickly added the fixes from Bulwark and started another testnet using those fixes, however on yesterday it was brought to our attention that the fix BWK published were not complete and their team was handing the project over to another group of devs. So yesterday afternoon and last night we searched out other coins with an actual confirmed fix. Here are two examples: and you can see the same code was pushed to our repo last night there are still a few minor issues to fix and hopefully we can add a nice new surprise feature if time allows. One other issue we are facing along with a few other coins is Zerocoin. Our testnet showed us its not fully ready so v2.1.1 will most likely NOT have Zerocoin activated but we'll see how it goes.

[Fix] Stake spent amplification attack · Galilel-Project/galilel@...
Recently several resource exhaustion attacks on PoS has been discovered. - Vulnerability 1: It is called "I Can't Believe it's not Stake" attack. It was introduced while merging...
Merge pull request #133 from phoreproject/fix-block-spam · phorep...
Fix block spam
fix staking vulnerability · FantasyGold/FantasyGold-Core@47d0dba

@everyone Hello Commmunity I want to tell you 1st Hand this is not easy there are curveballs all the time that slow down production. I want everyone to know and understand we sometimes have to make tuff decisions and stop what we are working on for the moment and attend more important Matters so Please understand the security of FGC and everything we have worked on and the sacrifices the team has made blood sweat and teers is not wasted. (Even if we are Just making sure we are good we will take this time to always protect our beloved FGC) So Yes there is a chance we may be wasting our time but we will always take the better Safe then Sorry Approach. I am A big part of this Team and I want to say A special Thank You to the rest of the Team as we support each other through ups downs good times and bad this Team is the best in Crypto. Thanks Nico Silence Mack Kurbz Spence and the rest of the Whole FGC Team.

@everyone I know some of you understand what we are doing with FGC Arena but we want to make sure all of you understand. FGC Arena will have a monthly Premium Membership of $9.99 reo this will give each premium member FGC Coins (number dependent on price ) Exlusive entry into contest and so much more. By doing the premium membership we are backing up FGC with the US dollar while createing an ECO system for FGC. Contest will pay out in FGC and entry will be in FGC (we will also have to buy back our own coins which is what we have started to do in a small scale) We will also have FGC to payout with cash at our live Events and now the winners (some of the best gamers will have something to do with there FGC on FGC arena. This is just the nuts and bolts and I am sure I may be leaving out a few things but this should give you an understanding of the Procces. (as you can see we understand why some of you are so excited ) We also want to apoligize if we did not clarify this earlier. Thanks The FGC Team

@everyone By going Rake Free we will get more users on, more users = more buying FGC. By adding the ability to Purchase, Store, and Transfer FGC on the web wallet = more buying of FGC. We will also be buying back our Great Coin in the coming weeks. Conclusion FGC will be moving upwards.

@everyone by Going Rake Free we will get more users on More users more buying FGC. Also by adding the ability to Purchase, Store, and transfer FGC all in 1 place a 1 stop shop same thing more buying of FGC . We will also be buying back our Great Coin FGC in the coming weeks. Conclusion FGC will Be moving upwards.