Hello@everyone !

The Ether-1 team is very excited to announce that we are formally beginning the rebranding process!

As many of you are probably aware, rebranding is something we've been considering informally here in the Discord over the last couple of months. The community has overwhelmingly indicated to us a desire for changing the brand of the project moving forward.

The first step in rebranding is deciding on a new name / ticker for the project, which will be determined by the community through two rounds of voting:

Round 1: Submission of Names / Ticker ideas through the Google form , along with voting on each of the proposed ideas in <#547069738283565076>

Round 2: Voting on a narrowed down list of names, based on considerations from the team and on what choices were popular during Round 1.

Round 1 of voting will take place from the 18th of February 2019 through 25th of February 2019

Round 2 of voting will take place from 4th of March 2019 through to the 11th of March 2019

If you would like to submit a name to be voted on please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/Id8lKXUOSLCHvIVI2 - your suggestion will be automatically pushed to <#547069738283565076> where other users will be able to cast their vote.

Following a final community decision on the future name / ticker for the project, the Ether-1 team will create and release a roadmap for the completion of the rebranding process. We expect this to include the graphical design of a new logo, along with updates to the website and other services, such as exchanges, wallets etc.

Ether-1 Rebranding Name suggestions
Using this form you can submit your Name suggestions for the possible upcoming Ether-1 Rebrand.

Hi@everyone Our Android wallet has officially been released on the Google Play Store, If you wish to download it you can do so from this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ether1.trust.wallet

Ether-1 Mobile Wallet - Apps on Google Play

Hello@everyone. We are very excited to announce Ether-1 Mobile Wallets! @207886104882315264> submitted a proposal to ethoLABS to create mobile wallets for Ether-1 on both Android and iOS. The android wallet is pending verification on Google Play Store and will be available for everyone as soon as it is verified. The IOS wallet has been submitted to TestFlight (The Beta testing app for iOS) and if it is approved we will be able to on-board 20 Users at the start, with the option to expand testing to more users in the future. If you're interested in participating in the iOS beta testing please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/zjS5r7Cb2mpnCMI73.

Once the app has been approved onto TestFlight by apple, you will receive an E-Mail to the address you supplied with instructions on how to get started. Please ensure all BUGS/ERRORS are submitted with all relevant information and screenshots/videos where applicable via TestFlight - There is an option in TestFlight to do this. We hope to gather some important feedback during this beta testing phase and are glad to be bringing Ether-1 to more platforms.

Hello@everyone! ETHO Labs is having our first Vote and meeting today you can join us in the meeting voice chat channel and listen in or add to our conversation - we look forward to seeing you! The meeting will start at 16:00 EST/ 21:00 UTC.

We're now on Blockfolio Direct meaning we can push updates right to ETHO holders' mobile devices. Feel free to download and use the Blockfolio app if you find this functionality useful to keep up to date with us.
If you're a Delta user, feel free to reach out to them and ask them to list The Ether-1 Project on their Delta Direct service.

Hi@everyone - Today marks the official opening of ETHO Labs! ETHO Labs is an independent external organisation aiming to start developing and implementing features within the Ether-1 ecosystem. With the creation of ETHO Labs, the Ether-1 Project is handing over a certain level of control of the Organisation to the Community. The ETHO Labs project is community funded and will run mostly off donations. If you would like to make a donation to ETHO Labs please visit this website to find the addresses and balances of our wallets: https://www.etholabs.org/etho-labs-fund-tracker/

Should you wish to submit a proposal for a development or submit and idea for an improvement to the Ether-1 ecosystem please make use of the website: https://www.etholabs.org/

All proposals will be voted on by the current ETHO Labs team with the majority vote making the decision on the proposal this will be done publicly every week right here in the official Ether-1 discord.

Wallet balances and addresses are made public so there is complete transparency on what ETHO Labs is doing with any donated funds

Thank you for your time and on behalf of the @&537989640779726858> Team Iā€™d just like to say we look forward to working with the community and creating a bigger and better Ether-1 Ecosystem.

Also as a bonus here a quick video demo of ethoFS in action check it out here: https://youtu.be/TnygBDeQ0mU - Please remember this is just an alpha version of ethoFS there will be changes made and it may look different during the beta.

@everyone Hello Ether-1 community members! We have been hard at work over the past week implementing a chain security update that is based on the penalty system the PIRL team developed and used in PirlGuard. The attack attempts last week were an eye opening event for all of us but due to the quick reaction by the community, team members and exchanges we were able to defend and now come out of this stronger than ever! We are now ready for everyone to update their nodes with the newly released Ether-1 Security Update. The update itself will be active after block 1620000 so your nodes will need to be updated prior to then. Exchange wallets will re-open after the security update is active. You can find update instructions for your node type at https://docs.ether1.org/masternodes/updating-ether-1-nodes or reach out to any Ether-1 team member for help.

If you run a pool or solo mining node the security update release can be found at https://github.com/Ether1Project/Ether1/releases/tag/1.1.7

@everyone Earlier today, The Ether-1 Team detected several attempts to sync what looks to be a privately mined parallel chain. During the sync attempts various pools started to show high orphaned block rates and in some cases caused them to go offline completely, signaling the potential for nefarious activity in progress. Our initial defensive posture was to immediately notify and increase exchange confirmation requirements beyond the already elevated levels making it more difficult to succeed in any future double spend event as a first line of defense and monitor any additional parallel chain sync attempts closely. As of yet, we have not identified any fraudulent exchange or transaction activity but there is always the potential for this as we all know. We are continuing to monitor network and exchange transaction activity very closely as the possibility of a follow-on event is still there. Elevated exchange confirmation requirements will remain in place for the time being as we work on and test our upcoming chain security protocol. We have shifted priorities slightly to allow for a faster deployment of additional security measures and expedite an upcoming chain security hard fork.

The Ether-1 family is growing through all seasons! We're very excited to announce that @446531495520370689> and @411956426286563350> are moving to the @&449349549085949952> role while @!378374529707278347> and @265501851758100481> are taking up the @&442769044136001547> mantle! We also have @317878511912353822> jumping into the @&475054048928595988> role following his contribution of a dynamic pricing model for ethoFS & 10K ETHO for the Masternode and Service Node giveaway.
The Ether-1 project relies on the participation of each and every community member. We welcome all contributions, feedback and suggestions and hope that you will keep giving them to us to grow the project and polish it as we progress.@everyone

@here The new Ether-1 desktop wallet (beta test version) and richlist will be going through a full re-sync. Transaction data for both will be unavailable until the re-sync is complete.

@everyone We are about to begin the 2nd community meeting in the Voice channel #Meeting

@everyone Just a reminder... We will be having the second Ether-1 community meeting 12 hours from now (11am PST 12/22/18). There will be several team members available via voice chat to answer questions and talk about Ether-1. Hope to see you there!

Also, here are some previews of the upcoming web based ethoFS upload system (early alpha version) currently being tested.

^1 - @393479955956367370> provides and controls hosting, contest winner controls wallet and receives MN/SN rewards. If giveaway ETHO (does not include rewards over 5000 or 15000 ETHO) is moved from winner's wallet, the VPS will be repurposed.
^2 - It's technically possible to win both the Ether-1 Masternode and Service Node. You'd have to be one heck of a lucky duck though!
^3 - If the primary winners are awarded their prizes per the participation rules, backup winners will not be required or used
^4 - Use Telegram to send tweet link and Discord username to Primate411. Discord tweet link submissions will not be accepted.

We would like to thank @317878511912353822>, @393479955956367370> and the Ether-1 project for generously providing the prizes for this giveaway.

We are very excited to announce another Ether-1 Project Community Giveaway! This time, for the holidays, we're giving away 1 Masternode (MN) and 1 Service Node (SN) along with FREE VPS hosting for an entire year^1!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE (Please Read Carefully)
In order to be eligible to win the Ether-1 MN and/or SN (you can win both^2!), you have to perform all 3 steps below. Before awarding the prizes, we will check to make sure you've done all the steps & we will hate to disqualify you on a technicality.

1.) Join Ether-1 Discord (link in http://www.ether1.org), go to the <#524663435049566218> channel and use the šŸŽ‰ emoji to enroll into the giveaway.
There are 4 giveaways in the channel: 1 for MN, 1 for SN and 2 backup giveaways (1 for MN and 1 for SN), if the winner(s) of the primary giveaway(s) doesn't meet the participation criteria or we need to re-draw for another reason. It's highly recommended that you enroll for all 4 giveaways to increase your chances of winning^3.

2.) Retweet (https://twitter.com/Ether1Official/status/1075405273009975296) the official Ether-1 announcement & message the link of your retweet as well as your Discord username to @393479955956367370> using the official Ether-1 Telegram^4 (https://t.me/Ether_1)

3.) On Twitter, follow the official Ether-1 account (https://twitter.com/Ether1Official), CryptoCasca (https://twitter.com/cryptocasca) & Primate411 (https://twitter.com/Primate411).

All community members are eligible to participate, including tagged community members. The giveaway is performed fairly and openly using the https://giveawaybot.party/ giveaway bot. The contest organizers mentioned by name in this announcement are not eligible to win and must pass prize to backup winner.

We've heard your feedback regarding the desktop wallet. @415847626181705728> has stepped up in a big way to start developing a new desktop wallet from the ground up!
Now we need your help to beta test the new Ether-1 Desktop Wallet! Come into the <#524670563487186966> channel for the download link. We appreciate your help and look forward to your feedback! @everyone

@everyone Hello Ether-1 Community! We will be having our next community QA session via voice chat on 12/22/18 at 11a PST. We will have several team members available to answer questions and update everyone on the status of various Ether-1 and ethoFS projects that are underway. Hope to see you there!

@everyone ethoFS Gateway Nodes are now officially available for beta deployment! Goto https://nodes.ether1.org and follow the setup instructions or visit https://docs.ether1.org for a more detailed set of instructions. If you run into any issues during deployment don't hesitate to reach out to an Ether-1 team member and we will help you through it! The <#520083728312041492> channel can be used to report bugs or request improvements so we can all work on perfecting the system together!

Ether-1 | Nodes
Ether-1 (ETHO) is a completely decentralized crytocurrency network utlizing Masternodes and Service Nodes for network security and stability. The Ether-1 node network is the backbone to a future end-to-end decentralized online experience delivering any content you desire.

Node owners now have the ability to edit IP address and node type in their node dashboard making upgrading node types much more streamlined.