It bring me great pleasure to announce that @215055968298467329> will be joining the Ether-1 team as a @&449592221663232001> - he's done outstanding work on ETHOMaster bot & is always ready to help out, congratulations Dylie! ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿฅ‚

Good Morning/Afternoon Ether-1 community - Just a quick update for you:

I've spent the past few weeks working on various different things. Some Highlights are:

  1. Light Geth clients for Use on Service and Master nodes (this will enable us to have ethoFS enabled Service & Master Nodes).

  2. I have been working on the smart contract for governance based off of the current comments & consensus from the Github thread surrounding The governance council a beta of the platform is available on and the Github thread is open to input and available on:

  3. We have also made numerous back-end improvements to the ethoFS the latest being Consensus Efficiency Updates for the code base.

I will be doing these sorts of updates monthly, please make sure you check <#559013998192754706> as it's where you'll be able to see some of the work being done.

Thank you@everyone.

Hello@everyone - Today I'm happy to be announcing that @388024858300252160> will be joining the official Ether-1 Team as a Marketing Manager. Houliboots has been an Ether-1 Supporter since 2018 and has been extremely helpful in the last few months. He has played an important role in the foundation of ethoLABS and has been a great asset to the Ether-1 Team, Congratulations Houliboots ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿฅ‚

Hello@everyone, Two announcements for you today:

  1. We have been added to a non-custodial exchange which uses STEX for liquidity - You can use it on the following link: - On behalf of the team I'd like to thank @388024858300252160> for helping fund this one! (I will be integrating CryptoWolf directly into the website within the next few days.)

  2. @215055968298467329> has created a self sustainable smart contract game which pays dividends out to it's stake holders. You'll need MetaMask/ETHOMask to play along - you can find it here: - I even gave him bonus points cause it's all decentralised (Smart Contract & Front-end!)

Thank you!

We would love to proceed with the rebranding ASAP but doing so using existing dev funds will compromise our core mission. Currently dev funds are used to pay for all the existing project infrastructure (boot nodes, explorer, domains, developers, ethoFS testnet, etc.).

There are some ways to offset some of the rebranding costs, prime among which is securing a graphics designer willing to work for ETHO in accordance with ethoLABS monthly developer rate, which is around 6K ETHO per month.@everyone

Going into May, you may have noticed that the roadmap for the Ether-1 project has run out. The last thing on the map was letting the community decide the future of the project. This will materialize by electing the first Ether-1 Council/Board. Dev-James is working on the technical end of the election mechanics. We are still collecting community feedback about how the council will function and how developer funds should disperse between, a demo is already available at Make sure to catch up on the latest discussions here

As we move forward into May and beyond, our core mission is: governance, ethoFS improvements (including light ethoFS nodes to be run on MNs and SNs) and the decentralization of all node ecosystem components. We will also scale up our marketing efforts in promoting ethoFS and its various use cases.

We would love to restart the rebranding project but first we need to explain where we are with it. We have established the cost of the process will run between 3 and 6 BTC (all unused funds will be returned after rebranding completion). We've also determined that we will need the help of 2-3 community volunteers to help liaison the logistics and foster community involvement. It will take community participation and contribution to get us there. To that end, if you're either willing to contribute funds or logistical help, DM @!424647595265097730> or @!393479955956367370> for additional details. The rebranding process will be kicked off in earnest when we get the necessary resources in place in securing half the funding and all volunteers. In the meantime, the focus of the team will be on our core mission outlined above.

We're happy to announce that work has begun to test Ether-1 with ProgPoW. Our very own @424647595265097730> has started up a testnet where the new algo is set to become active at block 20K.
We need to know what our community thinks about switching algos and which ones are the best ones to consider. Please use the <#517410830212661258> to indicate your preference and DM Fallen with any recommendations.@everyone

Hello@everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ Today I am please to announce that we have been listed on SafeTrade!

You can find us on:

SafeTrade Trading Platform
SafeTrade Trading Platform

We'd like to make sure@everyone is aware that ethoFS relies heavily on data replication and data randomization at the core of its operation.
For this reason, we recommend all users who host Gateway Nodes (GNs), to be aware that bandwidth utilization will be a factor they need to consider when choosing a VPS provider. We recommend choosing a host that offers unlimited bandwidth, but for the time being 20TB of monthly bandwidth should suffice. During these early days of ethoFS implementation, we also recommend all users with GNs to monitor their resource usage on at least a weekly basis. GN requirements will be updated shortly to reflect this recommendation across all documentation.

We are absolutely thrilled to have @!246215587464740864> on board as a @COMMUNITY DEVELOPER`
He has delivered a fully functional Docker solution to the Ether-1 project as part of his work on Unit multi crypto node setup, management and monitoring solution. The ETHO docker templates as well as the entire Unit solution are available over at Make sure to read the wiki sections in each repo for instructions on how to deploy the solutions.
Are are excited to watch Unit and Ether-1 grow together and proud to have @!246215587464740864> as part of the ETHO community developer group.

We'd like to take a moment to recognize the accomplishments of @215055968298467329> who's been a dynamo with work on the @542380850004623370> bot, some amazing promotional graphics & documentation in Dutch! As a @&517405427995115555> @215055968298467329> will continue work on the @542380850004623370> bot to make it one of the most amazing Discord tools for the crypto community. We are certain that during a moment of boredom @215055968298467329> will come up with the next amazing idea for Ether-1 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hello@everyone - As of today there has been a team restructuring - @!424647595265097730> and @!393479955956367370> will now be handling the day to day running of the coin and addressing any community issues while I continue to develop the various ethoFS systems in progress, node system and upcoming governance system deployment. Updates will be available from Primate and Fallen as the various projects continue to progress.


We are excited to announce that Ether-1 will be listed on Safe trade! We won the 25th round of voting and expect to be listed on the platform within the next couple weeks.

The Safe trade listing comes as part of our ongoing efforts to list Ether-1 on more high quality exchanges to provide our community with more trading options.

You can see the results of the vote and learn more about safe trade here:


Weโ€™re very pleased to announce the commencement of the Ether-1 ambassador program. Apart of this program, approved community members have the chance to earn ETHO by promoting ethoFS and bringing new user to the platform.

In order to become approved to promote ethoFS and to be eligible for earning rewards, you need to fill out the google form. This to ensure that all of our ambassadors are knowledgeable and suitable to promote Ether-1 and ethoFS. It is also crucial that our ambassadors understand when it is, and when it is not, appropriate to promote our services.

In terms of being rewarded, each time an approved ambassador refers someone to ethoFS and they upload a website to the platform, and are active, you are eligible for 250 ETHO / referral. The person who youโ€™ve referred must contact a member of the team and let us know who sent them, then every 30 days we will issue rewards accordingly.

The ambassador who has got the most referrals in a given time period is also given the chance to join the Ether-1 Marketing Team, who will work alongside our social media manager to help shape the direction of the project.

Google Form:

More specific details can be found in the following medium article:


Today I am pleased to announce that we are starting the ethoFS Beta test ( ).Before you can upload to ethoFS you will need to have our official fork of Metamask installed on chrome (If you'd like a Firefox/opera version please message @424647595265097730> ) - You can find all the information about how to upload content to ethoFS in the following article:

If you're interested in hosting a website on ethoFS please use this guide:

Only about 25% of the Ether-1 Network is ethoFS capable so please be patient with uploading. As we continue expanding the network the process will get faster and smoother. You can post feedback/problems in <#551079982252687360>

If you have any issues with hosting a website or content on ethoFS please feel free to reach out to an Ether-1 team member for assistance.

Please note this is a beta test of the system, you may experience delayed upload/long times, bugs/glitches as well as inconveniences, please bare with us as we correct and identify these with you, this will allow us to create a cleaner and smoother ethoFS experience.

On behalf of the team I'd like to thank everyone for the continued support!


Weโ€™re excited to announce the commencement of the Round 2 voting process, for the name/ticker
combination apart of the rebranding process.

To increase security and to mitigate the potential for manipulation during the voting process we have increased discord authentication settings. This means you will need to have a verified phone number in order to use the discord during this process. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but we think it is necessary to protect the integrity of the voting process.

Round 2 voting will work by giving people the opportunity to upvote each of the name suggestions. The most popular name/ticker combination will then be used for the future name of the project. The name options are as follows:

Ether-1 ($ETHO)
Blockhost ($HOST)
Nethost ($ETHO)
Ethost ($ETHO)
Ethost ($HOST)
Host ($HOST)
Onyx ($ONYX)
BlockFS ($BFS)
GoHost ($HOST)

You can cast your vote in the <#551896963675586580> if youโ€™d like to learn more about the full rebranding process through the original medium article here:

Ether-1 Rebranding Process โ€“ The Ether-1 Project โ€“ Medium


We are requesting that anyone running a GN/MN/SN update to our latest Node release. Instructions can be found on:

The GN update includes a faster/more efficient mechanism for immediate pinning requests related to our upload system.

While the GN/MN/SN update includes a rebuild of the Ether-1 Geth using the latest version of GoLang (1.11.5) - This update for GoLang patches some security vulnerabilities and will help reduce the Out Of Memory (OOM) issues some face.

The Ether-1 Version of Metamask has been added to Chrome Store! This plugin will be used to access the ethoFS beta. So if you wish to participate in beta testing, please ensure you have this extension installed before attempting to access the ethoFS upload system (more details and announcement coming soon) You can grab a copy of it here:

Should you require a Firefox/Opera Version please contact @424647595265097730> to be sent a package for manual install, as the Ether-1 version of MetaMask is not yet available on the Firefox/Opera store.

Updating Ether-1 Nodes - Ether-1 Project Docs
These guides explain how to get the latest version of the Ether-1 Node software. Currently there are different sets of steps for updating Masternodes / Service Nodes and Gateway Nodes
MetaMask (ETHO Edition)
Ether-1 Browser Extension

@everyone Just a reminder that the first round of voting, for the name selection process, will be ending in 12 hours time. At that time the google form will be closed and you will no longer be able to vote on existing suggestions. Following this the team will review the names, ensuring that the popular names are suitable (in terms of domain names etc.) Following this internal process, the condensed list of names will be released for round 2 of voting, which will begin on Monday 4th March, and will last for a week. Theres been some excellent ideas put forward so far, so the Ether-1 team would like to thank everyone who has participated in the voting process so far!

Good Morning@everyone (At least it is South Africa) We've been listed on SafeTrade for voting - We're currently in second place and need everyones help to get us into first!

Should you wish to vote please head over to:

On the Voting page it will tell you how to vote as well as the terms and conditions.

Thank you for your continued support!

Hello@everyone !

The Ether-1 team is very excited to announce that we are formally beginning the rebranding process!

As many of you are probably aware, rebranding is something we've been considering informally here in the Discord over the last couple of months. The community has overwhelmingly indicated to us a desire for changing the brand of the project moving forward.

The first step in rebranding is deciding on a new name / ticker for the project, which will be determined by the community through two rounds of voting:

Round 1: Submission of Names / Ticker ideas through the Google form , along with voting on each of the proposed ideas in <#547069738283565076>

Round 2: Voting on a narrowed down list of names, based on considerations from the team and on what choices were popular during Round 1.

Round 1 of voting will take place from the 18th of February 2019 through 25th of February 2019

Round 2 of voting will take place from 4th of March 2019 through to the 11th of March 2019

If you would like to submit a name to be voted on please fill out this form: - your suggestion will be automatically pushed to <#547069738283565076> where other users will be able to cast their vote.

Following a final community decision on the future name / ticker for the project, the Ether-1 team will create and release a roadmap for the completion of the rebranding process. We expect this to include the graphical design of a new logo, along with updates to the website and other services, such as exchanges, wallets etc.

Ether-1 Rebranding Name suggestions
Using this form you can submit your Name suggestions for the possible upcoming Ether-1 Rebrand.